Son upset over Camrose cat-killing: Mom

Son upset over Camrose cat-killing: Mom

There are 14 comments on the Edmonton Journal story from Jan 13, 2008, titled Son upset over Camrose cat-killing: Mom. In it, Edmonton Journal reports that:

“He's been around animals his whole life and he loves those animals”

The mother of one of the boys accused of killing a cat in a microwave said her son is "mortified" about the killing, but wasn't directly involved with the horrific death. via Edmonton Journal

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Calgary, Canada

#1 Jan 17, 2008
im not going to go onto the whole parenting bashing because im sure there has already been alot of that. all i can say to that mother is that he kid is sick and twisted and deserves a very harsh punishment and probably was involved i know its hard to believe when your child does something worng especially to that extent but why did her chiild come back the next day after they had already broke into the house once before. the fact that they also left a note saying "nice cat, look in the microwave" really shows that there wasnt alot of remorse or empathy. i would be disgusted with my child weather they were the one putting the cat in the microwave or the one just standing by. i would still love my child but i would be very revolted by their actions and no be trying to protect them from the law
Shannon Red Deer

Red Deer, Canada

#2 Jan 21, 2008
I'am terribly appalled by the behavior of these teens. My guess is these teens come from dysfunctional homes. If you do your homework, in most of these types of behaviors or complete senseless type of crimes, there are problems in the home and the "kid" is usually labelled a troublesome child. My next bet is this is not the first time any of these kids have been in trouble.
When I read that one of the boys was already being held due to, "attempting to set his little brother" on fire, I was completely disgusted. The Justice system needs to wake up to this type of in-humane crime and deal much more severely with the sentences for these type of crimes.
History has shown us that many extremely serious crimes, including Homocide, the perpetrators abused or killed animals in their youth. These teens need to be stopped now before they commit a more serious crime later. Because of the horrific nature of this crime, these kids should be punished to the full extent of the law and more. It matters not to me that 2 boys just "stood by" and did not participate, as long as you were in that home being part of the "group" as far as I'm concerned, you are as guilty as the person who did the dirty deed. Sorry boys, "guilt by association". I hope these boys remember the sounds this cat made while being tortured, only to possibly stop them in the future when it may be their wife or children they are abusing.
You should be so ashamed of yourselves. I don't know how any of you can look in a mirror and not be repulsed by the "monster looking back at you".
And to your parents: seek help for your family before it's too late.

Edmonton, Canada

#3 Jan 22, 2008
Time to eliminate Young Offenders Act and stop the slapping the wrist sort of speak. Old enough to do the crime, old enough to do the time. Too many excuses and too much of protecting the guilty.

Red Deer, Canada

#4 Jan 22, 2008
As an animal lover, I am just sicken by this. how could you kids do such a terrible and discusting thing to this poor helpless cat. what did it ever do to you.????? I would think you should be hanging your heads pretty darn low in that town.
Parents theses kids must have some major issues going on, or maybe you do also. we have enough terrible things going on in this world, with drugs and every thing else. we need all laws to be a heck of alot tougher on theses young affenders, regardless of the crime. things are getting way out of had with theses youngsters...
HT from Calgary

Calgary, Canada

#5 Feb 8, 2008
"I'am terribly appalled by the behavior of these teens. My guess is these teens come from dysfunctional homes. If you do your homework, in most of these types of behaviors or complete senseless type of crimes, there are problems in the home and the "kid" is usually labelled a troublesome child."

Not dysfunctional - abusive...NO child is born devoid of feeling - that develops in an abused child over a period of time & is a defense mechanism necessary to survive when what the child witnesses or experiences is beyond what the human mind can comprehend or accept...for all the horrific things that kid has done (setting sibling on fire, torturing cat in microwave, etc.), he feels absolutely nothing - he has had to be numb to survive as long as he has & his parents should fry for destroying his life...he will never recover, even w/ yrs of councilling - he has probably witnessed or experienced unspeakable horrors which have deadened his mind & senses...sorry, but there's no hope for him (or his siblings)- if he's the oldest, he's taken the brunt of the abuse - give him 2 yrs, he'll finish off his undeserving parents, who should be very afraid right now of what's coming to them in the future - if he actually lives to be an adult, he WILL exact his revenge...

There are things the average person in North American society wouldn't even think of that some kids are exposed to every day by psychotic parents who walk among us, teach in our schools, perform lifesaving surgeries or volunteer with charities..."normal" people either won't believe it could happen or simply can't imagine such things in order to believe's impossible for "normal" people to ever understand how the twisted mind of an abused child functions - to want to know what it's like to cause someone else to scream just to know what they sound like when it's happening to them, how welcome & comforting the thought of death is, the elation of planning their parents' well-deserved murders, etc.

