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Edmonton, Canada

#671 Jun 5, 2012
WTF wrote:
Apparently we can apply to be on board of directors for Legacy & Airdrie. Check out EY site. Not agents are able to apply! Good thing!
For personal reasons I cannot be on the Board, but I will help any way I can.
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Edmonton, Canada

#672 Jun 5, 2012
Wow wrote:
How can we find out if $$ raised for other projects that aren't under CCA are still invested in the individual projects or if they as someone suggested, been raped" as their bonds have yet to come due???
For Railside it is mentioned in the Ralph Bennetson application that Railside owns one of the properties listed as belonging to FM2 I think. Didn't see any mention of that in the financials.

Then the next joke for Railside is the documents they produced to the Monitor for developmental costs, and admin and consulting fees.

The people who did the initial work done there were never paid, the engineers, the contruction work have a put liens against Railside because they were never paid. That is all the work done there since 2008.

The amount of the liens is far less than the $7.2 million development costs Aitkens is claiming for development costs. Where the hell is all the missing money.

The costs for developmental and management and consulting fees fall far short of the amount missing.

I am dying to see what the monitor says about any ficticous justifaction documents. I smell a fraud investigation.
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Edmonton, Canada

#673 Jun 6, 2012
Wow wrote:
Hang em: Good work. Do you know status of Harbour View Landing in all this mess?
This was from a poster from April 11th.

"If you are an investor with Foundation Capital/Harvest Group please go to the Calgary Forum on the Topix website. There are millions of dollars missing and your investment in Comox is in jeopardy. Read all posts and refer to all links for up to date information. I am doing this as I am an investor with an Airdrie project and want to inform anyone that handed your money to this group."

Not sure how you can get proof of this at this point.

One Exempt Market Dealer in B.C.(White Capital) had this posted on their website

•5 year, asset back bond earns interest income of 6% simple interest per year.
•Common Shares
•Profit Participation in the project
•Profit is paid out in the form of tax efficient dividends
•60 to 80 % of profit goes to investors
•No on-going Management Fees
Here's the link

So the rape on Management Fees shouldn't be draining this one like all the others. It will probably follow the same course as the others though. Near bond maturity date it will fall into CCAA protection.
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Edmonton, Canada

#674 Jun 6, 2012
Other projects wrote:
When people got in these projects did you ask what happens at the end of the project and the bonds can't be paid?
I did, and the answer I got was that they would be extended, with land you may have to wait.
I wasn't told the truth there, nothing about the DIP and the high fees that would have to be paid for land to sit.
That's exactly what I was told. Just one more lie to add to all this mess. I think Aitkens wouldn't extend the bonds because he had already drained the money out so why bother. Put them into CCAA protection and he can squeeze out more money before bankruptcy actually occurs, then lend the DIP money back to us at absurd interest rates to squeeze out even more.

Hopefully an honest Judge will see how contempible all of this is, and how he flagrantly ignored investors' interests ahead of his own.

I read somewhere on the Government of Canada website that defrauding an individual of >$5,000 could lead to up to a year served in prison.

So if there are about 13,000 investors defrauded of more than $5,000 could he get up to 13,000 years in prison? Wouldn't that be sweet.

Since: May 12

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#675 Jun 6, 2012
You need to go to Ernest & Young
Ron is putting Harvest Capital Management ,125 & 133 under CCAA protection. Read his affidavits and exhibits. Basically it is the next step to total collapse of everything. There is no money left to keep anything going. HCMI managed the other projects so those projects will collapse shortly

Since: May 12

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#676 Jun 6, 2012
Harvest Capital Management is the Administrator of FROG so with the CCAA in place for HCMI, the operations of FROG will be under the scrutiny of Ernst & Young. That may be true of some of the other investments.
Other projects

Edmonton, Canada

#677 Jun 6, 2012
Sell FROG now? For the 2 something?
other projects

Edmonton, Canada

#678 Jun 6, 2012
The above link is the update for Harbourview Landing in Comox. The architect "and team" must be getting paid.
Investor from the North

Grande Prairie, Canada

#679 Jun 6, 2012
Other projects wrote:
Sell FROG now? For the 2 something?
My sediments as well!! What exactly should investors be doing right now? ASC is useless, hope for someone to do all the groundwork in respect to contacting a lawyer to proceed with a class action lawsuit or wait patiently while the monitor and lawyers rack up more invoices telling us what we already know. In the meantime, the kitty if being sucked dry or already is dry and Aikens and buddies are doing very well with our money while investors dreams are shattered. Aikens and his buddies have ruined how many peoples lives - I hope they all burn in hell!
Investor from the North

Grande Prairie, Canada

#680 Jun 6, 2012
other projects wrote: hg/wp-content/uploads/2011/11/ Harbour-View-Comox-Q1-2012-MD1 .pdf
The above link is the update for Harbourview Landing in Comox. The architect "and team" must be getting paid.
Quite frankly ... I don't feel that you can believe one word from anyone connected to harvest or Foundation.
person of interest

Airdrie, Canada

#682 Jun 6, 2012
Again, I wonder if King Ronnie and Prince Loaf Petersen still have their passports. Although it's possible you don't require one to go to hell.

