Is it too early to discuss Nibiru?

Is it too early to discuss Nibiru?

Created by K Dunn on Dec 8, 2007

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What is Nibiru?

I'd rather keep my head buried


Portland, OR

#19456 May 23, 2012
dave, this scenario sort of remindsme f the little Dutch boy who put his fingers in the diek to keep the water out. I heard they have evacuated so far ovver 70,000 people so far to date.
Plus they seem to have resumed production in some factories, Yaesu Corp has a large plant there I am not sure if any of the parts or the radios themselves might be iffy to have.
I have noticed dave since fukushima I go out to do outside work on the yard, every time I g\cut the lawn and handle the clippings, get the residual dust in the air ,on me and in my lungs. I then find my clothes kind of tingle or bun after such a several hour session, I then shower it off but I also become feeling run down like flu coming on sometimes it is enough to also cause me to regurgitate I looked the symptoms up it is similar to what it says about radiation exposure mild but enough to cause illness.
Im not saying immeidate illness but this is cumulative. I am also suddenly have the feeling the real reason people are so tired physcally so they have an upsurge in "energy" drinks what does the average person do when a bit tired sometimes? yeah have coffee or a red bull.
I am not liking that crack either dave it is impending doom unless someone does someting pretty soon. I suppose though they will just say we are tired and need the lastes pillls drinks or nostrums to "cure" the problem, NWO is going to make the money keep rolling in they usually seem to take advantage ot the situations to furtherr engorge thier coffers.
I realize sometimes I have info that seems definte fringe stuff but check it out the things they do now are subtle and a shell game, look quick or you will be deceived into complacency, this is what they want to do, be a good sheeple and watch that sports ,see what "snooky" or some such crap faux celebrity is up to or watch the damned has been stars twirl on the dance floor,get lost in something.
I am wodnering if or how long before subliminal mesages are show\n like "dont worry just watch your show" I know when it was done in o\movies the snack bar would have more customers when they flahsed a frame of an ice cold coke and it would have the words "you are thirsty" on it or such .
OK sorry for the rambling busy and kind of get thoughts kind of tongue tied if that makes sense:)
Back laterr hope all haveing a good day, take care everyone, whoknoze out for now


#19457 May 23, 2012
Thanks for the posts Whocknoze.
Reminds me of the lakes etc near Chernobyl, a new
species of fish with three eyes.


#19458 May 23, 2012
dihydromonoxide wrote:
<quoted text>
jully 20th is the date cliff high gives but with that large crak in the side might be june 20th either way its bad on a scale we have not seen in our life times well we have not seen in 10k years likely and this is as sure as the sun will raise tommoerow
i get the feeling this region of Japan is sliding into
the sea and possibilty these reactors will sink and slide too.
We always knew it was a nuclear appocalypse from
the start none of us exagerrated the consequences.


#19459 May 23, 2012


#19460 May 23, 2012
The radiation cloud near the Sunshine coast (Au) measured
8 times over normal level.
Tokyo was this way months ago.
Strange but true.


#19461 May 24, 2012
Radiation is spreading in Japan via products.
They confess its uncontrolable.
Get out of there.

Chicago, IL

#19462 May 24, 2012

my guess is that spring that fed the lake changed direction and drained it as the earth shifted

the great sinking should be begin soon

Chicago, IL

#19463 May 24, 2012
dave wrote:
Radiation is spreading in Japan via products.
They confess its uncontrolable.
Get out of there.
were do we go if the spent fuel pool breaks

cliff high talks about resoulute being a key word being used in a way that could be good and bad

as in problem solved and oh shit its not over at and could even mean both at the same time

sounds like an evacution of the planet is one way to look at this

in a very lose sense its saying problem solveed and no we can not fix that at the same time

he thinks it is yet to determined well i guess that is true as it would depend on how individual people look at it

the loss of the planet on one hand the fact they are still living on the other


#19464 May 24, 2012
Strange how the media makes out fukushima radiation
is only contained in Japan near the site.
Its getting into buildings, eggs, meat etc.
Now the radioactive apartment block nowhere near
fukushima is at a similar radiation level as the huge radio active
cloud which blew in here.


#19465 May 24, 2012
Various volcanic eruptions and events.
South America.


#19466 May 24, 2012
Up to 100,000 dead fish wash up Maryland U.S.
Violent quake sea floor Norway.
Looks like areas in Europe have got some shakes.

Italy with its 5000 aftershocks.


#19467 May 24, 2012
Recommend sea salt enforced with iodate to cook
with such a simple measure can protect, next time
fukushima Radiation blows in.


#19468 May 24, 2012
I recommend this to put aside when i first joined this blog some time ago, i don't know why? Lol.

