Con artists posed as police for donations, says highrise resident
Published on Tuesday December 04, 2012 Share on twitterShare on facebook

Dylan C. Robertson
Staff Reporter

Two young men face fraud charges after residents of a Don Mills highrise donated cash to what they thought was a police charity drive.

Police were called to 121 Parkway Forest Dr. on Sunday after a tenant said two men dressed as police officers knocked on her door asking for donations of toys and money.

Residents on six floors donated roughly $150 before police arrived and arrested the 21- and 22-year-old men on the eighth floor.

“The good citizens of Toronto dug deep,” said Det. Dave Johnson, noting that the case comes on the heels of theft investigation involving Salvation Army donations.

Police are not releasing the names as one of the men issued a culpability statement that helped lay charges. One was wearing a uniform issued by his college’s police foundations program.

One resident told the Star she saw the two wearing blue uniforms with badges on their sleeves, but no guns.

Det. Johnson said he’s not sure what will be done with the money, most of which is small change. Toronto police welcome drop-off boxes in their divisions, but do not solicit donations for charity.