It's tough to see our names and addresses printed on the Ernst & Young list. But, worse than that is the dollar amount invested by each of us.
other projects

Edmonton, Canada

#683 Jun 6, 2012
How and where do we find out if the RCMP are looking into this?
Other projects

Edmonton, Canada

#684 Jun 6, 2012
When the sh*t hits the fan where does the money land?
person of interest

Airdrie, Canada

#685 Jun 6, 2012
Up the creek
Down the drain
Slow boat to Panama
King Ronnie's Cookie Jar
Prince Loaf's Shark Tank

Calgary, Canada

#686 Jun 6, 2012
Famous Last Words from old "Mishelle Pederson"wife of salesman Olaf
trying to dumb down the growing UCC months back ...

"Time will tell who is telling the truth and I know it will be Harvest that comes out smelling like a rose".

"All your cronies will look like the idiots and believe me, I will send you a huge, I told you so when that does happen"

You need to go and have a good read at this,it doesn't lie ,Ron signed it if you still don't believe it!!!

Shits been falling from the wagon for years,you knew it,we all smelt it,and now it's come to fruition!!

Shame on you for trying to prop up this garbage when hundreds were
concerned about their investment and needed to hear from others because of the lack of information coming out of Harvest!
Thank god Nicole and Kyle and the rest got off their ass and made Ron and the rest of them accountable for this sinkhole called an investment.It's a complete failure!!

Great to see others now like Erie moving this group forward and we urge everyone to get in contact with people who will be contacting you in the future through investment lists.

Poorer in Edmonton

Edmonton, Canada

#687 Jun 6, 2012
I think everyone should be raising a complaint with the RCMP demanding an investigation. The more complaints they receive the more likely they will do something. The sales agents lied, the management did nothing or are completely incompetent, the very few updates lied, and the projects all seem to have civil fraud written all over it. There will be hardly anything left after this SUPER expensive CCAA proceedings, worst thing that could have happened, and Ron sat their gloating about putting it into CCAA in his meetings to protect us. Who is protecting us from HIM!!!!! We are all now Poorer.
other projects

Edmonton, Canada

#688 Jun 6, 2012
Suggest RCMP commercial crimes division, but don't know process to be taken seriously. A lawyer or a call to that dept. may be wise.
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Edmonton, Canada

#689 Jun 7, 2012
RCMP have a peanuts budget to police white collar crime so getting their attention will be difficult unless it is reccomended by the Monitor because of their findings. Very distinct possibility.

I was also told that if an individual is charged, found guilty of a criminal charge, and sentenced for it, that you cannot sue that person.

Can anyone verify that for me?
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Edmonton, Canada

#690 Jun 7, 2012
Ron's June 7th Filing
Supplemental Affidavit

Check out the new filing from Ron Aitkens, he has filed for CCAA on Harvest Group and his personal holding companies. In Particular, note how much is owed to different projects. What I find concerning is how Ron requests to have Critical Supplies charge so he keeps getting paid a salary!! He also mentions that there is equity to keep paying this charge based on the equity in the Balsam lake property which is money that is due to the Legacy investors.

Ronny is crying the blues that his 3 staff people haven't been paid in 3 months and he wants to suck money out of FM because a couple of the projects he misdirected Legacy funds to buy, might have some equity left to pay him. What a leech! Lowlife's just don't get any lower than this!

There is no end to this guy, he is all a**hole!

My question to the Monitor is, where are the hundreds of millions he snagged on the lifts, and where the hell do the exorbitant management fees go!

Since: May 12

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#691 Jun 7, 2012
The RCMP were asked to look at this but consider it a civil matter. They do not have the ability or know how to frame this as a criminal matter. Basically the RCMP know only how to operate a radar gun, breathalyzer machine and beat the crap out of Indians.When they they are dressed in the red uniforms they look like the chorus line for the Village People.
If you want a criminal case you will need to hire a lawyer to gather the evidence, develop the case and meet with the Attorney General.This is what is done in all third world countries.

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