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Monroe, LA

#63 Feb 18, 2013
Ashley wrote:
Just a few references from someone who has a Bachelor of Science in Public Health to educate those who think that smokeless tobacco is somehow better for you than smoking cigarettes:
You can choose to ignore facts and statistics but you can't argue with them.
nicotine is about as harmful to the body as cigs

Jonesboro, GA

#65 Mar 2, 2013
Drew wrote:
all i can say is i love copenhagen southern blend so if youre a smoker and you want to start dipping get copenhagen wintergreen pouches to get sorta used to it then copenhagen southern blend long cut
southern blend is some good stuff, reminds me of sweet tea

Phenix City, AL

#66 Mar 2, 2013
There's no doubt that tobacco can cause cancer. A lot of things cause cancer though and there are a lot of dangerous things people do. Driving your car is a danger! Man up and quit bitching.

Valdosta, GA

#67 Mar 5, 2013
Actually, a doctor wrote a book on it. I forget the reference but if you search youtube for 'smokeless tobacco can save your life' then go to the video by user: mudjug1 it will reference the book several times. Also, nicotine gum and patches are not only extremely over priced, but they have also been shown to be worse than smokeless tobacco because smokeless tobacco has stuff in it that takes away the harmful parts of nicotine. You should never have straight nicotine unless its grown in tobacco. Otherwise the straight nicotine will harm you, whereas tobacco has natural things to take the harm from tobacco. Actually, if you had braces at any point, they cut your gums and also can lead to cancer. The likelihood is astronomical, but so is the likelihood of smokeless tobacco hurting you.
Anonymous doctor

United States

#68 Mar 9, 2013
Hey guys, I'm not going to give away my name just incase one of you does end up with cancer. I've been a family practitioner for ten years and I have never had or seen a chewing patient with cancer. Twice I have had a chewing patient have white patches that turned out to be non cancerous when I forwarded them to a mouth specialist. However, I have had 18 smoking patients that had signs of lung, mouth, and cardiovascular(rare) cancer. When forwarded to a specialist 15 of them did have cancer and 8 of them have so far died. Coming from a small town doctor I would have to conclude that is strong evidence. I promote chewing over smoking but I would never tell any of my patients that in fear of a lawsuit or losing my liscense.

Safe smoking and fun chewing everyone!
Anonymous doctor

United States

#69 Mar 9, 2013
Grizzly_dip_is_the_best wrote:
<quoted text> nicotine is about as harmful to the body as cigs
I just wanted to redirect this. Nicotine by itself, depending on the amount, is as harmful as a cup of coffee. Once you get into the higher grade nicotine(burns the back of your throat when smoking) it can cause some serious problems. I've had several patients the last few years talk about the nicotine they order online. They feel like the e-cigs need to have stronger and stronger doses of nicotine the more they use it. I wouldn't be surprised if in the next few years their are more cases of cardio cancer because of this but for the most part nicotine is fine in regular doses.
Dutch the dipper

Lorain, OH

#70 Mar 15, 2013
Look I've been dipping for 6 years, I started as a freshman in high school. So many people in my school dipped that they actually brought oral cancer therapists to give everybody a free screening. Nobody had anything wrong. The guy who looked at my mouth ( I was a senior at the time) told me it didn't even look like I had ever dipped. Smokeless tobacco has never caused me any problems, no anybody I know. For all of the people out there who say dip is extremely dangerous, how many people do you know PERSONALLY that have gotten mouth cancer from SLT? I know none and everybody I know knows none. In Sweden a large percentage of the people there use SLT and they have the highest life expectancy in the world. I have heard dentists say that a person who eats a lot of candy has a higher chance of getting cavities and have other oral problems, then somebody who dips. Just to make a point, every photo that anyone has ever seen that shows problems from SLT how do their teeth and mouth look? Disgusting, because they don't take care of their mouth. I dipped all through high school (I had braces and have always chewed long cut) and neither my dentist or orthodontist never once guessed that I dipped. The point is take care of your mouth and you will not encounter these problems! I brush twice a day and floss like three times a week, its not that hard. My last point is that 90% of people who get mouth cancer get it from smoking! Its a fact, look it up. If you brush your teeth and rinse out your mouth all the harmful shit is washed out. And there's no fiberglass in dip. For all those out there who love dip as much as I do, get on and get a portable spittoon, they're awesome, got mine about a month ago and couldn't be happier!
Dutch the dipper

Lorain, OH

#71 Mar 15, 2013
@Stupid Is As Stupid Does:
-Point 1:(just a bit of life advice) If you want to get through to people,(which you probably don't because you only put one post up) you don't start out by insulting them, that always gives a terrible 1st impression. And people mostly remember someone by their first impression of them.
-Point 2: It's not wise to just voice an opinion and give no evidence or sources, on a blog where people are thoroughly discussing both forms of tobacco use and providing sources for they're arguments.
-Point 3: Just cause I use tobacco doesn't make dumb. I may have made a irresponsible life choice, but I'm 100% sure that every person in the world make at least one of those everyday. Did you speed while driving today? Because if so, you sir made an irresponsible life choice today! You could have killed yourself as well as others.
-Point 4: Contrary to your belief most of us on here are pretty aware of the negative effect off tobacco and nicotine, whether it be from SLT (smokeless tobacco) or smoking cigarettes. The whole point of the blog is to discuss a controversial topic, in a manner that is mature. It is also to inform others of the affects of tobacco use.(notice I didn't say "negative affects of tobacco use" because there are studies that have shown that it does, believe it or not, have positive affects)
-Point 5: It is not wise to continue insulting somebody or a group of people to try to convey a point, because it in fact make you look like an "asshat", because it proves you don't no a damn thing about the subject matter.

