is kelowna all its cracked up to be

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#148 Jul 30, 2012
elizabeth KELOWNA wrote:
I watch Toronto`s news sometimes seeing how much violets there is there scares me.
Why do "violets" scare you?.....They are beautiful flowers.
paul shykora arts

Calgary, Canada

#149 Aug 2, 2012
dolbyscat wrote:
<quoted text>Why do "violets" scare you?.....They are beautiful flowers.
...but vhy are you's in a fake ELVIS-OUFIT,here..??

Kelowna, Canada

#150 Aug 3, 2012
Kelowna is such a dump and I hate living here. Everyone who says that this area is beautiful has obviously never seen neighborhoods inland. The city only cares about the lake shore and doesn't give a crap about much inland. All you have to do is drive around and see the neglect of properties and that there are weeds growing shoulder high everywhere. It seems that I'm the only one that cares about the look of this town. I'm also tired of the people that think Kelowna is the "California of Canada". I've got news for you. Kelowna has never been, isn't and will never be part of California. If you want to live in California, I would highly suggest that you move there and don't let the door hit you on the way out. Take the "world class" wineries and golf courses with you. I think that Kelowna should return to being family town and this whole Jersey Shore attitude toward the Okanagan should die a painful death. I think that Kelowna has the potential to be a wonderful place to live, its just that we need a mayor and city council that doesn't sniff glue all day long. Anybody who thinks the Okanagan is the most beautiful place on earth has obviously never traveled around the world, or even around BC for that matter. There's a region to the north of the Okanagan called the Shuswap that is MUCH more beautiful than the Okanagan and there's the Kootenay region too. The things I dislike about Kelowna and the Okanagan just simply fail to exist in those places.
John Crokinshire

Edmonton, Canada

#151 Aug 9, 2012
Elizabeth of Toronto would of course like Kelowna for two reasons:

She is from Toronto and anywhere, even Kabul looks good compared to that hellhole. It is like coming from the Mad Max World and moving to Winnipeg. Winnipeg sucks but is much better than Barter Town.

She is not working and is a stay home mom, so she doesn't have to work for minimum wage in Kelowna. Her husband is probably a Doctor, Lawyer, or some other well paid professional. He husband probably only moved here after he secured a job. Of course Kelowna is nice when you are rich!

So don't follow here advice unless you are RICH or are coming here with a professional job that is already secured for you. Otherwise you will be the guy or girl serving coffee to Elizabeth for minimum wage while she is talking about how wonderful Kelowna is and about her last trip to Hawaii or Vegas.

If you move to Kelowna, you will be a paid slave or what they used to call Serfs.

So research Kelowna before you move there, or lese you may be the trained monkey bringing Ms Marmalade and Mrs. Doctor's Wife their coffee ans cookies. See Planet of the Apes to see how to pour coffee for the master.
John Crokinshire

Edmonton, Canada

#152 Aug 9, 2012
These people give their heart felt feelings about Kelowna!

and btw, there are plenty of hookers in downtown Kelowna. None in upper mission though unless you want to count the trophy wives!

and Ann is right!

"I wouldn't say "hate" - but it definitely wasn't my kind of town...for many reasons. We started a business, so became quite familiar with the business community/culture. We found the majority to be closed and somewhat unprofessional. Many locals (or newbies) would tell us it is very different in Kelowna and you either stick it out or bail. We decided to bail. Yeah, it's beautiful but it is rated quite far down on the list (150th) of desirable places to live in Canada. I guess for us (and we are a little older, in our 50's) it has more of a Florida spring break feel...where all the juiceheads come in, trash the place and then head home (usually to Alberta). There must be a good reason why they keep cancelling annual festivals and events! And if I don't see another hopped up truck or very loud motorcycle for a while...I'll be relieved. You can have it...all your nouveau riche, drug money and fast expensive cars. There must be more you can offer than 3 months of very hot weather!!??"

