Barrie City Police Services
Joan Andrews


#47 Dec 22, 2009
I wrote this to the Examiner. I,m pissed off.
I was reading that the Barrie Police has recently hired four new recruits and the spokesman said it was because of other officers retiring. I been following the news very closely all year and i can remember recently four Barrie Police officers were charged with assult for breaking the arm of a 61 year old man,allegelly of coarse.I have counted a total of seven Barrie Police officers charged in 2009 for assult. Some of these officers are still before the courts now, sitting at home ,suspended with pay while the other four officers who allegelly broke the 61 year old mans arm are stuck on desk duty at the Barrie Police station until their assult cases are heard.I think this is the real reason we just recieved four more police recruits. I don,t want to put a damper on Chief Wayne Frechette,s retirement but i would like to tell him that i think he has done a terrible job, asBarrie Police Chief. Thats all i have to say. Ho Ho Ho, Merry Christmas ,everyone.

Gatineau, Canada

#48 Jan 4, 2010
Marsha Clark wrote:
Once again a Barrie Police officer has been charged with beating up a woman in downtown Barrie this summer. Scumbag Constable Dan Moore 38, has been charged by the S.I.U. which almost never charges any officer with anything.They must have a good case against this asshole to charge him with assult causing bodily harm.Dan Moore is a coward for kicking the shit out of a woman.
I hope Dan Moore enjoys his little holiday compliments of the Barrie taxpayers, because i,m fucking fed up with police officers tasering and kicking the shit out of our citizens. The lame ass Special Investigations Unit of Ontario never lays charges almost 100 % of the time.
Dan Moore should not be suspended with pay.This is a joke. Where the hell is our police chief anyways?He hasn,t been seen since poor Brandon Crisp dissapeared. R.I.P. Brandon.
This goes to this poster and many others....

It's amazing how people in a soceity forget this little thing called respect. I had to reply to this one, you lose all your common sense and start bashing PEOPLE who put their lives on the line to serve their community. There's a little thing called the of rights and it states your are presumed innocent until proven guilty.

Put yourself in this officers shoes, you get a call. Arrive to the scene only to deal with a prostitue who is high and dangerous. She is kicking, screaming, biting, etc and you think by telling her, she is just giving to take a deep breath and get in the car on her own and nicely put her seat belt on? Come on...... You people should be doing things more productive with your time. Yes not all police officers are perfect but, their are good ones and sometimes things get a little out of hand.

Also you should have something else called proof. It goes along way.

You and a few others go on about Barrie Officers such as Don, Moore and how hes getting paid to sit at home and get drunk. Do you know him? Have you seen him drunk?

Its people like you that take the honour and respect from others who rely on emergency services like police, fire, ambulance and the funny thing is. You bash them now but you are very plesant when you need their help.

And another thing, did you ever stop to think this drugged up prostitute was lying about the force used on her???

Check out this article from the Toronto Sun.... Like I said, find your proof.

Gatineau, Canada

#49 Jan 4, 2010
Jerry Corville wrote:
I hope that before the Barrie Police start their annual assult on the college students returning next week from summer vacation and handing out 475 dollar tickets for anybody breaking the noise bylaw, i hope the police remember that they were young once themselves and to give the students a break.A loud mouth ex police officer living on College Crescent is the real trouble maker(no names) and he heads a anti student group to make trouble for the students and cost the taxpayers a fortune in policing costs.If this ex cop dosn,t like the parties,noise and the occasional piece of trash on his street then why the hell dosn,t he just move away?The students are good people and they raise lots of money for charities throughout the year.They don,t deserve being harassed by a ex cop or any police whatsoever.The students spend lots of money in Barrie too.I,m not bashing the Barrie police but i know about their brutal tactics.
You are right about some people going over board about student noise. But I would agree more of the neighbours of student houses. These people are normal folk who go to work 5 days a week and come home at night and would like to sleep. They don't want to be waken by some fool screaming in the backyard at 2:00am because hes drunk, you mention the occassional peice of garbage... Why is it so hard to put the garbage in the trash where it belongs instead of on your neighbours yard where they would have to pick it up. Most students are good people and yes they do contribute to their community then there are those that cause trouble. For the most part a warning is issued by the police first then if they come back its a ticket (if its noise). You mention a person wasting money by calling the police to report noise, their job is to keep the peace in the City. If they have to go back to the same neighbourhood 10 times in one night then thats what they have to do. They will keep going back until the problem is handled. This is called soceity, you give up some freedoms for piece of mind. Think of what you post.
Barb Cuddles


