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not a hater

Kanata, Canada

#23 Dec 16, 2008
Missy you moron...would all you lowlives who have obviously broken the law time and time again and have such a skewed impression of police get your facts straight before you post on these boards! Curtis Reid did not assault a woman, it was a drunken asshole male by the way....and newsflash...HE PROBABLY DESERVED IT! My bet is, when someone is kicking down your door, you will be calling the police for help...and be thanking the lord that they show up and save your stupid asses!
not a hater either

Barrie, Canada

#24 Jan 2, 2009
All these comments are good for a laugh. Do you morons realize what the police put up with on a daily basis? So easy to be the monday morning arm chair quarterback isn't it? Put yourself in the shoes of a police officer. You wouldn't last a day.

And for all those who like to complain about the police. When your girlfriend is getting raped, or there's four guys with baseball bats breaking down your front door, or your getting your ass kicked in an alley downtown after the bar closes, who you gonna call? Your gonna call the police and not think twice about it. So be careful what you say, one of these days your gonna need them.

Barrie, Canada

#25 Jan 8, 2009
Barrie; crack capital of Ontario. It seems that the authorities here protect that reputation so they can ask for more funding to support THE MOST CORRUPT police force in Ontario. As a city cab driver I can attest to the bullshit that goes on here... especially when I drive those that are a part of it. I have heard HORROR stories from city employees, counsellors and other officials. Why don't they do any thing? Simply, their jobs. If they talk they are fired; if they play ball they are promoted. Why are taxes so high here, when there are no services offered from the city? How long has Barrie been located in a snow-belt? They are still trying to figure out how to deal with snow removal. I and most of my family have lived here for over 25 years... nothing has changed except the corruption goes deeper and the public extortion rises. DO NOT CONSIDER MOVING TO BARRIE. I have regretted it for many, many years and can't wait until my family responsibilities wane so I can leave. When I do I will also leave Canada for a more civilized country that does not kiss the american's ass.
police arent that smart


#26 Jan 22, 2009
Hey Not an Idiot, It is obvious that you are a cop or a wanna be, or sleeping with one. You will one day be enlightened.
A taser doesnt save a life, especially when a Barrie Police officer uses it on a guy after his partner has just broken his arm, and lies about it, and gets investigated by SIU and fired from the tactical team.........
It is never a good excuse to use "you dont know what they go thru or what they put up with". Police are given a position of power and need to control their emotions, and use self control.
Also, try not sleeping around with each other and maybe try upholding the oath they took. Alot of them have anger problems because they cant manage their own lives and then they take it out on the citizens. Truth be told, I know a little too much about the life, and they should be held accountable......we are
police arent that smart


#27 Jan 22, 2009
Wow, I am amazed that you think Missy is the moron. You must be a cop to defend the point that the guy deserved an ass kicking from a cop, and because he was drunk.
Police are needed, that is a fact. but the angry, power and control, do as I say or i am going to kick your ass-and remember you deserve it kind need not apply to the force. We need some men and women of integrity.
not a hater wrote:
Missy you moron...would all you lowlives who have obviously broken the law time and time again and have such a skewed impression of police get your facts straight before you post on these boards! Curtis Reid did not assault a woman, it was a drunken asshole male by the way....and newsflash...HE PROBABLY DESERVED IT! My bet is, when someone is kicking down your door, you will be calling the police for help...and be thanking the lord that they show up and save your stupid asses!
Chester Morgan


#29 Apr 1, 2009
Curtis Reid got off his assult charge today. I don,t know how a cop like Reid can bring someone down a isolated road with his cruiser, pull his victim outside, put his gloves on, and kick the shit out of a harmless man from Hillsdale.2 other officers witnessed this and did absolutly nothing to help.Curtis Reid has cost us a fortune to pay his salary since he was arrested in 2007. That ias why the Barrie Police suck. They get away with everything.Bastards.
Missy Elliot


#30 Apr 2, 2009
This was in the Barrie Examiner this morning. Read it do-gooders.

