Marlboro cigarettes don't stay lit

Chicago, IL

#250 Jan 28, 2008
Im shocked by what I've read here. Live in Northwest suburbs outside Chicago. Figured with the weather here lately maybe I've just been fighting off bugs here and there, not feeling too well since the New Year. Parliament lights have been tasting funny lately, have also felt sick with bronchitis, sinus problems, stomach discomfort, strange taste from my coughs (which are much more frequent than ever), etc. I figured I just had a long cold to get over or something, my buddy told me tonite about this FSC bull**** and, sure enough, FSC was listed right above the UPC code on my pack. Came home, googled FSC, and here I am finding out hundreds, thousands, or more are getting sick from this "new, safe, technology". Maybe this is an underhanded way to get us all to quit (or kill us), but I'm going to see my doctor on Thursday and probably switching to Skoal for my nicotine addiction requirements.


#251 Feb 1, 2008
what toxin's now are they putting in the new fsc cigarettes, i smoke malboro 72 reds,they taste nasty,give me a head ache and make me want to throw up.


#252 Feb 1, 2008
Scared wrote:
I live in MA and noticed about a month ago feeling MAJOR chest pain, coughing up phelgm all the time, being overly tired, my tongue feeling coated, and having headaches almost every day. At worst before the change to FSC I would only cough in the morning if I had chain smoked the night before. I am scared shitless right now. I just learned about FSC today and tomorrow will go and buy some Drum to roll my own. I seriously have had MAJOR chest pain and I'm only 31! I knew something was really wrong and now I know what it was. Thank God for the internet as here in Mass I heard NOTHING about this change happening.
I pray my symptoms go away soon. If not, I'm going to a doctor to try to find out what these bastards did to me. I'm just making sure now to keep my last 2 FSC packs as evidence that I smoked them. If I am truly sick I will sue my state. I am SICK and FUCKING tired of my elected officials playing mommy and daddy to me under the guise of trying to "protect" me. Smoking was MY choice! I don't even drink! It was the last real vice I had. I eat Organic even and I am so scared I have pneumonia or worse right now. I will go after these people if need be - and will never touch another of these death sticks again. Rolling my own starting now.
I have had a bad tongue problem from the change in the cigaretts, it's scary. I wanted to see what your symptoms with the tongue were. My tongue hurts, is coated with a gross kaki like color that won't brush away. Just wanted to see if anyone else had similar symptoms.
So Bad So MAD - IL


#254 Feb 3, 2008
Everyone needs to switch to a non-FSC brand (temporarily) to boycott these terrible, poisonous FSC from Philip Morris/Marlboros, etc.!!! This communistic approach from the government has to stop! When Philip Morris loses billions from loss of sales they will be crying to the government to overturn the law! We can't do anything about the restaurant/bar/statewide smoking ban becuase we as individuals and the restaurant owners do not have the MONEY. Also, the FDA approves thousands of drugs each year knowing that those drugs will kill a certain amount of people. And this FSC was created becuase 15 stupid people in New Hampshire died becuase of a fire started with a cigarette! the FDA knows it will kill hundreds of people each year on the drugs they approve! How many people are dying from second hand smoke??? How many will have health complications from this FSC?? We have to do something! A useful site
not good

Chicago, IL

#255 Feb 7, 2008
they better think about it again or they will really lose a lot of money ,i started getting my cigerates from indiana and im not they only one doing that

Park Ridge, IL

#256 Feb 10, 2008
i really do not like the FSC cigarettes, like everyone else i had to find out the hard way by getting some nasty cigarettes that dont stay lit. like the other person said they should regulate fast food places for overweight people, or make cars that dont go faster than 40 mph so nobody gets hurt, its downright ubsurd. i will not be smoking these nasty cigarettes, the companies have lost a customer and the state has lost the taxes i pay on them.

Columbus, OH

#257 Feb 11, 2008
You said it 'GMICRAZY', we re guinea pigs! It's been that way for a very long time in this country. We are to the elite (the Alluminati, the Central Bankers, the Global Foreign Relations) we merely a herd of sheep to them, they're plan is to wipe out 80% of the worlds population. Take a look at what's going on, we are headed towards the "New World Order", "One World Government". They've been gaining control over us, because we have let them. It’s a monopoly game with the elite, there is always a hidden agenda, our country is very complaisant when it comes to believing everything we see in the news, need to start reading between the lines and start doing your own homework and on-line is a great place to start. Don't let people discourage you from searching the internet for answers because they believe it's full of nothing but lies, remember you will not find the truth out through mainstream media as it is controlled by the elite, and the internet is for free, at least for now. Anyway, I'm sitting here with a 14 page list of ingredients that are in our cigarettes, if our cigarettes were only being made with thicker paper, I doubt that it would make them taste differently, I'm sure they've added some other deadly chemical/chemical’s. Wondering how I found this website, I was hoping to find some kind honest clue about my cigarette’s taste so bad too, haven't found anything yet, other than what the tobacco companies want us to believe.:-)
By the way, a good place to go on the internet is ‘You Tube’, click on anything you want to documentary on, you’ll most likely find something. Also, one crusader that I like following up on is Alex Jones, he has been very hard to get the word out to America about what’s going behind the scenes in our country, very informational, he also has a website of his own called .
Okay, I think I've said enough...Take care everyone!

