Do Cigarettes contain Wheat, cause C...

Do Cigarettes contain Wheat, cause Celiac Probs?

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Burlington, Canada

#1 Aug 6, 2007
I am looking for an answer to a question that doctors and nutricianists have not answered or are not able to answer. If you smoke cigarettes are u ingesting gluten since it goes in your lungs not your stomach/intestines? I have been told u have to have it go in your nose and/or mouth to get it in your system. And I will be up front I smoke and have since prior to my diagnoses and still do. I just want to figure out a way now to make it so I can get my ammune system working better as it was shot b4 diagnoses and get better as I am not allowed to try for a child till more healing has taken place for the health of me and child. So I just want to know this so I know if I should talk to my doctor about the patch or the gum if it is GF.

Calgary, Canada

#2 Mar 9, 2008

United States

#3 Feb 7, 2010
I have been trying to identify a clear cut answer, however there does not seem to be any conclusive evidence out there on this topic. I actually read a study that indicated cigarette smoking protects against the development of Celiacs. I am sure that study was funded by the Tobacco companies.

Does anyone have any unbiased information regarding cigarette smoking and its effects on gluten intolerance/Celiacs?
Personal Experience

Littleton, CO

#4 Jun 9, 2010
I smoked American spirits which claim to be additive free which i believe is true however I notice when i smoke my gluten sensitivity symptoms flair up, not necessarily in my stomach but mentally in terms of irritability and fatigue etc which are identical for me when I consume food sources of gluten, so I am trying to quit now it seems to be last bit of gluten in my diet that is still holding me back from feeling well
also when i smoked reg cigarettes like Marlboro lights it was even worse i would literally be falling asleep and feeling very very symptomatic the American spirits just give me less of a reaction...
Personal Experience

Littleton, CO

#5 Jun 9, 2010
Just be aware of how you feel and it might not be a problem for you we are all different, dont worry so much just experiment its the only way to really know.


#6 Jul 23, 2010
I am a newly diagnosed celiac and have been having no luck finding a clear answer on this topic as well. I know I should quit anyways, but I guess you could say that I'm trying to get used to all the changes already occurring... lame excuse... us smokers know, but humor us :-) I have heard/read numerous things on this topic, including possible gluten in the filters/papers/glues/additives , etc. But again nothing definitive, and lets get serious, the cigarette companies aren't exactly forthcoming with information. I think I just need to hear for sure that it does contain gluten (as it must), to give me that last kick in the but... and it really doesn't help to read articles saying how smoking could be actually delaying my symptoms... No! LOL! Cheers and good luck to all!

Seattle, WA

#7 Aug 31, 2010
Hello. I have never posted on here.

Personal Experience:
My experience with gluten-intolerance is most neurological (resembles MS) and I do have issues with severe constipation (before I went gluten free). I have found that taking gluten away has begun the relief of symptoms.

About smoking:
I have been smoking between 2 to 5 cigarettes a day (American Spirits-yellow box) after I went smoke free for 1.5 weeks (symptoms seem to lighten up). I was a pack-a-day smoker of Marlboro-medium 100's.

I smoked 3 cigarettes throughout the day before I went to the grocery store in the early evening when all of the sudden I realized that my legs were weak, ataxia re-occured as well as other symptoms similar to MS. I am a 32 year old male and people stared at me as I walked like a drunk.

What do you think everyone?


Lawrenceville, GA

#8 Jul 14, 2011
List of additives in Cigarettes.

Tempe, AZ

#9 Aug 21, 2011
Annette wrote:
List of additives in Cigarettes.
Thank you. You just helped me quit smoking. I needed a good reason to quit smoking (besides fear) and stomach problems is a good enough reason for me.[Don't question my logic.]:)

United States

#11 Nov 18, 2011
I was recently diagnosed and still dealing with the change and I agree gives me the reason to stop smoking thanks for the info
DjSkriptz aka Nerd lol

Westlake, OH

#12 Jun 8, 2013
ok just my thoughts on this. and i think these experts have overlooked one thing about this subject. when you smoke, whatever it is going directly into blood stream. blood does flow to the stomach just like any other organ. so while ur not ingesting it. u still are absorbing it and boom. at least this makes sense to me... gluten has ruined my body after so many years of not knowing. cigarettes contain a filler too, like any other product. so if wheat being present is true, u get what im saying.

Kingston, Canada

#13 Jun 20, 2013
You are retarded. When something burns from fire (like a cigarette) it gets reduced to ash (basic carbon compounds). If it has alkaline compounds such as nicotine, THC, etc etc, then it gets delivered through the inhalation of the smoke.

Wheat is mostly starches, sugars, and some proteins. All of those are reduced to fuels for the flame/fire. It is burnt up completely fueling the fire. Gluten will also be burnt up as a fuel source, hence you will not be ingesting any of it.

Those here who said their gluten allergies flare up after smoking, actually you might want to rethink your self diagnosis. Nicotine is quite powerful, it effects the neurons in the stomach and intestines, which will give multiple symptoms that will appear to be similar to gluten allergies, IBS, etc etc. But in actuality what you are noticing is a nicotine sensitivity. Your body has become sensitive to it (which happens frequently, and randomly). You're body's enzymes that would break down nicotine have been depleted or lowered. Therefore the more you smoke, or the more frequently you smoke, you'll notice an increase in the symptoms.

Its really hard to come back from a nicotine sensitivity. Meaning, smoking will not be like it used to be for you. The symptoms will get progressively worse, for some that will take a few months, and others, a few years. Eventually it will not be fun or enjoyable, and you'll be faced with quiting.

Cheltenham, UK

#14 Apr 18, 2014
Actually peter as vaporiser technology might help to show, you're only talking about complete combustion. As it is, other chemicals may be vaporised by the burning process and arrive in the body intact.
Only the glowing part of the cigarette is actually burning, the other parts may only vaporise due to low oxygen concentration within the cigarette itself.
So if wheat or gluten is a filler in cigarettes as seems to be suggested, it could well be that those with gluten issues could be affected by this.
mr boombastic

Southampton, UK

#15 Jan 4, 2015
I am gluten free

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