Barrie City Police Services

Barrie City Police Services

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A cocerned Resedents Wife

Mount Morris, IL

#1 May 15, 2006
A day or so ago my husband posted his impression of the police services in our fine city, now allow me to put my impression of our annoyance in blue.

A few days ago we made a attempt at moving our stuff, only to find out the Wack Job in #1, changed the locks, so we called the police, seeing as we are law biding citizens.

Now this woman also abused the 911 system by calling it to say I was threatening her life, now the police officer that arrived asked me if I had a "Mental Problem", and if I was on any daily meds.
I';m sorry but they were asking the wrong person that. Now the Wack job's son is a wanna be cop, and her daughter just had a cops kid, so it seems to me unless you suck nads the right way, or are related, the cops will not believe you.

I'm sorry but are they not suspose to serve and protect EVERYONE, as well as up hold the law, that they seem to like making us follow??

United States

#2 Sep 15, 2006
Contact Barrie OPP, explain clearly the situation and why you are concerned. You can also file a formal complaint either with the department of with the ontario association of police chiefs.

Loveland, OH

#5 Jun 24, 2007
Well the chief of police in Barrie was so concerned when there was no funding provided the barrie chapter when the government was handing out funding this year...If we think about it the universe has a way of stopping corruption, dishonesty as well a number of other wong doings, by some of the other Barrie Police Officers who for what ever reason think that with all their power they can get away with their behavior...The universe does give back and to those who need to be stopped. They will go through their own suffering in time...

Saint George, UT

#6 Jul 1, 2007
The corruption is not only in the Barrie Police
department, but is far more reaching than that.
It seems that most people are gullable and believe
everyword that the authorities tell them.

Did you know that Barrie's City Hall and The Barrie
Police Services had their hands in the Molson Marijuana Plant a few years ago. And that Barrie's
City Hall has been using tax dollars to build offshore retirement projects for themselves, by embezzleing money into the Barrie Rotary Club.

These are facts. And I have had to endure a wave of persecution for doing the right thing.
I used to be a Custodian at City Hall until I
went to the police to report Illegal activities that were going on in City Hall.

For some reason as City Hall extorts my rights and freedoms and obstructs justice, they think I'm gonna go away. I have never dropped my case. People have taken the liberty to put words in my mouth and steal my Identity and fabricate things.

My respect for the authorities in all avenues of government are gone. Since I've tried every, every, every, avenue to have a matter dealt with peacefully. To this day my privacy is still being invaded by the perverts. I guess when you
uphold the law, and try and maintain some form of moral value, they only want to destroy it, to make themselves feel better about being liers and decievers. Trying to find fault.( Fault Finders ).
It hasn't and won't work. I have no pride to destroy,
and I don't embarrass easily.

I have patience and self-control, which appears to be making them even more angry. Time is on my side now. The longer they hold out on justice the more
my case gets stronger. That's right, even CB conversations can be recorded of slander.

I haven't and Will not backdown until I get justice,
and my rights and freedoms are retored along with my name and reputation on a public acknowledgement and appology.

There are people fighting for the right thing behind the publics eyes.:)
Just a Guy

Barrie, Canada

#7 May 18, 2008
to the first post...maybe you should be on meds

and to tyler...maybe you should mind your business and try not to assume you know what is going on.

PEOPLE how can we take you seriously when you can't even spell correctly?
Barrue Tax Payer

Midland, Canada

#8 May 20, 2008
Just a Guy,

maybe you should follow your own advice and be on meds if you are covering up such a blatant and corrupt force.

Why should tyler mind his own business when he puts people like you in line.

Indeed how can we take you seriously when all you can do is attack people on their spelling.
John Stewart


#9 May 31, 2008
I am outraged that a Barrie Police officer had charges of drinking and driving dropped against him because on the first day of Nathan Bowman,s trial a judge could not be found to hear the case so it collapsed. On the second attempt to bring the officer Nathan Bowman to trial again, the arresting officer was too busy to show up so the case collapsed again.Nathan Bowman first had his case moved to another juristiction because he is a police officer which is wrong.It turns out the juristiction officer Bowman and his lawyer picked to try him dosn,t have enough resources so cases get dismissed.The attorny general of Ontario should have a inquiry into this travesty of justice.This was a open and shut case against this police officer which should have been a easy conviction for impaired driving. The justice system sucks except if your a police officer. police officer.

