Free cell phones offered to low-incom...

Free cell phones offered to low-income people

There are 283 comments on the South Florida Sun-Sentinel story from Dec 8, 2008, titled Free cell phones offered to low-income people. In it, South Florida Sun-Sentinel reports that:

More than 56,000 low-income Treasure Coast and Okeechobee County residents can now receive a free cell phone and minutes thanks to a government-subsidized program financed through a portion of most phone users' ...

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Federal Way, WA

#270 Aug 20, 2011
I understand what some of these ignorant people are saying, but I'd also like to say, that this service saved my life, literally! I was in a serious DV situation, very isolated, it is the ONLY reason I'm still here today to raise my children. If it saves lives, or gets someone a job, it's a good thing.
Sweetest Angel

Federal Way, WA

#271 Aug 20, 2011
I too am a single mother, starting over after a abusive relationship. I work and go to school and raise my 3 wonderful babies, ON MY OWN. I KNOW that without this phone I would not have gotten away for the LAST time, or have a job, nobody wants to hear you don't have contact #. I didn't have a message phone. Just remember people. , were not all drug addict losers, the typical stereotype welfare recipients.
Peeved off

Mesquite, NV

#272 Aug 23, 2011
I work and still do not make enough money to have a home phone in my house and support my self, thank you very much. so here is to all of you people out there that are complaning...SHUT UP...I even went to college the price of living has gone up considerably so in a sence I do pay for my FREE cell phone with taxes!

United States

#273 Aug 25, 2011
The phone number so I can call and get a cell phone
Just Me

Oklahoma City, OK

#274 Sep 1, 2011
Bill Neubauer wrote:
Hey, do "low-income" people (or anybody, actually) really need cell phones?
How realistic is it to envision a choice between paying the phone bill or buying food?
If people are truly low income, they are eligible for food stamps. Food stamps provide $588 a month for a family of four. I, myself, one of those "senile citizens on fixed incomes," provide myself robust health on about $10 or $15 a week worth of healthy fruits and veggies.
Come on, let's be realistic. Aren't we really pampering "low-income people?" Is that necessary in the economic doldrums which everybody is experiencing these days?
How about a touch of realism?
Hey Smart Azz Have'nt you pampered Cheney and Haliburton with 18 billion no bid contract?
also tired

United States

#275 Sep 1, 2011
FedUp wrote:
This country is turning into the U.S.S.A. I want to vomit every time I see the safelink commercials. This is a true fleecing of the working taxpayer. How many more social programs and free-bees can we come up with? Sorry you guys are down on your luck. But I'm TIRED of having my pockets picked by politicians trying to make life 'fair' for everyone.
Life is NOT fair - and yes, it sucks to not have a phone. I'm sure it complicates work issues. But it is a LUXURY. Besides, I'd like a corporate jet so getting to my sales calls is easier.
If individuals or groups want to help subsidize your existence, then ask them for help. Go to churches, non-profits, or other organizations. It is not the governments job to be your manna from heaven. Besides, this Safelink Wireless is a FOR PROFIT company.
This is not a selfish view. This is a REALISTIC view. Selfish is trying to get something for nothing - which is what I see in some of the posts. "I need", "I want", "I XXXXX". We are all given opportunity in this country. How we plan for and react to life is the bed we make. Got kids and can't afford them? Who's fault is that? I didn't force your poverty on you - and I certainly didn't force you to have kids. Yet, because some cool-aid drinking liberal wants to buy votes, I'm forced to pay for your (bad) decisions or bad luck?
You want selfish? Where is MY hand out? I not only have to work and PAY for my phone, I'm paying for people who don't. Tsk... and you call those that question the sanity of this sham selfish... Oh the irony.
I agree with your comment. Life is about choices.
Hardworking mama

