Marlboro cigarettes don't stay lit

Rancho Cucamonga, CA

#337 Mar 29, 2008
Go back 16 posts on this (mine), or 19 posts on this (some guy named John)...
Both can hopefully help.
CONTACT YOUR CONGRESSMAN too.'The Coalition For Fire Safe Cigarettes' needs to be exposed for being the killers they are, and what this is really all about. Be informed about all of this, start helping people.

Rancho Cucamonga, CA

#339 Mar 29, 2008
Hey Stormy,...Changing brand's if you live in a state that's FSC now, wont help... They're all FSC. Wishing you well on this though, and take care.

Hebron, KY

#340 Mar 30, 2008
My Views wrote:
Just checked my bar code no FSC. Stopping in Kentucky tomorrow, I'll stock up o n my way to Chicago.
Well I just bought my cigarettes in Kentucky and they have the FSC bar code on them.So now they're in Kentucky. I hate it also,but at the same time it's nice cause I was the worsed about burning up my cigarettes. LOL

Hebron, KY

#341 Mar 30, 2008
I just bought cigarettes in Kentucky and they have the FSC bar code now.I hate it also,but at the same time it's nice,because I was the worsed about burning and wasting my cigarettes. LOL

United States

#343 Mar 31, 2008
Bury Phillip Morris, and your state with e-mails.
Even if all that it does is annoy them, at least they'll know we're here.

Eubank, KY

#344 Mar 31, 2008
S. 625 sponsored by Senators Edward Kennedy (D-MA) and John Cornyn (R-TX).
H.R. 1108 sponsored by Representatives Henry Waxman (D-CA) and Tom Davis (R-VA).

Eubank, KY

#345 Mar 31, 2008 thanks to our political leaders for not giving a dam how many others they kill with these FSC cigs.

Eubank, KY

#346 Mar 31, 2008
the next step will be the people's diet, another freedom removedhttp://tobaccocontrol.b /suppl_3/iii1

Eubank, KY

#347 Mar 31, 2008
The overall conceptual model and methodology of the ITC Project—involving representative national cohort surveys created from a common conceptual model, with common methods and measures across countries—may hold promise as a useful paradigm in efforts to evaluate and understand the impact of population-based interventions in other important domains of health, such as obesity.

Sibley, IA

#348 Mar 31, 2008
Well, when you get sick and tired of being sick & tired of smoking check out this smoking cessation support and encouragement message board: @@.5987f46b

I smoked for over 44 yrs., tried many ways/methods to quit, finally went cold turkey on 4/27/ & encouragement have kept me smokefree since that date.

We'll be looking for you.:D

Eubank, KY

#349 Apr 1, 2008
Investors have long anticipated the Philip Morris International spinoff as a way to get a pure play on the growing overseas tobacco business without being tied to a shrinking U.S. cigarette market.
margarette and jan ky

Owensboro, KY

#350 Apr 1, 2008
MY friend and I have been sick since we started noticing that when the cigarette fire would go out and we would have to relight them we have been sick. She has had recurrent bronchitis and i have had this terrible cough. I didnt even know about this new FSC until she told me. I cant believe they could do this without informing the public.
RAT wrote:
I agree. Put restrictor plates on a car, save lives on the hi way. The candle idea is also a fire hazard. This is definatly not a free democracy. Attack what we watch, play, and consume left and right.
<quoted text>
Sandy - Kentucky

United States

#351 Apr 2, 2008
These so called FSC are doing more harm than good.For people that do smoke they should enjoy their cigarette not cough and hack all the time. These cigs. taste bad, make you sick and this is not freedom in our so called country. Everytime we need a tax increase, yep it's on cigarettes. They never tax drinking and now they put this crap in our cigarettes. This is not the land of the free anymore it's the land of do what I tell you to. I have seen articles on stats of smoking and in my own opinion they should do the stats on drinking. I think they should leave cigarettes alone and make them like they used to, these companies are only hurting themselves and driving their customers away to another brand or something else.