Columbus, OH

#258 Feb 11, 2008
By they way GMICRAZY, I meant to mention to you to check with a holistic doctor first before going to a regular doctor as they may cost you more money in the long run and more health problems. Dr. Mercola in Chicago is good place to start.
Indiana it is


#259 Feb 11, 2008
Everyone should go to Indiana to get cartons of Non-FSC's and to the casinos there(If you gamble). The State does not even realize how much money they are making on us but they soon will with cigarette and casino revenues down to a nil. They are always crying how in debt Illinois is.... I think they are in for a huge surprise. The stepford people do not even realize how much we support the state and the economy!

United States

#260 Feb 16, 2008
Exactly AOL. I haven't bought smokes in IL since early Dec, when I found out about this FSC thing. I feel better, my wife feels better, and they taste alot better.
It's like the old movie 'Soilent Green'.
David from California

Concord, CA

#261 Feb 16, 2008
I've been smoking for 15 years, I also noticed the FSC tag on the pack of cigarettes, and noticed immediately the horrible side effects such as sore throat, mucus, serious coughing, tight chest, headaches, and acid reflux. And of course the awful taste. After reading on the web, I found out it was a new technology initially named RIP then renamed RCIP (Reduced Combustion etc...) that aims at reducing the fire started by cigarettes. And it's been written in law that all cigarettes sold in California (and some other states) should be FSC. Now why not let the choice to smokers ? If you feel concerned about setting your house on fire buy FSC, and let others buy non-FSC and kill themselves a little bit more slowly. The only solution I have found is to have a 4 hours drive to Nevada to buy "normal" cigarettes ! Those "FSC" are not only nasty but I'm convinced from my symptoms that they are dangerous, now that I've found some regular smokes in Nevada, I'm feeling like a newborn, coughing is gone and all the other symptoms too. At least let both FSC and non-FSC be sold and let us decide which one to buy.

Rockford, IL

#262 Feb 17, 2008
I just got 5 cartons of Marlboro from Missouri also Wisconsin don't use the(FSC)so after these run out Wisconsin here I come, Screw IL they will lose tax money thats all...

United States

#263 Feb 17, 2008

Redmond, OR

#264 Feb 19, 2008
why would you quit they taste great...

Redmond, OR

#265 Feb 19, 2008
why in the hell would any of you quit??? just smoke a different idiots...


#268 Feb 21, 2008
screwed-in-illinois wrote:
I REALLY, REALLY hate FSC smokes. Now manadatory in IL. Thought I would just drive to Wisconsin and buy non-FSC. Wouldn't you know it! WI just added a $.50 a pack tax! Guess I'll help pay for WI schools and road improvements...
Actually as of the first of the year Wi. raised the price of a pack of cigarettes by $1.00. We were up after the Xmas Holiday for a week, and knew from the news media to purchase enough cigs. till we went home, before the $1.00 increase on the 1st. What I find so strange is that the Wisconsin media would publicize the tax increase of cigarettes so heavily, but after being home for a month and a half I have still not heard or read about anything from an Illinois news agency about fsc. If it was in fact designed to save so many lives I'm sure some agency would want to publicly take credit for it. I find the lack of information about this new fsc cigarette not only disturbing, but now have to wonder what else my local news media keeps from me. I also have to wonder if Wi. knew about the new fsc cigarettes and hoped for more sales, hence the price increase on the same day as the new IL. law. I know at the begining of the year Il. retailers thought they would be making more profit, because of the $1.00 increase in Wi., however I guess Wi. will get the last laugh on that front. Yes we all know smoking is bad for us, but just like you I will drive the extra miles to keep from adding xtra chemicals (or just plain paper) to my already addictive habit.

Cadaval, Portugal

#269 Feb 22, 2008
Well hi there. I'm from Portugal and i haven't found ( well until now ) any diffrent taste on Marlboro or that it stops burning. In fact if you people say that there's a law in USA that makes ciggarets do that, i think that law has still not been applyed here in Portugal, cause i haven't noticed any changes in the Marlboro cigarrets manufactured here in the Iberic Penincula, but i prefer smoking Coronas thatn Marlboro anyway.

United States

#270 Feb 22, 2008
Ashleyrocks19 wrote:
why in the hell would any of you quit??? just smoke a different idiots...
What the hell, don't call people names. You know nothing. All cigarettes in Oregon are FSC. What brand are you talking about. Humm who's the idiot? Do some research yourself. These new cigs are hurting people. You must be crazy to think that this is ok. It's not ok. What? Are you 18. You sound so stupid. Read read read. Then open your stupid mouth.
Kay North Bend Oregon.
Fighting for our right to be heard.
The Source

Rancho Cucamonga, CA

#271 Feb 23, 2008
colleen wrote:
I've been trying to find cigarettes without additives at all, i tried the American Spirit, and found that the hand-rolled ones (even with filters) are too strong for me, but i got used to the clean taste and got away from the chemicals for a while. AMERICAN SPIRIT HAND ROLLED DON'T STAY LIT, NATURALLY. They aren't loaded with noxious crap like chemical ACCELERANTS like the big brands are.
Then I smoked a Marlboro. It tasted nasty, chemically, sour comparatively.
So switched to Winston, which is supposed to be "additives free". I've been smoking the FSC ones for the past week. They do go out quicker, and i've also been having headaches for the past week.
Isn't it bad enough the chemicals (look up the "toxins in a cigarette") they use to keep them lit? Now they're putting MORE chemicals in them to extinguish them, this is absurd. THE CHEMICALS THEY ADD TO CIGARETTES ARE WAY MORE TOXIC THAN THE BURNING OF TOBACCO.
How do you know they are more toxic?(source please)

Amora, Portugal

#272 Feb 25, 2008
The Source wrote:
<quoted text>
How do you know they are more toxic?(source please)
well i found this site that may be interesting on knowing which chemicals are put in the cigaretes

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