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Tiffin, OH

#148 Mar 3, 2014
Quickway is the same. One driver in Ohio is suing them, probably won't win but probably deserves to. One driver, same terminal, McComb Ohio, they have cheated him out of around $3400 the year and a half he has been there.
driver for western

Quincy, MA

#149 Mar 13, 2014
As long as they keep getting new drivers coming in and the old drivers keep there heads down western won't change time for the drivers to take a stand
driver for western

Quincy, MA

#150 Mar 13, 2014
I've been here 6 months as long as they keep bringing in new drivers we are shit out a luck
Western Express

Bullhead City, AZ

#151 Mar 18, 2014
Trudger wrote:
Ok, I started working for Western Express June 3rd, 2011. The company has had its ups and downs (more downs than ups,) and issues like any other trucking company out there. However, I have stuck with them now for over 10 months hoping things would get better. They have only gotten progressively worse.
If you call a recruiter at Western Express, you will be told about how you can get all the miles you want, about 2500-3000 per week (is what I was told when I called last year)...however, I've only broken 3000 miles in a week only about 4 or 5 times in 10 months!!! The average seems to be about 1200-2000 depending on the way the runs come together.
Now, I'm a hard worker and like to run 3-5 weeks out mostly. When I'm gone I expect to be paid well for the time I'm away from family. Well, the excuses are tremendous here, everything from slow freight to no freight to "Nashville" is being too picky about the freight. It keeps you SITTING. Oh, and your layover? You as a professional driver are only worth $35.00 per day! Now...there IS a quarterly bonus you can earn 1 cent per mile x 3 different types of bonuses. 1st one is averaging 2500 miles a week or more...most drivers can forget that one! The second one is your service bonus, and the third your fuel bonus. Oh...did I forget to mention that the company and its owners are so greedy that they'll try everything under the sun to make sure you don't get those bonuses? Yup! I just found out that since I pulled a groin muscle last quarter (and kept working, didn't go on worker's comp), I was diqualified!!! My family needed that bonus so bad with the crappy loads they've been giving lately.
Also...the CSR and planners don't do their job very well. For example...the load I was needed an appointment reschedule due to the late time of the evening it was picked up. I waited all day...waited...and finally called the customer myself...all in about 2 minutes I had an appointment! Well, CSR didn't like the way I did their job for her so she re-set my appointment for way early in the a.m. I had this load set to t-call in the yard because the appointment was set for Friday at 10 a.m. She changed it for 7 a.m. Thursday!(tomorrow!) Now I have to sit on this crap load and deliver it without being able to head out on my next one!!
Oh...and the company STEALS money from each and every driver to under the weekly "driver services" $2.50 FEE each week. Yes, the company CHARGES you for use of the pre-pass/ez pass and the transflow. Those are COMPANY expenses...not employee expenses. Now if we were contractors that would be one thing, but we are not. Oh...and D.O.T., due to the company's POOR safety rating, has forbidden the use of pre-pass! Yet...we are still charged each and every week!!!
In a nut shell, my family has faced eviction a few times, has had to go to food banks, is always wondering what the next week will bring, has been having marital issues, and has had daddy away for several weeks at a time...but without much to show for it, except on a few occasions where its a decent week.
They are the most greedy sob's I've ever heard of. Oh, and Don't believe those cool looking recruiting ads you see in the trucking know "Roll with the Black and the White!" They are holding orientation most weeks, due to the fact the company wants bodies in the trucks, regardless of whether they have the freight or not. That's drivers each week means sharing your miles. Instead of 2500-3000 miles...about 1200-2000 each. LOW pay, regardless of years of experience.
RUN RUN as fast as you for Western Express and your ass will be in the frying pan!!!
Everything this driver experienced is true Dan White is also the laziest Driver Manager I have ever worked for in over 1 million miles of driving,Sad part is you stayed for 10 months, I will be gone in less than 3.

Waxahachie, TX

#152 Mar 27, 2014
Robert wrote:
That's a whole different screwing their. CRST what a f*****g joke. Run do not apply, unless you like to be lied to cheated out of dead head mile and miles, and absolutely make no money. All I can say is PUPPY MILL!!!!!

Oley, PA

#153 Apr 4, 2014
Ramblin Man wrote:
<quoted text> Yes it does Robert & I've been with CRST now for 7 months. End of September my contract will be done & goodbye permantily to crst. This company is a joke & they keep your ass broke. I hate teaming.
Yes they are a joke. My husband went through their refresher course and passed. He went through their 3 day orientation but when he got back to his room on the last day he was locked out. He went to the hotel office and they told him to call the company. He was told he wasn't hired. Why would you put him through everything and tell him the next day he would be getting his assignment just to tell him over the phone he wasn't hired? They just wanted the money for the training course.

