Truck Drivers Take To D.C. Streets In...

Truck Drivers Take To D.C. Streets In Protest - Traffic News St...

There are 135 comments on the NBC 4 Washington, DC story from Apr 28, 2008, titled Truck Drivers Take To D.C. Streets In Protest - Traffic News St.... In it, NBC 4 Washington, DC reports that:

Hundreds of truck drivers will hit the streets of D.C. on Monday for a massive protest.

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Grandville, MI

#41 Apr 28, 2008
Go Truckers!!!
2000 Ford Ranger EV NiMH

Schenectady, NY

#42 Apr 28, 2008
I have an electric truck...shame Bush didn't want to make fFord produce them.

PLEASE...STOP THE COUNTRY....Truckers and the Military CAN turn this around...

A civilian AND Military coup.....OVERTHROW HIM!!

United States

#43 Apr 28, 2008
It is about time truck drivers took a stand. Everyone is complaining about the higher cost of products. The reason for this is because of the higher fuel cost since everything you buy MUST be brought in by truck drivers. Most people do not even realize this or want to think that truck drivers are absolutely needed. With out us truck you get nothing on the store shelves. Everyone should be getting in on this since it affects us all. Don't drive today!!!!!!

United States

#44 Apr 28, 2008
Citizen wrote:
When I do drive, it's from Bowie, MD to Rockville!!! I have a truck!!!!! My smartrip is in effect. lol
N Weiner

Roy, WA

#45 Apr 28, 2008
Since the Big Boys on Capitol Hill never take action until it affects them, make the ones being chauffeured around pay for gas out of their pockets. If they go on strike because of it we'll be better off - better known as a win win situation.
Washington DC

Montgomery Village, MD

#46 Apr 28, 2008
Can hear the trucks horns are roaring! Remember when the farmers tore up the grass at teh National Mall during the Carter administration?

“Ravens SUCK!”

Since: Mar 08

Baltimore, MD

#47 Apr 28, 2008
They are driving by my building..the horns are driving me bonkers, however...I'm glad they are taking a stand.
2000 Ford Ranger EV NiMH

Schenectady, NY

#48 Apr 28, 2008
Military coup to stop the WASTED War in Iraq.....
Trucker Strike to end the BS...

And lets HANG the whole administration!!!

Washington, DC

#49 Apr 28, 2008
I am with the truckers. This gas height is a scam. The rich getting richer and the poor getting poorer. I know not one person in the white house or the capital have no gas worries as we the "Black collar workers do" They are the Blue collar workers collecting off the backs of the poor.
old trucker

Ithaca, NY

#50 Apr 28, 2008
give em hell
make lots of noise and make the message clear
Price Caps Now

East Syracuse, NY

#51 Apr 28, 2008
We are with you Truckers!!!

Ron Paul 2008!!!
old trucker

Ithaca, NY

#52 Apr 28, 2008
Elrod wrote:
No trucks allowed on Suitland Parkway..sorry.
Trucks allowed everywhere today and slow and loud is the rule of the day.
Sorry Suitland Parkway, you lose.

Washington, DC

#53 Apr 28, 2008
Well Bush has a conflict of interest going in that he owns an oil company which provides him an enormous amount of money with the gas prices today. I think that congress should take action to prevent the rising cost of gas since Bush and his greedy pocket will not.

Truckers should stand strong and if they need to go on a strike and not move anything in this country for a week or so, I support them.

Hyattsville, MD

#54 Apr 28, 2008
Wow2008 wrote:
<quoted text>
Anon, Bush has you right where he wants you. Don't be fooled. Bush and the gov't CAN do something about the oil problem. IF we can spend billions of dollars in Iraq each year, then you know this oil issue is nothing. If you could sit with him just one day, behind closed doors. You would be amazed. and probably sick. Because He can change things. But he won't. They've (oil companies- and only God knows who else) probably been made promises and now Bush is stuck. But please know he has more control over this issue than you think...
Again, BUSH can change things. HOW, exactly? What can he do? What do you want him to do? Saying you want him to do "something" about gas prices doesn't say much. WHAT do you want him to do?

Do you want him to push for alternative energy sources? I think he's been trying to do that for quite some time now. So far, it's not working. I see Honda is coming out with their fuel cell cars. Why aren't Ford, Chevy, Chrysler, etc. coming out with the same type of cars? WHY do they continue making huge, gas guzzling SUV's??? If U.S. car companies made more fuel efficient vehicles (and I'm talking 35+ mpg) and ONLY sold those, people would buy them. They'd have to. There wouldn't be anything else. Lower gasoline consumption, lower demand, lower prices. But people WANT these huge monstrosities to drive to the grocery store in. If you own one of these things, STOP COMPLAINING! That's my point.

Now. Do you want him to authorize drilling for oil in Alaska?? He TRIED THAT already. Tree huggers stopped that one, but I'll bet they're complaining about gas prices right now.

I agree that gas prices are terrible. I agree that truckers' jobs are on the line (esp. independent ones). I agree that they should protest. BUT, if you are going to protest, please come to the table with ideas, not just "do something". We need IDEAS to get us out of this crisis. Not just complaining.

How about this? Effective immediately: All automobiles made in the U.S.(regardless of what company makes them) MUST comply with a fuel efficiency of 35+ mpg. Companies need to cease production of any vehicle that does not meet that standard.

Or this? Effective immediately: Drilling for oil on U.S. soil (or offshore) is a priority. Oil companies must ensure that the welfare of Alaskan (or wherever) wildlife be taken into account.

Once oil production in THIS country increases, and demand for gasoline decreases, we will CEASE the purchase of Arab oil.

I dunno. I'm just throwing out ideas here. Anyone else have a good one?

“Ravens SUCK!”

Since: Mar 08

Baltimore, MD

#55 Apr 28, 2008
They need to surround the White House ALL NIGHT, blowing the horns...that would be great..

Washington, DC

#56 Apr 28, 2008
So let me get this straight...they are protesting gas prices by driving around thus using..gas?

We as Americans really need to find something with true impact to "Big Oil". They don't have to sit in this traffic...they don't care. It's a shame but it's true.

Richmond, VA

#57 Apr 28, 2008
ITS ABOUT TIME! Need more truckers nationwide to strike. Will our government LISTEN.

Buffalo, NY

#58 Apr 28, 2008

He can do what Carter did and put a cap on gas prices. he can also ration gas and als o take some of the oil from Iraq after all they haven't paid a dime of any of their rebuilds and who do you think is paying for their troops? WE ARE! Do you think it's fair that Exxon has profits in the BILLIONS while others can't afford to buy groceries or fuel for their vehicles to get to and from work?

Martinsburg, WV

#59 Apr 28, 2008
I wish we could get more people to protest. If you had 3000 truckers driving around the beltway and closing off access to the District, I believe we would see better results. Too many oil companies are receiving higher than average profits out of the citizen's pockets. Congress hasn't effectively resolved this issue and I think we should let them know at the next election. Except for gladstanding, we haven't seen any results from Congress.

Mclean, VA

#60 Apr 28, 2008
This is pretty stupid because it does not address the real problem. Globalization is turning third-word counties into super power and at the same time, we are becoming a third-world country. As more and more of our jobs go overseas or else where (like Mexico), more and more countries will demand for more oil to support their new jobs manufaction. The US still is the TOP comsumer, however, India and China (10x more population) are consuming oil at record pace. We need to find an alternate to oil and not drive around in protest wasting even more oil...not to mention everyone time.

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