#50 Jan 14, 2010
Factguy. Check your facts. Nobody has the right to smash any persons head against a car for any reason. That piece of shit Moore broke her jaw, damaged her eye socket and other injuries and then he covered it up and didn,t report a damn thing .I,m sick of this shit ,time and time again.That other sicko cop who kicked the shit out of the electrician from Hillsdale should have been fired for at least breaking procedure by pulling over on a sideroad and beating the crap out of him while 2 other officers watched but never joined in the assult.Thats just another reason i hate these bastards. Fire every one of them. You do-gooders say because the woman beaten by Moore is a whore and should be beaten. Fuck you, who say that.Have a nice day everyone. Peace.
Donna Mc Master


#51 Jan 27, 2010
Isn,t it so onderful the City of Barrie is sending a dozen police officers to the Olympics in Vancouver to work with the infamous Vancouver Police (RCMP). I hope the brutal tactics used by the BC RCMP currently and in the past don,t rub off on our boys. I think these twelve officers should be sent to Haiti instead since we have no work for them to do in Barrie.I guess all our crimes are solved in this city, so we can free up a dozen of them for the Olympic games.No wonder our property taxes are so high in this city.It is an insult to all the families waiting for closure on their cases, like the Flanagan family who is still looking for answers into their daughters murder.Put those twelve officers on that case so it can be solved.The R.C.M.P. is throwing a billion dollar party in Vancouver and inviting sixty six hundred cops from across Canada to come join the party at taxpayers expence and to me is a huge waste of money.If i could select the twelve officers to be sent to the Olympics to work security i would pick all the ones currently under full suspension with pay or the bunch stuck on office duty because of assult charges pending.Then after the games you can leave them in stay.
Jeff Shortt


#52 Mar 25, 2010
I found this in a newspaper ,letter. Its interesting.
In regards to the Barrie Police officer,Dan Moore, who is charged with assult on Melanie Culford.I hope Melanie Culford wins her case and Dan Moore never works another day as a police officer in his life for what he did to her head and body.
The lawyer for Dan Moore likes to keep making reference to the fact that this assult took place in an area of prostitution and drug use.
This has nothing to do with Melanie Culford as she has not been charged with any prostitution or drug related offences. If anybody is responsible for the high crime in this area it is the Barrie Police themselves who can,t seem to get a handle on the situation. Why not take the twelve police officers that our force gratefully loaned to the Vancouver Olympics recently and put one on each street corner in downtown Barrie?
Anyways, back to constable Dan Moore.Why can,t a big male police officer trained in arrest procedures, put one handcuffed female into custody without causing all the severe injuries she suffered? Why wasn,t Melanie Culford,s plea for medical assistance answered by constable Dan Moore?
I hope that when the judge reaches his verdict ,Melanie Culford and every other person like me who has suffered a similar fate in the past, will finally get justice and respect.Nobody deserves to be beaten up just because a woman is homeless or poor.Thank you.
your not from barrie

Midland, Canada

#53 Mar 26, 2010
Obviously you have never been to barrie, i had one too many to drink tuesday night and i got taken down by 5 barrie police...and im still healing from a broken collar bone.

So you really cant say shit until you have met our douchbag police officers.

Barrie, Canada

#54 Apr 13, 2010
"Just a Guy" First lesson: people who live in glass houses should not throw stones. You critique spelling and suggest that this is a reason to "take meds"??? Oh dummy, hello ever hear of faulty logic, no connection, insult for the sake of it. Grow up!
Second lesson: If you your lips want keep from slips, five things observe with care, of whom you speak, to whom you speak, and how and when and where. Congratulations on learning to use your spell check! Frankly sir, your grammer is poor at best."...maybe you should mind your business (sic)...and try not to assume... WHAT DOES THAT MEAN? My best advice, go back to grade school and ask to repeat grade 3. When done, give us your views.
Final lesson: Make sure brain is not loaded with blanks before shooting off mouth. Have a great day
Just a Guy wrote:
to the first post...maybe you should be on meds
and to tyler...maybe you should mind your business and try not to assume you know what is going on.
PEOPLE how can we take you seriously when you can't even spell correctly?
Concerned Father

