"The Restaurant Association of Nova Scotia (RANS) is launching a new program today to assist the bar industry in curbing the stigma of drinking related issues and violence currently attached to the bar industry in Halifax.

The Patron Accountability Safety and Service (PASS) program encourages and promotes a safe environment for all patrons that frequent licensed premises, as well as its staff members.

“This program enables bars to enforce strict rules and cut down, and eventually eliminate, the troublemakers from gaining access to their establishments,” says Executive Director Gordon Stewart, Restaurant Association of Nova Scotia.

With the support of the Halifax Regional Police and the Alcohol and Gaming Division, Investigation and Enforcement Unit of Service Nova Scotia and Municipal Relations, RANS is helping the bar industry increase their responsibility to their patrons.

“Halifax Regional Police is proud to support the PASS program. We have often said that everyone has a role to play in public safety and this initiative is an excellent example of the business community coming together for the good of our community. The PASS program will also enhance safety in and around the downtown bar scene which was a recommendation in the Mayor's Roundtable Report," says Superintendent Don Spicer, HRM Public Safety Officer.

After many years of working to combat the drinking related issues and violence stigmas, the food and beverage industry became proactive by creating a program to help control the problems. The PASS program, modeled after similar programs in Amherst and Vancouver, will be pilot tested in HRM and then be launched across the province."

Comes from RANS.Ca

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