DRIVERS' SHORTAGE * USA - Trucking's ...

DRIVERS' SHORTAGE * USA - Trucking's new crew

There are 531 comments on the Trucks world news story from Dec 6, 2006, titled DRIVERS' SHORTAGE * USA - Trucking's new crew. In it, Trucks world news reports that:

The trucking industry faces a shortage of 20,000 drivers that's expected to hit 111,000 by 2014 St.

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United States

#1 Dec 7, 2006
Older people love it until they get burnt out or get in a major accident, then it's time to sell the truck and find a chair that doesn't go 60 m.p.h.
homer TN

Barrington, RI

#2 Dec 9, 2006
The worse the drivers get the tougher the laws will get, making wages

Windsor, Canada

#3 Dec 14, 2006
Well here we go again the era of anybody can drive a truck,and we've all seen the results of that one on the highways and truck stop parking lots.Until companies realize that they must raise the rates and wages there will always be a driver shortage.


Since: Dec 06

Baltimore, Maryland

#4 Dec 16, 2006
I've been a truck driver for almost 20 years and let's face it. More & more people are getting the true aspect about being a truck driver and the overall treatment of the industry. I can't blame anyone for not wanting to drive a truck for a living and I feel sorry for those uneducated people who really don't know what they are getting into when they are training to drive a truck..THEY ARE IN FOR A BIG SURPRISE!!

Wallaceburg, Canada

#5 Dec 16, 2006
The big sales pitch become a truck driver earn big wages see the country,hell we'll even get the government to help pay for your training.I've been at this 33 years started at 21 cents a mile now their paying 45 cents a mile hell of a raise 14 cents in 33 years.Driver retention key word you can;t pay for the talent your not going to attract the talent.True story a doctor,lawyer or an airline pilot loses his licence in his/her profesion at the end of day they can go to his/her car and legaly drive it to find another job can a truck driver do that?As truck drivers are we not submited to testing medicals,written and oral tests the same as the above mentioned yet we choose a profesion that can not only affect are way of making a living but are personal life i.e. get a speeding ticket your personal insurance goes up?Lose your licence you can't even drive your own personal vechile to seek another profession!Why do we continue to work for peanuts and take every slap in the face like it's normal!We as a group stood together could for four days could shut the North American Ecomny down.Forget the racial differances the rate cutting and whatever differances we might have we as a group are more powerful than the US and CANADIAN goverments combined.Oh forget about racial indifferants hard one think about it this way I'm dying just in an accident is the blood tranfusion,the doctors are about to give me of the same race!Bottom line we are all truck drivers stand together be proud.

Fleetwood, PA

#6 Dec 23, 2006
been driving for the last 20 yrs,tried out a major trucking company i usually stay with company's under 50 trucks better treatment and your not just a # everyone knows your name,it seems the larger companys are all going to automatics the one i was working for the whole fleet will be automatic by next year,the hardest thing about driving a truck is shifting,so welcome to day of the automatic zombies if this works and they can fiil these seats with these drivers find a new career trucking is done and you thought your wages were bad before

Modesto, CA

#7 Dec 23, 2006
One thing I noticed when I was working for a larger trucking company was the huge number of drivers with an IQ below 10. I believe that the larger componies hire these guys because they don't want people who understand the DOT regulations, or people who will challange the dispatcher when told to break the law.
The truckers need to use the one and only power they have..........EACH OTHER. The only way we are going to get better wages, and working conditions is to STAND TOGETHER. Think for a moment of the impact we could have on the entire country if we all just STOPPED. The auto industry, the construction industry, Food and Aguculture, Machienery and production materials. THE COUNTRY WOULD COME TO A HALT.
We need to get pettions going in order to get goverment regulations imposing laws on our wages and working conditions, and we need to all belong to a nationelized union that will protect us from trucking componies that SCREW US.
It's sad that a kid working at Mc Donalds using only a spatuala and a bun warmer has more protection under goverment laws than the guy who drove the truck to the same Mc Donalds to delever everything they need to make MONEY.
In todays time we need to take advantage of our power to Comunicate, and Stand together for our rights, and what is right.
JJ Ontario

