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#357 Nov 23, 2011
I think that if enough people have these kinds of comments/issues with police, that may be your first sign. A real civilian SIU needs to be created. OCCPS and the OIPRD are farces to true justice being served.


#358 Nov 23, 2011
Accountability for all?


#359 Nov 23, 2011
What other job are you not held responsible for your actions?
Fire these animals

Huntsville, Canada

#360 Nov 24, 2011
A new day and another cop on trial. Read this folks.
A Barrie police officer who was set to enter a plea in criminal court on Wednesday for assault charges has had his case adjourned.

Const. Jason Nevill, a 12-year member of the Barrie police department, had been suspended from duty after being charged with assault causing bodily harm, attempt to obstruct justice and fabricating evidence.

Police say the charges were laid following a November 2010 incident at Barrie's Bayfield Mall that involved the officer, two private security guards and a 25-year-old man.

Initially, the man was charged with assaulting a police officer with the intent to resist arrest. He also received injuries during the incident.

New evidence was later brought to the Crown attorney and last February charges against the man were withdrawn.

An investigation was conducted by an independent police agency and Nevill was charged.

The case was adjourned to Dec. 7 to set a date for trial.

Nevill was previously charged with assaulting another man in 2007. In that case, Nevill admitted striking the man in the face because he was spitting at him and he feared in infectious disease. Following a trial, a judge acquitted Nevill.

Barrie,s finest ??


#361 Nov 24, 2011
BPD sounds like a joke along with the RCMP and every other detachment in Canada. Paid leave whle being investigated, paid suspension, and retaining the job. Does anyone else see an issue here. The OIPRD is a sick joke of an organization implemented to provide a catch 22 for complainants.
Fire these animals

San Jose, CA

#362 Nov 24, 2011
The stories keep coming. Another Barrie Police officer was arrested today. This is from the Examiner Nov 24/11.
A Barrie city police officer has been charged with impaired and dangerous driving.

Const. Brian Byblow, a 21-year veteran, has a Dec. 19 court date.

OPP say Byblow was off duty Wednesday when he was charged with impaired driving, having more than the legal amount of alcohol in his blood system and dangerous driving.

At the time of this incident, Byblow was also on a medical leave from his police duties.

Drunk and dangerous, huh??I,m not making this crap up people.This is real.
Barrie resident

Caledon, Canada

#363 Nov 24, 2011
I like our Barrie cops

Barrie, Canada

#365 Nov 25, 2011
So what if a cop was charged with impaired and dangerous driving. People get charged with impaired and dangerous driving all the time. It's in the papers almost everyday. I'm not saying that driving drunk or like an idiot is okay - it obviously isn't. But in this day and age, EVERYONE knows better.

OPP, Barrie, Toronto, ALL police services have their "bad apples". I didn't see any complaints on here about the OPP employee looking at child porn? Or how about that Toronto cop that grabbed another's guys nuts at a traffic stop. If I had to choose between a pedophile, a sackgrabber and a drunk, I'd chose the drunk.
Barrie Resident

Caledon, Canada

#366 Nov 25, 2011
Well said Mag. It is just the same old people on here, taking any opportunity to bash the Barrie Police as a whole.


#367 Nov 25, 2011
None of them. Are you actually that special? Do you slap your chest? They are all not worthy of the title "police officer" , nutgrabber, drunk, pedophile....... Fire the scum.


#368 Nov 25, 2011
Get rid of the bad apples. Dip shiit
Barry Cooper

Orillia, Canada

#369 Nov 25, 2011
R.I.D.E. program gets under way tonight but they bagged officer Byblow last night. That swine is going to kill someone, driving like a madman.I hope Mag loses someone special to a drunk driver some day, and maybe her opinion will change.

Barrie, Canada

#370 Nov 25, 2011
I'm glad you wish me such wonderful things for my future. I see your point. However, he is human and he's lucky his crime was victimless. My point was that the bad apples are everywhere. Don't judge them all based on a few idiots on the force. There are good ones that do care and do want to do their job and do it well.

Jeff Shortt

Orillia, Canada

#371 Nov 26, 2011
Nathan Bowmans disciplinary hearing is delayed by his lawyer again until sometime next year. Bowmans lawyer also had his assult case stalled until this month.When a officer like Bowman is clearly guilty, the only option is to have the case thrown out because it took too long to be heard.The taxpayers of Barrie has paid this losers salary for over two years.Bowman knows how to play the system.I have lost all respect for the Barrie Police, because you don,t know who to trust.Evidence is being fabricated (Neville)and innocent people are being convicted.If the chief would show some leadership and fire these scumbags , maybe we will regain confidence in this force.


