16-year-old girl 'gang raped' at rave...

16-year-old girl 'gang raped' at rave, photos posted to Facebook: RCMP

There are 133 comments on the The Winnipeg Free Press story from Sep 16, 2010, titled 16-year-old girl 'gang raped' at rave, photos posted to Facebook: RCMP. In it, The Winnipeg Free Press reports that:

A 16-year-old girl was drugged and raped repeatedly by partygoers at a weekend rave near Vancouver as onlookers snapped photos that have since found their way onto Facebook, the RCMP said Thursday.

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Lac La Biche, Canada

#129 Jan 17, 2011
May! My parents were very Catholic and dead against having sex before marriage; bla, bla, bla! We were taught very well how to behave; this didn't stop my sister going out to get drunk and laid at the age of 13. She still sneaked out at night to party to get laid and that was in the country too, not in the city. For now I need to see more evidence to prove to me that it was rape and not a group sex, but I do agree the guys should be charged for plastering this video/photos on the web.
Explain The Evidence

Victoria, Canada

#130 Jan 17, 2011
Public statements made by a few who were at the rave but not witnesses of what happened to the girl confirm she was undoubtably intoxicated to a level that indicated inability to consent under Canadian law. This is ironic because some of them have clearly indicated in other online posts that they are trying to discredit the victim. That they might believe it wasn't rape is completely irrelevant and the laws on sexual consent are clear and that this was sexual assault.

They took advantage of an intoxicated girl, regardless of how she got that way, for their own remorseless and immoral entertainment and then posted pictures of it where they would spread to thousands. They showed no concern that such horrible actions could easily drive a sixteen year old girl to kill herself and has in a number of recent widely reported cases). They posted them most likely to intimidate her into silence and discredit her if she did come forward. I propose they did this because child porn is treated very lightly and some have claimed they did not know her age. The man charged with raping her went to school with her and it would have been easy for the others to confirm how old she was in many ways including online which the victim had on at least two online profiles I saw.

They also would have known they would spread so quickly it would overwhelm the police and they probably thought they wouldn't get singled out in the online mob. That it was a minor who first posted the pictures and allegedly took them himself was quite possibly intentional. He can't be named and probably won't get incarcerated, and his sentence would be lighter.

His friends, including a lot of girls, have supported him despite how vicious it was to widely share those pictures and that it could drive a girl to kill herself. They had no trouble participating in the online abuse of her even after the investigators publicly stated that they have no doubt the girl was sexually assaulted based on the medical and other evidence and have openly denied the claims it was consensual to these individuals publicly and on the RCMP website.

They have posted and said horrible and disgusting things about the victim, some eagerly gave interviews on TV, others were in contact with reporters. A few even set up a facebook group that was revealed on a few of their facebook profile walls (statuses) as intentionally meant to discredit the victim and manipulate the media into participating. The walls also revealed that they decided to do this based on only what they had been told. None of them were at the rave, many don't know the man charged with rape directly or well or live in the province.

The vicious and disgusting things said and wrote to attack the victim reveals the character of those making such assertions and the likelihood that many of them should also face child porn charges themselves. Two of the admins of the defamatory facebook group even admitted on one's wall that they were seeking out the child pornography.

These abusive and defamatory attacks, as well as her harassment at school, were and are meant to intimidate and pressure her into getting the rape charges and investigation dropped. This is crimminal and what many of them have written and done is clear defamation, obstuction of justice and unbelievably vicious and unconscionable, regardless of the sincerity in their belief in their friend's innocence. I have seen a great many of these and cannot express how disgusting and contemptible they are.

All of these things reveal the the level of character of the friends and the other active supporters of the accused and it does not reflect favorably on those facing charges.
Im Also a Catholic Tony

Abbotsford, Canada

#131 Jan 17, 2011
Tony are you sure your 13 year old Sister was not targeted and taken advantage of by the guy having sex with her encouraging her to sneak out of the house to "party" with him and others. Did they get her hooked on booze to begin using Her for sex when her ability to rationalize and consent was taken from her the minute they began manipulating her. Did you ever consider that maybe He even convinced her that He loved her. All girls want to believe they are loved...
Too bad you don't show any respect for the young 13 year old who was your Sister and show some disdain and disgust for the guys who manipulated her into drinking and taking her innocence from her at such a tender age and in a sense controlled and manipulated her from that time on..She probably was feeling horrible, ashamed, dirty when she was alone.The Catholic church has the power to make young Catholic girls and women to feel horrible for any failure of (obeying the rules of the church). The guilt is over whelming in a young Catholic girls life for having sex before marriage by choice or by manipulation of said boy friend...

You are very obnoxious sounding with your comments especially this one bothers me: "For now I need to see more evidence to prove to me that it was rape and not a group sex"..

Seriously it is None of your Business.
This is a case for the law to investigate and courts to judge.

