Mediacom offers incentives to get cus...

Mediacom offers incentives to get customers back

There are 47 comments on the Muscatine Journal story from Mar 13, 2007, titled Mediacom offers incentives to get customers back. In it, Muscatine Journal reports that:

Cable company Mediacom Communications Corp. hopes to convince at least some of the 7,000 customers it lost in the last few months to come back by offering rebates and free programming incentives.

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Bettendorf, IA

#22 Apr 20, 2009
Robert Nemeti wrote:
I have cancelled my service with Mediacon today, because my rate doubled starting next month.$120 for basic cable and Internet is just too much. They didn't even try to do anything to keep me as a customer. Going back to sattelite. Those rebates will have to be huge to get me back.
Robert, you are correct, they do not care, because I called today about my internet service trying to see if the cost will stay where it is for the next twelve months and they told me no, my internet bill will go up by 25.00, which now I will be paying $60.00 a month just for internet, which is outrageous. They didn't try to work out something for me, the only reason I'm trying hard to hold on is because I'm taking online class with the University of Phoenix and need a good fast internet provider. But I feel Mediacom has no government regulations.

Parker, CO

#23 May 14, 2009
Robert Nemeti wrote:
I have cancelled my service with Mediacon today, because my rate doubled starting next month.$120 for basic cable and Internet is just too much. They didn't even try to do anything to keep me as a customer. Going back to sattelite. Those rebates will have to be huge to get me back.
cheapo.. lol
Raghavan Davenport IA

Plymouth, MN

#24 May 20, 2009
Mediacom is the worst service I have ever seen. Their Customer service is pathatic. I don't know why there is no Competetion to them in IOWA. Simply very very very worst is Mediacom service.
Due to monopoly they won't consider any discussion forum.

Herrin, IL

#25 Aug 30, 2009
Well we will see if medicom will stand up and keep current customers. I see in the paper they will up our speeds from 8 to 12 megs dl speeds. if they do i will give them a thumbs up. Time will tell by tuesday if they will live up to there word!!!!!
Ryan Cedar Rapids IA

Lake City, IA

#26 Sep 21, 2009
I am receiving mediacoms 12 mbps service tomorrow morning and if i get any less than 8 mbps down i will cancel immediately but if not then i will also give them 2 thumbs up

Ankeny, IA

#27 Sep 26, 2009
Donna Copper wrote:
There needs to be some competition here in Des Moines.

Ankeny, IA

#28 Sep 26, 2009
Some competition....Please.

Iowa City, IA

#29 Oct 27, 2009
Recently I switched back to Mediacom. Ordered high speed internet and cable 4star pack. The install went fine until they told me they had to drop bury the interet cable and said someone should be out to do it by november 19th. The utility locaters have already come out and put red and yellow flags in my yard. I call customer service to find out if they can get anyone out sooner, and they tell me it will probably be spring time before anyone shows up. So instead of dealing with a pain in the ass cable in my yard for a year, I've decided to cancel my cable and internet service and switch back to directv and go wireless. I prefer the old way of just wiring it through your house instead of ruining one's lawn. Mediacom sucks balls and I wouldn't recommend them to my worst enemy. Price gougers.

Iowa City, IA

#30 Oct 27, 2009
... not to mention the fact that one of their customer service associates hung up on me after a few minutes of trying to explain to them what was going on. Directv by far is way better in that category. Mediacom can take their cable and shove it up their ass.

Iowa City, IA

#31 Oct 27, 2009
And sure, dish can go out for a few seconds in bad weather-- but I prefer that to Mediacom's going out for a few days in bad weather. And being put on hold for 20 minutes.

Kelseyville, CA

#32 Nov 5, 2009
Media-Com is a monopoly and it also offers deals to keep subscribers, a very bad combination. My problem with these deals is that they happen when the customer usually has reached their limit on what they are willing to pay for Media-Com services, and they are trying to cancel service. Reducing cable rates in this manner resembles a racketeering operation. If they were forced to be competitive with other cable company's they would be offering the best competitive rate to everybody.