Hello all. If i was the 44 year old electrician from Hillsdale who was beaten by the Barrie Police officer, i would get myself a lawyer right now and sue.I had to read this story a few times just to grasp all the details of what happened.
The judge found Curtis Reid not guilty of assult due to insufficient grounds or something like that but he admitted that Curtis Reid needs better training. What a joke.. What else does the judge need to convict this officer?
He was winessed by 2 other police officers turning onto a isolated path with a prisoner and punching the man in the face in a dark spot.
The two Barrie Police officers refused to participate in the beating but they stood by and did absolutly nothing to help this poor man.
Maybe its a good thing that the 44 year old electrician drank 10 Black Russians before he was beaten up so he probably didn,t feel too much pain as his face was being punched.If the taxpayers of Barrie who paid this officers salary since 2007 are not enraged about this, i don,t know what to say other than i,m going to write the Attorney General of Ontario and tell him i refuse to pay any police officers salary for any offence that warrants a suspension from work. I,m fed up with this garbage.I hope that when this Barrie Police officer goes to trial again on April 14th for being drunk in public there is a different judge than the last one he stood before and found him not guilty.Thats all i have to say.
heard too much


#32 Apr 13, 2009
I can't think of another city where so many super citizens live. People that know the law inside and out and can easily sit back and criticize the policing service.
Dealing with drunks downtown, ignorant people and criminals is a tough job! Why don't you climb down off your little soap box and ask to ride along for a night? Take note of the many situations that are diffused or kids that are found or people consoled because they have lost someone to a tragedy. Not one night but day in and day out.
One cop making the same mistakes we all make isn't a cause to paint the entire force with the same brush. One drunk chick getting knocked in the head, which she probably deserved, while conducting crowd control isn't unreasonable.
As far as the conspiracy theory... I am sure that the alien anal probes probably messed with his brain in some fashion to envision such fantasies.

If you don't stand behind these hard working individuals, feel free to stand in front of them!
Pissed Off

Orangeville, Canada

#33 Apr 18, 2009
My son, parked his car on road, it got towed .5 km's to his house because he just bought it 4 hrs ago, the ministry isn't open under sect 11 & 12 of the HTA, you can put plates on a car and transfer it on the next business day or within 6 days as in the act. They fined him, took his plates, and towed his car when we have our own tow truck, he could've pushed the car 1 block and why did they do this, because they are power tripping assholes. I am surprised they didn't take him out in a field and beat him up like they did to a patron last week. Pathetic. Oh, we can take it to court. Sure so we waste more time and money. Do I get fired and get not unless you are on the Barrie Police Force. They also stole all my other son's painting equipment and denied it. Bullshit
Pissed Off

Orangeville, Canada

#34 Apr 18, 2009
The above comments are about the Barrie Police. My son is a decent struggling student. Students make Barrie what it is and Cops pick on them....why? because they can.
heard too much


#35 Apr 23, 2009
Maybe your son is the exception. What about the other 100 people that play games and make life generally difficult to be a cop in this city?
I agree that sometimes they have an attitude but dealing with idiots all day, we would be the same. Same stories all day long of how people are treated unfairly but they have no problem lying and making up facts to cover things.
I feel safe in this city walking down the street at 2 a.m. but in another city, not so much.
If what you say is true and they stole... PRESS CHARGES!! Don't sit and take it. And if they did tow a car illegally then fight it!

I am so sick of whiners constantly willing to sit back and crucify people via e-mail (the cowardly way) nut lack the courage to stand up for the RIGHT thing. SO SOMETHING ABOUT IT!
Jerry Clauson


#36 May 23, 2009
When you live in the redneck capital of Canada(Barrie) that also has the highest percentage of drunk driving arrests in our country you can expect to have even tougher redneck cops to meet the challenge.
I just stay away from them as far as possible.In Barrie most officers shave their heads and grow menacing looking goatees to try to look tough. They walk around downtown wearing almost all black clothing, hats, and leather gloves, looking like they want to fight.They never smile and are never friendly to anyone.I just find them rude but considering the trash they have to deal with on a daily basis in Barrie , maybe i could understand.One officer said on a local television call-in show on Rogers First Local that about 80 percent of the criminal activity in this city is alcohol related and if it wasn,t for this high percentage , he probably wouldn,t have a job.Thats absolutely right.
This is about as close i will ever get to complimenting the Barrie Police.
Tawna Hardon


