Double murder shocks Dawson Creek

Double murder shocks Dawson Creek

There are 165 comments on the story from Feb 16, 2007, titled Double murder shocks Dawson Creek. In it, reports that:

The owner of a hotel in Dawson Creek where two people were found murdered last week said their deaths have left a void among guests and staff.

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DC Resident

Chetwynd, Canada

#62 Jul 20, 2007
YeaH CRACK is just the begining, crystal meth will take over this town too soon enough and then watch the shit hit the fan!!

Dawson Creek, Canada

#63 Jul 30, 2007
What is up with the guy That got shot at rockwells pub.... I heard ryan holdins name????
former dc res

Fort Nelson, Canada

#64 Jul 31, 2007
What is up with the guy That got shot at rockwells pub.... I heard ryan holdins name????
I heard the late randy holdens son was questioned by rcmp

Salmon Arm, Canada

#65 Aug 2, 2007
Ryan holdin Shot that man at rockwells pub and i now on the run.... The people of Dawson Creek and every where else should be aware of this kind of stuff.. The RCMP in dawson hold alot of information from the public....
His friend P.J Ayles Alomost killed a man named corey neufeld by kicking him in the head and the man spent a long time in the hospital in vancouver.... When are the rcmp going to have the balls to spot all of this??????????

Victoria, Canada

#66 Aug 2, 2007
i would like to tell you all that instead of getting mad about each others posts why dont you take some time to help with the problem everyone knows there is a problem here and we need to do something about it before it is to late i remeber when i moved here as a child and my parents saying dawson is a great place to raise children well as i grew up it has only got worse and now dawson is no longer a great place to raise children i am honestly said to say this is my home when i was away at college and told people i was from dawson they would say thats a rough town i have heard alot of bad stuff about that place! as we all know dawson never use to be like that. it is a said story when i have to look out my kitchen window and see the spot where one of my peers was killed. knowing she was always a great person and would do anything to help others always walking around school with a smile on her face saying hi to everyone even those who she was not friends with to me this is devistating. some do choose the wrong path in life that is sad but its life. so please instead of getting mad at each other realize there is a problem and that the people we love are choosing to follow the wrong path and for most it is a very short path! so instead of being mad at each other be mad at our community for letting our home turn into such a place! when i was younger i heard the saying it takes a community to raise a child and i truly believe this!

Victoria, Canada

#67 Aug 2, 2007
Are we going to wait untill it is our child, parent, spouse or relative to do something? as we all know the RCMP dont do anything?? as some of you know the case of Natasha and Clayton was closed and considered accidental! well how many other similar events has there been since then 2? coincidence? i think not!
"everyone is someones child" think about that!

Sudbury, Canada

#68 Aug 13, 2007
dawson creek bartender wrote:
we befrended allen he had problems in the past, his last year spent with us he was respectected , yes he liked women he worked he kept his problems/addictions to himself,he did not let it run his life. he was plesent to be around, he laugh enjoyed fishing, he enjoyed being alive he was popular with the ladies and if they came on to him he did not care he took them home. what happendto him could happen to any one, he was in the wrong place at the wrong time he came out to a bad drug deal that went wrong,he was not even involved he was just there, that could happen to you , me, our kids. now donna i also knew well yes she had problems/addictions, she would not hurt a fly , she was also our friend,she would do anything to help, on christmass day she deliverd plates of food to the needy ,she knew who their were because she was one of them, they both have their goodness as well as thier faults why can't we look at thier goodness instead of thier faults, what is at fault is crack cocain they would of had a chance if it wasnt four the crack. it is taken over, we are losing our friends and family and our children . now what do we do about the crack problem,.........
because it is the problem in every town
I'm not understanding why people are taking offense to those of us who are recovering addicts and who advise others where the type of lifestyle Donna & Allen led can lead?? Regardless of how nice these two people were, they associated with drug users - they certainly did not ask for this to happen nor did they deserve it...the point a lot of us are trying to make here is that DRUGS kill - addiction kills millions of people. I have to disagree with your sentiment about something like this happening to me...I WOULD NOT put my self in a situation where I was at risk (hanging around with using addicts)...we all have a choice - the amount of help available to using addicts is the end - it all comes down to a personal choice we each we want a better life or do we want to end up in jails, institutions or dead? Those are the only three choices a using addict is left with if they don't choose to reach out for help. I speak from experience – I’m a recovering addict who is living proof that there are 12 step programs out there that save lives. Wake up people and start taking responsibility for your own lives, yes drugs are bad – everyone knows that – let’s all remember that we have a CHOICE – no one holds a gun to our heads and forces us to use drugs, we make that choice regardless of what type of childhood we had – once we are adults, we are responsible for what happens to us – no one else.