The cable lines and the street poles they are strung on belong to the public, and Federal tax payer dollars have subsidized the cable industry to provide cable for schools. Any argument for letting Media-Com a monopoly is a farce.

The heart of this problem is nested in the Local Polk County and Des Moines City Government. The Problem needs to be challenged in court. This case is similar to the Taxi-Cab monopoly that the City endorsed for years. That Monopoly was challenged many times over the years and it eventually beaten.

If there are any Lawyers out there who are outraged by the City ordinace dictated monopoly of Media-Com then please step up to the plate and do the right thing for your community and challenge this monopoly.Many in this community would support you if you canvased for supporters.

Thank You from the Stevo.

Kelseyville, CA

#33 Nov 5, 2009
I forgot mention, I like having a cable modem connection for my computer but I strongly dislike the company I HAVE to and am forced to buy it from,(MEDIA-COM). Providing overpriced services and crapola customer service over all the years they have been in Des Moines. In fact this has been an ongoing problem with previous cable providers in DES MOINES, all of these previous companys sharing the commonality of being City dictated monopolys.

Thanks from the Stevo

Kelseyville, CA

#34 Nov 5, 2009
Another point of contention is the sub-contractors that Media-Com uses. I had a Media-com sub come out to my house a while back and the guy was filthy. He was driving a junk pickup truck with a makeshift ladder rack and beat up aluminum ladder he had a magnetic sign on his drivers door. His hair hung down to his butt in a pony tail. He looked like a 'druggy' someone you would see pan handling for money at the side of the road. I do feel sorry for people like that, but I sure as hell don't want them in my house. He was someone whose looks were scary and someone I would not let into my house under normal circumstance.
I seriously doubt if the guy was bonded or for that matter even had commercial vehicle insurance, I also wondered if he had contractors liability insurance.
I found out that these sub contractors hire anyone smart enough to use a pair of pliers and their so called employees are not employees at all, but instead are sub-contractors also.

Next time one these guys shows up I am going to ask to see their business insurance papers plus their vehicle insurance. I suggest you do the same or in the event of an accident because they might even try to sue you the property owner. I strongly suggest you ask to see their credentials make sure they are not running on regular car Insurance as they are required to carry commercial vehicle insurance.If they cant produce the paperwork then call the cops on them.

My fears on this are not unfounded as I had an experience one time before about 2 or 3 years ago with one the Media-Com subs. I let the guy go down my basement to do some install work and I made the mistake of not following him and keeping an eye on him. I heard the unmistakable sound of my tool box rattling in the basement, alarmed I quickly headed for the basement and sure enough my tool box was open and several of my tools were laying on the floor. I asked the guy if he was in my tool box and he shook his head no. Needless to say I stayed down there and watched him till he left. I checked my tool box after he left and the only thing missing was a pair of Vise-grips. I did not see him take them so I could-not accuse him of theft. I learned my lesson about letting Media-Com subs in my basement. As a rule I now watch any service tech from any company when they are in my house.
Spencer IA

Spencer, IA

#35 May 6, 2010
What about overing incentives or better packages for those that have been customer for years!!! I think those that have paid your wages for the last 10 yrs desirve something!!! Putting up with no phones, internet down or the tv channels messed up... what happen to taking care of the customer. So if I had opportunity to switch, I would really think about.
Yoda Fire

Newburgh, NY

#36 Jun 25, 2010
wow, many people here have no clue what they're talking about. It's not a monopoly, anyone can come in and offer competition. However they have to invest a large amount of money for the infrastructure to do so. That's the deterrent, not because competition has been barred by the city. Also you wouldn't pay 120.00 for a "basic" cable package. Are you implying you would recieve 13-20 channels of locals only and internet access for 120.00? No, you're likely getting expanded channels and probably Starz and Encore plus a 10mbps high speed internet connection for 120.00. The long hold times and poor service is spot on for this time period on 2007/2008 however.
Bettendorf IA