Markham, Canada

#55 Apr 28, 2010
Today I went to the Barrie Courthouse to find out what the Judge would decide re Dan Moore the cop that is charged with assault for breaking the face of a prostitute in Barrie. The judge was sopposed to give his ruling today. When I got to the court , it had been transferred to an Oshawa court?
What are the bets that it will be dropped or nothing will happen to this bully? Seems that SIU will triumph again in protecting bad cops. Don't be fooling into thinking they are doing their job of charging fellow cops. Their 1st priority is to get these bad cops out of trouble! I at one time honestly believed that they were there to help put bad cops away? I was absolutly wrong. Never trust these people. There are good ones out there, but the good ones don't wear white hats and the bad ones black hats like the old western cowboy movies. This is reality and always asume that they are not there to help you . Sorry , but thats the world that these bad cops have created!!!And I do know of some really great cops, none of them on the Barrie Police Force.For your own safety stay out of Barrie and don't trust Barrie Police!!!!!!!!!!Sooner than latter they are going to kill more of us . I hope that its not your son or daughter?
Concerned Grammar

Barrie, Canada

#56 May 6, 2010
Hey Father, hopefully you can use some of your concern to ensure your child can spell better than his father. Focus on that as opposed to issues that are none of your business you ignorant misinformed meathead.
barrie h8r

North York, Canada

#57 May 7, 2010
Police State 2010
It;s here, It;s now
It's called Barrie Ontario
Laws are changed on a whim
New restrictions & By-laws appear
and "WE THE PEOPLE" are useless to do anything about it
It's why our Police force is one of the most Investigated in Canada...
Hmmm, I wonder why.
Missy Elliot

Fremont, CA

#58 May 8, 2010
This is the headline i woke up this morning on the Barrie Examiner website.
Det.-Const. Don Moore, 39 was found not guilty on Thursday.
This is a joke. Even when the corrupt S.I.U. lays a charge against one of these A-Holes, like Don Moore, they screw it up.Don Moore breaks the friggin face of a woman, denies it, gets paid while sitting at home for two years , and now he will be back to work on monday.I hate the Barrie Police more than i ever did before now.This has cost the taxpayers a fortune. All the do-gooders that support police officers like Don Moore, Nathan Bowman,and Rodney Hackett are a bunch of trash.That officer "Dirty Harry Speers" should have been charged with first degree murder as well.
Did Speers fire six shots or only 5? Well punk, do you feel lucky ?I bet Speers said that before he blew away my hero on Bayfield street.
I want Don Moore,s victim to get the medal of courage and not that C-sucker Speers.GTFH (Go to f,ing H.ell)Moore.The court of Ontario might have found you not guilty A-Hole but not the court of public opinion.The court of public opinion is now in session. Stand up you mutherf,ers(cops).
I want to here what the public has to say about this.As long as the public does not threaten them(the police),they can,t do a damn thing about it. I love the internet.Its a great way to release your anger vand protest police brutality without violence.
Jean Lewis

Fremont, CA

#59 May 8, 2010
I just read the headline this morning also regarding the sentencing of Don Moore.I am shocked that this officer isn,t behind bars right now for what he did to this woman. Whoever the judge is who found him not guilty should be stripped of his or her robes and fired .I can,t believe the police brutality in the city of Barrie where i used to live. That department must be the most investigated in this country. Three more losers from this police service are coming up next in their assult case . That case is about breaking a 61 year old man,s arm.It took three Barrie police officers to beat him up, the cowards.I wonder what the outcome of that case will be. Any predictions, folks?
Don Moore,s sorry will be back out on the streets of Barrie again soon after a nice relaxing two year rest at taxpayers expence. I hope you end up in hell, Don Moore.You prick.
Trudy Mc Bean

San Jose, CA

#60 May 9, 2010
Is there any police officers in Barrie that have never been charged with a crime? All cases like Don Moore should stay in the community where the offence took place and not be transferred to another juristiction. A jury of Barrie citizens should decide whether Don Moore is guilty or not. Not some lame arse judge in Oshawa. Thats how that piece of crap Nathan Bowman beat his D.U.I. case. The arresting officer mysteriously didn,t show up because he said he was too busy.Thats
I hope Bowman gets convicted this time around for breaking a 61 year old mans arm.I hate the Barrie Police now.I never thought i would ever say that but i,m very upset Moore wasn,t convicted. The S.I.U. are a bunch of losers as well.Biased beyond belief.Have a good day people.
Jeff Shortt

San Jose, CA

#61 May 9, 2010
Police brutality or what. Too much.
Policeman Perry

Barrie, Canada

#62 May 11, 2010
Don Moore's case was heard in the community, only the sentencing was in Oshawa Court. Don Moore elected to have a Judge hear the case, which is his option under the charter just like anyone else.