Dawson Creek, Canada

#69 Sep 12, 2007
[DoQUOTE who="Aquaintance"] <quoted text>
es the name Terry Patrick Clark mean anything to anyone?
I believe his is suspect in the Allan and Donna murders, and perhaps others.
He is in jail but he has not been charged with the murders yet.He is up on several other charges including kidnapping and assault.

Dawson Creek, Canada

#70 Sep 12, 2007
Not important wrote:
Sad end to a long very hard life for Donna
I have to agree with you. Donna was a very good friend of mine. We talked about seeking her the help she needed to overcome her problems and getting back with her children. I know she drank and smoked crack so she wouldn't have to deal with the hurt of the life she fell into. A little too late for talk.
Who cares

Dawson Creek, Canada

#71 Sep 23, 2007
I have nothing else to think other than the RCMP must be getting paid off to do absolutley nothing about the EXTREME drug problem in dawson creek. What is one suppose to think when so many horrible things happen to innocent people trying to live a straight life and they sit back and watch like nothing happens? They have personally done me no good in the past when i needed their help so it dosent surprise me. What the hell do they even get paid for anyway. Are you just going to wait till it happens to you before you start really caring because thats what its eventually gonna come down to if you keep letting the problem slide. The situation is just going to worsten if you can believe that it could even get any worse
Dawson Creek Visitor


#72 Sep 26, 2007
The problem with your town are the cops, they are scared to do anything. I was there on a visit and stayed at The Cedar Lodge Motel (big mistake)you could see the trouble makers (ward of the courts) dealing drugs in the back. Drive by drug dealings and the cops could not see. dee dee dee. Anyway, my car was stolen later that night, I got it back the next day. It appeared as this crime did shake up some things around the motel. Tyler Aderson (big shit trouble maker) was taken out of town by social workers. and several young people were arrested for the theft. BUT, the police told people that I refused to come back and testify in the case. NO ONE HAS ASKED TO COME BACK!! THE POLICE ARE LYING. I would come back in a second to help your city. Another thing is that major drug dealers are runing your city, these are very violent people and they will hurt or kill you. typical of serious drug dealers. May god bless you.
dc resident5

Quesnel, Canada

#73 Oct 1, 2007
I feel that the oil companies should set up more addictions help . They seem to come into a community,make donation here and there with media coverage ( encana ) and their offspring siesmic companies and then leave a community in disarray with a lot of social drug and alcohol problems. There are other viable means of energy, however forever tanned mlas blair lekstrom and his rich counterpart richard neufeld ( collection of antique cars ) would not want to lose their great " jobs " because it is the oil boom that makes them rich and elected. Do you think that they would even be able to comprehend social problems , I doubt it because they have never been poor. I don't believe that there is enough help for people who want to recover from addictions, lack of treatment centres, and the waiting period is just too long from detox to actually get into one of the few. There used to be a real good counselor at the friendship centre named Ernie however he lost his job because he wasn't aboriginal. Now the one they have there now ( Adam )is well known for his unethical behavior of going after his female clients and just way too much hugging. The point is that if there was more help out there for people who want to get out of the lifestyle, then it would cut down the drug and alcohol violence. That would mean more affordable housing, job training. People want to quit but it would be very hard if you are homeless, AA/NA doesn't work for everyone Curious, I'm glad it did help you. The murders may be drug related but there is an underlying cause for beginning drugs in the first place and it could be many factors. When people are destitute and have lost their self esteem , then they cope however they can. The cops don't care simply because they were created to protect the rich from the poor and they will only act if some rich/ influential person lost someone by being murdered and victimized. People may not like my point of view, but as they get into their nice warm beds with a full stomach, I pray that they think of the less fortunate who are wondering the streets wondering where they can go !
someone who knows

Calgary, Canada

#74 Oct 23, 2007
the drug scene in this town has been going on for many years ask me I know. In 1985 I lost a brother to murder he was murdered by a cops brother he got off very easy. In 1987 I lost my cousin to a suicide due to cocain try dealing with that.In 2005 I had a brother overdose on morfine look at him now. to all you young people if you don't think it will happen to you it's just a matter of time.just think about it. Ask me I know
dawson creek 2007

Burnaby, Canada

#75 Oct 24, 2007
Just read in the newspaper today "Missing man's body found in creek". This guy went missing in August and his remains were found on October 23rd but police say no foul play is suspected...of course that's what they say, what a surprise that is.

