Is the Word of Life Church a cult?

Is the Word of Life Church a cult?

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William B

Calgary, Canada

#1 Aug 3, 2010
I have heard that the Word of Life Church in Red Deer is a cult. Everyone I know who goes there has serious issues...

Has anyone else heard anything about this "Church"?
Monica N

Edson, Canada

#2 Aug 7, 2010
Yes, definitely a cult, they have branches across Canada, just like mormons. Checked out their website, and I've heard it all before, nothing new. They can sprinkle sugar and cinanon, and talk about new this, new that..its all been done before. They sound a bit like that Pat Robertson/ 700 club nonsense, or 100 Huntly St. The underlying truth, after you strip off all the slick media, pearly whites and nice blouses, is that Christianity is one big fraud. Read the fine print, or just read it period. All of it. Which of the untold number of denominations or groups am I talking about? All of them. Red Deer doesnt need any of these smiling con artists, who believe their own lies. It needs make a law to ban them from opening up a group. Before you know it, they'll be inviting all the drug dealers and winos to to services, then youre going to have nicely dressed winos and drug dealers,. I've seen it numerous times. In Vancouver, after a few sessions, these same bums are harassing you on the street to accept the lord, change your evil ways. Nevermind the fact those people have spent the last 25 years in and out of jail, selling drugs, prostituing themselves to old fat bald men(including the men) to buy more drugs. Red Deer should instead open a Museum of European art, and some nice cafes, get rid of any Tim Hortons. The religious crazees like to hold bible talk sessions there, its prime drafting ground for future cultists.

Red Deer, Canada

#3 Aug 30, 2010
Obviously Monica has never been to our church and shows quite passionately her hatered for christianity. I'm sorry about that. If you could set aside my obvious bias for a moment I'd like to say what Word of Life is really about. Ive been attending since I was 23, was married in the church and have raised 3 kids and now have 4 grandchildren attending. Besides the spiritual side of my attendance, I was drawn by the heart of the pastors and heartbeat of the church, their desire to see people live a life of peace and joy, only experienced by the commitment of our lives to Christ. I learned, over the years, how to be a better person according to the word of God, a better husband and better father. Must have been good teaching as I have just passed 36 years of marraige and have wonderful productive children.
William, check things out for yourself, dont listen to someone who is so obviously bitter against the things of God. Its a church that preaches the bible and doesnt water it down, thats what most people have trouble with.. God's "Word". We teach: Love God, Love People, Love Life. Please come see for yourself, would love Monica to come too.

Red Deer, Canada

#4 Aug 31, 2010
Unfortunately, I see these kind of replys and deluded answers too frequently. A sad portayal of wha most people have between their head and the inability to distinguish between reality and confused thoughts You are religious because you are happy you spread your legs a few times, popped out some kids and love them? Mass murderers do as much, You need to quit hunting and pecking your version of your bible and read the whole thing, and do what your lord expects of you. Namely, give away all your possesions, take up your cross and follow himm as in crucify yourself. Its that simple,what dont people understand?

You people dont even know what it is that you believe, you dont even read the things that your god tells you to meditate on 24 hrs a day. Its because of people like you that this country is on the downward spiral. I'll bet you never even go out after dark, but shut yourself up in your home and pretend everything if fine and dandy. People like you, bleeding heart lovers of humanity, in words only, frankly disgust me. I think you can get a good deal on a hammer and some nails at your local Canadian Tire. Have a nice trip.

Red Deer, Canada

#5 Aug 31, 2010
Wow I havent read a more stupid and uninformed diatribe anywhere. Your lack of understanding is incredible.

Calgary, Canada

#6 Aug 31, 2010
I was expecting that answer because you're obtuse, adelminded, unread, brainwashed watch too much tv and are dumb. Go to Hell.
&fe ature=related


#7 Oct 8, 2010
Wasn't aware that this religion (church) existed outside of my southern part of the United States, but this dialogue is disturbing. I have witnessed the "lives" (actions) of members of this faith...and, their creed seems to be "health & Wealth". Their idiology is that if you are not healthy and wealthy that you must have sin in your life and are not blessed by God. I do not notice them doing charitable deeds for anyone unless they are candidates for becoming new members of "their" church....they are exclusive and judgemental.I have firsthand knowledge that their so called Christianity is not real; as their actions prove that they are "misguided in their thinking". Instead of having the qualities of Christ, the people I know in this church, show hatred,intolerance, are liars, self-serving...stabbing people in the back (so to speak) while wearing a fake smile and saying "praise God" and "Bless you". As Jesus said, "You shall know my followers, by their fruits, you shall know them".


#9 Nov 3, 2010
Why does anyone feel the need to respond to ignorance, fear, narrow minded bigotry and hatred? No such thing as a perfect church or person....ground at the foot of the cross is level and why defend what you are doing if it does not need defending? May the grace of God to those who understand they deserve hell and eternity apart from Him...but do not get that because of His grace and love...may that motivate you to be Christ in RD to the hurting and broken!
Carry on Word of Life! Micah 6:8!

