Conrad Black denied hearing to keep O...

Conrad Black denied hearing to keep Order of Canada status:

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look good on him

North Bay, Canada

#1 Oct 25, 2012

Edmonton, Canada

#2 Oct 28, 2012
If you ask anyone from Canada who has been tried in a US court of Law if they thought it was fair, and legitimate you may begin to see some validity in Black statements. Their Laws are very esoteric to ours. There are more Canadians incarcerated in the US prison system than any other country in the world. I would suggest not to kiss US butt on this issue. If you don’t like Black; so be it, but don’t use the virtue of the US justice system to sell your argument, that’s worst than being a coward, and Canadians are not cowards. Blacks US conviction holds no merit here in Canada in my opinion, and shouldn’t anywhere but there, its an invalid conviction compared to Canadian standards. And whether you believe this or not, Black is right, he wouldn’t have even been charge in this country for those accusations, certainly not found guilty of wrong doing. If you believe in OUR system Blacks statements are correct, if you don’t then he is a liar, right.. cause the US justice system says so. And you believe in the US justice system OVER an Order of Canada members word, that embarrassing.. I challenge anyone whom condemn Black to look into their system of Justice for yourselves, it very scary; it’s a great county with a malignant cancer in the center of it call the American Justice System. Wanting Black removed from the Order of Canada based on their Justice system is a joke. Obviously you people have not done your homework.

Edmonton, Canada

#3 Oct 30, 2012
Poll: 93% of Canadians say Conrad Black should keep Order of Canada

In a recent poll conducted at work where real Canadians work hard for their money almost two-thirds of those Canadians say Conrad Black should be keep of his Order of Canada over the word of the US Justice System. The participants were asked to read a information package I typed up about the corrupt American Justice system. Then facts of Black trial within that system. The informed opinions of the poll made their decision based on FACTS not speculation,hearsay,and a photo of Black pointing his finger.

The poll found 93 per cent of respondents agreed Black should keep his Order of Canada, further comments included, its an absolute disgrace that the council is considering taking away Black Horror based on a broken American Justice system, and the conviction bestowed upon Black should be considered invalid here in Canada where THE justice system is considered legitimate over the latter.

All participated admitted they knew absolutely nothing about American Law before they read the package, and were shocked to read statistics containing that more Canadians are incarcerated in the US than any other country in the world, where in the comparison they would not wouldnt have even been charged in this Country Canada.

Why the Canadian council is even considering taking the word of a proven broken US corrupt Justice system verdict as valid is beyound me, and OVER the word of an Order of Canada member is embarrassing to say the least. I’m personally discussed that they are even considering taking the Order away never mind they might actually do it, where is their virtue!!

Its one thing not to like Black as a person, but to compound that thought because the US says Black is a criminal is a joke. I challenge any Canadian to goggle the name Joyce Gilchrist the next time you think any Canadian is a crimanal under US Law.

Edmonton, Canada

#4 Oct 30, 2012
Now since the consensus is through media lets have telephone polls, and through manufactured propaganda we can suggest that everyone in Canada wants Black out.

63 per cent of Canadians want Black removed through a telephone poll. First there is no validation over the phone who the hell your talking with, Second if you ask.. You think a convicted criminal should keep the Order of Canada, pretty evident the answer. Let rephrase the question a little shall we…

When the US declared war on Afghanistan they had more deserters in that war than any other country in history.( Canada had none by that way ) The military spokesman said, paraphrasing: we don’t have enough resources to go after them. Those same deserters under US Law could have, and were eligible to be jury members in criminal cases before the war started. The US never overturn one case based on the fact a deserter was a jury member in a conviction of a US peer. The reason; they never even inquired. Back to the deserters.. They took the same oath based on merit to be a jury member, as they did to defend their Country. That’s pathetic. But statically true. Now here is the question for all you Canadians.

The Military deserters; do you believe an oath to defend their Country, or an oath to be a Jury member in a Criminal Trial means anything to them. Second if you were the one convicted under their rule, would you be surprised there is no law in place to protect you from that in the US. A US deserter found you guilty of a criminal offence. As a Canadian convicted under that circumstance, would you consider yourself a criminal. A deserter ruling you’re a criminal. That statement has never been un-proved. Fact.

Now back to Black for a second. If the US Military doesn’t have enough resources, and money to go after deserters. Its official policy; if you desert, we wont go after you.. And the US justice system will not overturn a conviction where one sat, the real reason, they cant be bothered… Why are the wasting so much time, money, and resources going after Black.

Wouldn’t that money, resources, est.. be better spent on the above mentioned. The US Justice system is spending Millions of Dollars trying to brand Black a criminal. I mean if it was evidence, absolutely evident without an alternative explanation of the facts, wouldn’t Canada charge him as well.

We covered the US back in Afghanistan, now in an analogy, they want us to be a deserter to an Order of Canada member because they say so. I say fk you!!! Canadians have solidarity. Removing Black from the Order of Canada, is like handing the US our balls.

Edmonton, Canada

#5 Nov 1, 2012

Edmonton, Canada

#7 Nov 2, 2012
To all Canadians, Ferguson. Anyone with the last name Ferguson cant be trusted, the Ferguson’s sold our balls to the US.

Edmonton, Canada

#8 Nov 2, 2012
To anyone with the last Name to the latter which wishes to mitigate or recertified this traitor of war is accused,, please the T star.

