RCMP probe murder of girl, 14

RCMP probe murder of girl, 14

There are 83 comments on the CBC News story from May 19, 2006, titled RCMP probe murder of girl, 14. In it, CBC News reports that:

Last updated May 19 2006 09:58 AM PDT CBC News The teenage girl whose body was found last month in a remote area near the Coquihalla Highway has now been identified by the RCMP as 14-year-old Chelsey Kayla Dawn ...

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leanne marie thorpe

Abbotsford, Canada

#1 May 24, 2006
hi my name is leanne an i wanted to say that chelsea was a good girl. she had a heart of gold and very nice sence of humor and i wanted to tell you all a little about me and chelsea we met last year 2005 , down town on first in mission and hung out then went camping hoping we would see eachother again and we did for a few days until she went missing and i cant belive when i seen her on the news i cryed so much saying to myself why did she have to go so soon balling my eyes out while my boyfriend holds me tightly i miss her alot and if it wasnt for chelsea acorn me and my boyfrind wouldnt be together and thats what got me the most my hearts crushed so badly i hope you catch that son of a bitch who killed my friend and put him in the electrick chair i really hope you fid him or i will do it myself imnot kidding
Alyssa M Abbotsford BC

Abbotsford, Canada

#2 May 25, 2006
She was such an innocent, pure young woman who I am truly glad that I had the chance to know her. We were very close child hood friends, when she used to live across the street of my complex. I remember that we would just walk around, talking about our dreams; or really just anything that popped to our minds'. I remember one time we went down to Wal-Mart and brought up a cart and just rode it in and out of my complex, over all of the huge speed bumps. We used to have so much fun, living life to the fullest and just yearning for the next time we could hang out. (Which generally was the next day) I had never of thought that our relationship would wind up ending so soon, at such an early stage in our lives. I can’t grasp upon any reason on why someone would want to take someone else’s innocent life, especially Chelsey's. She didn’t deserve the life that she was given; nevertheless, she made the best of it; touching several other peoples hearts in millions of ways. In reality; she may be gone, although in memories she forever lives. I hope that the person who is responsible for his/her actions either is caught or comes forward, so that Chelsey, her family, and numerous friends can all have some peace.
Kristen erickson

Calgary, Canada

#3 Jun 11, 2006
Chelsey was like a sister to me... she made me lauph and we had alot of great times together.. and we will all miss her theres no doubt about it. Ever since chelseys Dissaperence... every night i'd lay in bed and wonder.. you know were she was how she was.. i'd wonder when she was she was going to come home to her family and friends.. and you kno all i wanted was a sighn that she was ok... and u kno it must really hard on her mom because that was her angel... her little girl... you know we have a time in our lives where it seems it wont get get better... or theres hope... and in chelseys case that waz the factor... and u change the past or curve the future how u want it to go because if we could im sure we all would have made it so chelsey was save and at home... were she belonged.... and im really sure that alot of ppl wont rest... until her soul has has bein laid to rest... and the only way that will happen is if her killer is found.. and i remember her smile... and her lauph when we'd walk around mill lake and the mall and we'd just have to much fun... now the girl i looked at as my little sister... is no were to be found... and along with me and a whole lot of others im sure you'll agree Chelsey may be with us anymore by human form... but everyone who knew her she touched in a way that there will always be a chelsey in all of us
Brittney H


#4 Jul 9, 2006
Chelsea was one of the strongest people i ever knew, she was a sister to me and one of my very close childhood friends. We went everywhere together there was nothing i wouldnt do for her and there wasnt anything she wouldnt do for me. I dont understand how a girl can be taken so wrecklessly and with no emotion from this world. I believe that the person who did it should have to bare the shame but obviously this person did not have any shame or regret for what they did. That saddens me because it shouldnt have been her time and she had such a life ahead of her and she could have made so much of herself but with just one instant someone stole it all away and its not fair and i dont think anyone should have to bare the pain that myself and others have to feel when we wake up each morning knowing that she is not here and that she is no longer with us. Chelsea helped us all in alot of ways she made a big impact on peoples lives i know she did on mine, if someone is willing to take that all away without even a second thought i think that person should be punished to the full extent of his/her crime. She didnt deserve this noone does, the pain, the heartache, everything you shouldnt have to feel when you are so young is being thrown into our laps and it hurts, sometimes we dont know how to feel, sad, angry, furious, hateful, in depression, we dont know but all we know is that we loved her all the same through her flaws and her gifts, she had so many gifts that she could have given to the world, but that dream is over. I hope that everyone that knew her will carry her on in their hearts and never let her memory die because i know that she wasnt perfect but who is and i believe i will carry her on in my heart forever and i will never let another person say they didnt know her because she will never be forgotten in my eyes. To the person that stole her life away, if you are reading this i hope you realize the pain and suffering you have made people endure and i hope you feel mighty proud of yourself for taking a childs life, i hope it makes you feel good inside, because when we find you, that happiness inside , i will PERSONALLY make sure that happiness inside you is forever filled with agony and guilt for what you have done.
I love you chelsea!
Rest in peace my angel...

