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Scarborough, Canada

#380 Dec 7, 2011
JusticegR wrote:
I think that if enough people have these kinds of comments/issues with police, that may be your first sign. A real civilian SIU needs to be created. OCCPS and the OIPRD are farces to true justice being served.
nevill had entered my home after i had dialed 911 for am ambulance for my brother at the time. nevill showed up first and came in. the paramedics didn't do nothing. my brother was not a threat to anyone or himself but because he didn't comply with const. nevill because he would get his temperature taken nevill threw him to the ground and started punching the back of my brothers head because he was lying on his arms. the paramedics just stood there and watched. after my brother has been beaten for about 15 minutes by the big bad cop he finally rolled him over and cuffed him and took him to the hospital where hes was supossed to be going anyways. to the two paramedics who just stood there and watched a great big FUCK YOU for not vocing your opinion. you know who you are and i hope you can live with your sad self. and to nevill and const. delaire who was with you. delaire theres a thing called karma and you will get yours one day. to nevill your a joke and a sloppy lie cheat and steal, i hope you have kids and a wife and they leave your sorry ass cause your just a bad person in general. there is way more to my story but apparently its useless because all these cops get are a slap on the wrist and told not to do it again like a small child. problem is they do do it again and in nevill's case thats is crystal clear. so COME ON BARRIE GET YOUR SHIT TOGETHER and START LISTENING TO WHAT THE PEOPLE WANT. get rid of these bad cops. he was kicked out of the toronto force and if you ask me if you can't hack in in toronto as a cop then get the fuck out of barrie

Barrie, Canada

#381 Dec 11, 2011
He started in Barrie. He was never a Toronto Cop.
Hot off the press

Gravenhurst, Canada

#382 Dec 14, 2011
Questions arise about cops' trial
Posted 16 minutes ago
(Re:'Cops' trial moves to inbox' in the Dec. 8 edition of the Examiner)

I am astounded at the decision made by Justice Michael Block to allow the trial lawyers to submit their final submission via e-mail.

I am sure there are no provisions for that type of action in the 'Judges Rule Book'.

If there are, I would like to see them in print.

What type of justice is that? Court cases are supposed to be open to the public, unless of course they are young offenders. Why would this justice reach this asinine decision?

What is the justice trying to accomplish?

Is it to speed the trial along? No, I don't think so, when his decision is not expected until April 2012, over four months from now.

We also learned that any interested party will have to buy the transcripts for $1 a page. Many pages are expected to be involved.

The justice reported it is a complicated matter.

Why, what can be complicated about an assault trial with three defendants and three defence lawyers and one prosecuting lawyer? He then refused to explain his reasons.

To a layperson, the type of actions being perpetrated in this trial give rise to a suspicion that all is not proceeding in a fair and balanced way.

Bernie Hunt Barrie

Scarborough, Canada

#384 Dec 21, 2011
Re:Switching Barrie over to O.P.P. It's at least a good reason to take a look at the costing for the OPP to service Barrie. If they'd still need a new station at least more of the cost would be shared with the province and Barrie could provide the land as their share.

The good cops in Barrie would get a better job with the OPP and the ones that continue to drive drunk, peek in their ex's window at night, make racist comments to their subordinates, gang assault elderly people, shoot and kill people who are armed with knives, tazer people not armed at all, lie under oath and... I could go on... would not and that is the issue.
Barrie taxpayer

Barrie, Canada

#385 Dec 30, 2011
What the news did'nt tell you this morning about the home invasion in Barrie is that the guys that posed as plain clothed officers used ID tags that were stolen from a Barrie cop car along with a computer that was left unlocked!!
A Barrie cop

Barrie, Canada

#386 Dec 30, 2011
Barrie Taxpayer. You are completely wrong on that. I’m not sure if you are misinformed or just a liar. The badge used was a fake.
Average Joe

Caledon, Canada

#387 Jan 11, 2012
Most people that post on here are misinformed, liars or both.
Cops have lost it

Torrance, CA

#388 Jan 12, 2012
A Durham Regional police officer is facing five charges, including sexual assault and making child pornography, the Special Investigations Unit (SIU) has confirmed.

Const. Scott Andrew Terry was arrested Wednesday and released on bail.

"The SIU has reasonable grounds to believe that [the] officer ... committed criminal offences in relation to incidents involving a female over the course of several months between 2000 and 2001," the SIU said in a release.

The provincial police watchdog, which began its investigation in October, said it wouldn’t comment on the case as it’s before the court.