New York, NY

#276 Oct 2, 2011
I find it offensive to say the least that some ppl are insinuating that those of us on food stamps and medical assistance CHOSE this lifestyle for ourselves. Sometimes, pregnancy can NOT be prevented in spite of the best attempts to do so. I'm 27 with one baby and another on the way. BOTH of my babies were the result of birth control failure. The first one was from birth control pills. I had been on them for a year faithfully took them everyday at the same time, unfortunately my doctor that had prescribed them failed to tell me that getting vaccinated against hepatitis b would render the pills ineffective. After he was born, i got the iud inserted believing that the iud studies state that it is the most effective form of birth control short of surgical sterilization. That method also failed and so now i am carrying my 2nd baby. Medical assistance and government does not pay for abortion services and no doctor will tie a woman's tubes prior to that woman having at least 2 children. I worked as long as i could during my first pregnancy, but when my employer found out that i was pregnant and unmarried, they fired me because it would "leave a bad impression" with the clients i dealt with on a daily basis. At the time, i was an administrative assistant at one of the wealthiest condominium complexes in my city. Following being terminated, i applied for unemployment and continued to look for more work, but no one wants to hire a pregnant woman with the knowledge that they will need to leave during the first few weeks postpartum. After my son was born, i secured employment again working this time as a security guard. Once again, when i appeared obviously pregnant, my hours were cut and my shift was changed to such that i was no longer able to work there. Once again, i was lucky to have just found a job about a week ago as a temporary employee in retail.
In short, the point i am trying to make is that although there are several people on federal assistance programs that do take advantage of the system unfairly, not all of us do. There are those of us that DO work, DO try to improve our situations, and DO pay taxes just as well as those of you who are fortunate enough to not NEED to ask the government for help. I find it deplorable that there are those of you out there that would unfairly sterotype us all into the same class of people and shame us for trying. It is this type of discrimination that i believe causes the unfair leeching off the government that some people partake in. Shame on you for being so judgemental to not be able to see past the bridge of your own nose to understand that not all people collecting welfare and food stamps do so as a matter of choice, but rather, a matter of neccessity.

Louisville, KY

#277 Oct 5, 2011
Deputy Dog wrote:
Can they get on the "Four Free Phones Family Plan"?
One for junior the drug dealer, one for sis the hooker, one for Dad (if we can figure out who he is) and one for mom, the fat, cigarette smoking welfare recepiant.
I understand how irritating the thought of this can be and I fused about it at first also. But, I am now a single Mom with 2 special needs children who are required to ride the public transit system to and from school and their job sites. They are in training programs for the mentally handicapped. I feel much safer putting them on the bus knowing that they have a cell phone in case of an emergency. These are not treated as toys, and are put up when they return home, but I am very thankful for the service. It is too bad that the abuse of the service by some has jaded everyones point of view

United States

#278 Oct 17, 2011
i need a phone, please help me.
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lasitha hirushan.
Gemunu mawatha.

United States

#279 Oct 17, 2011
i need a phone, please help me.
My address
lasitha hirushan.
Gemunu mawatha.
Sri lanka.
Hebeas Capious

United States

#280 Oct 25, 2011
Need a cell phone? Can't afford one? Tough! Don't come to us the TAX PAYERS to pay for one. No job, no money, NO PHONE!

Springfield, MO

#281 Oct 28, 2011
my mom is a loser and did drugs and had way to many babies, she couldn't take care of herself let alone all her children.. my father died when i was 14 and i got kicked out of my house when i was 16 because i didn't like the way my mom's boyfriend beat her up.. i have struggled my entire life just trying to stay alive. i was forced to drop out of school to raise my baby sister .. and you guys are all right.. life is hard, i'm 19 now and don't have any children.. and yes i need help, so what about me.. is it wrong that the government wants to help me out, when all my life i've done my best to help out others. people need help, you guys sitting here complaining about it isn't going to change a thing. you have no clue what people have to go through in their lives not everyone got handed a nice cozy little lifestyle. and one day if something bad happens to any of you who sit here and complain, just know that i won't judge you.. i'll understand that everyone needs help once in awhile!

