Barrie OPP
Barrie Tax Payer

Midland, Canada

#23 Jun 1, 2008
Heres a better one
>>>>>>> >>>>>>> >>>>>>> >>>>>>> >>>
Hello you have reached the police departments voice mail, please pay close attention as we update choices often as new and unusual circumstances arrive:
Please select one of the following options:
1. To give us all your tax money so we can drive around and eat dough nuts press 1
To inquire as to whether someone has to die before we will do something about a problem two
to tase a 12 year old because he is "mouthy" instead of catching real criminals because we are pussies press 3
If you would like us to steal your goods and sell you drugs press 4
If you would like us to rape your five
If you would like us to completely destroy your society with no six
to provide a list of officers that are fat and seven
To take away your rights as a eight
If you are a fellow police officer and would like to whine about how "tough" your job nine
Please note that your call may be monitored to ensure proper customer support and remember we take your money but will not serve you.
Thanks for calling your local police department and have a great day...
>>>>>>> >>>>>>> >>>>>>> >>>>>>> >>>>>>> >

Yep, lazy fat assess that have no clue about reality, parenting or crime.
If there is an armed person running around in my neighborhood, he/she IS a police officer. They are the only ones with guns that can kill and get away with it! You are no soldier!
Barrie Police Officer

Midland, Canada

#24 Jun 1, 2008
"Just some guy"

Your giving us a very bad name. Do you really think protecting and giving out excuses about bad officers on the force is going to do anything? No it won't! Please get out of that cubicle and join us in the real world!

to "Barrie Tax payer"

I do understand your frustration. But please do not take notice of people like "Just some guy" and others that do abuse their power. We are NOT all the same!

I do know of officers on the force that have no right to be wearing that uniform and unfortunatly makes us all look bad. I can assure you, we are not all like that. You probably heard that one of us actually turned in a racist detective for abusing our network systems and forwarding racist emails. Unfortunately the constable that went to the news papers ended up getting bogus charges put on him. Thats a taste of what the problem is with BPS. Our "chief" is an alcoholic and some of the new "constables" are very reckless and big headed! But rest assured, there are those in the force that equally look at those steroid jamming, hot headed morons and we equally dislike them just as much as you.

But let me leave you with one last thing. What is happening in the BPS can be found on many police forces these days and you will find a pattern. Its always the top brass or the agitated rookie that thinks he is in some hollywood movie. As a Sargent I see this everyday, we can always use good people on the force. But I think for that to happen we need to put the brass in its place and kick off the idiots that are causing the problem! To many things go wrong when I see politics involved and each party promising to "higher" more police officers at will without checking them first. When you add the brass like Cam Wooly spouting something idiotic like "if your child has four sets of tires he is a street racer" sentence then things get worse and people get even more edgy.

Stupid comments like that makes our job that much harder as we loose trust in the public. I am not saying that I have it tough out there. I certainly do not! I feel I am lucky to be in a job that has security, benefits and a good pay grade. These days such are luxuries that the average citizen just does not have so I see where the stress is coming from. If someone did attack you or it seems that way as I have read. Those that did and are doing that are NOT police officers. They are bullies! They are there only to serve the crown, the super jails and making sure politicians look good. To say these people that may have hurt you are police officers is an insult to the rest of us that do do our job and again. Those that do such things are nothing but cowards, bullies and idiotic morons! While I risk my life everyday these wannabe cops go out and cause more trouble instead of doing their job, then I and my fellow officers have to clean up after them! So they are not just causing a headache for you but for the whole force in general. I apologize, if that is what it takes, to the people that have been hurt by us. But let me state, we stand with you not against you and we stand against the idiots in Badges that breaks our trust to the entire community!
Barrie Tax Payer

Midland, Canada

#25 Jun 1, 2008
Barrie Police officer,

Thank you for your comments. I guess from the injustice I and many others have faced, I get pretty mad at times. I guess I was sick with "just another idiot's" comments trying to cover up the bad apples as people like you do serve the community. I know that not all of you are like that.

I apologize. But its good to expose these bad apples and let us know the politics inside so us the citizen can be aware and gain trust.
Just a Guy

Barrie, Canada

#26 Jun 1, 2008
Who is whining you idiot...