Bluefield, WV

#154 Apr 18, 2014
Can a company reAlly put false information on a drivers Dax. Seems to me this would be illegal. How can a driver pull his dac to find out if there is false info. Is there a way to clear up false info? My husband is working for western express and is trying to get on with another company due to poor management and now I am afraid they wil put false info on his dac if he quits.
ice man

United States

#155 Apr 22, 2014
Not true if your companies are like that I feel bad for you guys
Johnny wrote:
All trucking companies are the same. They all gave the same hiring criteria. Its not the trucking companies trying to screw you out of money and miles. Lets face the facts here. Its a very competitive business and soooooo. Many trucking companies out there. That even these best trucking companies are doing the same just to keep in the industry. Now I'm not going to sit here and say things don't happen . But we all must know as professionals that when one company charges a rate there's a billion more offering less to do the same job. Its the name of the game. Its corporate America.
Gerald Gilman

Lake Worth, FL

#156 May 10, 2014
Thank you for all the input. I know there are people out there who never complain & chastise those of us that do. They will tell you that all companies are the same, when in reality, we know that to be bullshit. All companies are not the same. Some will actually pay for actual miles driven, pay for your cell phone use, & put you up in a hotel for everyday you are not moving. And they give you what they say they will.
I too have driven since 1996. I'm far from an old hand. I'm just old. There are way too many stories to get into. I'm disabled from not working for several years. I want to drive again. Western is offering me the refresher course, but I do not know the terms of signing a nine month contract. Sure as crap, it doesn't take that long to recoup your money. I figure 1 trip & they've made their money back from orientation & a bus ticket & a few breakfasts.
I do appreciate what you have all told me. It sounds just like Super Service, which to me was worse than any company I have ever been with. Werner & Covenant were almost as bad, but they had nice equipment. Heartland were a bunch of assholes. They offer 34 cents a mile. I drove for another company that paid 29 cents a mile & had the exact same trip with them as I had with Heartland, from Memphis to Jackson, Tenn. to somewhere in NC, and I checked my personal data & found that I made more with the 29 cent company for that one trip.
I can go on & on.
Thanks for the info. I'll probably take a rain check with Western. I only wish that for once, there big companies wouldn't act so damn high & mighty. You have to be a real prick to move up into management.
Western employee

Bethlehem, PA

#157 May 14, 2014
chicken hawk wrote:
Well I can say that if u don't have anything to lose take ur chances at western express.otherwise find another company that don't take ur money I have only worked for them since sept 11th 2013.And the most miles I ever got was 3473 miles and I didn't go home at all my father passed away and I was in Pennsylvania I called my dispatcher and they sent me away from the house not towards the house had 3 different lds to get me home they have took over 400 dollars from me for no reason I have ask why and no one has a reason and oh the night dispatch lol wow wut a dam joke my 6 year old could do a better job at eating and starring at a computer they are as worthless as tits on a boarhog I mean really!! if u have a problem at nite all they say is get with ur dm in the am wtf?? this is absalutly rediculas I really think that western express needs to be evaluated as a trucking company they need to be shut down completely they are a disgrace to the industry I will be moving on to a better company like I said I have only been there for 3 months I have been drug tested 3 times and picked on and left in texas for 4 days at a Houston pilot and when I finally got my ld deliverd it took them another day to get me out and rolling they have stole from me left me sitting for days and cursed me over the qaulcomm SO DO NOT WORK FOR WESTERN EXPRESS UNLESS YOU AND YOUR FAMILY WANTS YOUR ASS HANDED TO YOU WITH OUT NO WALLET...... AND ALSO I HOPE TO GOD THERES SOMEONE FROM WESTERN EXPRESS THAT READS ALL OF THIS AND MAYBE YOU WILL GET YOUR ASS HANDED TO YOU YOU ALL ARE WORTHLESS GARBAGE NOT THE POOR DRIVERS BUT EVERY ONE THAT IS IN MANAGEMENT AND PAYROLL ECT.....OH AND THERE SO CALLED MECHANICS I HAD A SPARE TIRE ON MY TRK THAT HAD A HOLE THE SIZE OF MY FIST I TOLD THEM 3 TIMES ABOUT THIS AND NOTHING AT ALL WAS DONE SO I HAD A STEER TIRE GO FLAT AND THEY SENT ROAD SQUAD OUT TO PUT A 600 TIRE ON MY TRK HOW STUPID IS THAT?? WHEN THEY COULD HAVE HAD A GOOD TIRE ON THE TRK TO BEGIN WITH ////I WILL HAVE TO SAY THIS COMPANY ARE THE WORST SET OF NON EDUCATED PEOPLE I HAVE EVER DELT WITH IN ALL THE 38 YRS I HAVE BEEN ALIVE I HOPE THIS COMPANY FALLS HARD BECAUSE THEY DESERVE THE WORST THE WORLD CAN OFFER ////BLOOD SUCKERS
. You need to get a grip driver.. Western has it's downfalls but honestly you just gotta take the good with the bad and remember the grass is never greener on the other side of the fence cause underneath the grass it's still has stones... Take it like a man and realize it's like that everywhere you go no matter where you go..

