Apartment Ratings/Review in Halifax

Yarmouth, Canada

#23 Jul 2, 2013
yeah my boyfriends car has been robbed on the night security was actually on site!
Bvarnd wrote:
As there is No website on the Independent reviews/ratings of the Apartments in the HRM area, I write this as a representative of a Tenant living in the Halifax area to create an awareness of the apartment safety and the quality of apartments in the Halifax area.
I live in the Clayton Park area in the Stonecrest village apartments.(one of the 80/85/90/95 buildings). Within the past 6 months there has been 2 reported burglary in the Stone crest village apartments. There is no private security or CCTV camera to watch the apartment buildings outside. Please keep in mind if you are looking for apartments in the Clayton Park area.

Dartmouth, Canada

#24 Jul 8, 2013
I am a tenant at 680 Parkland drive, just a heads for you people who will be looking to rent an apartment here..The building has the most unprofessional management I have dealt with, the company owns 2 apartment buildings and only has one person managing both buildings! Paying rent takes 2 weeks after the rent is due, that's because the management can't keep up with their tenants..if you have an issue with your apartment such as (plugs not working, window is loose) it takes them more than a month to even look at it.

I have to finish the term of my contract here but im getting the fuck out of here as soon as it's done, and i don't recommend it to anyone!


Dartmouth, Canada

#25 Aug 23, 2013
Be ware of and apt. for rent in a condo on North Ridge Rd.on the 7th or 6th floor do not do it.I has to do with cheques aweeeeeeeeeeee,breaker breaker copy copy do you hear me copy copy 1 9er.

Bedford, Canada

#26 Feb 25, 2014
If anyone has any ratings about The Ashton on knightsbridge drive could you please share? Thanks

Lower Sackville, Canada

#27 Mar 7, 2014
995 McLean street? Changs property
Barrington terrace

Halifax, Canada

#28 Apr 4, 2014
1070 Barrington Street also known as Barrington terrace. Great location but thats about it. Bed bug infestations where owners make you pay for your own spraying even though they are being spread through the building through no fault of your own. Infested mattresses being dragged down the halls and tossed at the inside garbage bin. Halls were never sprayed, I still itch thinking about it even though I moved out and tossed almost everything I had 3 months ago. We went well over a month waking up to no hot water, I'm talking freezing cold water from the hot water tap. The owners were horrible people to deal with on every occasion. The building super was that places only asset.
Barrington Terrace...You DO NOT want to live there, the bed bugs haven't left.
Linda Gregory

Halifax, Canada

#29 Apr 5, 2014
My son lived in this building a year ago. They had a bed bug infestation then as well. The gentleman (I use the term loosely) was horribly rude to talk too. Ed was his name. Same situation. Tenants payed to exterminate. I can not recommend living in that building to anyone.

Montague, Canada

#30 Apr 7, 2014
Southpoint wrote:
Can anybody tell me anything about Southpoint Apartments? It's run by Universal and I was considering moving there. I've seen the building and it looks nice enough but I want to know from anyone who has lived there what kind of a place it is such as if there are any pest problems, noise, etc. Any help at all would be great. Thanks.
I lived here for a year and got bedbugs here. Someone on my floor had them a month before. It took them over a week to begin treating my apartment. I eventually got my apartment treated but I left after that. Don't live there.
Olympus Properties

Halifax, Canada

#31 May 9, 2014
I know I live in the gutter of Spryfield, but at first we believed the property owner and the landlord were going to be very helpful.. not the case. We have an infestation of mold. Lack of hot water all the time (i'm sure they have enough income to fill up the oil every so often) broken windows in cars from break-ins, police officer's constantly around, dirty disgruntled people living throughout the units, and being suckered into another years lease. I've written several letter's about the conditions as well as the lack of parking spots (at first they asked for your plate # so you would be assured a spot, even though you do not have a designated one) and I always end up with no choice but parking far away from the building because tenant's friends take up all the spots.
I had a police officer come to my door one night due to the smell of marijuana (WASN'T EVEN ME) but got hounded.
I can't wait to get out of here. I will never recommend anyone to rent with Olympus properties.
2065-CunardCourt highrise

Halifax, Canada

#32 May 21, 2014
I lived in 2065 Brunswick Street building and it is managed by Real Star..Worst place to live...managers do not care about tenant concerns.....since the building has harbor view managers have lots of hope that they get many tenants if other tenants leave ....i dont recommend this apartment to anyone...
friendz dont rent this place...you will be regretted later...
Olympus Properties