You obviously have no idea what you are rambling about. As I said I don't sit in a cubicle and I am not a police officer. But I have not found any video of BPS tazing anyone including pregnant people, kids with with their parents or any other videos.

I think you need to relax see your doctor and get on some good meds...

You sound like someone who just likes to stir up the pot when there are real topics on here and you should just give it up. Or do your research before you post a reply.

You aren't even a citizen of Barrie, so you should be more concerned with the OPP in your area.

The last word of this is that people who have issues with the police should look into their options. There are organizations out there like Ocops you can file a complaint with, you can complain to other police services, or with the professional standards division of the police service you have the complaint with.

There is no reason to lump every police officer into one pile. If you have an problem with one, that doesnt mean they are all the same. To use a stereotype like that is ignorant.

People are hard on the police but when you need them you expect them to be there, and they are...Even after you piss and moan about the job they do, they still come to solve your issues.

That speaks volumes, if you were in another country you may not get that consideration. The police might dismiss you as a complainer and not show up when you really needed them.

Be glad for what you have and work through the proper channels to fix the issue, don't just cry about it on a forum...

Also a political note for the less educated...MP's and MPP's don't even work in the same building as the mayor of Barrie. And I will not defend the actions of the Mayor's office as the town council has even asked the OPP to investigate him...
Just a Guy

Barrie, Canada

#27 Jun 1, 2008
Thank you for that last post and I am glad you can see that they are not all the same but as I said I am not a police officer in any shape or form.

I am familiar with the police and I realize that there are officers that maybe should look into other careers...but that is true everywhere you go not just in Barrie. The number of the bad officers compared to the good ones is is very minor in barrie.

Sorry for calling you an idiot in my last post, I did not see your last post before I typed mine up.

I am willing to provide options for the people with issues and even if I were a police officer I would support getting rid of the "bad apples". Just keep in mind that officers are all human and to err is human...Mistakes can be made but that doesn't mean that that officer is bad. They could have had an off day. There should still be responsiblitiy for their actions but the consequences should reflect the seriousness of the incident and the officers past behaviours.

Officers that screw up once can learn from it...Officers that screw up all the time, are clearly not able to do the job...

Barrie, Canada

#28 Jun 1, 2008
I am not sure where the whole conversation here is going but I think that Just a Guy should slow down a bit...

Barrie Police Officer makes valid points, and to the Barrie Tax Payer, Its unfortunate that people have run ins with crooked or bad cops, but this is reality. In time with any luck they will get weeded out and the real police officers will get in there and get the job done the way it should be done.

Policing is about the people and not about the adrenaline junkies that are on the road looking for a fight. When the people applying to be police officers realize that, we could start getting quality people to work with the quality officers that are on the road now.
Cyril Wagner


#29 Jun 2, 2008
What really pisses me off about the Barrie Police is that they officers like to preach to us about drinking and driving and doing drugs and their own officers when they are charged with these offences, get their charges dropped or reduced to no criminal record at all.That happened last week in the impaired driving case against constable Nathan Bowman of the Barrie Police.Mr. Bowman first had his case moved to another juristiction where there was no judge to hear the case so it collapsed. On the second attempt to try Nathan Bowman the arresting officer was busy and not available so the case collapsed again and the judge felt sorry for Nathan Bowman saying he suffered stress over the charges and that he had to pay for his own lawyer so he has no choice to drop all the charges against him because the case took too long. Thats bullshit.I,m outraged and every tax payer in Barrie who paid his full salary and benefits while suspended should be outraged too.
On another matter the Barrie Police still has the police inspector Farrell on staff who sent racist e-mails about black people because Chief Wayne Frechette says theres nothing he can do. You can,t fire him Mr. Frechette says.The Barrie Police are now the laughing stock of the country based on what i,m reading in forums like this.
Jessy Boy Smith


#30 Jun 2, 2008
To the Barrie Police officer. You are right when you say officers like racist Farrell are giving your officers a bad name.The only good police officers.So are officers like Rodney Hackett (taking cocaine on duty),Nathan Bowman (impaired driving),Curtis Reid(assult),Jason Neville(assult),constable Biblow(assult),and thats just recently.
22% of my tax bill pays your salary and the taxpayers of Barrie have to pay the full salary and benefits to these officers while they are suspended.That burns my ass.
Barrie Tax Payer