Since: Nov 10

Calgary, Canada

#11 Nov 10, 2010
I don't understand why people need a ruler to watch over them. Are we not reducing ourselves to children-too weak, too naive- if we firmly believe there is a god? And if God existed, why would we be punished for being creating imperfect? Why would He send on earth to live for some years, then to be sent to an abyss of fault-finding, anxious torment for eternity, though he is omnipotent and all good, and has determined a path for each individual? Face it, we're rejects, an abysmal failure. Though we should consider dissolving the spiritual barriers bounding us to despise, threaten and murder one another.
Kaiden Rogers

Sundre, Canada

#12 Dec 16, 2010
to test us if we really deserve to go to heaven
if we can endure all our sufferings and trials here on earth
then we can go to heaven
Matthew 10:22
All men will hate you because of me, but he who stands firm to the end will be saved.
we are not being punished. when Adam let eve eat the fruit of the tree knowledge, earth could no longer be a paradise but a paradise cant be filled with sin letting eve eat the apple was very much like portraying god and so god wanted to test weather or not we could come to heaven
to who it concernes

Stettler, Canada

#13 Feb 27, 2011
The Word Of Life in Red deer for one is defenitly not a Cult!! and the people that attend that church are amazingly kind and giving... i don't know how you would have heard it is a cult or anything but that is most defenitly a LIE!! Christianity is not a fraud. everyone belives in something, most the population on earth has a belife.. so it is to your own. dont be so quick to judge.. do unto others as you would have them do unto you! I attend the word of life in Olds and i have a few times in red deer and word of life is the best!!

Calgary, Canada

#14 Apr 7, 2011
Hello im a born again spirit filled christian and I have went to Red Deer,s Word of Life church and it is not a cult. but I am disapointed with that church. It has it,s own issues that im not going to talk to much about but what I feel in my spirit about that chuch is that they focus too much on having a good time laser lights dry Ice smoke? give me a break going to church is not suposed to be a rock concert they try and woo the people and focus on entertaing the people more than entertaining god! and you will never here them talk about Hell or talk about the reality of the end times and how as Christians were suposed to live. even after we are saved by grace it is suposed to be about a christian lifestyle not a quick salvation prayer and do whatever you want.this church is also a word of faith movement I myself believe in that we should prosper as believers but to much emphisis goes into praying for ourselves and it shold be about praying for others more than ourselves. And for those of you that dont know jesus christ personally and the ones above that said those rude comments ask jesus to show you the real meal deal cause he will rock your world and will give you a holy ghost drink and you will never be the same again
john doe

Gloversville, NY

#15 May 4, 2011
Yes i believe this so called church group is a cult.. i mean why does a church group need a ranch, an institute, a campground, and an inn. And please explain why a church needs a book about combustible explosion, and in the same time why would you have this book on the same shelf and next to the bible???

Red Deer, Canada

#16 Jun 2, 2011
word of life is a great church that believes in the Bible and isn't afraid to preach the Bible. Word of life encourages people to have an authentic relationship with Jesus Christ. They challenge you to grow and most importantly they love you. They love you for who you are and where you are at. They care about the community. And want to show love and compassion to hurt lost and broken. I attend word of life, and I'm not perfect, but even through the mistakes and trials and circumstances in my life the church still loves me. Is there for me and encourages and helps me get through it. we have many locations because we are one church in many locations. Instead of having one church in rd alone reaching only this community we are reaching the world. Its not a cult. Its a church a family thinking bigger then ourselves. Its an amazing church I've gone for 3 years I'm 24 and if it wasn't for this church I wouldn't be here today. Because they loved me and I was able to have my own relationship with Jesus who saved me and loves me and has a plan for my life. Word of life is a caring and compassionate church. Do yourself a favor and get to know the church before you judge it.

Lethbridge, Canada

#17 Jun 2, 2011
If you have the awareness level of a snail, and your thinking is mired in shame and guilt (with perhaps a twist of drug abuse or suicidal thinking), then subscribing to a religion can help you climb to a higher level of awareness. Your mindset, however, still remains incredibly dysfunctional; you’ve merely swapped one form of erroneous thinking for another.

For reasonably intelligent people who aren’t suffering from major issues with low self-esteem, religion is ridiculously consciousness-lowering. While some religious beliefs can be empowering, on the whole the decision to formally participate in a religion will merely burden your mind with a hefty load of false notions.

When you subscribe to a religion, you substitute nebulous group-think for focused, independent thought. Instead of learning to discern truth on your own, you’re told what to believe. This doesn’t accelerate your spiritual growth; on the contrary it puts the brakes on your continued conscious development. Religion is the off-switch of the human mind.

Leave the mythology behind, and learn to think for yourself. Your intellect is a better instrument of spiritual growth than any religious teachings.

