It’s DOWNRIGHT DISPICABLE the way that AT&T is treating their LONG-TIME customers…and iPhone customers at that. We literally put them on the map as the premier smartphone provider. Sure, we still get “unlimited” data, but what’s it worth when you can’t even stream a two-minute video clip? THIS IS BOGUS. They slashed the prices and oversold the iPhone 3G in ’09 without building the network to because they are GREEDY, and they paid Luke Wilson peanuts to lie to us rather than BUILD/UPGRADE THEIR NETWORK. Their customer service reps are as corrupt as career politicians…the only difference is that those peons can’t convincingly read off of a script.

Please join me at , and let’s stand together and FIGHT AT&T. Post screenshots of speed-tests, provide links to articles such as this one, and help restore the age-old adage “THE CUSTOMER IS ALWAYS RIGHT”. Most of us shell out over $100 to AT&T EVERY MONTH for their service, and NONE OF US paid less than $200 for our original devices when the “unlimited” plans were still offered. : FIGHT AT&T “Unlimited” Data Throttling!!