Arrow Trucking - why are they so bad?

Houston, TX

#780 Dec 15, 2009
I thought you would have figured it out by now that he's as dumb as a box of rocks! Who's the rocket scientist now, dumb a--!

inside the doors wrote:
<quoted text>
Yeah like he's really going to post on here under his real name. Think about that one for just a second there rocket scientist.
inside the doors

United States

#781 Dec 15, 2009
ArrowFree wrote:
I thought you would have figured it out by now that he's as dumb as a box of rocks! Who's the rocket scientist now, dumb a--!
<quoted text>
Wow....dumbass..... that cuts to the quick. I see Arrow hires elementary special ed kids now. I guess you are a real insider. You fit right in with the morons. Now go away little child, you're out of your league here.

Houston, TX

#782 Dec 16, 2009
Only someone like you "MORON", would be out of their league talking about something you know nothing about. Obviously, you are not the sharpest knife in the drawer...that puts you right up there with those dumb-as- EVP wanna-be's
that Arrow now has in the Corporate office! Feeling a little frusrared are you? Get it all out , come on you big baby.
former driver

United States

#783 Dec 16, 2009
I wish we could stick to Arrow and the tricks they pull. It's post like the previous ones that let Arrow complain and have all the posts deleted. Come on guys
is it over

Fairfield, CA

#784 Dec 17, 2009
None of the company's fuel cards work right now been turned off since around noon yesterday they say tch is down but I think we all know they have no money is this the end well see if they get turned on in the morning doesn't look good with this and getting paid late on Friday so much for a christmas bonus lol

United States

#785 Dec 17, 2009
christmas bonus?!?! LOL!
Mike K

Salem, IL

#786 Dec 17, 2009
Heard the IRS showed up at Arrow this week....that won't be good.

Tulsa, OK

#787 Dec 17, 2009
If the IRS showed up like that then I will be on my knees pray to God (and I'm not joking one bit) that others come in not just the Fed's but the State. They need people to bust in there and see all the things that need to be seen. ODOT, USDOT, Insur commish, WorkComp Insur YOU NAME EM. These scumbags have ruined the lives of MANY MANY MANY honest good hardworking people.

Broken Arrow, OK

#788 Dec 17, 2009
Well, if the IRS is their that should be interesting - guess Doug is sweating bullets now because I'd be willing to be he does not report all the bills/trips he takes on Arrows money as INCOME. And of course his side kicks might be sweating too - the empire is about to fall - and we all know Doug and his legal flop can't get a job anywhere else. Well, that would require them to work - and that's not gonna happen.
inside the doors

Mckinney, TX

#789 Dec 18, 2009
Mike K wrote:
Heard the IRS showed up at Arrow this week....that won't be good.
It's also not good at all when our receivables are being factored. Yes, Arrow is factoring their receivables. Once that happens, it's simply a matter of time until door closing.

Geneva, IL

#790 Dec 18, 2009
Typically when a company is running out of money, they end up witholding income tax and ss tax from the employees (in the name of the government) and then NOT forwarding it to the government. The IRS considers that a big enough problem to shut down and padlock. That has happened to a lot of companies.

Broken Arrow, OK

#791 Dec 18, 2009
Well, after looking at Doug's wife Jessica myspace page and all their nice trips - is this the end of the money train? Greece, Aspens, Miami, and so many other places. I bet the credit card spending is gonna come to a fast halt for her and her sister. Party is over girls - look for a new sugar daddy - yours is sinking fast. Could this be a "depression" for them. Sad, all the Arrow employees who got laid off, can't pay their bills all because others travel with the rich and famous. Instead of investing time and hardwork in the company you traveled, partied, have your own BOK booth - what did that set the company back - and donating Taylor Swift tickets to Holland Hall - wow. Now that was a nice gift. Chairity is a great thing - but that many tickets? Now take a look at all the Arrow employees who are having a hard time making it; drivers who are starving can't pay their rent; muchless a house payment. Disgusting. Talk about the Scrooge Family at Christmas - your family takes the cake. You have that award hands down.

Pflugerville, TX

#792 Dec 18, 2009
It's pretty bad when you've got trucks in Arkansas That waited 2 day's for permits,then told to boot leg loads. Also when there is a truck at a shop and Arrow declines the shop to work on the truck, then can't even pay for the shop estimate. Need less to say the driver is treated like a mushroom.

Houston, TX

#793 Dec 18, 2009
They are going DOWN, just like a ball of fire. What comes around, goes around.
Dougie boy, you are getting back everything you gave!! I can't wait to see you and your boys go down for this.

Hutto, TX

#794 Dec 18, 2009
All I can say is Arrow's sad to say that about a company that at one time was very resected as one of the best til DAD died.

United States

#795 Dec 19, 2009
Just parked my truck at dallas terminal early this morn. I broke down in Las Cruces,NM. called road breakdown. They told there was no money to fix my truck, try to find a place to park... what the hell kind of s*#@ is that? A R R O W I S A J O K E !!! Rigged truck just enough to make it to consignee in Amarillo then deadhead myself to dallas term. them got the hell out!!! Slept like a baby last night!!!

Frisco, TX

#796 Dec 20, 2009
Another CFO bites the dust. Four CFO'S in 6 years, what a great Executive Direction by Doug Pielsticker, again!!!!
roger overandout

New Cumberland, PA

#797 Dec 20, 2009
Jonathan is gone?
that wasn't a bright move.
he knows where the bodies are buried so to speak.

United States

#798 Dec 20, 2009
My son works for Arrow. He has been a driver for many years. Has had his truck in the shop, then waited days for them to pay for the work so he could get back on the road. While he was waiting, he couldn't even get an advance so he could get a motel room, and they wouldn't pay for one. He is a professional driver, hard working, great with customers,has awards out the ying-yang,always on time,and is still afraid he will be without a job at the first of the year. His fuel card won't work half the time, can't get his pay on time, and when he does, it is always short. He did 2 short runs and got $650 before deductions (they get their money for sure!). He does a long haul heavy load from New york to california and still gets $650. He called as he was supposed to get a percentage of those loads, and was told that info is confidential. And they NEVER call back. He knows he is getting the shaft, but isn't a job hopper, and can't figure out what he can do about it. Things are getting worse, and seems to me that the main people are getting all they can at this point, and going to close the doors at the first of the year and leave everyone hanging. Can't the drivers get together and do a lawsuit? They get fees taken out of their paychecks every pay for an attorney...why can't they do that? Use the company attorney to sue the company..that would be a thorn in their sides. Anyone have any suggestions?

Frisco, TX

#799 Dec 20, 2009
The company attorney has been bought, I thought everyone knew that! He's Dougie's buddy. He's one of those drinking a hefty paycheck and draining the small guy's pockets.

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