Edmonton, Canada

#153 Aug 17, 2012
Leanne, I have just found your quote below & rather then making others re-read that lengthy but awesome comment , let me simply say 'excellent'... I live in Alberta now , and have been going down to the island for a while, when I get a chance I stop at Kelowna, I love it there... But often here some of the variety of statements that you have made here. You really nailed this topic right on the head....Thank u , big help for a distressed heart haha Alberta winters can get pretty cold sometimes, but it sure helps to keep things in perspective

---> definitely 'holiday' is the right conclusion for me & I will just do it as often as possible, because its so beautiful ..

Leanne wrote:
I grew up in the Okanagan and went to University in Kelowna. I left in 1997 for the wide open spaces of Calgary. My family still lives in the Okanagan.
If you are thinking of moving to Kelowna here are some things you need to know.
1. It is a great place to vacation. If you don't enjoy the things that your city offers now because you are too busy working - it will be the same there. If you want a lifestyle where you work less and play more and you have money then Kelowna may be for you. If you don't have money -- vacations may be best.
2. It isn't all sunshine and warm weather. The summers are great and hot, spring and fall are my favorite times there. Note: The grey clouds come in end of October and leave early April. There isn't always snow to cover the dead plants and because Kelowna is in a valley you will feel socked in. Not a good place if you have seasonal depression.
3. If you like to swim, golf, and ski then you'll love the recreational aspects of Kelowna and you won't have to travel for a vacation. Remember these activities can be very expensive so bring money.
4. Be prepared to take a pay cut. A Journeymen mechanic can make around $30/hr in Calgary but only $20 -$24 in Kelowna. Unless you have your own business make sure you have a job lined up before you move because the pay cheque may be less than you bargained for.
5. The drugs are a huge issue in the area. You may think oh we have a drug problem here, how much worse could it be there -- it keeps the economy running there. example: small town in the Okanagan - the police station is located next to an apartment building where meth and drugs are rampent. Even shootings over drugs happening and the police were unable to do anything due to the courts. The city condemned the building in order to shut it down.(BC courts are lienent with drug pushers and they have tied the hands of the police).
3. The middle class is quickly becomeing smaller and smaller there. For the most part it is those that have and those that serve them. The rich don't live there all the time, for many it's a second house and they do business in Vancouver or Calgary not Kelowna so they don't increase jobs when they are increasing house prices.
4. The infrastructure is badly designed and during the summer months the amount of people that converge on the roads is 10xs normal. If you need to get to work it becomes a head ache.
They are working at this and if you know the back roads you can get around it sometimes. During the August long weekend I swear there are more Alberta plates than BC plates.
5. B.C. stands for bring cash..... Kelowna has a sunshine tax.(for the few months of sunshine). What it means is you pay more to live there and make less for the same job.
Kelowna is beautiful just know that it isn't vacation 100% of the time. If you are going to live there, your life will be the same just with different scenery and weather. Those that live there choose it for a lifestyle and are willing to pay for it.
If you are not happy where you are living now, don't think that Kelowna has all the answers. They way you feel there during a vacation is different than if you lived there - after all a vacation is about happiness and life is stress.
sunshine tax lmao

Smithers, Canada

#154 Aug 21, 2012
kelowna is a beautiful place. But living in a 3 dimensional strip mall sucks balls. there's no soul in this town. a big long mall along a dirty highway.
a company sniped me offering 11$ an hour more than I was making back home. I have bee here 4 months and absolutely hate it. never seen so many hillbillies driving pickups. no one walks, biking is deadly, downtown has no nightlife, when I read comments that say "fun" I assume they moved from one suburb to another. all my coworkers friends ive met act liberal but are young republican scum. they all have frustrated wives that are locked away in mountain fortresses with nothing to do all day. They have shitty house parties recounting the same tales over and over again "big white, earls, flashbacks, mountainbiking". fucking lame. this place is stuck in the eighties. Its so honk here it hurts. rich douchebags driving around too scared to walk because there scared of one crystalmethhead, its not east hastings lol. the women are blond and coarse, its like the descendants of hitlers youth migrated to canada. sheesh the rascism! " moved here from the hongcouver" I feel sorry for kelownens. NO variety, NO fun, NO clue, NO choice...
maybe these mountains obstruct time, feels like ive been here a year already
no amount of money is worth living in this shithole that time forgot.
One time