Mission, Canada

#5 Jul 18, 2006
i knew chelsea in a differant way i wasnt one of her friends that would get her drunk or do stiupid things with and we werent dumb "kids" when we hung out we used to talk about everything there was no limits she would talk about how unfair it was that she was in a group home and how crappy life turned out to be but i could relate to everything she said she was exactly like i was when i was 14 she was motivated to have her family back like i was and it kills me everyday to know that she didnt make it and she couldve of i know she couldve been a model she was going to prove that she could make it on her own the only times i ever saw chelsea was when she needed to freak out about everything from not having enough money for make up to not getting along with someone i still feel like it shouldve been me but it wasnt and all i have to say is im really proud of u chelsea u have shown me what it means to live and not take this all for granted
Brittney H


#6 Sep 2, 2006
Its me again.. I have gotten the news of her burial and i have to say i am glad that she is finally at peace. I miss her more then you will possibly know and i am now glad that she is put to rest and all i have to say now is "Chelsea i miss you so much, words will never define how much i have missed you, You are finally at peace and this i am thankful for but i wish you could have seen the great things in life the things that your lief had held for you, i know that you would have grown to be a great woman and you are much missed. You are peace now and you cannot be hurt anymore. I love you chelsea, Rest in peace my little angel and i will see you before you know it...Love you Baby!!
Natasha T

Victoria, Canada

#7 Sep 19, 2006
Chelsey was a friend of mine for a long time we met on First Ave. in Misson. when I heard of her death I was devastated I'am glad to know that she is at rest now but still it's crazy that someone would want to do this to a 14 year old girl Chelsey wasn't perfect but she affected so many people's live in so many ways she was a very loving compationat person and I will truly I love you Chelsey and I'll never forget you..... Rest In Peace
Barb B

Saanichton, Canada

#8 Sep 26, 2006
I was priveleged to meet Chelsey when I was working as a parent helper in my son's gr. 3 class. Chelsey came into the class and from the moment we met her you knew there was something special about her. The other children took to her right away, wanting to help her make friends and adjust in a new school. Chelsey was never alone in the school. I remember Chelsey's smile ! It lit up a room. My son is now in gr 10 but we've never forgotten Chelsey. What a tragedy and waste of a young life who if given the opportunity had so much potential!
no more suffering Chelsey,know that you were loved by many.

Toronto, Canada

#9 Sep 26, 2006
Chelsey Acorn was a student of mine many years ago. Although she moved away almost as soon as she started the school year, it was very evident to many of us who briefly knew her that this was an extremely troubled and neglected child. This fact however, did not keep this lovely little girl from smiling each and every day she came into our classroom.
My heart is broken tonight, as I just learned about this tragedy.
May she finally rest in peace.
Kourtney Huggan

Bridgewater, Canada

#10 Sep 28, 2006
I have only known chelsey for a couple of years, we met when i moved to a her school in grade 5 me and chelsey were the best of friends, my dad and her dad grew up together we knew each other when we were little but had a hard time remebering that far back, chelsey was a well brought up girl, who loved to have sleepovers and watch movies and talk about life. she was the most fun spirited person i knew. i am still mourning the thought of her death, but know she is at peace now and is in no more pain. God Bless you chelsey, my wonder star...wherever you are! I Love You So Much Dear
Lisa Acorn

Sherwood Park, Canada

#11 Oct 19, 2006
Thank-you everyone for sharing your kind words and stories on how you met my little girl.It was a big struggle for chelsey throughout her life, she was never neglected or unloved she just needed alot of help and guidance in her struggles which was why I turned to the government for help with her.I was 15 when I had her with no skills especially for someone like chelsey.I did my best and loved my little girl with all my heart.Her sister and 2 brothers did too.She will always be with us all in our hearts.Please continue your stories it really helps me to read them.It is too bad the government has let so many people down who has begged for their help.My heart aches every hour of every day for asking for help from the government.I miss you my angel.No more suffering for you,you are with god now.