Toronto, Canada

#9 Nov 3, 2012

Edmonton, Canada

#11 Nov 9, 2012
What is the point of Gappers inventor of what you eat, and how much it cost. I think the point to citizens reading, if your hunger, eat cake.. But im not educated, so I don’t know. I would have; if educated like Grapper, order the 1000 Pound bottle of wine, then tip the waiter the empty bottle for a recycle refund. The bottle is worth 10 Pence.

Edmonton, Canada

#13 Nov 13, 2012
Conrad Black is aversive, and unreliable.
A Judge says.. A Judge said that.

That is how the US Justice system works. If Radler even states once he was innocent in the media, or in a book, he will be extradited back to the US to face the suppressed charges. This is where it get funnyJ If some newspaper printed that Radler stated he was, is, innocent.. Radler would have to file a Civil Suit against that paper for false statements made by him. That would be great, just think of this.. Radler files a Civil Suit claiming a paper said he was innocentJ oh the lunacy of the contingencies of the US Justice System.

Radler is the most reliable witness that the US Justice system ever produced.

Edmonton, Canada

#14 Nov 14, 2012

Edmonton, Canada

#15 Nov 15, 2012
The United States Justice System accused Lord Black of putting 160 Million Dollars in his pocket that didn’t belong to him. The motive.. To fund his alleged extravagant wife spending habits. I mean is it just me or our these Legal minds in the US just insane. A 160 Million Dollars!!!

The greatest legal minds in the US now say we calculated incorrectly by about 159 Million 750 Thousand Dollars. That is
$ 159,750,000.00 difference. Leaving a balance of 250K. Now these great legal minds are saying Lord Black didn’t pocket the 250K left over, but misappropriated it. So it not even a theft now. Idiots comes to mind…

The Obstruction of Justice charge that branded Black this BIG bad criminal in the Lunatic Asylum they call The American Justice System is not even related to the above mentioned. Its directly related to their own error. SO you people have a better understanding of this system, they charge you with a crime that you are proven falsely accused, but convict you of obstructing that justice.

And to think Radler conceded to this idiotism with a guilty plea.

Edmonton, Canada

#16 Nov 15, 2012
The US Justice System offered Lord Black a deal. The deal is before his re-sentence date. If Black agrees not to appeal the Obstruction of Justice conviction, Judge St Eve will sentence Black to time served. That means Black will not have to go back to prison. In basic terms for everyone to understand, if you admit you’re a criminal, you do not go to prison. If you state you have been falsely accused, you go to prison. Once Black declined the offer to concede to their ideology, he got sentenced to more time than Ratler served for pleading guilty in their court.

I think Ratler should recant his guilty plea in the media as being coerced by the US Justice system, and fight the extradition back to the US to face more of their Justice if he has any interiority left as a Canadian on the renege of his deal he made with them to help hang Black.

Edmonton, Canada

#17 Nov 22, 2012
On the issue of trust, 37% of Canadian respondents picked the U.S.

Source: Toronto Sun.

Brockville, Canada

#18 Nov 23, 2012
his bro has/had a farm just north of the town down here & a worker or 2 who lived there worked in the town locally to this area & have no idear how close they are to this family after some stole all that pension cash from Massey Ferguson workers years ago

& there was a Massey Ferguson dealer in this area who was elected along with a guy who was buried here today who probably knew lots more about these kinds of going's on ...

Edmonton, Canada

#19 Nov 23, 2012
The Massey Ferguson pension fund; is, and was insured through the bank. For you to say; state that someone stole the money is indicative of your ignorance. But it terms you understand. And its evident in the case.. They steal 1 million, claim 2 million, one top official goes down, and they share the profit. But it never even went anywhere because all you guys are docile.

Though I believe in karma, see you at the funnel. Idiots.

Toronto, Canada

#20 Nov 23, 2012
... Conrad Black take-over
In the 1970s, Conrad Black, whose family had purchased control of Massey Ferguson's parent company,

Argus Corporation, became active in Massey Ferguson's management.

Under Black's " leadership ", Massey Ferguson instituted significant job/cost-cutting programmes that returned the company to profitability for some.

During the late 1970s, production was relocated to a new large facility in Brantford, Ontario.

Adding to this, a world-wide decline in North American built agricultural equipment market, like John Deere combined with high inflation, high domestic interest rates and a major recession, caused Massey Ferguson to slip into a loss once again.

In 1981, Argus donated its shares in Massey Ferguson to the employee's pension plans,

leading the way to a $250 million bail-out from the Government of Canada and the Province of Ontario for the collapsing company which later renamed itself Varity Corporation.

In the mid 1980s, Varity spun off several money-losing divisions into an entity called Massey Combines Corporation.

Massey Combines Corporation was headquartered in Brantford, Ontario and became insolvent on March 8, 1998, and its assets were re-acquired by Massey Ferguson ...

Edmonton, Canada

#21 Nov 29, 2012
and.. what.. are you clueless from there...

North Bay, Canada

#22 Dec 2, 2012

Edmonton, Canada

#23 Jun 15, 2014
well they stripped Black of his O of C title based on the validity of the Lunatic Asylum they call The American Justice System, so you get your revenge for what you think Black did at Massey Ferguson.

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