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Hang em High

Edmonton, Canada

#690 Jun 7, 2012
Ron's June 7th Filing
Supplemental Affidavit

Check out the new filing from Ron Aitkens, he has filed for CCAA on Harvest Group and his personal holding companies. In Particular, note how much is owed to different projects. What I find concerning is how Ron requests to have Critical Supplies charge so he keeps getting paid a salary!! He also mentions that there is equity to keep paying this charge based on the equity in the Balsam lake property which is money that is due to the Legacy investors.

Ronny is crying the blues that his 3 staff people haven't been paid in 3 months and he wants to suck money out of FM because a couple of the projects he misdirected Legacy funds to buy, might have some equity left to pay him. What a leech! Lowlife's just don't get any lower than this!

There is no end to this guy, he is all a**hole!

My question to the Monitor is, where are the hundreds of millions he snagged on the lifts, and where the hell do the exorbitant management fees go!

Since: May 12

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#691 Jun 7, 2012
The RCMP were asked to look at this but consider it a civil matter. They do not have the ability or know how to frame this as a criminal matter. Basically the RCMP know only how to operate a radar gun, breathalyzer machine and beat the crap out of Indians.When they they are dressed in the red uniforms they look like the chorus line for the Village People.
If you want a criminal case you will need to hire a lawyer to gather the evidence, develop the case and meet with the Attorney General.This is what is done in all third world countries.
Nelly - Chilliwack

Chilliwack, Canada

#692 Jun 7, 2012
RodinTheThinker: just a question then regarding the RCMP involvement - how did they manage to get Earl Jones to jail? It appears there is no difference between what's been going on with Ron Aitkens and Jones' fraudulent transactions...but alas none of us are quite as smart or cagey as they were. So where do we go from here.....anyone interested in a class action? And wondering where Ernie from Saskatchewan is in his investigation and research. Reading through his affividavit I did notice that Ron had invested some funds into the RES Motors in China he is now the chief financial officer of and involved in. What the heck? Our monies were clearly supposed to be invested in "land syndication and development" - that's a long way from home!

Since: May 12

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#693 Jun 7, 2012
Collectively you need to raise as much problems as possible for the Attorney General and Alberta Securities going right to their ability to govern the province.
By the way there is something seriously wrong with the financial disclosures in the financial statements attached to the affidavit.HCMI is the Administrator of FROG and as such has collected 4% of all funds currently flowing into FROG which is several hundreds of thousands per month, so how could HCMI be broke? FROG oil production is supposed to be close to 10,000 barrels per month.WTF

Fort Mcmurray, Canada

#694 Jun 7, 2012
Other projects wrote:
Sell FROG now? For the 2 something?
The last I read about redeeming your units at 2 bucks they said they would gladly offer a PROMISSORY NOTE in exchange for your units. What a crock of FROG scum.


#695 Jun 7, 2012
Does anyone have access to the Monitor to discuss E&Y's reporting to commercial crimes if they have the paperwork and feel that fraud has been committed? They probably carry the most weight.

Meadow Lake, Canada

#696 Jun 8, 2012
Hi I am back. I recently reviewed all those new documents that our friend King Ronnie and his minnions Loaf Of olaf and Mishelle(I wonder if she will notice her name spelled wrong.) Let me assure all of you things are moving along altho very slowly. The plan is to do a colonoscopy on Ron and see if it comes out his nostrils. If it does I guess all we can count on from him is shit!!Oh and if you look thru that stuff that just came out Princess Olaf and Prince Mishelle owe some money to one of those companies-a mere 100,000.00. I would take bets that it is much more after all why not use the minnions to help you hide your assests. I am constantly not surprised by all this shit. Aren't those who Minister for GOD to be Honest, Reliable, Sincere, have integrity and be a down to earth representative of GOD. They sure have missed the mark on this one. I do hope that some one from our investors group meets them and ties an old transmission to their ankle and sends them directly to HELL with no chance of a re birth and clean consiouns. I heard back from Premier Brad Wall here in Saskatchewan and he has referred my request to Ken Krawetz the Minister of Finance and I will be calling him on Monday. The wheels of justice will seem to move slow while I start poking holes in these guys version of the great Ronnie Ark I suggest that we fill it full of his associates and sink it before every dime is spent. Olaf and Michelle I will be through Calgary one day soon maybe we could meet at Tims and you can explain to me a clear vision for Harvest group and your plan to pay back what you owe the investors. Olaf please post a message giving me the time and place so I can make the necessary arrangements to meet with me:) No balls me thinks so I wont hold my breath If there others who want to send me your info and interest to get your name on my list please feel free to do so. e mail it to [email protected]
Person of Interest

Airdrie, Canada

#697 Jun 9, 2012
Good to hear from you, Ernie.

I don't think you'll ever Meat Loaf at Tim's. Loaf of Olaf is too busy counting his hoards.