Terry was charged with:

• one charge of sexual assault.
• one charge of sexual exploitation.
• one charge of breach of trust by an official.
• one charge of making child pornography.
• one charge of possession of child pornography

As part of his bail conditions, Terry can't leave the province, must not carry a firearm and must not be within 100 metres of any park, playground or school. He must also abstain from consuming alcohol or drugs.
A Barrie cop

Barrie, Canada

#390 Jan 16, 2012
After reading all of the comments in the Barrie Examiner over the past year or so, it is clear that many Barrie residents think that Barrie should go OPP because they think that it would be cheaper and are upset with the cost of a new station. According to an article in the Orillia paper the other day it seems OPP have the same problems in. OPP are only looking for 10.6 millian, but the population of Orillia is close to 30000. Barrie's station is 5 times as much, but we have 5 times as many people so the cost per person is the same. The OPP contract ensures that they are the highest paid police service in the province. If they took over Barrie, all Barrie cops patch over to OPP and get a substantial raise. Doesn't sound like it gets any cheaper.
To read the Orillia article, search Cops Crammed in the Orillia Packet and Times

Torrance, CA

#391 Jan 17, 2012
Looks like we get screwed no matter what.Cops suspended with pay should have to pay back every goddamn nickel if they are found guilty.The pervert Durham cop mentioned above was also supended with pay.F-you Barrie cop.
Average Joe

Caledon, Canada

#392 Jan 27, 2012
Hey Screwed,
You sound really angry. I agree with you if police are found guilty of a criminal offence and then terminated, they should pay pack their back wages. But you swearing and telling other people on this post to go and f@&k themselves, greatly reduced your credibility.
WTF Barrie

San Jose, CA

#395 Feb 7, 2012
The Barrie police, by in large will not help you, they are not your friend. Never talk to the Barrie police, never call the Barrie police. They will only enflame any situation. Even if you are a victim, you will risk getting trapped in an overwhelming bureaucratic system or / and you will find yourself the the suspect in some other circumstance. Power given is always abused.

Barrie, Canada

#396 Feb 7, 2012
To WTF Barrie. You are in California and you know how the Barrie Police treat people... Talk about the long arm of the law.
Glad i left Barrie

Mclean, VA

#397 Feb 23, 2012
This morning the headline was on the CBC website,Toronto police officer charged with murder.
Meanwhile two Barrie Police officers will recieve the Star of Courage award in Rideau Hall by the Govenor General of Canada.
Why are we rewarding scum like this , bravery medals?Edger and Speers were two stupid rookies who screwed up,got injured, and murdered a innocent man.Now they are recieving medals , left and right. Anybody who thinks these two losers should recieve the star of courage is a sadistic bastard. That goes with everyone associated with them.A innocent man is dead and the police are celebrating.I,m glad i moved far away from the craphole of Canada, Barrie.
Scarey in Barrie

Orillia, Canada

#398 Feb 25, 2012
After three strong police officers lay a “severe beating” on an elderly man in his own home, one of the officers sneaked back into the house to check for video surveillance.
No wonder police chief Mark Neelin is trying to divert attention from this case .Two of the officers involved are still at work in the station doing desk jobs. If Mark Neelin suspects that any of these officers might have done wrong,why does he keep them on staff? Mark Neelin has no credibility anymore.He should be fired.The public and Mr. Ullman get the crappy end of the stick, every time.

Saint Petersburg, FL

#399 Feb 26, 2012
To "Scary in Barrie", the piece that you are quoting is what the prosecutor stated, this is not fact. Can we at least presume the officers are innocent until proven guilty? The Examiner and Tracy McLaughlin in particular reported very poorly on this in that they failed to report that the alleged "victim" was caught in numerous lies and made some things up, that was not reported and it was not fair reporting. As per Chief Neelin, he is not attempting to cover anything up, nothing can be done as per the Police Services Act (a Provincial Statute) unless the officers are found guilty. Police Officers are entitled to a proper defence just like anyone else in spite of comments that are posted by the anti-police crowd on this blog!
Scarey in Barrie

Orillia, Canada

#400 Feb 26, 2012
Hi straightshooter. I hope your enjoying nice weather in FLA.
Anyways, yes that is a quote from the prosecutor and to answer your question,Can we at least presume the officers are innocent until proven guilty? The answer is no.It should be the other way around.I don,t think Mark Neelin is covering anything up in this case, but he dosn,t seem to take police brutality seriously,anytime it happens.
Suspension with pay, has to stop.

Saint Petersburg, FL

#401 Feb 27, 2012
Chief Neelin has nothing to do with the suspension with pay issue, this is a Provincial law. So "Scary in Barrie" just so I have this straight, do just police officers that are charged are to be deemed "guilty till proven innocent" or does that go for every citizen of Canada? I guess we are to have two sets of laws? One for the police and one for everyone else charged with a crime?
Shawn in Barrie

Caledon, Canada

#403 Mar 1, 2012
Hey Scarey in Barrie: you never answered Straightshooters question. Should there be two sets of laws.

Glad I left Barrie: if you disagree with the officers getting bravery medals that is one thing but to call them scum, in anonymity is very cowardly. And if the deceased is so innocent, why was he carrying a knife and stabbed two police officers?
Scarey in Barrie

Barrie, Canada

#404 Mar 8, 2012
Shawn. No. One law for all.
One more thing.I should not have called those officers scum,that were injured.That wasn,t appropriate and i appoligize.
Thats reserved for police officers who commit violent crimes, and get suspended with pay.

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