I hope you see this, not to insult you, but just to help you understand that if you want to influence people and actually help them, don't just throw around your opinion without anything to sustain it, because opinions are like assholes, everybody has one. So grow up a little bit and acting like you're better than other people because we make different decisions than you.

P.S. Smokeless tobacco really isn't that bad for you. Do some research and then we'll talk.

Lac La Biche, Canada

#72 Mar 17, 2013
Why when I already have a huge dip In I want more?!

Minneapolis, MN

#73 Mar 30, 2013
I COMPLETELY AGREE. You can probably even live without a lower jaw. But once those lungs are gone, they're gone. The concept of a "safer" or "lesser" evil needs to be understood by the propagandists. I have been a smoker for the best part of 25 years. Now I dip and even though I do smoke here and there because of company, or because I need nicotine, but don't have enough time to justify a dip. Another pain factor is the fact that you don't always have a great place to spit. This is why I always keep change. Walk up to a vending machine, buy a coke can, throw out the coke and start dippin, yeah? Absolutely agree that DIPPING is TONS better than smoking - no carbon monoxide poisoning, no tar in your lungs. Nicotine by itself isnt bad... but remember.... you cant gut the dip stuff... do not swallow. Spit it out, and you're good. You swallow it, you're probably destroying your innards.

Yelm, WA

#74 Apr 5, 2013
I have ADHD and I find that dip really helps me concentrate, before I started dipping I was on some crazy ADHD meds and they were horrible. Science backs up the fact that nicotine is a great way to help those with ADHD and ADD.

United States

#75 Apr 8, 2013
I was wondering how to not have such sloppy dips. I've been dipping for a year and lately they are all over the place and sloppy. They are very wet and come apart to easy. They also seem to rise up over my teeth way more than they used to.

Pittsburgh, PA

#77 May 1, 2013
Mike wrote:
I was wondering how to not have such sloppy dips. I've been dipping for a year and lately they are all over the place and sloppy. They are very wet and come apart to easy. They also seem to rise up over my teeth way more than they used to.
dear mike . I've been dippin for years now . You just need to take ya a nice pinch out of your can . Use 3 nice fingers and form it to a nice round dip and hold your can under it and since your having troubles and make sure it's packed real well an try putting it in the front of your lip an keep it packed well with your tongue. Also it could be your choice of dip. I know when I was younger I dipped skoal peach cause I was young an i did sissy dip , an it just was everyware in my mouth. Also if you hold your spit in your mouth to long it can cause your dip to fall apart in your mouth an cause it to fall apart easy or hav many loose grains. Just fallow these tips an hope it helps ya out. Have anymore questions hmu. Hope this helps ya bud
Worthless drug addict

Pittsburgh, PA

#78 May 1, 2013
I hate tobacco do cocaine an shoot Herion in your vain it makes ya feel like a cool kid an youll have lots of friends an people will like you !!!:)

Pittsburgh, PA

#79 May 1, 2013
Tanner wrote:
Why when I already have a huge dip In I want more?!
dear tanner : it's because of the nicotine going through your blood it makes you crave more . Just pck more an enjoy lol!! Recommend a mudjug . buy one there great for a huge dip for lots of spit!!! Enjoy

Pittsburgh, PA

#80 May 1, 2013
Hello everyone my name is Ernest woods I am 63 years of age and I am a homosexual man... My boyfriend Carlos does not find my dipping attractive at all.. He says it's disgusting .. An can give me mouth cancer an he won't let me give him pleasure orally because I dip.. Any help tips on trying to quit because I proposed to Carlos an he said no because I dip I need tips on how to quit.. Please help me :,(... I love him with all my heart an idk what's more important satisfieng myself with the amazing scrumptious skoal original or the sexual pleasure an love of my partner Carlos gambrienia
Cope guy 45

Coraopolis, PA

#82 May 7, 2013
Yes you do get a higher risk of oral cancer if you dip. Do you get greater risk of cavities when you eat candy ? Name someone you KNOW PERSONALLY that has died from MOUTH CANCER CAUSED BY DIPPING. I know hundreds of people who died from smoking. The only thing that dip tobacco does to your body permananently is gum recession. Get your facts straight , if you smoke switch to dip now. Go look up how many people die on average a year from smoking and then do the same for smokeless tobacco.
boss mcgee

Elon, NC

#83 May 9, 2013
No lies, love the buzz you get from dipping, but I only do it while drunk or when I need to study. That being said, I have smoked too and the buzz from dipping is way better. If you are smoking because you are drinking, I suggest dip, because it will magnify your drunk feeling by alot.

United States

#84 May 9, 2013
There is fiberglass in Copenhagen silver top bt it dosent cut Ur mouth open.i have been dippin snuff for 10 years.@ Robert

Wheeling, WV

#85 May 10, 2013
I'm late to this party I started chewing at 15 I'm 19 and I'm a daily and use it pretty commonly half can to can a day, my mouth is still perfectly fine I go to the dentist annually and the worst thing I've had is my wisdom pulled

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