Airdrie, Canada

#698 Jun 9, 2012
Speaking of Olaf. He frequently snapped his fingers when speaking in an effort to emphasize a point. I never liked that sound. Found it very irritating. Now I know why. It was the sound of my money being pissed away.

Speaking of Ron. It is amazing how he could stand up in front of us at these meetings earlier this year, look us in the eye, and tell us how everything is under control. It is just the economy. Our plan is being prepared and will soon be presented to the investors. The human ability to deceive without wincing or flinching. To speak those words without choking. Are you born with it or is it developed over time? Maybe he said it so often to himself and to others, he started to believe it.

Those meetings. What an orchestration. From the presentation of Noel Winter, to the woman "investor" in the audience saying she just returned from vacation and was not happy with the UCC's actions, to the sales reps yapping during the meetings and after.

What a charade. And it worked.
Hang em High

Edmonton, Canada

#699 Jun 9, 2012
If you haven't already you should read all of the documents from June 7th, icluding the monitor;s report.

In the application for 125 & 133 and HCMI note on pages 14 paragraph 25. Ron wants us to pay him $300,000 as security that we won't sue him or his directors. Apparently almost half billion dollars blown already in ivestors money isn't enough. The bloodsucker wants even more from us.

Also note page 17 (para 35) he is asking for the termination of the inspection order of his personal holding accounts.

The Monitor's sixth report dated June 5th mentions that they are aware of the CCAA application which was filed the day after the monitors report.

Here's what really bothers me. Whose idea was it to apply for CCAA protection for these companies? It conveniently comes before Legacy is out of CCAA protection so Legacy can't sue for the misappropriated funds.

I would think the Monitor should have been well aware of what was in the CCAA application. Why did they not reccomend to the courts that they keep inspectorship of 125 and 133 holding accounts. How the hell are we supposed to find out where the money money went?

There seems to be a lot of conflict here with the Monitors actions here in acting as comanager of the projects.

I'm thinking if they do not ask the court to keep inspectorship, they are not acting in the best interest of the investors because they cannot do their job properly without it. That might be considered a breach of trust.

It is time to ask the Monitor to let the investors know where all the money went. Where did all of the lift money go? Where did all of the management fee monies go?

There were and unusual amount of cash transaction on these holding accounts which is suspicous in itself. We need to know what those transactions are for, as they are suspicous in themselves.

If the Monitor does not ask the courts to keep the inspectorship of these accounts, and worse yet if Judge Romaine allows the termination order that both the conduct of the courts and the Monitor should be brought into question.

E&Y's Mr. Narfason's contact information is on every page of the Monitor's reports. We should all be asking him these questions. I plan to do just that and so should all of you.

Since: Mar 12

Abbotsford, Canada

#700 Jun 9, 2012
Now that the pig sees the trough is running empty and he and the piglets have engorged themselves they want the farmer to have mercy for them when the farmer comes to butcher them. The farmer should stay the course and ensure he and his family have fresh ham on the supper table and the pen cleaned up of all the pig sh!t.


#701 Jun 9, 2012
Good work. Hang'em and Earnie. I agree that the timing of the CCAA's is very suspicious. I am still convinced that Olympia Trust has a bigger hand in this than we think.
paul shykora ARTs

Calgary, Canada

#702 Jun 9, 2012
..MANY rsons' just one (1) company,

Since: May 12

Location hidden

#703 Jun 9, 2012
Hang em High:The approach from this date forward should be that Aitkens and all companies involved have "failed to maintain their individual , corporate and business identity" This is from para. 22 of the Neo Statement of Claim.( I have a hard copy from the court but do not know if someone put it online or how to get it online. No Defense has been filed in the legal action and it is not settled so Monitor needs to get involved)
What this means that there is only one business consisting of Aitkens. The Monitor can not continue to treat the companies as separate parties. The companies separateness is a charade to advance fraud.Furthermore if you read para. 55 and 56 of the Neo Statement of Claim you will see that $6 million was stolen from FROG and FROG can follow that money everywhere through company and personal accounts.Basically what Aitkens did to FROG is like this.-you go to your boss and say that if he gives you $10,000 you will buy a tractor valued at $10,000.However not known to the boss is that you have an agreement to buy the tractor for $5,000. The boss hands you $10,000 , you keep $5000 and pay the balance of the $5000 for the tractor. You then get investors to give you more money by telling them that you a tractor valued at $10,000.The Monitor is now overseeing a criminal enterprise and if he furthers the criminal enterprise E & Y is liable. The Monitor should not Aitkens near any of the businesses, not agree that money would be put up in case investors sue and not pay Aitkens any management fees.The assets of the business are Aitkens' accounts and need to be supervised.
Actually it is great Aitkens put the three additional companies under CCAA as that gives the Monitor and creditors more access to the books. However the Monitor is now walking a fine line and should be attacked. It would be better if the Monitor made a mistake as E & Y has insurance

