Truck Drivers Take To D.C. Streets In...

Truck Drivers Take To D.C. Streets In Protest - Traffic News St...

There are 135 comments on the NBC 4 Washington, DC story from Apr 28, 2008, titled Truck Drivers Take To D.C. Streets In Protest - Traffic News St.... In it, NBC 4 Washington, DC reports that:

Hundreds of truck drivers will hit the streets of D.C. on Monday for a massive protest.

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Karen Potts

Orlando, FL

#102 Apr 28, 2008
Go for it now we hve to help big oil with our stimulus checks how clever was that

Walla Walla, WA

#103 Apr 28, 2008
I don't think there is a shortage of gas or oil that is forcing prices up, I think it's speculators. Go to Senator Dorgan's website (North Dakota). He has an idea on how to bring down the oil prices by requiring a much larger margin on oil futures. Check it out.
john traas

Largo, FL

#105 Apr 28, 2008
revolution is coming!!All is needed is another leader like MLK jr.alittle over 500 people in DC controlling 300 million?
If they only listen to those folks.We put "food"on the table,yet we only get the crumbs.Just remember what happened to other empires,like Rome,Greece,Htler,Soviet union.They all had their day,but did not survive.Why?You cannot control the masses.This was proven here with the Vietnam protests and MLK marching.History will repeat itself!9/11 congress fled the city and had the gal to come back on the steps of the capitol and sing "God bless America"That's not leading!

United States

#106 Apr 28, 2008
What planet have you been living on? Have you not heard that "IF YOU BOUGHT IT A TRUCK BROUGHT IT" railways cannot deliver these good direct to the stores that you are buying these good from. Wake up and face the reality that our government is using all of us as pawns in a chess game they cannot win.
Mike wrote:
Instead of changing their ways, these gluttons are demanding that the American taxpayer subsidize their excessive consumption. The proposed fuel prices caps would only serve to increase the demand for gas and diesel, and decrease the incentives for alternative energy adoption. This nation needs more railways, not more cars and tractor trailers that will inevitably clog our already congested roads. When will we ever learn?

United States

#107 Apr 28, 2008
I commend the truck drivers on protesting in Washington D.C.
I am glad that someone has the guts to do something about this rising fuel cost. Congress needs to know just how bad it is out here.
What's wrong with our goverment now days??? I thought they were for American people? Evidently they dont seem to care otherwise they wouldnt let this rising price on fuel keep going up and up.
Where is it going to end????
If this keeps going the way it has it could lead to a uprising with the american people. Its not only the truckers that are hurting its all of us trying to make a living.
The goverment needs to put a cap on this nonsence of rising prices on not only fuel but food also among other things effecting our economy.
This is getting like the depression. Good lord everyone needs to wake up in our congress and in our goverment Including our prsident....
Hillary wants to cap it off for the summer Obama says no. Is he totally crazy? Of course he dont care he has millions. Its not hurting him any.

United States

#108 Apr 28, 2008
Mark JM wrote:
...And we are sitting on the largest reserves untapped. But because of the tree huggers and far left zealots, we have to import from the Middle East.
You had me until you started ranting about "far left zealots and tree huggers". I am a leftist, and I have to pay these high prices and watch my sons struggle to feed their families. As a leftist, I am outraged at your plight and completely in sympathy with your strike. I think you are misinformed about tree huggers though. The oil companies have claimed for years they could not expand refineries because of environmentalists, but the truth is they all got together and decided to not even apply because they wanted a bottleneck in the supply chain to keep prices high. Also, Anwar contains enough oil to run the country for about three months. It's not worth the cost of developing. Faux News, etc. trots out the tree hugger storyline to get you all riled up, but it's a lie! After living in Nashville TN for 22 years, I have to live rural because exhaust fumes cause my respiratory system to collapse. I have almost died several times, and believe me, it is a bad way to go. Taxpayers paid to provide me with oxygen for three years until I could get out of the city. Our use of oil is killing our grandchildren. A recent study established a link between exposure to soot and Huntington's disease. 1 in 185 children is now autistic. 80% of the world's honeybees have died. How you gonna feed your families if there are no bees to pollinate crops? Pardon me for being concerned about your grandchildren and mine. What do you think they are going to do for food and oxygen?
If you want public support, you better stop the hate speech. This could mushroom into a national strike, which would really make a difference in this country's politics, but you will never get public support if you keep posting idiotic comments like this.(BTW, I am the daughter, wife, and mother of combat veterans, my dad was a cop, my godfather was a trucker, my husband is a welder, one son is a factory worker, and the other just left the Navy and can't find a job, so don't even start with the elitist crap.) If you want to get something done, can the hate speech and start respecting your fellow Americans.


