Memorial memories

For 91 years, the Memorial Arena has been a part of Georgetown’s history— hockey games, reunions, homecomings, lacrosse, rollerskating, gymnastics and lots more.
It’s where generation after generation of Georgetowners brought their young families to play. It’s where girls met their beaus, and where the boys showed off for the girls. It’s where a community cheered on their native sons and daughters.
But on Sunday, Memorial Arena’s legacy as an ice rink ended, and by the fall, after the summer sports season has ended, the venerable old building will be demolished.
Memorial Arena, known as one of the oldest rinks in Canada, was originally built as an outdoor rink in 1922, but was later enclosed. The building aged well, outliving its normal expectancy, by nearly 40 years. But age finally caught up and Town council had to make a decision to keep pouring millions of dollars into the single rink year after year or build pads onto the SportsPlex. The decision was made, and in September the two new pads at the SportsPlex will open and the Memorial Arena will be demolished.
In December, the Town deemed the Memorial Arena property surplus and a consultant is now studying the best future use for the land.
“In the ’60s, this was the place to go in town, the place to hang out, both summer and winter,” said Laurie MacKenzie.“In the summer I went roller skating with my future hubby Jim, and in the winter we attended hockey games and watched figure skating.”
Imagine Georgetown as a quilt; Memorial has been a piece of that fabric. It has been a good friend and, like a good friend, has left many of us a lifetime of memories.