No body has to prove anything to you or anyone else seeking details of the assault. If you had educated yourself on the facts released so far on this case as explained so many times by Explain the evidence and others there is sufficient evidence for the Crown to approve and proceed with charges against the accused..

Tony please stop and think before you be-little others especially your Sister.

I sure hope you are there as a positive support to her now, but it is none of my business one way or the other. I can Hope...

You are not the Judge or Jury in this case or any other that does not involve you..

Please get of your high horse..
Im Also a Catholic Tony

Abbotsford, Canada

#132 Jan 17, 2011
May made a very good point.
How dare "You" judge her without knowing the facts.

Many of the parents are involved and encouraging their Sons and daughters in the code of silence with the RCMP.
But they have not remained silent online or at school.

Those parents should be very ashamed..
There is a large group who are behaving morally corrupt.

They have been helping in spreading the vulgar character assassination towards the young victim.

They appointed themselves judge and jury and executioner and have denied the young victim her basic human charter of rights.

Shame on all of them.....

Toronto, Canada

#133 Jan 18, 2011
Tony4645 wrote: "May! My parents were very Catholic and dead against having sex before marriage; bla, bla, bla! We were taught very well how to behave; this didn't stop my sister going out to get drunk and laid at the age of 13. She still sneaked out at night to party to get laid and that was in the country too, not in the city. For now I need to see more evidence to prove to me that it was rape and not a group sex, but I do agree the guys should be charged for plastering this video/photos on the web"

Are you for real?

You "need more evidence to prove that it was rape and not group sex?" Have you not considered the evidence collected thus far?

a)after being examined by several medical professionals, it was confirmed that the victim is suffering from internal injuries that reveal an "AGGRESSIVE ASSAULT."

b)the nature of the child porn video, after being time and time again viewed by police, coincides with that of a violent gang rape.

d)the accused claims that "nobody had sex with the girl" If it were group sex, why is he saying this?

@Tony, if you are going to minimize the gang rape of a sixteen year old girl to "group sex." PLEASE back your statement up with more substance than the analogy of your thirteen year old sister going out partying to "get laid." This only speaks volumes of your bias about this case. Your statement has no BASIS whatsoever. I am sick and tired of encountering individuals with your limited mentality on this blog. GO AWAY:)

Timmins, Canada

#134 Jan 20, 2011
Jon wrote:
<quoted text>
are you not paying attention? You should really wake up and dedicate yourself to reality, and not this foggy follower kind of attitude you seem to be living your life by. This girl was a slut. Period. She got high and did what thousands of other girls are doing RIGHT NOW. Then when the buzz wore off she realized what she had done. Her ego couldn't take it so she came up with a story to justify it. END OF STORY. Enough time has already been wasted giving undeserving sympathy to this. Lets move on to something of essence and relevance now ok??
You’re one to talk about tools and sheep Jon. Everyone at that rave was a sheep. They clearly knew it was wrong but had a mob mentality and it made them animals. Even if she did give consent she is under age and was under the influence making it illegal. I highly doubt that anyone in their right mind would willingly consent to such an act. I find it offensive and disgusting that you have generalized the opposite sex into the category of “slut” and that you haven’t said a word of the rapists whom actually forced her into the situation. Typical male chauvinist ass. Rather than blaming this poor girl you should be concerned with the direction our future is headed. Our children need to stop being desensitized, learn to have to some dignity for themselves and respect for each other.

Timmins, Canada

#135 Jan 20, 2011
Tony4645 wrote:
<quoted text>
How dare you blame the parents for their kids actions. That is the most selfish thing I ever heard. You can be the best parent and still have no control of your kid's actions. Those problems could have came from anywhere, like the type of friends they hang around with at school. These days you don't dare hit your kids or else child services will be at your door to take the kids away!
The job of the parent is to teach them values if they have treated their children with respect and dignity the children will realize their self worth. Children only have good lessons stay with them if they respect and love their parents. Note: this does not regard this situation as she clearly had no choice.
live in bc

Vernon, Canada

#136 Nov 24, 2011
Ridge Meadows Mom wrote:
There is ABSOLUTELY NO JUSTIFICATION for what has happened to that poor girl. I don't care if she WAS drinking, doing drugs, looking for attention etc. It is NOT POSSIBLE for a sixteen year old girl in that condition to consent to anything. Even IF those young 'men' were under the impression that she was consenting - and I seriously doubt that - what is wrong with them that they think having anonymous group sex with an incapacitated underage girl is, on any level, acceptable, moral, or legal? It not the victim and her family who should be feeling shame - but the perpatrators who should be held up to puplic censure and ridicule. We can only hope that the pathetic individuals who were involved in this morally bankrupt/criminal act are as widely publicized as their victim's identity has been. Parents - take this opportunity to talk to your kids about the consequences of their choices when participating in out of control parties and sex with strangers. Even in 'consensual' circumstances the repercussions can be far reaching and literally affect the rest of their lives. My heart goes out to this girl and her family and I can only hope that our community rallies around them in unconditional, non-judgemental support.
before you jump to conclusions and get mad at anyone if she went to the rave she went for 2 things sex and drugs she got both, she just had know way out other than to tell her parents she was raped, like most teen girls they will lie to there parents( especialy the ones that go to raves) her parents probly didnt even know she was going to a rave, if they did like a good parent should they would have said no