Wallaceburg, Canada

#8 Dec 24, 2006
Big companies want zombies to drive their trucks look at the way the industry is going speed limiters to tell you how fast you are going to go,automatics to tell you what gear your going to do in satelite to tell the boss when you stop to go to the washroom.The more control they have over drivers the less they're going to pay us,these new toys all cost big bucks so their next big thing will be "ARE EXPENSES ARE WAY UP SO WE GOT TO PAY YOU LESS!"For years the general public had the notion anybody could drive a truck,we have all seen the results of that one on our highways and in truck stops!If anybody can drive a truck why do we need automatics?If truck drivers stop the North American economy stops,GM,FORD OR CHYSLER go on strike the governments go into a tail spin truck drivers threaten to go on strike people laugh.Why because they know we can't stick together!

Modesto, CA

#9 Dec 24, 2006
The reason truck drivers don't stick together is because at this time there is no real incentive to do so. Most of them feel that only a few will stand together and they will loose their jobs for doing this. This type of action is going to require mass communication between all of the drivers so the impact of WALKING AWAY FROM OUR TRUCKS will be felt from the east coast to the west coast. I don't expect evry single driver to follow, but if we can get the numbers high enough the impact will be sudden, and quite severe, and maybe those that kept driving will stop when they realize WE ARE ALL STANDING TOGETHER.
The airlines have done this, And so has the mass transit systems in places like New york, and Chicago. When they went on strike the government got involved REAL QUICK.
Every driver I have spoke to out there is SICK and TIRED of all the crap we have to put up with. Most of us do not have very good bennifits, and the pay most of us make is not even equal to minnimum wage. We spend days at a time away from our homes, and Families. And EVERYTHING we do is under constant scrutitney from local government, and our employers.
We could change all of this. We could get federal regulations regarding our wages, bennifits, and time at home. we can force our employers to offer us better working conditions.
I ask everyone to STOP and CONSIDER the change that we need in our industry. Lets all become one voice, one very LOUD voice. We are all in the same boat, so why can't we PADDLE together. I can promise you this.......THE ONLY CHANGE IN OUR FAVOR WE WILL EVER SEE WILL HAVE TO BE FORCED ON OUR INDUSTRY BY US.
JJ Ontario

Wallaceburg, Canada

#10 Dec 24, 2006
Drivers are going to have to start speaking out or they are going to find themselves slapped with laws and regulations that are not needed and are not wanted.Whether we do it over the internet,CB,or simply sitting in a truck stop we must find a common ground and stick to it.Wages and beneifits will continue to erode if we let the big shots keep calling the shots,back in the late70's early 80's disruptions were attempted but were on a local basis without much success.TO have it work it would have to be on a North American wide action.If everyone simply booked their holidays or phoned in sick on the same four days it would work because after the first day the general public would panic and start buying everything in site up.For the drivers on the road I'm too sick to drive I would be a hazard on the road you can't be fired over safety concerns!

Modesto, CA

#11 Dec 24, 2006
JJ has some good points. One problem we have is that so many of the bad things that are happening are happening at once. When you have all these frustrating things going on at one time our nature tends to have us take the path of less resistance.
Imagine if you will some of the positive changes we need, and how they would affect us.

1. Government regulations requiring companies to pay a driver that a dispatcher has left sitting in a truck stop for several days.(at least $75.00 a day plus expenses)
2. Government regulations requiring companies to advise a driver of the exact amount he/she would be paid for any load.
3. Government regulations requiring companies to pay drivers over-time after 40 hours in a week for all driving, and on duty time.
4. Government regulations requiring companies to reimburse drivers for reasonable meal and other over the road expenses.
5. Government regulations requiring companies to pay a driver for all actual time worked, loaded or empty.
6. Government regulations requiring states to impose a scan system on all trucks as they go through the scales to insure that driver logs are in compliance.( this would stop companies having their drivers driving over the allowed time)
7. Government regulations requiring companies to install qual-quam type systems in all trucks, and all communications between the dispatcher and driver are documented for legal purposes.
8. Government regulations requiring companies, or recruiters to make all job offers to drivers in writing, and to be specific regarding all work to be performed and what compensation the driver will receive.