Waterloo, IA

#37 Oct 22, 2010
I have been fighting with Mediacom for 2 months now about the poor service I have been receiving. In the evenings, 6:00 - 11:00 my max download speed on the internet as measured by never gets above 3 mg. Many time it is below 1 mg. I have had techs at my house 5 times in the last month and they have replaces ALL cable/Modem/etc and no change. Now they are telling me my promotional rate is expiring and my bill will be going up by $60.00/month. I have been a continuous customer for over 20 years, but do I receive a discount like new customers, No. As far as a monoply, yes it is, there is no other option the can offer internet speeds above 1.5 mb in this area, so mediacom can charge what they want for their service and stability is not a concern. I could go to Dish (Witch i am considering doing) and switching to DSL or a PCS card. At least then the band width they say I am going to get i will actually get. Non of these excuses about there are alot of people eating up the bandwidth so i get a smaller portion. If you advertise 12 mb then I should get 12 mb, not just at certain times during they day when there are not many people using the system.

Cedar Rapids, IA

#38 Mar 17, 2011
unknown wrote:
<quoted text>
cheapo.. lol
Ummmm, Mediacom is expensive. He's not a cheapo! Our bill is over $150 a month and we have been loyal customers since April 2003!
ACBTA S Family

Cedar Rapids, IA

#39 Mar 17, 2011
We've been with Mediacom for almost 8 years now and I have called a few times recently to see what Mediacom could do for us as loyal customers. We have rarely called them about ANYTHING! And, now after having them for 8 years they CAN'T do anything for us as far as the cost goes. We pay around $160 a month, we have HBO (a grandfathered plan apparently just over $10 a month), DVR Monthly Fee, DVR Rental Monthly Fee, standard box rental fee for a TV we have in the master bedroom, Internet (2nd tier I believe it is only because we have xbox live/netflix through the xbox) and we have the Basic/Family Cable Pack. I even have threatened to leave to go to DISH or to DIRECTV and all we were asking was for about $20 savings on our monthly bill and I've spoken with 5 people I believe now and have talked to the retention department and supervisors. Sure, they can offer us a plan that includes what we have as far as cable goes minus the HBO and all the fees as far as the box monthly fees and the DVR service fee that a while back INCREASED from $7.95 to $10.95. Now, what I don't understand is when you switch to Dish they will include your boxes at no monthly fee and I think that Directv only is $7/month for their DVR Service. But, will mediacom match the price? NO! One of the supervisors that I spoke with said for us to compare them to comcast, what the crap? We can't even get comcast in our area and they want us to compare them to someone that we can't even get in our area? How is that even a valid fight on their end. Sure, if we had comcast in our area I would understand, but we don't have comcast here! At this point I am just pissed! They should get the dildo out of their butts and be real here! We only have DISH or Directv to compare them to and Mediacom is NOT cheaper than those services, even after their intro special ends with those companies. Don't frickin' tell me on the phone that you're cheaper, when you're NOT! I am very dissatisfied with their unwillingness to work with us and to save us when we've been with them for 8 years and they give NEW customers these amazing deals, but won't save their long term customers! What the crap? I'll just end with that.

Cedar Rapids, IA

#40 May 10, 2011
I got fed up with the poor to nonexistent customer service from Mediacom, the outages, and the erroneous billings they refused to fix. I switched to IMON over a year ago. I've NEVER had the internet go down, and I've lost cable TV once, for 20 minutes. The bill is $175/month, but that is high speed internet, HD cable box, the ability to record programs, and EVERY movie channel (except the x-rated ones). When you call them, a real person answers the phone immediately. I know it sounds like I work for them, but I'm just thrilled to be rid of Mediacom.

Indianola, IA

#41 Jun 28, 2011
I just had the cable turned off and went DirecTV and this is when I found out that you have to ask before you switch and then they will lower your current rates. I was also told that they will pay up to $300.00 or $350.00 to help me break my contract with DirecTV. I'd had MediaCom since 1998 and never once did anyone(as many have said) let current customers get the deals they spend millions on all over the country. what a shame they have priced themselves out of the market.

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