United States

#282 Nov 16, 2011
Randy Releford wrote:
You notice how certain people always get stuff given to them? Poor people get food stamps, housing allowances, free transportation, free medical care, assistance with home phone (lifeline), and now a free cell phone.
Just remember, someone is paying for all of these "freebies".
yes. I paid my taxs all my life and your saying it's a freeby. You don't know what your talking about
G ward

Taylors, SC

#283 Dec 1, 2011
You know what alot of people gets everything free and brag about it. medicare , medicaid, and foodstamps plus over 1100 amonth. this person shots costs 3ooo.oo each who pays medicaid. but she can go out and buy anything she wants. now is that fair i know this person .plus she has someone come in and do her house work after they leave she jumps in her car and take off.
G ward

Taylors, SC

#284 Dec 1, 2011
You know Randy You and I paid our taxes and other people but some didn't paid a peeny in.we are not knocking you down because i don't know you and you don't know me. But when you got disable it took you time to get anything. After i paid my health insurance i get 380.10. we have already paid our taxes in why do we have to keep paying?
to the arguement

Greenwood, IN

#285 Dec 15, 2011
ok i have been taken out of work cause of a doctor my short term disability has not come threw yet i do not have food stamps cause i am not up at the time to apply. i know i know change your sleep schedule i cant thats a whole nother topic. but i do know a few people who have no ways and are under doctors care i believe those people should have them cause they are not able to work and get them on there own but i do disagree with people getting cell phones if they live with mom and daddy and and can work but chose not to. these should only be used by the people who truely need them not any body if you can work then go out and get a damn job there are plenty you just got to lower your standards. i my self would if i was allowed but like i stated before i cant doctor wont release me yet. but alot of people misuse there food stamps and some people i know use them when they shouldnt have them. i wish there was a way to report it if anyone knows i way please let me know
Toya from Ga

Austell, GA

#286 Jan 4, 2012
We as people do make MOST of our decision, However somethings happen to people that they have no control over like car accidents, work lay-offs etc. Some people do need to help in order to get back on there feet. But you do have the people that depend on the welfare program and are not trying to get on there feet. But the people that need help shouldnt be penalized for that. Cell phone is not a Luxury. You need a phone just to call for help. It is a necessity. But dont put everyone down that gets welfare, because some people do use it the way it was designed for which is Temporary Assistance. And no it is not the Government responsibily to take care of us for the rest of our lives, but rememeber it is suppose to to be a Government for the people, so if the people are in need give the resources to help. And for you people that have always have money and have never needed government assistance, just think if right now something happened to you to where you needed help with taking care of your bills. I BET you wouldnt feel that way about foodstamps, medicaid and this free phone then. So dont talk down on the people in need. Just keep thanking GOD for what you have because he can take it away from you just like he gave it to you.
Toya from Ga

Austell, GA

#287 Jan 4, 2012
SICK wrote:
whats sick about this is middle class work their
A S S off and do not qualify for anything for free, nor can they pay a large phone bill, while the LAZY and Poor (most of them anyway) qualify to sit home on their hind ends and get assistance, walk up and down the roads all day on their free phones etc. If we quit handing out to people who are poor, and unless they are UNABLE TO WORK, do not qualify for free assistance, then they might get a job like the rest of us! I am tired of paying for these lazy b l a c k s to sit on their butts
I guess white people don't get welfare. Only blsck people huh. How igonorant of you

Albany, GA

#288 May 16, 2012
Hi, I am a mother of three. I work 2 jobs, and pay my taxes just like everyone else. I make 3 dollars over the income limit for food stamps, so the only other thing that I get is medical for my children. The father of my 3 children ( who I was married to) just up and left on day and nobody can find him. Yes that means no child support is paid. I try my hardest to provide for my children, but I stuggle in the hard times. I have one of those cell phones. Yes your tax dollars pay for me to have a simple 250 minutes a month. Please remember the people out there that do pay their taxes and get help from the government.
Daniel Jacobs

Winter Garden, FL

#289 May 21, 2012
I need I done send me one

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