Vernon, Canada

#155 Aug 22, 2012
Jackass wrote:
<quoted text>
Now this is a jackass!!! "Oh boy, I'm a juice monkey who bought my house with money from my rich parents or money from drug dealing. Yes, my parents are proud because I hang around with organized crime figures. My celebrity friends must really appreciate this post which in essence links them with Hells Angels!"
Again another real reason not to move to the Okanagan aka the Brokeanagan. Is your daddy a Hells Angel or a transvestite working downtown?
Boy you are tough. You can threaten people to knowck them out on the internet because you are a red nick hillbilly moron. Do you watch UFC too little retard!? Is your girlfriend a bleach blonde bimbo with an IQ of 30. Don't worry we will lave the shithole Kelowna to the shithead aka YOU!
The only way you could afford a new house is if your mommy and daddy bought it for you!!
This is what I mean about the dickheads who live in Kelowna. It is a shithole so yes stay away!!!
Kelowna will be like Mad Max in about 30 years when all the water dries up and all you are left with is scumbags.
I like the commenting associating the celebs with HA, I'm sure both parties are happy with that little public comment lol
sunshine tax lmao

Smithers, Canada

#156 Aug 22, 2012
I did a stint here before 2001 to 2003 and all youd see downtown is HA wearing their colors, back home they cracked down on them and even built a new prison for them. now into my fourth month this time and cheetahs has degenerated into some sort frathouse full of local douchebags. flashbacks has no more cougars :( earls food sucks for the price. gashouse is too far. im from a big city and am used to public transit or walking, when you walk here the hillbillies look at you as if your poor. when you look down on the highway from mount boucherie you can see a snake of back smog hovering over the highway. its nasty.
Bill withers


#157 Sep 2, 2012
Moved to Kelowna from Vancouver 2 years ago and it 's been a major disappointment . Encountered more problems with vandalism and unfriendly people than I've experienced in Vancouver in over 40 years . Very dog unfriendly as well and no one seems to know what a leash is. Customer service is essentially non exsistent and people in general are as dumb as hammers. A very nice city park but the rest of the city has all the ambience of a giant strip mall replete with the absolute worst drivers in the western world . Bu bye K town

Chilliwack, Canada

#158 Sep 3, 2012
My husband and I (he's retired, I still want to work)are relocating to Kelowna. We have $$($200,000) for a nice condo. What is the best part of town?? Where should we avoid???


Kelowna, Canada

#159 Sep 6, 2012
Keliwna sucks don't move here

Estevan, Canada

#160 Oct 7, 2012
i lived in kelowna my intire life i moved from there a few mouths ago and i miss it realy bad. ya it has its problems but u can make monney there ... im just saying dont hate my town its no so that bad

Vernon, Canada

#161 Oct 15, 2012
Kelowna!!! It's a great place to live!!! To anyone really interested in a change of setting consider it. Ignore all these whiners. There are many many things to do year round. From swimming, fishing, camping, hiking, biking (pedal, and motorized) riding (street bikes of all breeds) the interior offers some of the BEST riding in N.America. Fact. Snowboarding, skiing (downhill & cross country), hot springs the list just goes on and on.

Yes, every one of those cost money. Just deal with it. Nothing in life is free. Some things a bit more costly than others and some cheaper. Economics, enough said. Jobs? Well like the place where you currently live, if you want a well paying you need an education/a contact/ambition. Or as most successful people know, all three. Housing? Sure it can be costly if your lazy and don't prepare. ie; looking for a place to live a week before you move. Use the resources available. The Internet, posting boards at area business and word of mouth. Crime? I'm 35 I haven't been shot, mugged, robbed. Guess I'm one of the lucky ones. Be smart and your chances of dealing with crime is significantly decreased.

So yeah, move here. Bring your money and contribute to the economy and our way of life that so many other Canadians only envy!

