I was reading the article about the Cleanup of the cemetery. I was really upset to know that the Local Air Cadet Squadren was the only one that recognition for doing this cleanup. Everything including the video was centreed around the cadets from 604 moose. There was at least 2 Sea Cadet Corps in the city that attended. The only mention was that the Air Cadetsworked with the Sea Cadets no mention or even photos of them. The Sea Cadet Corps were 22 RCSCC Undaunted and 335 RCSCC Calgary. It is disheartening to know that This Squadren even though they may have called you would only think of themselves. And to you the people came out to witness this didnt even think to interview the Officers and or Cadets of the Sea Cadet Corps. This is a big deal to theses Cadets and the fact that nobody even thought to photogragh these cadets make it an even bigger ``secret``.

I believe that The cadets from the Sea Cadet Corps deserve an apology that they were over looked and that they needto know that they are not Canadas big secret.