It seems that everyone is focused on the end result...accused (bad guy) injured by Police during arrest. I don't care how much training you have, how big/small you are or if you are a man or woman, I dare any of you to try and put handcuffs on some one who doesn't want them on. Try it, I bet you'll both end up with bumps and bruises or worse....add alcohol and or drugs to the equation and it's a miracle that more people aren't injured during arrests.

Just for a minute, think about how many arrests are made in Ontario in a day. Only a very small percentage result in injury to either bad guy or officer, and even less are investigated by the SIU.
Policeman Pete

Barrie, Canada

#63 Jun 9, 2010
Everyone's entitled to their opinions yes, but they should be well informed. I don't think most of Ontario knows about
"The Ontario Use of Force Model".

Look it up

Kitchener, Canada

#64 Jun 12, 2010
ok i think its good to have cops but i dont think its good to have cops brake the law and get away with it soon there will be the rise of the barrie citizens and if not then ill have to work on being a police officer and i will be a good on that will get rid of the bad cops it will be hard and i could get killed for it but im willing to give up my life for other peoples rights and freedoms and hopefully everyone can live in peace with out corerupion with the police and if theres other poeple like me that want to do that same thing do befor its tolate this world has to wakeup and fight or we will be controlled and forced to do so im not saying cops r bad its just coreruped meaning the boss is doing a bad job of chooseing and trainning thease cops therefore i hope i will be a chief police cuz i know what is rong and what is right and i can tell who is bad and who is good not by just looking at them i can tell by body language eye jester and personality and voice volume last thing is you fined out wat his or hers chiled life was like. thank you and i hope u people understand that cops r not there to protect and serve they r there to keep a city civilized and controlled they dont care about u and your safety they care about the safety of there loved ones witch i can uderstand but i dont understand why dont they care about us cuz we all know eachother not by person but by name example like a cop cares about his family but wat about his familys firends family firends. there for dont ever trust a cop unless u got a deep feeling his a good cop to trust like me im not a cop but i want to be one and i will some day be one and i will care about everyones safety including the criminals cuz they need there safety from the bad cops
Mick Hanson

San Jose, CA

#65 Jun 19, 2010
I hope your next police chief kicks some arse. I read this morning the infamous Barrie Police officer, Nathan Bowman was arrested again, suspended with full pay again, and he still hasn,t faced his assult charge for breaking the arm of a 61 year old man with his police co-worker thugs.
Nathan Bowman is laughing all the way to the bank and sticking his middle finger at all the taxpayers who are giving him the summer off ,again.
This is why the police union must be crushed,dissolved ,and maybe then we can start firing these bastards.
Bowman has been charged this time for careless use of a firearm. How can Bowman have access to a gun while he is currently charged with assult? You Barrie Police are the most dangerous criminal gang in this city and there is about 250 of you.You suck.
Dylan Emerson

Fremont, CA

#66 Jun 21, 2010
Barrie police officer Paul Gartner just pulled off a sweet backroom deal that saved his arse and job .He was charged with criminal harrassment,voyeurism and suspended with pay about one year ago but now has struck a peace bond with his victim.Gartner was facing ten years if convicted on all charges. We got no details of this case at all so i,m just speculating here on what he probably did wrong.I just have a feeling that Paul Gartner broke up with a woman and became a pain in the ass for her unless Gartner is gay and the victim was a guy.Maybe thats why no details of this case were released.Is Gartner a Peeping Tom ? Who knows. Voyeurism is someone who creeps around spying on someone if i,m not mistaken.I can,t say for sure as the public can only speculate.
Paul Gartner should be back on duty just in time to replace disgraced Barrie Police officer Nathan Bowman who has just been charged again,the third time in two years.Bowman has a rap sheet longer than a roll of toilet paper. Bowman isn,t interested in administrative duties anymore while waiting to have his assult charge heard, so i guess he found a firearm in the station and mishandled it ,as the newspaper reported it.What a joke.I know police officers like to support each other no matter what, but at what point does arseholes like Nathan Bowman get fired ? Police stick together like flies to

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