Dawson Creek, Canada

#76 Oct 26, 2007
MEME Winnipeg wrote:
No child says when they grow up that they want to be an alcoholic or drug addict. It generally is a past history of being abused that leads to that lifestyle.
I don't know about Allan, but Donna's life has been hard-from childhood to the time of her death. She was a good loving person who gave in to the release that her addictions provided. She left behind children, siblings, parents and others who loved her.
I just wanted you to know that I was one of Donna's best friends (yes she did have them). I see her children everyday as they are friends with my own. They are doing well. We sometimes talk about Donna, just little things like what her favorite flower was and how much she loved the rain. I miss her and I can't wait for the day when they find out who killed her. It is sad though because it is almost like everybody has forgotten about her and Allen. There is never anything in the news and there are no more police around questioning people, it's almost like they have given up. It will be a year soon but to me it seems like yesterday.

Dawson Creek, Canada

#77 Oct 26, 2007
does not matter wrote:
I was a friend of Allen's the last couple of years of his life. Yes he did love his daughter very much. He often talked about her and was very proud of the young lady she is turning into. I'm sorry for your loss, we lost too. He was a good man and he even talked about you at times. I hope that one day soon we will all know what happened in that room. You will all meet again one day and there will be no drugs there to ruin our lives. My heart goes out to you and yours.
21yrs in

Salmon Arm, Canada

#78 Oct 29, 2007
Lokk ive been a resident of dawson creek/pouce coupe for 21 years since birth and i cant say im surprised to see a list this long about how bad our quiet lil northern town has become and maybe always was it starts with the crack and ends with a life i to new natasha since the day she moved into pouce and remebr a bright young girl that would take whatever path was put in front of her then one day she met a guy from a big city and got into the drug scene. we miss her and believe that she was put here for a much bigger purpose then what she fulfilled in life . my only hope is that in death she can be the voice against this sick twisted drug. why has there been 3 vehicles burnt to a crisp with people inside? all claimed accidents. why is it that someone got shot with a RIFLE IN DAYLIGHT? why did brandon lee christopherson get hacked up? why here? how can people as far away as ontario hear and know about this? we're just a quiet little northern town arent we? i wish i had answer and hope one day i can share them with you God rest every soul that has wrongfully ended in this town and towns like it all over this beautiful country we live in
doesnt matter

Kitwanga, Canada

#79 Nov 15, 2007
to freind)
)thankyou very much for your comment I know you lost to but my daughter lost so big she is not the same little girl anymore and i so hope she will be ok and for me i still hurt as i feel guilty i still loved allan very much.but i can only wish he guides his daughter now and sees what a beautiful girl she has turned in to.she has alot of her daddy in her once again thankyou freind
doesnt matter

Kitwanga, Canada

#80 Nov 15, 2007
just to let you know they have not given up on them they are still investagating this comes from allans daughters mother so please never think that as we would have something to say about that
friend wrote:
<quoted text>I just wanted you to know that I was one of Donna's best friends (yes she did have them). I see her children everyday as they are friends with my own. They are doing well. We sometimes talk about Donna, just little things like what her favorite flower was and how much she loved the rain. I miss her and I can't wait for the day when they find out who killed her. It is sad though because it is almost like everybody has forgotten about her and Allen. There is never anything in the news and there are no more police around questioning people, it's almost like they have given up. It will be a year soon but to me it seems like yesterday.

Dawson Creek, Canada

#81 Nov 19, 2007
You should not feel guilty, none of this is your fault. You just have to remember that Al is in a better place now without the problems and bullshit that he had to deal with here. Hopefully your daughter will feel better one day soon. What an awful thing for anybody to go through especially a young girl. I am so glad to know that they are still investigating, I just wish it would be done with so we can all have some peace of mind knowing that they can not get away with this.

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