Those Who Forget History Are Doomed to Repeat It!

Rick Hansen and the many other organizations are to be commended for improving the lives of people but do people know that spinal cord research still includes cruel experiments on animals?

In 1987 Lifeforce provided Mr. Hansen with scientific proof that intentionally paralysing rats, cats, dogs pigs, and monkeys will not help injured people. The use of “animal models” is not only inhumane but also is scientifically fallacious. The breakthroughs have resulted from human clinical studies and other non-animal methodologies.

Read the history and why many doctors oppose vivisection at

There are many organizations that conduct humane, ethical research to donate to. I hope that everyone will ask Rick Hansen if they will become a charity that does not support further failed experiments on sentient animals? That will stop the waste of research funds and find those cures.