These changes are needed to insure our well being as profesional drivers, and for the over all safety of everyone using our highways.
JJ Ontario

Wallaceburg, Canada

#12 Dec 24, 2006
I've been one of the more vocal opponents against the push for speed limiters which started up here in Canada.A commitee of big shots from the Ontario Trucking Association went to Europe to study their system,one of the good points of the European system is each driver is issued a data card which is inserted into the truck they are driving,once card is inserted they are paid by the hour for everything they do including layovers.This system would solve 5 of the 8 items you mentioned but those above mentioned big shots forgot to mention the whole Europeaon model they only chose to present the parts that would futher line their pockets and take away from the commom truck driver.The ATA has just mimicked what the Ota has already proposed leaving out the parts that beneifit drivers.

Modesto, CA

#13 Dec 24, 2006
This is why the drivers would need to park the trucks and demand the fair treatment they deserve.
If all profesional drivers joind a nationalized union that covered EVERY PROFESIONAL DRIVER we would have the voice of our numbers. If a huge problem erupted in Texas the union could order a strike in Texas, or if the problem got worse they could order the strike from Texas to California. Think of how this could affect everything from distribution of our common goods to the sale of fuel for our trucks, and the loss of sales through truck stops, restraunts, as well as the fuel Tax that the government itself collects.
I know that the government does not want the truckers going on strike, But to get their attention we will have to do just that.
JJ Ontario

Wallaceburg, Canada

#14 Dec 25, 2006
The only problem with a union is alot of people have a sour taste in their mouth over the rise of the teamsters and the corrupution they were involved with.But if a nonprofit alliance with the sole common purpose of improving all truck drivers lives,wages and living conditions it would work.Web sites could be used to spread the word on employers that treat their drivers poorly,order boycotts against retailers that use unfair business practices.What bothers me is that nobody else is joining on this discussion others must be read this,if you sit idly in the corner and do nothing things will never change and will only get worse.They must be happy with their working conditions or don't care!Soon they may find themselves governed by a law that they do not want or need.

Modesto, CA

#15 Dec 25, 2006
Again JJ, Your right!
Most people don't have what it takes to put up the kind of fight we are talking about. They want to stand back and wait to see if what we do will have a positive impact, and when it does they will all come running to join!
I also don't think I would like a union like the teamsters repersenting me because I believe their union reps can be bought off by big business groups. I do feel that a non profit alliance would be the way to go. You and I should talk about this and maybe get a web site going........let me know if your interested.
JJ Ontario

Wallaceburg, Canada

#16 Dec 25, 2006
Gary,I have set up a email address where we can talk about this if still interested contact @
JJ Ontario

Wallaceburg, Canada

#17 Dec 25, 2006
Gary I have set up a email account you can contact me and talk futher about this contact@jameslalderton@yahoo.c a
rockn crawdaddy


#18 Dec 26, 2006
If there is a driver shortage...why am I having trouble finding another truck driving job. Had driven for nearly 3 yrs. after career change. With less than stellar driving record, after contacting my previous employer, I never hear from prospective companies again. Any suggestions?????
Rock'n Crawdaddy
JJ Ontario

Wallaceburg, Canada

#19 Dec 26, 2006
Rock'n Crawdaddy,One suggestion that I seen used in the past is have someone phone your previous employer from a blocked number and let on they are doing a preemployment screening for a small company thinking about hiring you.That way you can find out what their response is and hopefuly come up with a plan to counter it with your next application.

Modesto, CA

#20 Dec 27, 2006
Rock'n Crawdaddy,
Yo can also request a copy of your DAC report to find out if your previous employer has "black balled" you.
Most people don't realize that DAC is also regulated by the FCRA (Fair credit reporting act)
If your previous employer has made statements about you that are mis-leading, or untrue you can file a complaint through the federal trade commision.......http://www.ftc .gov/

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