Calgary, Canada

#14 Nov 23, 2006
Chelsey was my son's first cousin. She was 5 when he was born and they spent a lot of time together. When Chelsey lived with her father on Prince Edward Island, I would take Chelsey for a night here and there. She was full of energy and life. When me and my son moved to Calgary in 2004, we lost track of her. I knew she was having troubles. I knew life was hard for her...I always thought there'd be time to track her down and help her. She had asked to live with me before but I couldn't take her at the time. I promised her that she could live with me when she went to college or university. I hoped that she would get there in her life. Chelsey never had an easy life. She moved around a lot and that meant switching schools and having to make new friends more than she should have. Her mom Lisa tried her best and I am sure that she has learned some hard lessons on raising a child from this tragedy. It's awful, but a lot of adults that knew her felt that she would have a hard time in life. She was so trusting of strangers and was so eager to grow up before her time. She would talk like she was 18 when she was 8. For me, I will remember all that was wonderful about Chelsey...her loving heart, kindness to others, amazing smile, and her innocence. You were loved. Rest in peace Chelsey. I will remember you always.
leanne t

Vancouver, Canada

#16 Jan 5, 2007
hi this message is for lisa acorn hi i miss chelsey so much i met her on day on first of mission and i wanted to let yo know that i have been trying to get hold of you i met your daughter and we hung out she was telling my mom all about you and how much she is missing you so much everyday i cant belive that some one could do this to her, she should of died old not young i miss her i keep thinking to myself if i have never met chelsea i wouldnt of met my boyfriend and had a beautiful baby gurl i was going to name her after chelsey but that fact was too hard but i have a feeling that she was recarnated into me reason being is because soon as i seen her on the news i found out i was pregonate with my daughter sheanne kristine burger and when my daughters older to understand im going to tell her everything about your angel and how we met... id like to talk with you more my e-mail address is [email protected] please i would love to talk to you thanks Leanne M T
Kristen Erickson

Edmonton, Canada

#17 Feb 22, 2007
Hi this is kristen again This is for Lisa Acorn If you still live in edmonton I'd like to get together with you for coffee and talk about what a wonderful angel chelsea was... I don't know if you'd be interested But I would really like to get to know the woman who is the mother to the bestest friend i had in the world! who always put a smile on my face! If you get this at any time feel free and email me [email protected]

Take care and much love to your family
Lisa Acorn

Edmonton, Canada

#18 Mar 18, 2007
Great news everyone there has been a arrest in chelsey's case there are 2 males being charged with first degree murder.Thank-you everyone for your help especially the investigators of the Integrated Homicide Unit Of The Fraser Valley.Chelsey will have justice.

Kenora, Canada

#19 Mar 19, 2007
That is wonderful news Lisa! Thanks to the dedicated efforts of police, Chelsey will have justice. Thank you for sharing the news. I send you prayers from our family and will be watching the trial in the media.

God bless you and your Chelsea.

Terry Morris

Toronto, Canada

#20 Mar 19, 2007
Our thoughts are with you Lisa. We at CTV have spoken with you before and would like to chat again today. We are covering the news conference held by the RCMP about the arrests.

Nanaimo, Canada

#21 Mar 19, 2007
Lisa, all who knew you seen how you failed your children, between the drugs, and partying this could have been avoided had you put your children first. the only one who failed chelsey is you

Vancouver, Canada

#22 Mar 19, 2007
annonymous wrote:
Lisa, all who knew you seen how you failed your children, between the drugs, and partying this could have been avoided had you put your children first. the only one who failed chelsey is you
you were a loser mom and you know it

Vancouver, Canada

#23 Mar 19, 2007
annonymous wrote:
Lisa, all who knew you seen how you failed your children, between the drugs, and partying this could have been avoided had you put your children first. the only one who failed chelsey is you
if chelsey's so called 'mom' had been a real mom, this would've never happened

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