how long until chewing tobacco doesnt...

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#107 Nov 24, 2012
I'm just starting. My first try was Grizzly Long Cut 1900. Didn't like it. Then decided to try Grizzly Mint Pouches. Since I'm still new, are light-headedness and shakiness usually side effects? Plus, what are the differences between the pouches and regular cut?

Buffalo Grove, IL

#108 Nov 26, 2012
I dipped for like 6 months n nvr felt sick. Started wit grizz wintergreen pouches n then cope original n straight long cut. I stopped for a year n i just started again n both times i dipped copenhagen i felt awful. I dipped skoal n felt fine. I guess i should start wit somethin less strong. It sucks tho cuz i used to dip copenhagen 5 times a day n nvr had a problem

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#109 Nov 27, 2012
cowboy up 96 wrote:
iv been chewing for three years and i started off with copenhagen and never had a problem never got dizzy or sick im 14
I've been dipping for 2 years. i started with Copenhagen and liked the feeling of being dizzy. I've always dipped Copenhagen. Grizzly sucks ass.

Ellington, CT

#110 Nov 28, 2012
I've been dippin' for awhile now, I'm only 14 but I usually go for the stronger dip like Copenhagen wintergreen or grizzly wintergreen, but if you're just startin' off I suggest somethin fruity, I started off with Skoal citrus, and still get that sometimes. It's got a great taste and may make you a little dizzy and get a buzz but its nothing too strong . Wait till your body gets used to it before you try the harder stuff .

Brookville, IN

#111 Dec 4, 2012
Did grizzly change there chew to all premium . I chew wintergreen and for the past week or so I can not find regular grizzly wintergreen.

Brookville, IN

#112 Dec 4, 2012
Nathan wrote:
<quoted text> I've been dipping for 2 years. i started with Copenhagen and liked the feeling of being dizzy. I've always dipped Copenhagen. Grizzly sucks ass.
my brother started chewin when he was 16 and he started on weak stuff like fruity chew then he moved to real man stuff like grizzly and he (not meaning to) got me started when I was 14 I just turned 18 and I have never changed from grizzly wintergreen it is the best the rest is crap

East Brunswick, NJ

#113 Dec 10, 2012
i dipped some kodiak for 45 min then spit it out felt a little buzzed then got real dizzy and puked caught a nice buzz while i was dipping nothing to severe but then the aftermath really sucked anyone ever had the same experience lol
GrizzGreenForLif e

Fort Frances, Canada

#114 Dec 16, 2012
Everyone I know who has ever dipped (about 75% of migh high school, 30% of my college) has felt nauseas their first few times dipping. I felt sick the first two times I dipped but have been packing grizz wintergreen ever since and feel great. Just keep packing and you'll get over it.

West Tehama County, CA

#115 Dec 18, 2012
If your getting sick just dip less (like a pea size amount at first), when you start to feel the buzz spit it all out and see how you feel before dipping more. Never swallow anything, spit all your saliva out as it accumulates. I noticed when I leave Copenhagen LC in for too long I start to get the spins (Im new to dipping too though) but Im using maybe 2-pea-size amount. Little bits here and there work best to keep the feeling good. You want to enjoy it right? Any suggestions on something weaker than Copenhagen? BTW hows the natural stuff?

Utica, MI

#116 Dec 29, 2012
Why would you start this shit. Be confident in yourself. You don't have to chew to be liked. It is the worst habit. Stop now.
LJ and KP

Columbus, OH

#117 Jan 5, 2013
I dip every once in a while and when i start up it makes me sick the first time but after that its all good and tip if u get dizzy and sick lay down cover ur eyes get some soda and something to eat it helps and try skoal first or even timberwolf and i know its a shitty brand but itll b weak
james kiker

Ballwin, MO

#118 Jan 8, 2013
bob billy bo wrote:
I just started dipping and got terribly sick, i swallowed a little so may have contributed but im using grizzly winter green and want to know, around how long does it take until i dont get sick from just using it anymore?
i chew the same thing and i have never got sick so i can't help you with that

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#119 Jan 11, 2013
Grizz green is about as rough as they come. i chewed copenhagen long cut for 11 years and still got headaches from grizz. but more importantly i dont have any gums left man stop now now dont ruin your mouth.

Bowling Green, KY

#120 Jan 12, 2013
All these lil kids on here sayin "o hey im 15 an i love dip" go kill yourself tryna act all cool an tough "im addicted" you say, bitch youve been dippin for a week dont tell people that shit. I hope you get cancer. Try dippin for 30 years. You dont get a buzz like me.

Since: Jan 13

Fort Riley, Kansas

#121 Jan 13, 2013
You should probably start with something smoother like Copenhagen wintergreen or skoal flavored like apple or vanilla
Dippin cope

Hingham, MA

#122 Jan 14, 2013
Realy depends on the person... Took me about 5 lips to get used to it. But took my friend like 4 tins so realy just take little pinches of skoal until you feel comforatble

Harrison, AR

#123 Jan 17, 2013
James Walker wrote:
This is you hi I'm using the second strongest brand of dipping tobacco in america for the first time and got sick what's going on? Use some other brand man of dip copenhagen straight lc, Grizzly Mint, skoal wintergreen or mint(not straight or classic) is maybe a good starter dip it's got about half as much nicotine as grizz green and doesn't destroy your gums. You could go the fruit flavored route to if you want, peach is ok, berry blend is aweful, haven't tried others. Dip normally buzzes you or makes you feel awesome and feels like a drug, it feels good you can feel the nicotine go to your head and then your muscles relax, this goes away after a while though. For me If I take a big dip (larger than oh 4 quarters) of grizz green I just feel nasty and sick no buzz and I've been dipping and using snus for a year.
I quit useing grizzly and switched to Copenhagen lung cut wintergreen and love it .

Harrison, AR

#124 Jan 17, 2013
I used grizzly for a yr and switch to Copenhagen long cut wintergreen and love , because of where I work in the office I have to wait till I get off from work and get in my truck and get a pinch of Copenhagen and head home .I love driving with my Copenhagen in my mouth its so relaxing while I drive, I also deer hunt with my Copenhagen in my mouth.

Harrison, AR

#125 Jan 17, 2013
It took me about 2 1/2 weeks to get used to dipping , I am really glad I started dipping its very relaxing. A buddy of mine asked me if I would like to try a pinch of his grizzly and that's how I got started. We both dip while we deer hunt .

Altoona, AL

#126 Jan 21, 2013
I've been chewing for about two years and it's just not enough anymore, would anyone say RedSeal mint is a good start?

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