Meadow Lake, Canada

#704 Jun 9, 2012
Hi Rodin I believe you have been very involved in what has happened in the past and your background could prove to be invaluable to us going forward. I realize the importance of confidentiality is for you and I very much respect that. I could use your knowledge going forward. So I am asking you if you would consider corresponding with me directly and I assure you that I will not share your contact info for any other purpose than being able to contact you as required. My e mail is posted and I hope you will consider my request.
Thanks for all the info to date. It is sometimes confusing to read all this paper and it would be nice to be able to communicate with someone that can keep it simple for all of us.
Hang em High

Edmonton, Canada

#705 Jun 9, 2012
When was the last time anyone heard from IR at the Companies to give investor updates? This was the fourth communication I got from them in as many days, encouraging us to vote no to the CRO replacement. So obviously they don't have any issues with my email address, which is the one of the excuses they used in the past.

From the emails that I have kept the last one I got was on May 6th which was just before the Judge Romaine's decision to allow Aitkens to remain as CRO. Since then not a word. Since the Monitor now has to approve their communications, and they are held to task to tell the truth, they now have nothing to say. Well that stands to reason as they have fed us nothing but lies so far. Below is a message received from IR on May 3rd from IR upon cancellation of the update meeting that were supposed to happen last month.

"I can’t give you an exact date, right now we need to have approval from the UCC and the Monitor before we proceed with the presentations.
When we cancelled it was due to the fact that the UCC required more time to review and study the material presented before allowing us to proceed with presentations.
As the judge decision to install the UCC’s selected CRO (Chief Restructuring Officer) will be done on the 10th of this month, our focus had to shift to that. If we do not get a chance to present before that, and the judge appoints the UCC’s CRO, then we will not present as the CRO will be in charge of the projects.–If that is the case then you will also have to seek your information from that newly appointed individual, once he has had a sometime to familiarize himself with the project.
Harvest would have loved to have started the update information presentations for Railside and Legacy a couple of weeks back, but regrettably our hands are tied.


O.K. IR, you were so eager to give us presentations more than a month ago, where is the presentation update for Railside? More bullshit, more lies.

While I'm on the subject of communications, I was wondering why the UCC had not done an update on last Thursdays' Court filings so I contacted them.

It seems that it can take E&Y as much as a week to approve UCC communications. We must let Mr. Narfason at E&Y know that this is simply not acceptable. The investors deserve timely communications from the UCC, so Mr. Narfason, get off your ass and approve these communications more effectively. There is no reason these communications can not be approved the same day E&Y gets them, or at the very least the next day.

E&Y is beginning to look more and more incompetent, and conflicted in this matter as everything unfolds. Of course that is IMHO.


Calgary, Canada

#706 Jun 10, 2012
We continue to get nothing but verbal diarrhea coming out of the offices of
Harvest/Foundation group these days.
In respect to FROG two different investors heard various stories last week
compared notes and sure as heck it's nothing but a stall tactic.

"We have been waiting for the definitive agreement for months now , we are days away from being able to release meeting dates and circulars. There is no more details anyone would be able to provide than that at this point"

This investment has been in stall mode for over 8 months now, with no concrete strategy on how they plan on getting us this large investment paying again.

Were the hell is the resource revenue going? Where are the financials , whats the status of the NEO law suit, and Aiken's on the payroll still...YIKES WHAT A COMPLETE "F"'ing MESS

Time to take control of this trainwreck before nothings left, where do I sign Up!!
Ian Gomm

Calgary, Canada

#707 Jun 10, 2012
I'm afraid that Stoney View (AB) and Harbour View (BC) projects are having their funds diverted as well! Nobody can get a financial report out or Aikens, even the people that sold this shit have asked repeatedly with no response!
Any body considering these BC offerings would be foolish souls, or any one in these should seriously consider getting out if possible!

Edmonton, Canada

#708 Jun 10, 2012
Ian, re Stony View & Harbour View, could you contact the architects and project managers?
Been there Alberta

Edmonton, Canada

#709 Jun 10, 2012
We gnash our teeth and flail our arms - to what avail? Why does everything move so slow? Why are there now more questions than answers?
The judicial process that has been evidenced by us investors is designed to enhance the billing hours for lawyers and accountants. Aitkens rights and interests are being protected. NOT the investors. We are at the mercy of a court system (and particularly in the case of Romaine)that has no compassion for our plight, but only to assess points of law. E & Y are doing what they do best - invoice. Communicating with you about YOUR money is not high on their list. Even if it is billable.
The ASC allowed these companies their exempt status and then abandoned the investors once the s**t hit the fan. Now they say it is a civil matter. Any issues that are emerging that point toward fraud or legal wrong doing seem not to matter. Folks - our system is Alberta is dysfunctional. That is what needs changing.
We are certainly not alone in this miscarriage. Look at all the other losses in the exempt market arena. Many of us are in more than just the Harvest mess.
Why the ASC and the RCMP do not collaborate on these matters when criminality seems to arise, is a mystery unique again to Alberta.
Push for change.

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