Acton woman is charged with theft


#81 Oct 23, 2011
Oakville,,Oakville ,,Oakville...Didn't they have a public park that got raided because all the"Oakville" homosexuals were sticking there dicks through holes in the public washroom stalls.??? As Mal said don't judge a place by the actions of a few...Every good town has it's trash,,money doesn't make a difference..

Oakville, Canada

#82 Oct 24, 2011
Family friend, well as much as i appreciate you trying to bash what i have said Rookie was driving that Equinox just over a month ago. And don;t worry everyone both Bonnie and Rookie know exactly how i feel about the situation. Rookie knows that I will never trust Bonnie again and that it makes it hard to hang out with them. Also that I have no problem hanging out with him when the occasion calls for it but that would change if i ever found out he knew what was going on. And that he needs to understand that by standing by his wife some of his friends will question their devotion to him.

I get that some of you want to bash me as you are obviously secret friends with them etc. Even family member from Montreal thinks she knows everything going on here. If you truly do live in Montreal i promise i know more about this couple than you do.

Oh and for ther Actonites I am sure there are a few nice people in Acton. I am just judging by what I have seen when I am there and by the people I know who live there. In Toronto I am sure there are some really nice Bums living on the street. But they are still Bums. yes i am sure not every single person from there is a loser. But it does seem that they have a higher percentage of them than most other places.

Guelph, Canada

#83 Oct 24, 2011
I heard about this forum from a parent on her son's hockey team. I just took the time to read through the entire site...WOW. I knew that Bonnie was a liar I've met her a few times through hockey, but am floored that she's done this before and has affected so many lives.

Acton is a very small town, where unfortunatley we all know each others business. I'm not sure moving back to Acton is the best idea for her when she gets out. How can she possibly move forward living in a town where everyone is talking about this? I'm worried her kids will be teased at school because kids ARE talking about this. Kids can be very cruel. Our child has been warned not to say anything.

If it were me I would be changing my last name back to my maiden name and moving into Guelph or Milton, just for my sanity and my kids sake.

She has a very long road ahead of her. She has caused a lot of damage to many people. She might want to have a fresh start in a new town where people don't know who she is.

I hope she can pull it together and make ammends when she gets out.


#84 Oct 24, 2011
Except for Oakville of coarse..That of the higher class people like our Nancy here..Didn't Oakville have a shooting last nite??? Just saying....lmao

Guelph, Canada

#85 Oct 24, 2011
Where ever she chooses to live, it's got to be a better place than a small town where everyone knows what she's done and is talking about it like she's a joke. Her poor kids.

Toronto, Canada

#86 Oct 24, 2011
Wow you people really need a new hobbie

Oakville, Canada

#88 Oct 27, 2011

Guelph, Canada

#89 Oct 31, 2011
Wow is right...I feel so bad for her husband. I really don't believe he had anyidea who she really was when he married her. She is a great liar...she's had years and years of practice.

Gambling addiction?? More like...addicted to lying. Anyone who knows her, knows not to believe any word that comes out of her mouth. Her poor husband is such a nice guy...he can do and deserves so much better.

Mississauga, Canada

#90 Oct 31, 2011
@ Bob - Hear! Hear!

"Never look down on anybody, unless you're helping them up"

Guelph, Canada

#91 Nov 1, 2011
Everyone seems to agree that her husband is a nice guy and I agree. Hopefully people will support him and his decision to stand by Bonnie. People can change and I am sure he would appreciate support from his friends when she gets out of jail and they attempt to start fresh.

Toronto, Canada

#92 Nov 3, 2011
well she sounds like a Con artisit so hey if he wants to be used some more and to teach their kids that kind of crap than I guess that will be his choice....pretty messed up that people with kids actually do this stuff...sad truly very very sad!
Been there done that

Ottawa, Canada

#93 Nov 3, 2011
It's very easy for people who haven't been affected personally to sit back and say "poor bonnie, she has a gambling addiction"...but the truth is she lied, stole and did many other terrible things looooong before she was gambling. Long before. She spends money like water...or should I say stolen money like water. Her husband is going to face a true reality when she gets out. She has a very long history of stealing, lying...and yes Darryl...Cheating...very long.

People commenting on this forum have let her in and believed her bull crap. Her husband and his family are going to kick themselves in the end when all the debt roles in and more truth's come out. We've been there, believed the bullcrap and been conned!!