Middle Island, NY

#162 Oct 15, 2012
not much going on there not much to do but hunt and fish.not many girls around just have to date whats around-slim pickens eh.camping and wakeboarding
Going To Kelowna

Winnipeg, Canada

#163 Oct 29, 2012
We plan on retiring to Kelowna. Buy a trailer ($120.000)near Pandosy Street and the Gyro Beach. We can walk or bycle to stores and shops saving money on gas and getting excercise at the same time. We figure we can set up a canning room and buy fresh fruit and vegetables. That way we have an outting to the market, get to do some canning and enjoy it during the rest of the year. Helps cut down on the bills, gives us something to do and we get to eat too. Go out for dinners on special nights like steak night at Whiskey Jacks for an expensive $7.00 or wing nights at the little Creekside Pub. Lots of cheap good food and fun without breaking the bank. Pack some lunches, a bit of wine and head out for a little out of the way picnic. LOts of little fairs to go wonder around at. It doesn't have to be expensive if you just enjoy life. Can hardly wait to hook up an hit the road. 44 months and counting.

Kelowna, Canada

#164 Nov 4, 2012
If you dont have cash or youre ugly just move to rutland. if youre hot and rich move to the mission. kelownas dope just buy a huge truck and get a vip pass to cheetahs.
Steve R

Kelowna, Canada

#165 Nov 23, 2012
Stay away from kelowna..reminds me of a Mexican resort the people that work there are poor and struggle. While the people that visit are well off and comfortable. Lived here all my life and it is a smug snotty environment of people who think there so great cause they live in "kelowna" ya good for you two months of summer wow not worth the low paying grind. Recently moved to red deer Alberta I make triple than I made in that fog bowl dreary hell hole and I can actually afford to have fun. No room for advancement for any career minded individual. stay away from kelowna or you will pay....literally
Dave W

Vancouver, Canada

#166 Dec 6, 2012
I have lived in Kelowna for 10 years now.I was a semi driver for most of it.I got lucky..that's all.There is no industry at all,and no employment.It doesn't matter what education you have.No economy is no economy and that's it.I was making about 60% of what a truck driver would make elsewhere.As of Dec.2012,the housing market is on the verge of collapse,but rent is not coming down-sooo many people are desperate to milk renters to pay their mortgage as they bought high and now that property has fallen 20% they can't make the payments.For sale signs everywhere on houses and vehicles KELOWNA IS FOR SALE-that simple.There is no hope here in Kelowna for anyone unless they have a net worth of at least $500K. The division between rich and poor is huge.
There are many families-one in five that use the food bank(if it even has food)and many people are
homeless and hungry.Many people cannot afford to ESCAPE Kelowna.Get the idea?Thinking of moving to Kelowna?Don't make the same mistake that I and many others did.If you are here and are thinking of bailing-don't wont get better just worse.The municipal and provincial governments have failed.BC has the highest poverty rate in Canada.BC has no poverty reduction plan like other provinces and no,the BC Liberals have no affiliation with the federal Liberals and no,they don't care about the people.If they did,things would not be as they are.
Dontbeleivethehy pe

Comox, Canada

#167 Dec 11, 2012
The Okanagan Valley is far from a fabulous place to live, especially if you actually need to make a living here. Sure there's the lake and all the great outdoor activities, but unless you're wealthy from making money elsewhere, have rich parents, or are a drug dealer, there's little in terms of real employment opportunity, especially when you factor in the cost of housing and property. The vast majority of available jobs are in the service industry, which don't pay near enough to support the cost of living. Nursing is also a big industry, due to the ever increasing geriatric take over of the area. The municipal government of the past 10 - 15 years has driven out most real tourist dollars opting to cater to retirees, and banking on the growing housing market to be the primary industry of the area before the market crashed. This has resulted in a severe lack of events during the summer that used to be a massive draw, and at least allow those working in the service industries to make a comfortable living particularly in the summer months. The area has become a sad mix of rich Jersey Shore wannabes, retired old farts and everyone else trying to make a living and/or raise a family. Anyone born without a silver spoon, wanting to live here on a 40 hour week, best of luck!

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