how long until chewing tobacco doesnt...
yemx marine

Fayetteville, TN

#127 Jan 22, 2013
I dip mostly copenhagen but a good starter dip is skoal peach cause your not overwhelmed by the nicotine

Gettysburg, PA

#128 Jan 23, 2013
I started out on Copenhagen wintergreen and I never got sick. It just gave me a hell of a buzz for the first couple of weeks before my body got used to it.

Canton, MA

#129 Jan 25, 2013
I just would like to say dippin is bad. But you know as well as i do ur gunna do what you want.. I've been chewing for twelve years go through 4 tins a day more when im drinking. Half can dips my pocket in my lip is pretty big and you will lose nerves and shit which sucks but whatever. I've been reading some of these posts and alot of you guys are young as fuck. So i bet your still in school i used to gut it when i was in school. And after a while it'll burn when you piss. So here's some tricks I've acquired bring like chocolate milk or tea,apple cider ext.. to school drink half then pretend ur drinking then spit dont gut it if you have a weak stomach you'll hurl in front of ur class. And for all you guys getting dizzy i only felt like that for my first can so it'll pass. I live in ny and my brand grizzly wintergreen it cost me 25 bucks a day and it aint getting cheaper haha your call

Charleston, WV

#130 Feb 1, 2013
lol guys. i started out on grizzly wintergreen. moved to copenhagen natual. then to southern blend. if you cant take the burn of grizzly or the full flavor of cope after a year... you needa not try it anymore. ive been chewing for 3 years only puked once. skoal mixed berry pouches. dat shit was nasty. ima put me in some cope.

Charleston, WV

#131 Feb 1, 2013
and yeah chaw im 16...
Alaskan punk ash

Anchorage, AK

#132 Feb 2, 2013
edward wrote:
lol guys. i started out on grizzly wintergreen. moved to copenhagen natual. then to southern blend. if you cant take the burn of grizzly or the full flavor of cope after a year... you needa not try it anymore. ive been chewing for 3 years only puked once. skoal mixed berry pouches. dat shit was nasty. ima put me in some cope.
Try some Alaska punk ash if you really want a hit, this stuff is nasty strong and a little goes a long way.

We mix it in a can of cope and let it sit for a few days, really delivers the vitamin N to the pumpkin, like the first time you ever dipped.

they also call it "Eskimo Cocaine" crazy stuff....
Jack jack

Overland Park, KS

#133 Feb 7, 2013
I started out with grizzle winter green and it was to strong for me so I went to skol suns pouches then grizzle winter green pouches and now I'm starting with grizzle winter green straight cut I still get the head rush but it's not as bad as it was before it will get better
This guy

United States

#135 Feb 13, 2013
I switched to dip after smoking for a year cus my parents hated the smell after awhile and I can honestly say that u really gotta have the balls to dip. Iv been dipping for a year now and I'm still not used to it completely. I get dizzy if the dip is more than 2 quarters big and I'm using skoal wintergreen. On te plus side, Im no longer addicted to smoking because of it, but then again, dip is worse. But hey, it takes me 2 weeks to go thru 1 can and I don't dip often so it's all good.
New dipper

United States

#136 Feb 15, 2013
So I started dipping and my fiancÚ recommended Copenhagen wintergreen I tried it and he was right I loved it. at first I thought dip was disgusting so I refused to try it but finally I gave in but it gave me a really strong buzz and I felt very nauseous afterward as well as I vomited and had the shakes for a few hours any suggestions on what to do?

Coleman Falls, VA

#137 Feb 18, 2013
I started bout 9 months ago did it as a kid puked in first min. Last summer i was 2 pack a day marboro man. My buddy had a bunch of ready cut mint he said u put a dip in for 20 min ill go buy u a pack of cigs ass i was out and 12 hours into no cigs i did. He gave me a can of wintergreen and i ant looked back went to 1 pack of cigs and half a can of grizzley. Now i am two plus weeks into not smoking and almost a can a day chew habit. So i went from 12 bucks a day to maybe 3. But my goal is to be tabacoo free by summer

Coleman Falls, VA

#138 Feb 18, 2013
Ps if i can handle it anyone can but i had an ulcer to begin with so i dont swallow. Ya i have but id rather puke first cause i will if i swallow it now its grizzley winter green or cope wintergreen i dont like the fruity stuff iv come to crave the taste as much as the nicotine. I only got a buzz for like a week

Faribault, MN

#139 Feb 25, 2013
Ya my first time was today skoal apple I actually got really buzzed

Saint Marys, Canada

#140 Feb 28, 2013
Although I agree with you, you're only 13 and therefore I must call you a little bitch.

Metter, GA

#141 Mar 5, 2013
I just tryed shoal mint for my first dip, I fell dizzy ,sick ,tired, what can I do get this feeling go away its been like 10 mins now! And I'm 15
First time dipper

Littleton, CO

#142 Mar 9, 2013
I started only yesterday. First dip was Copenhagen straight. Took a pretty good sized pinch (not huge) an didn't feel sick at all. I feel like it just depends on the person but make sure u work into it.

Tucson, AZ

#144 Mar 14, 2013
Grizzlit wrote:
I just started dip with grizzly wintergreen pouches and got sick the last time i did it i really like the flavor but hate the effects... My freind says i need some skoal or redman but i need to hear from the pros what are the best pouches for a rookie like me????
Honestly it's all preference. All dip has nicotine on it. The pouches will control the amount of dip you have in so it's good for starters but like all things your body will become accustomed to it eventually. I dip the skoal mint or cheaper is Kodiac or grizzly but also not as fine as cope. The first time will be rough for most people but if you want to keep doing it then I suggest skoal pouches or grizzly pouches. I do it a lot while driving because you are not moving around so it should just relax you for the most part.

Livingston, TN

#145 Mar 20, 2013
cowboy up 96 wrote:
iv been chewing for three years and i started off with copenhagen and never had a problem never got dizzy or sick im 14
unles you smoked before you started dipping Then your eyes must be brown cause your full of shit
Dip man 92

Taber, Canada

#146 Mar 21, 2013
Id suggest start on some skoal fruit flavours, if you like wintergreen, mint and natural flavours you can do them just make sure you take very small pinches at first! Domt worry im 15 and still only take about a nickel sized pinch i usually dip cope wintergreen or skoal mint! If you like wintergreen there is some stuff called hawken wintergreen! It's like candy! It's so good! Try it! And you can still dip griz but take a dime sized pinch and take it out if you get dizzy. eventually you will increase the pinch size because you will get more immune to it! Hope I helped!

Colorado Springs, CO

#147 Mar 23, 2013
I just tried dip today, I loved the stress relief of it. Used skoal wintergreen pouches and it gave me a good buzz but it really hard and quick no long term buzz at all. Any recommendations? Ps I'm 16

United States

#148 Mar 24, 2013
Well i started off dipping timberwolf peach for a few months. Then i moved to grizzly wintergreen for a few months now im dippin copenhagen wintergreen. I love Grizzily but its jus too hard on my gums. But timberwolf peach is good for starters cuz it tastes good, isnt very strong, etc. You jus gotta get used to it.. but jus never start in the first place an you wont get addicted cuz it sucks when u cant quit

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