The best therapy her family can give her is NO money and call her on her lies. Stop enabling her. Stop giving her money or buying her stuff and not calling her out on the bullcrap stories she feeds you. Just like a drug addict...cut her off at the source.

What will it take for you to realize she has a problem with lying and needs help with that??

Toronto, Canada

#94 Nov 5, 2011
This is crazy...someone posted this link on the Stephen Turkosz forum....and the more I read this woman is the woman version of him....stealing, cheating,lying, gambling, children even being world is a scary place with scary out!! Well I hope they both get what they deserve....and hopefully for Acton we don't find anymore of them there!!!! What are the odds...small town with so many sick cons in it and from it.... UNBELIEVABLE!!!!!!!!!!

Toronto, Canada

#95 Nov 6, 2011

Toronto, Canada

#96 Nov 6, 2011
John wrote: o-on/2011/11/out-for-the-day-a t-mccrae-house-in-guelph

Burlington, Canada

#97 Nov 11, 2011
Sadly, I know Bonnie very well...and have been directly affected by her stealing and liesI. She is a compulsive liar. White trash who should not be allowed to raise her children when she gets out. She hasn't a moral fibre in her body, so how she will be a good role model is beyond me. Good luck coming up with the $40k! And the company she stole from likely had insurance for theft who will then come after her for the remainder. She is screwed for the rest of her life....probably best for all if she just killed herself.

Burlington, Canada

#98 Nov 11, 2011
Sympathetic wrote:
Thank you "outraged"!! I to have been boiling over these comments. Bonnie is married to a loving husband who is doing an excellent job of raising their son while she is in jail. It is ridiculous to think that the government would come in and take a baby from it's home. Bonnie has made a huge mistake in her life and is paying for it. Anyone that thinks she only has to pay back $40,000 obviously does not know the facts of this case. When she gets out of jail between Community Service hours, parole, paying back this debt and dealing with the guilt of what she has done, the whole thing will hardly be over for her for years. Bonnie is an excellent, loving Mother that has some issues that she needs help for i
which she has paid dearly for. I certainly hope that all these people writing have perfect families that never fumble in life and need the support of their families because obviousely they wouldn't get it
Let ge the facts straight. Nobody in that company was laid off or fired over what happened. The company recovered the lost money. Bonnie has a
sickness in which she needs (and is getting) help for. Justice was served and she was penalized (anyone that thinks that spending 3-9 months in jail is a picnic must be crazy) for what she has done. She has a loving an
supportive husband, family and friends. Her sons are both happy and content little boys who are being well taken care of by their fathers and who's lives will only be enriched when their Mother is returned to them.
How do you know no one was laid off? People were I assure you! And the company recovered the money through insurance. The insurance company is still out all of that money! It doesn't just disappear...and now the companies insurance will go up. I am very close to this and know the truth. You appear to be just as delusional as Bonnie was when she confessed to stealing and hoping her crocodile tears would prevent charges from being laid. Speaking as a victim of Bonnie Brake...the world has no use for someone as pathetic as she. She serves no purpose to society...nor will she ever.

Burlington, Canada

#99 Nov 11, 2011
Family Member wrote:
Anyone who actually knows the facts of this case would know that the company she worked for never even knew the stealing was happening until she went and confessed what she was doing taking full responsibility. That is my definition of taking full responsibility. Also,$40,000.00 is not what she has to pay back. The full amount is and she has the rest of her life with it hanging over her and it has to be started to be paid back immediately after release.
She only confessed because the bank finally caught on and she was hoping the company wouldn't press charges! There was no 'taking responsibility'. The company was days away from finding out from the bank. She still lies about what happened...and her pathetic family continues to believe her lies.

Etobicoke, Canada

#100 Nov 11, 2011
Hang on - I've watched this forum from the sidelines (for the most part) and I know Bonnie as well - but to suggest she kill herself - that is a little over the top - even compared to some of the other posts here - granted, she did some bad things - but let's be reasonable...

Burlington, Canada

#101 Nov 11, 2011
You are right...that is wishful thinking on my end. She is too selfish to do that. Name one thing that she has done that is positive for society and I will retract my statement. Bear in mind that having the ability to procreate is not an acceptable answer. Monsters have bore children.

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