#372 Nov 26, 2011
Mag, if he's human and committed a crime, victimless or not, should he not be treated in the same respect as normal citizens? So you agree police can do as they please because others do, yet that's the goal of having police, to stop that behavior. You really need to have something like that happen to your loved ones. I think it's sad when you can defend this bullshit.

Barrie, Canada

#373 Nov 27, 2011
To Jeff Short

When it is the defence that causes the delays in the trial, it doesnÂ’t help it get thrown out of court at all. If the prosecution causes the delays, the case gets tossed. His lawyer slowing things down helps no one except the lawyer who gets paid more for more court dates.


#375 Nov 30, 2011
Who's paying for his defense?
Mick Hanson

Gravenhurst, Canada

#376 Dec 2, 2011
Three police officers accused of beating a 62-year-old Barrie man in his home claimed they had to enter his house because they were concerned about safety, a court heard Thursday.

Barrie police Consts. Kevin Calleja, Nathan Bowman and Marco Coniglione are on trial, charged with assault causing bodily harm, in an incident that happened July 6, 2009.

The trial has been ongoing since last year and has been in and out of courts between Barrie and Oshawa.

Earlier in the trial, the alleged victim, Michael Ullman, now 64, was grilled for three days and testified he had a "rocky" relationship with his sister, who had left his home after an argument. She called police from another location a few blocks away and police briefly interviewed her. She claimed she had been punched.

A short time later, Ullman said three officers barged through his front door, calling him a "woman beater" and started beating him.

"I fell to the floor ... there were punches and kicks coming from all sides," Ullman said.

Court exhibits show cuts, welts and bruises on Ullman's head, face, ear, jaw, tongue, arms, shoulders and legs. He required surgeries for a shattered arm.

At the time, Ullman had a fused vertebra in his neck and now claims the fusion was broken during the beating.

A videotape played in court shows Ullman wailing as if in pain with his hands cuffed behind his back while he is being brought in to the police station. He was later taken to hospital.

On the witness stand, Thursday, Nevill testified he and the other officers entered Ullman's home because they thought there was a threat of danger.

"It was my duty to enter that house and make sure there are no victims," Nevill said. "I had the authority to go into that house."

Nevill admitted he punched and kneed Ullman, who fell to the floor, because he was resisting arrest.

"You didn't tell him that he didn't have to let you in without a search warrant?" asked Crown attorney Robin Flumerfelt.

"No," Nevill answered.

"I suggest you barged your way into that house and you hung a beating on him without getting a warrant," Flumerfelt said.

"I disagree," Nevill answered.

Nevill said he did not know how Ullman broke his arm and the subject was never discussed by the officers.

Coniglione also testified, insisting that the residence at Ullman's south-end home was "flagged" for guns, but the Crown attorney pointed out the officers never took the time to find out it was from a former resi d e nt who was a hunter who lived there six years earlier.

Coniglione admitted he closed the door when all three officers entered Ullman's home.

"Why did you close the door?" the Crown asked.

"Out of politeness," Coniglione answered. "It was July, the air-conditioning was on and there was a dog in the house."

Coniglione insisted he never struck Ullman. The trial continues next week on Wednesday.
Barrie taxpayer

Barrie, Canada

#377 Dec 2, 2011
all three of them should be fired!!....If they worked for a REAL police force ( like in the states)..where there is no union to protect them...they would be gone!!....saving the tax payer a TONE of cash!!
blah blah

Scarborough, Canada

#379 Dec 7, 2011
Scott wrote:
Hey Barrie tax payer....Nevill is not fired yet. He has been charged with serious criminal offences. If he is convicted, I totally agree with you, he should be fired! By the way, I have a son that is mentally delayed, and I take great offence to you using the term "retard". I am sure you could find other strong adjectives to express your dislike for Nevill.
nevill is a kid beater. hes not allowed around georgian campus because he would hassle and beat students. this cop is a joke. he should be ashamed of himself and for slandering the reputation of the barrie police department. its cops like this that give the real hero a bad name. he should be fired without pay and during the holidays too just so he suffers and bit more. hes white trash red neck

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