#37 Jun 9, 2009
At this moment Barrie Police Services Board member Don Macneil will be in court.He won,t be there on business this time. He has just spent the last two nights locked up in one of his own jail cells charged with domestic violence.Too bad for Don.I wonder if he enjoyed his cold pepperoni pizza slices fed to him on the floor on a paper plate, like a dogs breakfast ?Maybe police board member Macneil might want to change the menu next time because even his police dogs get better treatment than people held in custody at the Sperling Drive lock-up.
I hope mayor Aspden dosn,t let this one slide and he gives Barrie Police Services Board member Macneil, "the boot".I am sick of any guy who uses his spouse or girlfriend as a punching bag and that goes for women too.I don,t care if its a cop or not.I just like to see police officers get a taste of their own jailhouse food, for once.
not a hater either

Barrie, Canada

#38 Jul 5, 2009
Anyone can say what they want about Barrie Police officers. Two Barrie Police officers are in the hospital now from both being stabbed before noon on this Sunday morning while most citizens are spending time with their families at home. The next time you want to put down the police think about that. Enough said.
Dale Boudoin


#39 Jul 12, 2009
These two rookie officers will recover but they messed up bigtime and it almost cost them their lives.Another mentally challeged man is now dead. Theres been too many police killings lately.Just recently the O.P.P. blew away a retard in Elmvale, another man was shot dead for running through a Ride program somewhere by the O.P.P.,a man has just died in police custody in Orillia and now the killing on Bayfield street.The S.I.U. is working overtime trying to keep up with all these murders of civilians.All you cops need better training in dealing with these mental cases, instead of blowing them away.In another recent case, a Barrie police officer shot a man running away with a taser only to have it malfunction. If that man would have pulled out a gun at the same time this officer drew his taser you would have another dead officer.These two rookies involved in the Bayfield street shooting should be working with senior officers for at least two years until they have their shit together.It looks like the Barrie police record for no shootings of citizens in history, has been broken.When i see Barrie cops dressed in their dark black uniforms on the street, i look at them like a bunch of bullies and thugs.Why can,t they smile sometimes, and be friendly?The only police officers in this country that i respect are in Quebec because they have always been friendly and courtious to me.

Barrie, Canada

#40 Aug 3, 2009
(this is cut and pasted from a recent news article)

You wouldn't know it from recent headlines but Barrie is one of the safest cities of its size in Canada, according to a new crime report.

The city ranked third under the crime severity index, and second under the violent crime severity index.

"I'm delighted, absolutely," said Barrie Police Chief Wayne Frechette. "Third out of about 30 or so cities, that's a whole lot better than coming third last. It's certainly welcome news, but you also can't afford to be complacent with things like this."

The chief pointed to a recent mugging on an east-end waterfront trail and a sexual assault behind a downtown house.

"They take no comfort in being attacked in one of the safest cities in Canada," Frechette said.

In April, the Canadian Centre for Justice Statistics (CCJS) released a report introducing the crime severity index, a new measure for police-reported crime reflecting the severity of individual offences and tracks changes over time.

The new index is meant to complement existing measures which address the volume of crime reported annually by police. The volume of less serious crimes -- such as mischief and theft -- tends to be higher and drives up crime rates, so the CCJS felt that distorted what is really happening in communities.

For municipalities with populations between 100,000 and 500,000 people, the only cities that rank ahead of Barrie in the crime severity index are Saguenay and Guelph, which ranked first. This city was also second under the violent crime severity index.

"Obviously, we're doing something right," Frechette said.

A meeting was held last Monday for downtown residents and business people -- particularly in the Dunlop Street West area -- to discuss issues surrounding crime, such as drug trafficking and prostitution.

"This (ranking) couldn't have come at a better time," Frechette said, adding he wishes he had had the information at Monday's meeting. "That's nice (to have), but it doesn't change their daily experience."

Now maybe its just me but the police in Barrie are obviously doing a good job?

Keswick, Canada

#41 Aug 14, 2009
For your information, a civilian cannot lay charges, that's the job of the police, looks like that would be likely in the situation, oh wait, probably not.
heard too much wrote:

If what you say is true and they stole... PRESS CHARGES!! Don't sit and take it. And if they did tow a car illegally then fight it!
I am so sick of whiners constantly willing to sit back and crucify people via e-mail (the cowardly way) nut lack the courage to stand up for the RIGHT thing. SO SOMETHING ABOUT IT!