Victoria, Canada

#137 Nov 26, 2011
live in bc wrote:
<quoted text>
before you jump to conclusions and get mad at anyone if she went to the rave she went for 2 things sex and drugs she got both, she just had know way out other than to tell her parents she was raped, like most teen girls they will lie to there parents( especialy the ones that go to raves) her parents probly didnt even know she was going to a rave, if they did like a good parent should they would have said no
Wrong. You are the one who is jumping to conclusions based on a biased view. If you bothered to actually look into the case you would know that there is so much evidence that she was violently sexually assaulted that the police have absolutely no doubt she was raped and stated so publicly several times. Vulnerability is not consent and your reflexive victim blaming promotes such abuse and bolsters those who commit it.

Besides substantial medical, physical and digital evidence the only two witnesses that have come forward support the charges. The friends of those charged have bullied and harassed her horribly and outright interfered with the investigation. She went to have fun, not be surrounded by a mob of guys with cellphones and taken advantage of. She was separated from her friends and even the statements of those who support the accused clearly indicate that she was in no condition to consent and extremely intoxicated.

Canadian law is clear, a person heavily intoxicated, especially a minor, cannot consent and anyone taking advantage of her is guilty of sexual assault. It does not matter if she took the drugs or alcohol herself either but the investigators do not believe this was the case.

She didn't go to the cops and "cry rape" when her parents saw the pictures. The cops contacted her after someone who knows her reported the child pornography. Do you even realize that you are claiming that her parents saw child pornography of their daughter and didn't report it? Remember, they are the ones that contacted her and them about it. Up to that point, she had only sought medical attention and was in such bad shape that she had to return for more.

There is a lot more I know about this case that has not been in the news and it is far worse than has been reported. If you had seen what I have or even bothered to read up on the case, you would not be so quick to jump to assumptions.

Waterloo, Canada

#138 Apr 30, 2012
Woman who knows differently is 100% right. She has just been ro raves plus actually has somthing the rest of the people commenting do not have. First hand knowledge. She did not say it was her opinion, she said that is what happened. I have been to a large number of raves and I can tell you 2 things. 1)Girls absolutly know what they are getting into and are usually the aggessors with sex at these things. 2) You do not get "drugged" with Extacy, does not happen. You can't mix it in a drink or any of that it would be too obvous. She got high, had a good time. Got caught online by her parents.

Las Vegas, NV

#139 Aug 5, 2012
woman who knows different wrote:
Ok the investigators need to look more into it because i KNOW that this girl was doing drugs all night and willingly went with him to have sex! They didnt even have sex he went down on her and some guys took pics of them in the field to make fun of her because shes a person who sleeps around, they didnt evem think that it would be child porn. Didnt even think of it. When her parents saw the photos she claimed rape. It wasnt a gang rape it was a girl all high like most ppl in maple ridge/ pitt meadows. Who wanted to get laid. The police need to look into more.

It sounds like your sympathizing with rapists.

Toronto, Canada

#140 Nov 14, 2012
There is no excuse for having sex with an unconscious person. NO matter how addicted to drugs or promiscuous. Perhaps she even consented to having sex with the first guy. That doesn't make it okay for everyone to jump in. I am not saying this happened by the way, I wasn't there.
I don;t understand how many people feel the need to video tape every thing in life and post it. You don't think someone will care about this? Even someone who voluntarily participates in se will likely not want it posted. young people need to learn the value of privacy or it will be their life on display for everyone to see.

I was a young girl who was assaulted. I was also a drug addict. Someone who was well respected raped me and no one believed me. They said all the same things some of you are saying now. What they didn't know is that I had anticipated no one believing me so I taped his confession before I charged him. Everyone ostracized me. They stopped talking to my family as well. What I am trying to say is even if you have the point of view of the rape not being proved that does not necessarily infer that the victim is lying. It is really a traumatic event to be assaulted and then have everyone abandon you, while you go to court and have the defence treat you like your the assailant for days on end. You get to relive the horror over and over again but this time, you get the play the part where you asked for it.

Circumstances like this are hard for everyone to process and handle. As much as I believe people should be proven guilty, this does not make what those boys did okay. They acted inappropriately regardless. Somehow though is is often the girl that gets blamed no matter what. If any of those boys were your sons you did not treat them respect adequately. Including the ones who posted it.

Walla Walla, WA

#141 May 27, 2016
"It does not matter what the girl does she cannot be blamed for rape" including asking for it or saying pleas will you have sex with me?

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