As for the bystander kids (only 2 - I believe the 3rd was the ringleader's sibling?), I would agree w/ their parents that they got caught up in something they didn't want to be involved in or that went beyond what they ever thought could happen - they DO appear to have feelings (must have been raised in reasonably decent homes) & will be haunted the rest of their lives by the horror of what they witnessed - THEY have learned a lesson they will never forget, about peer pressure & how much it can cost them in the end - a lesson for kids everywhere...imagine living the next 60-70 yrs w/ that horrifying sound in your head...whatever punishment they get, it will be nothing compared to the punishment they have already inflicted on themselves.

Charleston, SC

#6 Feb 27, 2008
i think that this kid obvisously has feelings and has already been tortured by watching that although he shoild not have been there i feel sorry for him

Edmonton, Canada

#7 Feb 29, 2008
Whether he stuck the cat in the microwave, or he just stood by. He is guilty,guilty,guilty. They should have stopped that boy from putting the cat in the microwave. They could have ripped the door off the microwave and saved that cat - that's if they had any conscience whatsoever. It appears not.

Columbus, OH

#8 Apr 1, 2008
Pleasssssse, you are feeling sorry for the kids. They made a choice...they could have run out of the house, called the police, told their parents, take a stand on what is going on...they made a choice....and you feel sorry for someone who inflicked pain on an innocent animal and her family...Grow up! Coming from a bad home or a good 13 and 15 a child should know the difference from right and wrong. And, these kids broke into someone's home, knowing the owners were not home.....what values have these kids been raised with.....and where were the parents at night when this happened... To the parents of the supposedly innocent kids...Didn't you know who your young children were hanging around with???? I was a single parent, who has taken many child psychology classes and my rule in my home was, Every choice you make in life is ultimately your decision and you will have to live with it, and if you make a wrong decision, in time others will forget, but you will always live with the consequences. My now adult children have said to me on many occasions, "Mom, it is my decision, I will choose". Their decisions are clear and they have never needed someone else to support their choice.
vol fan

Jefferson City, TN

#9 Apr 9, 2008
i think that theyre jerks
Karma Believer

Spruce Grove, Canada

#10 Jun 5, 2008
I wonder how the family of princess is doing right now. How would the parents of the accused feel if their beloved pet or child was murdered? To some people like myself, my animals are children to me. It is upsetting to hear that a group of teenagers can do something so horrible then turn around and say they're sorry? They're sorry because they got caught and have to deal with consequences! I don't think the law will be able to protect them. If they didn't do anything to stop Princess's painful cries, what makes them think that another human will stop harassing them or worse because of their own cries? My deepest sympathy goes to the family of Princess. As to the murders, enjoy the rest of your life on earth,as I and others hope its Hell.

Since: Jun 08


#11 Jun 7, 2008
Get a grip lady... even if your son is mortified, or crying his heart out every living moment of his life now, it still doesnt alter the fact that princess died a painful death and she did not deserve that kind of a death.. but what i definitely think is, your son and his gang do deserve a microwaved death as well.. and i wish some scientist could create a microwave big enough to accommodate all those teens and i want to gladly set the timer at 20 mins and leave them to their fate.. :)
Concerned parent

Calgary, Canada

#12 Sep 5, 2008
I am mortified over the senseless murder of the cat and cannot imagine this happening without feeling the need to throw-up. My house is a household of many cats and a dog who are all loved very much. Both youth and adults give them care and love.
With these youth form Camrose, I would not condemn the parents. Just because the youth did this horrendous act does not make it the crime of the parents. They are going through their own agonies and probably asking where they went wrong. Thes youth were not just raised just by their parents. They were raised by a community. They learn, not just from their parents but from within the community. Camrose, I would ask, where did the morals of these five youth go astray? What did they lack in their training? Did they get the opportunity to live with defenseless animals and learn to love them? Did they get enough support and assistance in the schools, in the neighbourhood, in the families? Camrose, look withion yourselves and ask - How can I help to prevent this from ever happening again.


#13 Sep 5, 2008
We should put there heads in a microwave and watch them blow up !

Los Angeles, CA

#14 Sep 9, 2008
Let's keep in mind that nearly every serial killer that we have a childhood history for has started their 'careers' with the torture and killing of animals - specifically household pets.
People who kill a pet, an animal that is breed to trust humans, lack empathy and are usually suffering from sociopathic behavior. We would do better to protect society by locking these kinds of offenders up and keeping them away from their next targets. After all, once torturing and killing pets gets old or these people, most serial killers make their way up the food chain and go after humans.

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