Saskatoon, Canada

#42 Aug 31, 2009
Gee... I am so udderly shocked with the such fine use of the English language as "Suck nads" and vast vocabulary you seem to posses reffering to others such as "Wack Job" why a police officer may have become frustrated with you under such a situation. The proud and courageous men in Barrie that spend everyday putting thier lives at risk for you as a citizen have MANY more important things to do than listen to someone apouting off about thier neighbours being "Wack jobs".(Like dealing with your situation and moving on to the next billionth call they recieve in a day.) Utilizing such people as the owner/landlord of the property etc. may have been a usefull tool. I do understand that yes there are police officers out there who may not always up hold the law to the highest level of professionalism however I also think we often forget that these officers are out of uniform are regular people just like you and I who get frustrated and tired.. Tired of individuals who spout off with vulgar and inmature name calling because "So and so isn't being nice to them!" Next time you are doing your job take a look at your own work ethic and professional entegrity and be honest with yourself about the situations you face and how you are acting/re acting put yourself in thier shoes.. Chill out and complaining about those who in the moment of need when their is a REAL emergency you will undoubtably call upon again to save you!!!
A cocerned Resedents Wife wrote:
A day or so ago my husband posted his impression of the police services in our fine city, now allow me to put my impression of our annoyance in blue.
A few days ago we made a attempt at moving our stuff, only to find out the Wack Job in #1, changed the locks, so we called the police, seeing as we are law biding citizens.
Now this woman also abused the 911 system by calling it to say I was threatening her life, now the police officer that arrived asked me if I had a "Mental Problem", and if I was on any daily meds.
I';m sorry but they were asking the wrong person that. Now the Wack job's son is a wanna be cop, and her daughter just had a cops kid, so it seems to me unless you suck nads the right way, or are related, the cops will not believe you.
I'm sorry but are they not suspose to serve and protect EVERYONE, as well as up hold the law, that they seem to like making us follow??

Saskatoon, Canada

#43 Aug 31, 2009
I stumbled upon this site this morning by accident and in having not only immediate family but several life long friends that work for the Barrie City Police both fresh out in the feild right up to retirement and it absolutely sickened me to read some of the comments people have posted on here!!!
Thank you for your kind words and elequint way of rebuttling with these un educated paracites of society who to be honest I am surprised know how to turn on a computer let alone use one!
Wow I am still in shock with this!!!
I just wanted you to know that it is appreciated that thier are good citizens such as yourself standing up and stating the simple truth the same "Stone throwers" we see here are the first to go crying to the strong,Courageous and well educated heros of that beautiful city when something goes wrong and I again applaud you for taking the time to stand up to these sad pathetic individuals.
Take Care... Alyssa
not a hater wrote:
Missy you moron...would all you lowlives who have obviously broken the law time and time again and have such a skewed impression of police get your facts straight before you post on these boards! Curtis Reid did not assault a woman, it was a drunken asshole male by the way....and newsflash...HE PROBABLY DESERVED IT! My bet is, when someone is kicking down your door, you will be calling the police for help...and be thanking the lord that they show up and save your stupid asses!
Jack Barnes


#46 Nov 20, 2009
Dan Moore should be fired for beating up the hooker. The Barrie Police officer never even reported this assult and when the hooker cried for help Dan Moore did sweet- F-all.If this officer is aquitted like all the rest of these as,sholes i think i,m moving outta this retarded city.There is two more trials of Barrie police officers to go. There is Dan Moore on trial now for assult, next might be Paul Gartner for criminal harrasement and voyeurism,then after that Nathan Bowman and his other two accomplices go on trial for breaking the arm of a 61 year old man.
Now you do-gooders who always say the police are our hero,s and all that other B.S., what the he,ll do you think of your hero,s now, huh?
This is bullsh,it.The chief don,t care anymore cause he is retiring. Five officers in trouble is five too many. I hope every one of them gets fired ,especiaaly Bowman who recently beat a drunk driving charge just because the arresting officer never showed up at court in another juristiction. Bowman, you are the Scumbag of the Year, buddy.

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