Phoenix, AZ

#159 Jun 21, 2014
I am very angry about the waste of time I went through with this company. They get you out there and don't give a hoot about you. Trying to get them to route you to a yard to give them their truck back is a joke. They try to keep a load on you. Like three days to go three hundred miles. This company is so unprofessional that I don't even know how to explain it. Just don't believe anything they tell you. The pay is not what was promised in orientation. They don't put that in writing either. I am an experienced driver and have never seen a company this bad!!! The managers do not listen to anything you tell then. Most loads are late before u even get them. DM don't make the appointments, don't put you in for breakdown pay, don't answer phones, and don't believe them to ever tell the truth.

Soddy Daisy, TN

#160 Jul 9, 2014
roadhog wrote:
Ahhhh yes the oh so lovely company bashers gotta love'em!
1st. Western is just like any other company out there and thats to make MONEY!
2nd. If you cant handle the stresses of the industry then why don't you quit? I'm sure mcds has a spot they would love to give ya!
I worked for western myself and i "NEVER" had a hard time getting 3000 miles a week.. Heck some weeks id have to tell'em i don't have the hours and would have to turn them away.. Bottom line is, is trucking isn't for everyone and yes western has problems but their just like every other company out there.
If every driver had his/her way they would be paid 1.00 a mile, weekends off, brand new truck, and only good runs... Trucking is what you make of it, yes it is hard at times and yes your away from family and friends. But thats TRUCKING!
If they were such a good company then why aren't you still with them. People have a right to express their opionion!!!

United States

#161 Jul 11, 2014
I have work for western 5yrs...I gets 2500 to 3000 miles a week. Western is a b/s company...but as long as I get my miles and my 35cpm I am get 2cp every 2yrs

Lincoln, CA

#162 Jul 24, 2014
What I don't get is why all you winers don't contact each other and form a UNION!! Unions exist because big companies screw over their employees. Just got into trucking and a experiencing the ugly truth of it first hand. Met a lot of guys willing to work their ass off for no money in the hopes things will get better. Lot of them have got 3-4 years in and things have not gotten better for any of them no matter how hard they work. If and (hopefully when) 10% of the nations truckers go on strike, that will wake some greedy bastards up. Older grumpy experienced truckers that are grandfathered in, and don't know what its like coming into trucking a new in this day and age and bash us younger guys (who are getting screwed while we struggle to raise our kids)......JUST SHUT THE F**CK UP
adventure trucker

United States

#163 Aug 1, 2014
I liked western because the adventure it provided. I always got paid a check but I'm single I average 2500 miles a week and got haul a great variety of freight. I would totally blow a fuse when they tried to screw me over and eventually it wasn't fun so I quit
Truckers Wife

Maricopa, AZ

#164 Aug 3, 2014
I have read numerous reports about Western Expressís horrible treatment of their drivers and although I am not a truck driver I am married to one who is currently with this company. Let me tell you that everything the recruiter told him was a complete fabrication from how much he could expect to earn to how they work their home time. He left for orientation on a Greyhound bus Sunday May 31,2014 and today is Sunday August 3, 2014 have we seen him for home time? The answer is no!

Do the math here folks that is over 60 days. Try to get the DM to rout you home, try calling driver help and try telling yourself this is all some big mistake, but it appears to be common practice for this company to simply ignore communication and pleas to be routed towards home. Frankly he spends more time sitting in truck stops waiting for a load assignment, or waiting for a company to be ready to take delivery than he does on the road. He has only seen on paycheck that hit $700 mark with all this days with this company averaging out to a measly pay = to $36 a day for his 65 days with them. The recruiter said he could expect weekly pay to average out to $900 a week! Hummm I donít think so. He has tried to work with his DM who never responds to his messages, he has spoken with driver help who claim they will try to work through this mess and still nothing happens.