United States

#352 Apr 2, 2008
I live in Kentucky and they just started The FSC on cigarettes. I have smoked Marlboro for 12 years and just started to notice a difference in the taste. A friend told me about the FSC on the cigarettes and I couldn't believe it. There was no ads or new warnings posted any where. Its plain stupid and the side effects are horrible. I have kept a terrible headache, dry mouth, coughing, and a after taste which taste like metal almost. I thought switching would help but its on all of the cigarettes now. I can sometimes get lucky and find a pack that doesn't have it and there is such a big difference.
terry evansville in

Evansville, IN

#353 Apr 3, 2008
i've been smoking marlboros' for more than 20 years. since they put in the additive. i've quit. they taste funny, and i spend all my time trying to get a drag off of. it isn't worth the effort.
thank you marlboro you finally put something in it that made me quit
fed up

Cleveland, GA

#354 Apr 3, 2008
I live in Kentucky and have noticed for 2 weeks that my cigarettes were going out, how annoying. So I decided this was my last carton and I was changing brands...then a friend tells me what's really wrong...OK! That's why the headaches, scratchy, throad, hoarseness, coughing, etc.

Makes so much sense to me! Sell me a lighter with what??? FIRE! To light something that I want to what???? SMOKE! Then make the damn thing so it won't what??? BURN! I tell you what, this is so rediculous... What's next? We are "regulated and mandated" to death. I mean come on. How about the alcohol these fat bellied idiots are drinking that are signing these laws? Make it so it that it makes the drinker sick??? I am so tired of being told what I can and cannot do in my own damned house that it makes me sick.

Is there somewhere we can go, kinda UNITE, against this crap? Good Grief!!!!!
J B b

Louisville, KY

#355 Apr 3, 2008
seriously i have noticed the same thing its nuts
Lynn wrote:
Just curious if anyone who smokes Marlboro cigarettes has noticed that they do not stay lit. Half way through a cigarette it will literally burn itself out. I have noticed this change in the last couple of months and am beginning to wonder if there has been a chemical change to the cigarettes to cause this. I am not the only one who has noticed this and I am curious as to how widespread this is and also if this is experienced lately with any other brands.
Any info would be great.

Adelaide, Australia

#356 Apr 3, 2008
You have to keep in mind that there are a lot of smokes out there that are counterfiet now

I have been buying cigarettes online for a while and i have come across it a fair bit

i found a web site that guarantee their products from Australia
Shocked wrote:
Im shocked by what I've read here. Live in Northwest suburbs outside Chicago. Figured with the weather here lately maybe I've just been fighting off bugs here and there, not feeling too well since the New Year. Parliament lights have been tasting funny lately, have also felt sick with bronchitis, sinus problems, stomach discomfort, strange taste from my coughs (which are much more frequent than ever), etc. I figured I just had a long cold to get over or something, my buddy told me tonite about this FSC bull**** and, sure enough, FSC was listed right above the UPC code on my pack. Came home, googled FSC, and here I am finding out hundreds, thousands, or more are getting sick from this "new, safe, technology". Maybe this is an underhanded way to get us all to quit (or kill us), but I'm going to see my doctor on Thursday and probably switching to Skoal for my nicotine addiction requirements.

London, KY

#357 Apr 4, 2008

Louisville, KY

#358 Apr 4, 2008
I have been smoking for over 20 years. Recently I have started getting daily Headaches, scratchy throat, always thirsty and a dry cough. Then this week, I found out I have been smoking these “Fire Safe Cigarettes”. I smoke Marlboro lights and have asked other smokers, family and friends about the Headaches. EVERYONE has had the same symptoms (Headache, scratchy throat, rasping cough, and sulfur taste in the mouth). So, this is not just a coincidence by any means. All the symptoms with everyone go back to when they first started selling these FSC here in KY.
My questions are these
1. Why wasn't we informed of this change? Someone mentioned they seen it on the internet and I went searching before I found out. Maybe a sticker/ brochure of the expected change to FSC on the Pack itself. Marlboro advertises all kinds of marketing events this way on individual packs to benefit them.
2. What new CHEMICAL is in the Cigarettes? I do not believe in the paper "speed bump" thing. If so then that "speed bump" is allowing for Build-Up of "SOMETHING" so that when I smoke harder to keep the cigarette lit it's causing the new throat irritations.
3. What "LONG-TERM" research/tests were conducted on FSC? Please make THAT available to the public. Not of the FIRE-Safety aspect because that is working, but of the ADDITIONAL HEALTH RISKS that myself and many others are experiencing. Also, before someone says there are NO NEW health risks, I believe these FSC could actually be speeding up the OLD ones causing us smokers to experience them sooner.

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