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Broke Employee

Detroit, MI

#1 Apr 9, 2007
I'm a former UAW member,also worked for LTV steel,I have over 15 years experience working in both the steel industry and automotive industry,due to a recent lay-off I took a job as a temp and worked for SHILOH INDUSTRIES,even though it is a non-union shop I made sure I was on time,always kept busy,and would volunteer for work on the weekends,this is the worst run company I have ever encountered,people would not get paid there OT,stupidvisor acting stupid would tell employees'"I'LL TAKE CARE OF IT".I always thought by law employees' were entitled to 2 breaks and lunch for an 8 hour shift?Hi-lo drivers are supposed to be licensed not here,after working for such a poorly run company,I have come to one conclusion,always do your best at your current job, because you never know when you may have to take a job working for a poorly managed company? such as this one.If anyone has a good job with a company were unions still count?or were the employer has respect and actually cares for its employees' for god's sake do the best you can to keep the company afloat.I just thought I would post this so other people who have found themselves in the same situation with our current bad economy,remember you don't know how good you have it until the unexpected happens?as for SHILOH INDUSTRIES I would not wish them on anybody.

Detroit, MI

#2 Apr 13, 2007
I just want to say I work for Shiloh Canton,MI I am a Black man and the other day I overheard Jay and another supervisor talking and I quote"IS THAT THE GUY TAKING DAN'S PLACE HE'S BLACK???THEY HIRED A BLACK GUY???so brothers' and sisters if you are offended by this?Please post your comments ,they have tried to screw me on my wage.One sick brother.
shiloh employed OH

Forsyth, MO

#3 Sep 24, 2007
If there is that many legal descrepancies, shouldn't you take these matters to a higher authority instead of just a comment on the internet? If you are that experienced, you should have little or no problems locating employment elsewhere. You should know of "OSHA" and there are labor laws. Just remember, they can afford better lawyers than us commoners. They have rights and so do we. And if you don't want to fight it, deal with it, or move on, the problem lies within yourself.
shiloh employed OH

Forsyth, MO

#4 Sep 24, 2007
You are not my brother. I really don't think that you have that many sisters either. You are discussing racism while using a stereotype slang. True, that guy is a jerk for that comment, but there is a reason there is Human resorces and a harrassment policy. Read the hand book. There is more that you can do. Or do you have a history with the company, that is looked down upon, and are afraid for you job security. Stop typing and do something about it if you are that upset. Don't let them beat you.

Lake Orion, MI

#5 Dec 2, 2007
shiloh employed,yes I was mad about the above comments I heard,and I am glad to say I no longer work for them,I found a better paying job and left,as for Shiloh Canton and its redneck management they can all kiss my Bl___ A__!!and of course I was not going to destroy my life,fighting them.Life is good now!!! let them live in their own miserable existence,and I hope if anybody else hears the comments I heard?Please don't let these ignorant people abuse you,I moved on and hopefully if you can?do the same or take legal action against these ass_____.
Former Shiloh Employee

West Salem, WI

#6 Jul 15, 2008
I worked for Shiloh for more than 10 years and have recently left because of the poorly trained supervisors and the arrogance of the senior staff. Ever since Zempatis took over we all did our job and Ted and his senoir staff took all the credit. This is a company that takes care of the rich and puts down the hard working middle class. I have witnessed sacrifices and dedication from production workers, maintenance and engineers and who got all the credit for a job well done. Zempatis and his vice presidents. I was mad when I left but now I thank god for giving me the wisdom and strength to leave that Sh-- Hole!
weldcell o

Erin, TN

#7 Jan 10, 2009
i have to say one thing about shiloh dmd i loved working there i had a personal relationship with almost everyone in that plant the pay was great i had a great supervisor on c shift,i dont know what went on at the other shiloh plants up north but it was a pleasure working at the dmd plant, like i said im laid off now but if they called me back id be there in a heart beat.i do know that the union employees in the north made more money then us and had better benifits. and from what other ppl told me yall had it made up north (i was just a weldcell operator not in any kind of management) . and as of the 1 lunch break per shift i liked it it made it seem like the night went by faster. i have no complaints about dmd accept the fact that im laid off lol....
weldcell 115

Nashville, TN

#8 Feb 2, 2009
I work at the Dickson Manufacturing Plant in TN,I also am laid off. I would also like to say that the supervisors here are wonderful!! If they said they were going to take care of something for you they did. You may have to ask about it a day or two later, but remember they have a lot of responsibilites. It was like a family atmosphere. There are black as well as white people (men and women)in leadership roles that do there jobs exceptionally well. No discrimination. I would like to know if anyone knows if the plant will stay open and call us back or if it is going to close??
press operator

Paducah, KY

#9 Feb 13, 2009
I am a current Shiloh employee with 12 years of experience and although I am still employed and thankful I have the job in order to feed my children, that should go to say I would walk thru hell and high water for them, but as for Shiloh its very hard to deal with the management in that place. I was a team leader, being a woman in press that is a major accomplishment, but I did my job everyday I gave 100% for 8 years and was the first person to get demoted. I have been told by numerous operators that worked under me that I provided more assistance and knowledge than any other team leader in that department, yet I was the first to be demoted. With that being said, why me? I have been demoted 2 times and repromoted the first time, but never will I again take the position! I have been constantly lied to and things taken away on a trimester basis. We are treated like robots. My body is falling apart from the obscure things they expect you to do. I wish daily for another job opportunity. Because being there all this time has done absolutely done nothing for me but close doors for a place to work that gives a crap about their employees. They have the most awesome group of people working in production and they have no idea what the people doing the work actually go thru....I could go on all day about the bad things there, but good things are VERY limited.

Taylor, MI

#10 Dec 18, 2013
My husband works for that company seven days in a row and at one point 10 hr shifts,I told him he's killing his self,He can't even be at home with his family because he's afraid he gonna either be laid off,or lose his job.I disapprove of this job,they are really selfish people..He has enough experience now to go elsewhere,I have to get him out of there.Hes not even alive anymore.
Former Employee

Ashland City, TN

#11 Feb 26, 2014
Shiloh has resorted to hiring 'temps', I guess so they don't have to pay them reasonable wages, and benefits.

Yesterday ... I was informed that I had been 'released' by Shiloh-Dickson Manufacturing.

I'm not really a big fan of unions ... but this is a facility that is ripe for unionization.

Very dysfunctional in many ways.

Plymouth, MI

#12 Jan 21, 2016
After 21 years of dedicated employment without one opportunity for a lateral move anywhere within the corporation, I found employment elsewhere. At no time was I offered a counter offer after my respective 2 week notification. The management "team" couldn't manage a dog walking service, let alone a multi-billion dollar corporation.
Shiloh Canton mfg. is a breeding ground for ignorance and bad business practices.
If anyone is looking for a dead end job..........Come to shiloh Canton ask for KathyHenneman or Don Lynn and let yourself fall from grace. " In your face dummy!"

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