Lethbridge, Canada

#18 Jun 2, 2011
Religions frequently promote inbred social networks. You’re encouraged to spend more time with people who share the same belief system while disengaging from those with incompatible beliefs. Sometimes this is done subtly; other times it’s more obvious.

If you’re one of the saved, blessed, or otherwise enlightened individuals who stumbled upon the one true belief system, then supposedly everyone else remains in the dark. Certain religions are overtly intolerant of outsiders, but to one degree or another, all major religions cast non-subscribers in a negative light. This helps to discourage members from abandoning the religion while still enabling them to proselytize. The main idea is to maintain social structures that reward loyalty and punish freedom of thought.

This us-vs-them prejudice is totally incongruent with conscious living. It’s also downright moronic from a global perspective. But it remains a favored practice of those who pull the strings. When you’re taught to distrust other human beings, fear gets a foothold in your consciousness, and you become much easier to control.

When you join a religion, your fellow mind-slaves will help to keep you in line, socially rewarding your continued obedience while punishing your disloyalty. Why do they do this? It’s what they’ve been conditioned to do. Tell your religious friends that you’re abandoning their religion because you want to think for yourself for a while, and watch the sparks fly. Suddenly you’ve gone from best friend to evil demon. There’s no greater threat to religious people than to profess your desire to think for yourself.

There are better ways to enjoy a sense of community than joining a slavery club. Try making friends with conscious, free-thinking people for a change — people who are willing to connect with you regardless of how silly your beliefs are. You may find it intimidating at first, but it’s quite refreshing once you get used to it.

Since I get asked this question all the time, I might as well answer it publicly. Do I accept Jesus Christ as my personal savior? No more than I’d accept a credit card from Crapital One. Either way I’d be worried about the fine print. Does this mean we can’t be friends anymore? Please don’t hate me because I’m doomed.

Lethbridge, Canada

#19 Jun 2, 2011
Religion is the systematic marketing of fear.

Blessed are the poor (donate heavily). Blessed are the meek (obey). Blessed are the humble (don’t question authority). Blessed are the hungry (make us rich until it hurts). Blessed are the merciful (if you catch us doing something wrong, let it go). Blessed are the pure of heart (because your brains are switched off). Blessed are the timid, the cowardly, the fearful. Blessed are those who give us their power and become our slaves. Muahahaha!

That’s the kind of nonsense religion pushes on people. They train you to turn your back on courage, strength, and conscious living. This is stupidity, not divinity.

Religion will teach you to fear being different, to fear standing up for yourself, and to fear being an independent thinker. It will erode your self-trust by explaining why you’re unable to successfully manage life on your own terms: You are unworthy. You’re a sinner. You’re unclean. You belong to a lesser caste. You are not enlightened. Of course the solution is always the same — submit to the will of an external authority. Believe that you’re inadequate. Give away your power. Follow their rules and procedures. Live in fear for the rest of your life, and hope it will all turn out okay in the end.

When you practice faith instead of conscious living, you live under a cloak of fear. Eventually that cloak becomes so habitual you forget it’s even there. It’s very sad when you reach the point where you can’t even remember what it feels like to wield creative freedom over your own life, independent of what you’ve been conditioned to believe.

Faith is the coward’s substitute for courage. It’s also really good marketing if you’re the one who controls the faith. If you’re afraid or unwilling to assume total responsibility for your life, you’re a perfect match for religion.
paul shykora arts

Calgary, Canada

#20 Jun 2, 2011
William B wrote:
I have heard that the Word of Life Church in Red Deer is a cult. Everyone I know who goes there has serious issues...
Has anyone else heard anything about this "Church"?
..Vhaaat??..You's ..heard,heard....Get ''off'' you's EVIL-ASS,and go there you'd self...LAZY...LIER....False Profit!!'s ..''' heard''' yada

Calgary, Canada

#21 Jun 5, 2011
ok I did lots of research on this and the word of life church is not a cult. But what I am finding in that church is not cool and is very un christian the pastors in that church need to grow a sack and put there foot down and they should confront the people on the worship team first of all that are smoking and drinking like a fish and living in common law with there boyfriend or girlfriend that is so not cool there is alot more but im sure you get the picture whatever happened to the christian church! just another sign of the great falling away of the church in the last days!!

L'hay-les-roses, France

#22 Jun 6, 2011
Monica N wrote:
The underlying truth, after you strip off all the slick media, pearly whites and nice blouses, is that Christianity is one big fraud. Read the fine print, or just read it period. All of it. Which of the untold number of denominations or groups am I talking about? All of them.The religious crazees like to hold bible talk sessions there, its prime drafting ground for future cultists.
Wow, Monica it sounds like your problem is with Christians in general. The subject isn't "Christianity" but whether or not this particular group is a cult. You are rather violent about your particular hatred also. People who have drug and other addictions are not lesser human beings than you. You have a real problem there. Get help. I have never gone to one church that was glitzy and I have no idea what you have against white teeth and clean clothes. On one side you hate dirty people, and on the other side you hate clean people!

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