Midland, Canada

#31 Jun 2, 2008
The problem with Ocops and other boards is that they do not help the civilian. I had already looked into it and was advised by lawyers how they actually work. They are designed to actually build a case against the complainant. Not the officer that is committing the offense. Secondly there is a problem with the SIU as that organization has also cleared the bad apples when the evidence against them was obvious. Things like these add to the problem of the "god like" mentality that the bad cops get. Thus they are correct in the assumption that they truly are above the law ! But at the same time. As they fall into this mentality they loose trust with the greater public as they "the bad apples" commit crimes without any remorse. More innocent people are hurt thus more distrust in the community.

Yes cops have bad days, we all do and yes they do make mistakes, we all do. But when tasering an innocent victim, beating a parent up etc that goes beyond a "bad day." Such brazen abuse of power affects both sides! Jason Nevillie is one of these bad apples that has to be kicked off the force along with those others to gain trust in the community ever again! Or we will continue to see an increase of these bad apples as long as we continue to ignore it.
Barrie Tax Payer

Midland, Canada

#32 Jun 2, 2008
Cyril Wagner,

your dead on! The system does not work as these "bad apples" continue to be on the force. Shuffling them around is not good enough. Covering them up and giving excuses for their actions is even worse!

People need to know who these individuals are and the force HAS to kick these thugs out!

Barrie, Canada

#33 Jun 5, 2008
Look as far as it goes I know many of the Barrie Police Officers that patrol this city every single day and it is so pathetic to hear everyone on this thread complain and whine about everything they THINK they know about the Barrie Police. Every police force has these issues...not just Barrie, OPP yup OPP has those issues too.

Yu guys complain and go one and on about Bowman, Hackett, Neville, Reid....those are 4 officers of a Police force employed by about 250 officer.....4 out of 250 that’s pretty good.

Why don't you guys talk about Richard Wills- he was a Toronto cop who ended up killing his wife....oh I forgot you guys are too bull headed and naive to look and do research on other Police Forces and feel that Barrie City Police is the only and most corrupt police service there is.

Or what about Kevin Gray, yet another Toronto Police Officer who was up on child porn charges or what about (according to these past posts) you beloved OPP - Ron George (a superintendent) he was charged with impaired driving......BUT I FORGOT Barrie Police is the only one that has bad cops..

I have had good run in' as well as some bad run inn’s with Barrie police officers as well as police officers from other forces....everyone will sometime or another it is reality.

So please before you post and go on bashing the Barrie Police Service go and re-think exactly how you feel yes I'm sure you upset because .."That one time when the police were called this happened or that happened and I was sooo mad.." but when you think about it...when you sleeping who do you think it working??? The say there are so many unsolved crimes in the City of Barrie??? gimme a break...yeah some of the murders are unsolved but have you worked and tried to investigate a murder yourself?? no I didn’t think so it's no CSI Miami where you can solve a murder in 1 hours it is tough, tremendous time is spent combing through the tiny details, so how about you try to solve a extensive murder and then tell us how easy it really is...there are millions of unsolved murders everyone in the world just not in Barrie. because you don’t hear about it in the new that’s a detail is found or the police are 1 step close to find the murderer dose not mean that right now there are not officers trying to solve murders and unsolved crimes……… please give it up.

All I have to say is that I’m glad that you are sitting in your office, or in your home by your computer writing this nonsense on this site and I’m very happy and very thankful that you yourselves are not police because how corrupt would this police force be then???
Jim Price


#34 Jun 6, 2008
OPP Guy. I think you drink too much. We live in Barrie so Barrie police officers are the topic here. We don,t have time to name every bad cop in Ontario. That would take forever.
Mike Vernon


#35 Jun 6, 2008
Hey Mr. OPP guy. What ever happened to the officers that were on the Barrie OPP drug unit that was disbanded a few years ago because your officers were caught giving the GPS locations of marijuana fields spotted by your OPP helicopters to criminals so they would rip off the plants? I,m not sure if those officers were fired or what.

Barrie, Canada

#36 Jun 6, 2008
I would just like to point out that people keep bringing up certain officers names and saying how bad these guys are...