#109 Apr 28, 2008
What I would like to see is ONE DAY of a national truck shut down. Just stop....every truck just stop!! For one day, MAYBE that would throw the entire logistics system so off balance that someone, somewhere will do something about this.
There is no reason that fuel has to be this high. None. When Katrina hit us so hard, they called it gouging when prices went this high. When the President screws us, they tell us "tough". Something has to change!!! Or we will wind up with nothing in the stores, and the fuel can continue to build up as no one will be able to afford to buy it! When minimum wage is almost the exact same as 1 gallon of fuel! Every truck needs to stop for one day, one full 24 hour period.


#110 Apr 28, 2008
Marie Fairfax Va wrote:
I think it's great what the truckers are doing!
Let's all ban together and help in some way, mayby a gas-out on a certain day, how about May !, NOBODY buy gas on that day!!!!!!!!!!
Marie I am with you on that one!!!!!!!! There needs to be ONE day of no fuel bought.......none, zero!!!!

Portland, OR

#111 Apr 28, 2008
yes we need a cap on all types of fuel and I to am a independent driver and drive coast to coast and will be involved in the Portland , Or shut down on May 1 st and 2nd it's time for us all to come together as drivers and general consumers and shut down the fuel prices and bring the nation to a stand still and get it back in line with reality. Just so no to high fuel prices and say yes to cheap fuel !!!!
get it done

United States

#112 Apr 28, 2008
I know that the only way to get the price of gas to go down is to stop paying the billions of dollars to the CEO's of the huge companies and show them that they can't bully us around while they collect tons of money so the economy doesn't affect them! They should all be ashamed of themselves!!!!

United States

#113 Apr 28, 2008
Ok, so I am an ex trucker, and my family, and hubby, and my father in law, are truckers!! It is gonna take more than one day, to get done, what we need done to lower fuel!! It is gonna have to be at least 3 days, to get the point across!! A lot of drivers WON'T do it, because they have families to support, and are afraid too, but if it doesn't get done, it will be longer than 3 days, that we will be figuring out, what to do about ANYTHING, since even the BIG companies are struggling, right now, and the things people NEED, won't be able to be delivered!!! I hope that May1st, and 2nd turn out to be a better success, because the shutdowns so far, haven't had enough of an effect!! SUPPORT THE TRUCKERS! WE are the reason there is ANYTHING in the stores, and your homes, and even for delivering your vehicles!!

Portland, OR

#114 Apr 28, 2008
"yes w need a shut down for a 24 hour day and bring down the fuel prices solets make May 1st the day to just say no to high fuel cost just park it on the side of the road and say no to high fuel cost thisis for all not only truckers but the 4 wheelers as well so just say no on May 1st to high fuel just say no try it maybe it will sendout a message that we are tried of being screwed at the pump fuel tax road tax highway tax tax tax tax so just say no on May 1ST


Since: Mar 08


#115 Apr 29, 2008
AMERICA, Its time for INACTION! This is not just a Truckers Issue, its an AMERICAN ISSUE! We as AMERICAN'S are having our lives TAKING over by our elected officials, this take over is not going to stop until we ALL make a stand. We need a NATIONAL STOP EVERYTHING DAY! Just stop everything, MAKE A STAND AS A NATION!
Debra Pickerign

Silver Spring, MD

#116 Apr 29, 2008
I agree with the truckers. And why are gas stations allowed to raise their prices on a daily basis, when they don't fill their tanks everyday.