Eastern Passage, Canada

#33 May 28, 2014
223 windmill road, Dartmouth, NS:
I've been living at this apartment for almost a year now (and thank goodness I'm moving), and I've been trying to find places to review this building because I want to give a MAJOR warning to all people, especially young females such as myself.
I've dealt with the maintenance man going into my apartment without notice and while I was not there several times, this concerns me very much because to be perfectly honest, I do not feel comfortable living in the same building as him because I have caught him looking at me inappropriately and being extremely disrespectful to me. The fact that he has a key to my apartment terrifies me and forced me to live off other peoples couches for three months of my time here, in fear that he would come into my apartment at night and do horrible things because he obviously did not care about entering my apartment without consent. This is probably the scariest issue with this apartment building, but on top of this, anyone considering renting here should be prepared with at least 300$ for bed bug treatment annually (there is a slight discount through the rental agency, but not even worth being excited about because when you're covered in gaping wounds from bites, there isn't much to make it better). I only lived here for two months and I got them, and I received extreme harassment from the staff claiming that the bedbugs came from my significant other who came over occasionally and does not have bedbugs at their apartment, and they refused to admit that the bed bug problem was a constant occurrence in the building even though the pest control truck is regularly parked outside. Also, while mentioning cars parking outside regularly, the police are here on a weekly basis for one thing or another, although that may make some people feel safe to have things 'under control', for me it was just a terrifying thought of 'what if someone breaks into my apartment next?' or 'what if I get stabbed taking out the garbage?'.
When it comes to the condition of the apartment itself, don't be fooled. I'll admit that my one bedroom is a good size and that there haven't been many technical failures, however when I moved in there was a quick discovering of ants everywhere, as well as mice coming through a hole in the wall under my sink and eating my food. The heater is constantly on, I believe I have only turned it on manually once in the winter and I haven't touched it since, but there is still constant heat radiating from it, including when it is hot out. the humidity in the apartment is a huge bother and I have lost several plants due to not being able to get a breeze through the windows to have good circulation.
All in all this rental experience has been a nightmare. I've been leaving constantly and fearing for my life the entire time living here. A young girl around my age viewed at my apartment this morning (no notice from the staff, might I add), and it broke my heart that there was so much I wanted to warn her about, but couldn't in fear of the maintenance staff getting some sort of revenge on me.
390 parkland

Kentville, Canada

#34 Jun 23, 2014
This building, owned by city centre, landlords name is Bruce, HAS BEEN THE WORST EXPERIENCE POSSIBLE he has verbally attacked us, harassed us, insulted us, entered our apartment when we weren't home, you call the office to ask about something that needs to be fixed or the harassment and get hung up on.. Just completely unfair, biased treatment for close to 1100$/month rent!!!

Halifax, Canada

#35 Jul 16, 2014
Do not rent at Harbourview - we moved in three weeks ago and have found three separate apartments in our building undergoing active fumigation for bed bugs. Including our immediate neighbours - and when I asked Capreit management about their "block fumigation" policy that they've posted everywhere in efforts to demystify their bug issues, they said they only do that "if it's really bad." That is the only way to get rid of bed bugs - so these towers will be battling bed bugs forever until they start doing regular block fumigations. Also, many morons live here and throw trash off their balconies, including large furniture items - nearly killing me earlier today. There is garbage everywhere. CAPREIT is in it for the money - of course. Stay away!!!
bedbugregistrydo tcom

Halifax, Canada

#36 Jul 16, 2014
bedbugregistry.com is out of business as of 2012/13 - you can't email their support services or report any bed bugs. So, when we looked quickly at first - we assumed there had been fewer bed bugs at HARBOURVIEW apts run by CAPREIT in HALIFAX because reports stopped after 2012. However, you simply can't report them any more. And Harbourview still has lots of bed bugs as of July 2014. DONT RENT HERE.

Dallas, TX

#37 Jul 18, 2014
I had a bad experience with Bhalla Investments at 36 Bently Drive. I leased an apartment from one of their new condo style buildings but had experienced problems with the superintendent.
The superintendent lost my notice of lease termination and now wants to force me into another year, even though he has been aware for over 6 months that I have been subleasing the space at a financial loss in order to honor the rest of my lease term and gave him a lease termination notice before the new tenants moved in as requested. When I followed up with him, he said he did not have the letter and that it was two weeks past the 3 months' notice deadline.
Also, there is no visitor parking available. The Superintendent owns four vehicles between him and his wife, parked in the underground parking lot yet there is no visitor parking. The apartments are beautiful, with amazing views but not worth dealing with poor management.

Halifax, Canada

#38 Jul 24, 2014
Spent a year at Armdale Place, 36 Abbey Road. This was formerly Top of The Hill Apartments. We payed a deposit in advance, from another province, based on a video on their website. The five hundred cash back was a strong enticement, as well as the advertised views, the balcony, the "renovations," and the advertised thousand square foot apartments. Don't fall for it. In the winter, the apartments are cold. The air quality is such, that it feels like inhaling shards of fibreglass. The walls are covered in a plaster-like substance, best described as "randomly thrown baby poo." The kitchen cupboards date from the Watergate and All in the Family era. The fixtures in the bath tub belong in a janitor's room. Window screens are an imaginary concept in this place, as is service. The building superintendent vacillates between invisibility, and lurking the halls for "gripe victims." After we announced our intention to leave, the super advised us that the rent would go up?! On two occasions, I caught employees in my apartment. The "token decent person" accompanied us on the final inspection, on exit. Thank you, token decent person. If you have a strong desire for stellar frustration, self-mutilation, and have lost all self-respect, I recommend this place. It is truly a cross between an unfortunate piece of history, and a live broadcast of "Hogan's Heroes."