Chicago, IL

#19469 May 24, 2012

looks more problems in the gulf more corexit please well they never stopped using that stuff and now it has reach crictial levles

the wide margin says its an ongoing event so they have 60 k fish expecting more hoping its not more then 100 k

well news flash for every fish on shore 1000 more are dead on the sea floor and if its the crexit then its just begining as the spraying never stopped and it still building up and its toll is still adding up they might as well be spraying nerve agents into the ocean this stuff was known to be eating holes in the bottom of boats and it was known to cause rashes in trace amounts and the fish live in it at higher and higher amounts


#19470 May 24, 2012
Christchurch gets the shakes again 5.2.


#19471 May 24, 2012
Now at a depth of 10km the size of the quake isn't so
An omen for Christchurch people and the people
of Japan.
Can i say there are more stable areas.
Knowing when enoughs enough is to avoid more
pain, panic and fear.


#19472 May 24, 2012
Correction depth 12km.


#19473 May 24, 2012
41 quakes over 5.0.

United States

#19474 May 25, 2012
More on Solar Eclipse of May 20, 2012
Posted on May 18, 2012 by The Saoshyant, H.H Alexandra

The Solar Eclipse on May 20, 2012 is the great hour of a long journey – the time we will come so close to the black hole in our universe near the passage of Sagittarius.

This is the place of the bucket of creations of our vast universe. It is the passage to the sacred places for all who progress to greater life energies.

For all on the planet, now is the time to look at self and to know your life as a soul. This is a cosmic birthday.

A more conscious beginning for you commences when our planet experiences the great eclipse of May 20, 2012. It is a great step forward in the growth of our species.

We need to awaken to our collective perceptions as we are passing through global crisis in order to awaken into a better civilization.

A time of peace is to come of pure spirit for all who care to live in peace.

This is a time of changing – a time to adjust in spirit – to live in peace. May is the one time to learn kindness and offer love to all.

Posted in Earth Changes, General | Tagged 2012, black hole, consciousness, global crisis, hh alexandra, may 20, peace, saoshyant, solar eclipse, soul, spirit | 2 Comments

United States

#19475 May 25, 2012
Story of Soul – A Pure Path
Posted on May 20, 2012 by The Saoshyant, H.H Alexandra

You are created, far away and many galaxies above earth. You are born in the universes before you come to planet earth. The pure place is left behind and the time of growing takes place. You travel through black skies and the colourless one space to earth.

You are on a journey to experience, to grow, to be a human being and to learn to be an angel!

Know that first you are a divine spark in Creator’s realm – a beautiful and harmonious place where all come into being. Male/female or female/male beings with beautiful energies choose someday to leave and pick a place to go in the universes. After a time, if they decide to come to earth, they determine whether they want to be female or male. On the way they look for a mother host or spend the time learning. So, when the heavenly or Etherean realms are left behind, wisdom is what you need to have. Know that the divine spark is spirit being innocent. We need to have reflections on the spark of life like it was a holy fire sermon birth of cosmic awakening.

You ask about life. Well, after the spark the travelling begins from high – well beyond the Milky Way. No death is found. There is a dark path which is far in human estimation yet close in reality and is called pure energy.

Once the spark spits, then male/female pure-life energy is there to choose for the new being’s travelling consciousness, which is awakened to the fact at hand of choice – whether to become male or female, of which family, of what race, in which part of mother earth to live, to exist in a place of war or not, etc. These are all options to be contemplated. So you have the spark and then the divine awakening of conscious being, the birth of life and existence and growth for soul. You decide what kind of human to be and have the awakening, growth and awareness of being to have made a choice when you arrive on earth.

Some do not stand really still for there is so much to be awakened to and to become aware of in becoming human. Then there is reliving of past experiences. Realise that the path some make and their choices of where life will start could include a mistake where self creates male when they were to have been female on their path, or visa versa..

Know that all are pure. All are divine from the first moment. You are soul first and all pure then. Now you are spirit when you are born and you know that within there is pure life.

The reality is that there is no death for you unless Creator decrees it so when you trespass against Creator’s laws. So, here is the lesson to learn because being a body is the last experience. The first is divine conscious soul. You live in the skull. Then this manifests as living spirit.

The next thing to remember and not forget is what everyone sees, which is the skeletal body and then flesh. Many do not realise they are not able to see soul.

You – the being close to Creator – are invisible to all who are non-spiritual but are visible to those who are pure. So, when an accident takes place, speak softly to the injured person and know that the person or their soul will be wise in hearing you. They will understand every word you say even when brain injury shows there is no response from them. Wait and see first and tell others to be careful. A spiritually trained being or spiritual minister is able to speak with the spiritual being of the injured.

You can learn to see dimensions. Spark consciousness from great wisdom. Foolish living is in thinking that divine living beings are bodies only. The body is a shell – a vehicle. You are soul, spirit, mind, brain and body. Consciousness is the being. It is the manifest body that stays behind. All have divine within. Know it. Live it.


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