Neville...was aquitted in a court of law thus he was found to have done nothing wrong...
Byblow...charges dropped as the charges were without grounds
Reid...ongoing so there has been no finding of guilt and
Hackett...i'm not sure about his story but if he was fired or found guilty of something then you have one that you have mentioned that has been found guilty in a court of law...the same court you and I would go to for our charges.
Bowman...Has the right to a speedy trial like everyone else and as far as I have heard the charges were dropped and there was no finding of guilt.

I agree we are talking about the BPS on here and there isn't enough time in the day to reflect about all the cops who have been charged with something in the province.

Why don't we talk about the officers who do a good job?

I believe there was an officer who saved a woman from jumping off a bridge onto the highway just this year.
there are numerous officers who do good things but that never gets mentioned in the forum and sometimes not in the news either.

To all those who have been charged and found not guilty, and to those who do a good job everyday...I am greatful and I think they should keep up the good work.
Sofia Nelson


#37 Jun 6, 2008
Bosco.Charges of drinking driving were dropped against Nathan Bowman because there was no judge available to hear his case in the juristiction that Bowman and his lawyer had the case moved to because he is a cop. Period.Also the arresting officer was not available for the second trial date so the case collapsed again.The arresting officer in this case is a scumbag piece of shit who should be in jail himself. The arresting officer knew that if he dosn,t show up theres no conviction for his police buddy.
The judge in his ruling felt sorry for Nathan Bowman saying he became stressed over his charges and stressed out over having to hire a lawyer for so long.Nathan Bowman is guilty as shit. Case closed.

Barrie, Canada

#38 Jun 6, 2008
hummmm..... i wonder who has a criminal record?..haha i guess i like the job Barrie Police do because im not a criminal or white trash!

Barrie, Canada

#39 Jun 7, 2008

I understand the facts of the case and you are correct about the details. You are free to express your opinion about Nathan Bowman and his arresting officer, but you aren't seeing this from both sides.

As someone who studied law I can tell you that anyone not just a police officer can petition to have their case moved to another jusidiction. I can't comment on the reasons the arresting officer didn't show up and I really don't think you should either as unless you were that officer.

Police officers are citizen's and as such when they are charged with a crime they face the same rules and penalties as any other citizen would.

I personally think you are being a little harsh on the arresting officer as if he did you say it..."The arresting officer in this case is a scumbag piece of shit who should be in jail himself" so if the officer is that scumbag then why would he arrest a fellow officer? If the police are so corrupt then why are they arresting their own?

If an officer, any officer from any police service is guilty of a crime under the laws as they are written, I support the fact that charges are laid. So please don't think I am a supporter of cops who cross the line and start committing crime themselves, because I believe in the rule of law..."no one is above the law".

Stevens Point, WI

#40 Jun 28, 2008
Years ago when I lived in Barrie, I knew of a murder. I went to the police station to report it. There were 2 male cops on duty at the front counter.

I went on to say that it was about drugs and this guy was murdered, but I never even got to the word murder before they started to break out in laughter at me.

The barrie Police service is beyond corrupt.

The old chief of police was once the pres. of satans choice. No wonder the drug problems are so bad.

I also know of some people that have been murdered because of talking and the cops covered it up as suicides.

There are a few good cops in Barrie, as for the most of them, can we really call them the police when they are working for someone else?

Stevens Point, WI

#41 Jun 28, 2008
Here at least, If I do have a problem, unlike in that God fosaken place, I CAN Shoot someone for threating me on my own property.

I think that it should be like that everywhere.

Absolutely ridiculus that if someone is invading your home there and you even so much as hit them over the head with something you can be charged with assault.

I feel for anyone that has been in such a situation.

Barrie Used to be such a nice place.

Such a shame it went to the pigs, bikers, blacks and the mob.

Worse then Toronto.

Dorthy Allan


#42 Jul 2, 2008
Another slob has had his charges of drinking and driving dropped yesterday. A Toronto Metro cop ,Detective Daniel Ross of 31 Division was busted for impaired on Highway 400 just south of Barrie driving 145 kilometres a hour weaving in and out of lanes.He blew drunk, twice the limit.Corona beer bottles were all over the floor.The drunk officer flashed his badge to the arresting officer for I.D.The judge,Micheal Harpur finds him not guilty after all the evidence.This is why i hate cops.This is a fucking joke.

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