Barrie, Canada

#10 Jun 5, 2008
....."offshore retirement projects for themselves, by embezzling money into the Barrie Rotary Club".
Mike Vernon


#11 Jun 6, 2008
Barrie Police chief Wayne Frechette has finally commented on the case of one of his officers Nathan Bowman who had charges of drinking and driving dropped against him last week. Mr . Frechette supports this officer and he says that officer Bowman did not recieve special treatment from anybody and that charges against him under the police services act will be dropped too.
Now i am outraged at Chief Frechette,s response to this travesty of justice and Chief Frechette should be fired or retired immediatly.You can beat a drinking and driving charge in Barrie if your a police officer.Thats the bottom line.
Janice Creber


#12 Jul 3, 2008
Bill C-2 sucks unless your a Barrie Police officer.I will submit to a drug test the day scumbags like Nathan Bowman are convicted for drinking and driving and not let off by a sympathetic judge.
Sammy Moreau


#13 Jul 30, 2008
The Barrie Police murdered Wagg,s the dog.Why the hell did the officer fire two warning shots into the ground before he blew the dog away with the third shot ? No wonder ,the dog was scared.It seems it dosn,t take much to make a Barrie police officer feel threatened for his or her safety.This is just another lame ass excuse they use to justify their actions.I hate the police for doing this and it,s not the first time they have shot and killed someones pet.Shame on the police.
Bob Eaton


#14 Aug 12, 2008
poor Wagg,s he dont Wagg no more
Britney Cox


#15 Aug 13, 2008
So constable Stuart Fehrman of the Barrie police has gotten off with murder.What else is new. This is the second time he has been cleared by the S.I.U. .The Barrie police suck.


#16 Aug 27, 2008
Barrie,s finest is all the men, women, doctors and nurses at the RVH who save lives and comfort patients 24 hours a day and get little recognition for their work.All the EMS staff are working their hardest to save lives too.
Barrie,s lowest of the low is the Barrie Police Services who ruin our lives,beat us up,shoot our pets,and they get suspended with pay when they get arrested themselves.
Jerry Corville


#17 Aug 29, 2008
I hope that before the Barrie Police start their annual assult on the college students returning next week from summer vacation and handing out 475 dollar tickets for anybody breaking the noise bylaw, i hope the police remember that they were young once themselves and to give the students a break.A loud mouth ex police officer living on College Crescent is the real trouble maker(no names) and he heads a anti student group to make trouble for the students and cost the taxpayers a fortune in policing costs.If this ex cop dosn,t like the parties,noise and the occasional piece of trash on his street then why the hell dosn,t he just move away?The students are good people and they raise lots of money for charities throughout the year.They don,t deserve being harassed by a ex cop or any police whatsoever.The students spend lots of money in Barrie too.I,m not bashing the Barrie police but i know about their brutal tactics.
Jim Kelly


#18 Sep 20, 2008
Barrie Police. Take note of this. Two nights ago on my street i noticed two very tall skinny men dressed in all black uniforms with the word POLICE on their backs peeking into the windows of three townhouses in a row.What was unusual about this was that i did not see any badges on them or crests, nor did i see them caring any guns on their belts.They also had no police car.I watched these guys walk up to each house and not ring the doorbell or knock but they looked in the front windows. I was very suspicious about what i was watching.These two guys might have been fake cops casing out my neighbourhood or planning a home invasion.I never seen Barrie police officers that look like this before.They were as skinny as you can get.I was going to call the police station and report this but i don,t trust the Barrie Police. If these two creepy looking guys were real cops they should not be prowling around neighbourhoods peeking into windows of our homes.
Marsha Clark


#19 Nov 8, 2008
Once again a Barrie Police officer has been charged with beating up a woman in downtown Barrie this summer. Scumbag Constable Dan Moore 38, has been charged by the S.I.U. which almost never charges any officer with anything.They must have a good case against this asshole to charge him with assult causing bodily harm.Dan Moore is a coward for kicking the shit out of a woman.
I hope Dan Moore enjoys his little holiday compliments of the Barrie taxpayers, because i,m fucking fed up with police officers tasering and kicking the shit out of our citizens. The lame ass Special Investigations Unit of Ontario never lays charges almost 100 % of the time.
Dan Moore should not be suspended with pay.This is a joke. Where the hell is our police chief anyways?He hasn,t been seen since poor Brandon Crisp dissapeared. R.I.P. Brandon.
Marsha Clark


#20 Nov 8, 2008
The officer charged was Don Moore, not Dan.
Not an idiot

Ottawa, Canada

#21 Nov 18, 2008
After reading the posts on this forum I have come to several conclusions about the individuals who have voiced their mind(s):

1. seek help....people who openly talk as you think go to special places.(mental institutions)

2. you have no idea what policing is about, how it works, or what the officers doing the job put up with from ingrate, forest gump mouth pieces like your selves.

3. before you complain about the law, learn what is and what it says!!!!!

4. and after you do that, learn what it is to enforce it and how to do it properly

5. using a taser on someone is more than likely saving their life, because if they didn't use the taser it would have been the 9mm. Hmmm.....get shot with a hollow point or get electricuted.

6. go back to school and finish grade 9.
Missy Gauthier


#22 Nov 27, 2008
The same Barrie cop who assulted a woman in custody on August 18/08 and was charged with assult has now been charged again for public intoxication and discreditable conduct.Curtis Reid was suspended with pay for his first charge ,now he is facing another . Why dosn,t the Chief fire the son of a bitch and be done with it?
Now Curtis Reid and Don Moore are sitting on their asses getting drunk compliments of the Barrie taxpayers.Two losers.Sorry. 3 losers. The 3rd loser is the previous poster,Not A Idiot from Ottawa.

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