Halifax, Canada

#39 Oct 9, 2014
Has anyone lived in 10 Caxton clise Halifax.Any sort or feedback would be appreciated
A Black Eye wrote:
5 Caxton Close. Two years ago I would have told you that this place is like coming home to the country after a long work week in the city. Two years ago, the super had a new girlfriend move in with him. OMG!!! The woman uses foul and derogative language with the tenants. Both supers have threatened to lock people out of their apartments, take and sell the tenants furniture,come into your apartment without notice. As tenants, we talk in the laundry room. I am told that two other tenants have left the building due to the super's girlfriend. A VERY foul mouth. I guess it was my turn today. As I was leaving the building this evening, she charged at me ranting something (I couldn't make out what she was saying because she was screaming) When she charged at me I grabbed her wrist to prevent her from doing any harm. She got loose, pulled me by the hair and just started punching like she was Rocky!! Blew me out of the water. I have never had this sort of experience with a super/landlord before. I was shocked! She wouldn't let me back into the building...seriously, she blocked the door with her body. I was so upset and frightened, I got in my car, went down the street and called the cops. OMG!! This is one of the craziest things I have ever experienced!

Halifax, Canada

#40 Oct 9, 2014
Am about to rent at 132 Old Sambro Road, would love to hear from anyone in regard to what the area is like to live in, and whether or not there have been any problems with bedbugs, or landlords. Really any information would be helpful. Thanks so much!

Halifax, Canada

#41 Oct 11, 2014
It's probably too late to save the poor soul who is renting now but, please please please, DO NOT rent an apartment at 295 Main Avenue in Halifax. It's up from the corner of Main and Dunbrack. This used to be a very nice building to live in. I lived there back in 2005. The owner, Gaston Chagnon, was a lovely man who cared about his tenants. He employed a man by the name of Seldon Publicover as the buidling super. Seldon was amazing. He enforced the tenants only parking, kept the building and outside areas, clean and neat. Seldon had complete respect from all of the tenants at 295 Main Avenue.
Sadly, Gaston Chagnon passed away and the ownership was left to his widow and his son, Vincent. I rented there again in 2012 and upon first glance, it seemed that things had not changed. Before signing the lease, I was promised various things and was shown all the upgrades to the very same apartment I had lived in back in 2005. Shortly after moving in, it became very clear that the building super, Gerard, was not one to get things done when asked. He seemed more intent on working on his own apartment rather than doing anything for the tenants or in the building.
Multiple cars that did not belong to anyone living there were constantly taking up the tenants only parking lot. Gerard NEVER got up early after a snow storm to shovel the walk to the parking lot from the back door. The laundry room was always filthy, and furniture and appliances were left in hallways for days on end. Two of the three bedrooms had water leaking up from under the laminate wood flooring, and this led to mold growing against the walls. There was also mold on the window in the master bedroom, as the window either wasn't installed or insulated properly. Everything that was brought to the super's attention was left undone or unfixed.
After having enough of this, I emailed the head office, on Queen Street in Halifax to voice my concerns and disgust. The owner's widow took it upon herself to somehow "fix" her books to make it appear as if I and my roommate were 3 months in arrears on the rent.
To make a long story short me and my roommate moved out of 295 Main Avenue, vowing to never rent from there again. We won the appeal in Small Claims Court and got back our full damage deposit and had the matter of the so called "arrears" wiped from our record with the Tenancy Board.
So please.....if you know anyone looking to rent an apartment, or are looking to rent yourself, save yourself the disappointment, grief and frustration and DO NOT under any circumstances move to 295 Main Avenue. Please spread the word to everyone about this horrible place

Halifax, Canada

#42 Nov 19, 2014
1991 Scotia Towers. If one really wants a good review of this place, look no further. Upon first entering...lets just say looks can be deceiving. There is water damaged flooring, with BLACK MOLD forming underneath it but they will tell you there's nothing wrong; even after you have a severe allergic reaction management will deny that anything is wrong with you or their apartment. Maintenance will never do anything on time, so predict a problem three months in advance and no calls back to confirm your problem, LIKE FLOODING, has been taken care of. Prepare for excuses, the after hours hotline for emergencies can only do so much when your walls are leaking and your parquet flooring is popping out. OH and if you think your flooring will be replaced...it can clearly only be replaced with that which are the old tiles covered in mold, which they will scrape down, throw the moldy old adhesive into your garbage, knock the tiles back in and than fuck off. Oh and if you get sick, and need to move out, you have to wait a whole month, unless you're willing to loose one months rent. I have never met such incompetent and ignorant people in my life who use foul language and make ridiculous comments on how they feel I simply want to move out...NOT THAT I NEED TO BECAUSE I CAN'T BREATH AND I HAVE HIVES. ps the other buildings have mice...I heard one of the supers talking about it, AND LOTS OF THEM! But of course, nothing will be done. No money has been put in, and no money will ever be put in to fixing this god awful apartment.

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