West Palm Beach, FL

#117 Apr 29, 2008
Concerned wrote:
First of all, it should not be the government's job to regulate every minute aspect of life. It's not their job to put a cap on the fuel prices.
Second, if you have a beef with fuel prices, why would you do something that will cause more traffic for innnocent people and waste their money and yours (you are complaining that this is creating a hardship)? The thing is that traffic is bad for mileage and wastes fuel, creates pollution, wastes tiome and money... Instead of being a lazy self-serving moron, how about trying to conserve (these are resourses that are getting more expensive as they continue to get depleated) and try to thing of a productive way to help.
WHen will people learn that "protests" are the least effective means for bringing about change?
With this line of thinking, we'd still be under British rule.
Cheryl McDowell

Golconda, IL

#118 Apr 29, 2008
We are drowning in high diesel fuel prices. Sooner than later everyone in America is going to pay for the oil companies getting fatter and the trucking companies getting leaner or going out of business. It all comes around from the trucker who hauls the freight and is forced to pay the high prices for fuel to the shipper who passes it on to the consumer who has to pay higher prices for food. The trucker is a consumer also and must pay for these higher prices and in turn try to raise his prices again to make a living. It is time for Congress to take a stand and HELP ALL AMERICANS!! who pay their wages.
sweetntheseatmis sissippi

Greenwood, MS

#119 Apr 29, 2008
I think that this country is headed for a major melt down if it continues as it has and is. People have no jobs, losing their homes,cant afford the food and the gas prices are sad. This country is storing oil that can be used and that alone will bring the oil prices down.
Bert Croft

Thomasville, GA

#120 Apr 29, 2008
I hope the truck drivers keep this up. They can demand lower gas and deisel prices and get it by just shutting down there trucks. We can't blame just one political party for these high prices because the two parties haven't been working together to keep the prices down and it's going to take both parties working together to get something done.

United States

#121 Apr 29, 2008
First of all I and a whole lot of truckers would like to say thank you for the kind words. My wife and I was in the truck convoy to wash dc I have been an O/O for 30 + yrs Im not sure if we did any good yet ,However we did make a lot of noise and believe we got there attention If you want to support any way you can here is our link
Truck Drivers are a different breed and really have very little support when it comes to our rights however the fuel prices are hurting everyone now not just truckers (exzample) fuel now rice whats next Howabout those soccer moms where they gonna get there gas to go to the games what happens when you have to decide milk bread or gas to get to work what about the kids who want to borrow the car to drag main like we have done in our younger yrs no more nascar ballgames outings in the country summer vacations folks these prices have been driven up by wall street speculaters and has to stop and for the person wondering about why diesel prices are higher than gas well truckers pay a ton of taxes to use the states highways but does the people traveling on highways to and from work or vactions pay to use the roads as much as truckers I say no the gov has taxed fuel and the states also add taxes the snowbirds (people who live in a RV in the winter down south and a house in the summer) do not pay the same price for diesel in those fuel guzzeling RV busses so now you know why diesel is higher than gas Folks support the people who bring you food and products to the store remember with out trucks america will stop and I havent seen any rail road tracks going by wal-marts yet just my 2 1/2 pennies worth cause I havent got any cents
One more thing after may 5th I too will shut down I have allready turned back a 2006 dodge 4x4 4 door pickup The wife and I have nothing left except truck and trailer My father who has been driveing since 19 yrs of age is also still driveing he is 82 yrs old doesnt have to pay income tax any more but is still going broke because of high fuel prices BTW I am 51 and wife is 52 dont tell her i said this lol

United States

#122 Apr 29, 2008
it says duram nc not true im in ruther glen va today but wife and I are from kansas and leased to a co out of idaho using alltel wireless and laptop

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