Forget the fact that he was sent from Nashville TN to Nazareth PA, after his orientation/team driving time, to pick up an abandoned tractor (no trailer with it, no tarps, 2 chains, and a handful of straps) and issued a load assignment to pick up garbage in NYC. When he notified the DM that he had no trailer he was told to just do as instructed. Well he did as told, got to garbage dump and of course could he get garbage without a trailer? NO. So it was late Friday night and he then needed driver help to assist him, they route him back to Nazareth, PA to have him pick up a trailer from the terminal he was just at, which was assigned for another driver to pick up. Now its Saturday and this trailer can be delivered one state over (roughly 400 miles), but the company cannot take delivery until at least late Monday night. So 2 days of sitting around just for this one screw up. Thatís just one of so many examples of the incompetence of the planning and managing aspect of Western Expressís trucking fleet.

Just try telling the DM or driver help that your trailer is in need of tires, tarps, chains, or other safety equipment and see the merry goose chase which begins. Or receive a load that you know needs to be tarped and your DM insists that it does not, so you get pulled over by PA DOT for hauling garbage without a tarp. Now you have a ticket and the trailer gets safety violations for its balding tires, and missing mud flaps etc. Too cheep to pay a lousy $15 tarp fee to the driver now there is a $127 PA DOT ticket, and whatever the safety violation ticket cost. Husband presents the tarp ticket and communications (when he goes though Nashville on another run) and shows the DM telling him no tarp required and to just take the load to Ohio as directed. They say they will pay it because it was the DMís error, but it reflects on my husbandís record not the company. So now he will have to deal with trying to ensure his record is somehow expunged of this stupidity. Just one example of this companies lack of concern for complying with DOT safety requirements.
Well now as he is living the nightmare of dirt pay, no home time, way too many 34 hr resets, lack of any true communication companywide, and fear of having his DAC or reference messed with he finds himself looking for an exit strategy that does not involve deadheading home or abandoning the truck. Keep in mind the limited number of Western Express terminals and the fact he never gets close enough to one with is not going to involve going out of route. Any responsible solutions out there that might help him would be greatly appreciated.

Topeka, KS

#165 Aug 15, 2014
western express is a joke I started working for them in july they told me I would make .42 cpm to start on my first check I made .34cpm and on my second check I was down to .31cpm I asked questions and they told me it is what it is they lie to you to get you there then they think u should just take it in the ass they don't even offer vasaline. I worked for them for a month I never seen over 1700 miles and I only grossed 1500 dollars for the month my wife works as a cook at hardies and made more than I did they have u picking up loads that were sapposed to be picked up 2 days ago then they don't set an appointment for the delivery so u get turned away at the receiver because they wanted the product 2 days ago and western didn't even call them and get a new appointment.
all I have to say is ive worked for a lot of companies sence ive been driving and none of them treated me as bad as western express. so be warned if your gona work for western express bye stock in vasaline your gonna need it and they don't give u any they will screw u any way they can.

United States

#166 Aug 15, 2014

United States

#167 Aug 15, 2014
Your reviews have helped me to make these decions Thanks for your Input Drivers. Jim Bowlin...Az

Porterville, CA

#168 Aug 30, 2014
If you really want to know what a companies CSA score is, go to and put in the DOT number(you can google it or put the company name in the search bar). I haven't left for this company yet, but unlike most of you, I don't go by what other people say on a forum. What I saw based on the fmcsa website is the reason the company has a bad score is the drivers. The violations for unsafe driving range from speeding to talking on the phone. The other section they got hit on was driver fitness. They got hit alot for suspended CDL, no current medical card, not having a CDL and even operating a CMV outside of proper class. The one for unauthorized person in a CMV is a given. The company makes you get a passenger permit for insurance and liability reasons. Plus... it is a D.O.T rule. I had to fill out the paperwork for my previous company for my wife. I do not take sides, I research. As others have said, trucking is what you make it. If you have a problem with you truck, say something. My last company tried giving me a POS and I made them fix EVERYTHING that was wrong with it before I left the terminal. And if you still have road breakdowns, tell them they either you a safe DOT legal truck or you will leave the truck where it is and pop lock on the trailer. CYA. I may have 9 months of OTR, but I can cover my ass. You can always tell them no on a load if you do not have the hours. And if they push you to pick it up, tell them to piss off. If you let the push you around they will. One way to CYA is WRITE DOWN EVERY MESSAGE THAT YOU GET! And if they use Qualcomm, do NOT delete messags. If something happens and they try to say they told you different, you have proof. Might be a good idea to take a picture with your phone too. And before anyone says I'm a recruiter,DM or something like that, I'm not. I'm just trying to get everyone to see both sides. I'll find out how the company is on my own.

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