Facebook blocked in Bangladesh

Facebook blocked in Bangladesh

There are 51 comments on the www.mediabangladesh.net story from May 29, 2010, titled Facebook blocked in Bangladesh. In it, www.mediabangladesh.net reports that:

Facebook has been blocked in Bangladesh for a brief period, a senior BTRC official told bdnews24.com Saturday evening after hundreds of users reported the social networking site was down.Read more..

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#53 Jun 3, 2010
Its not fine work.

Dhaka, Bangladesh

#54 Jun 4, 2010
gaybook user shud learn using other social networking site like twitter myspace bebo,hi5,etc,etc
dumb black fish lovers.... dunn u know in FB ppl r creating anti Islamic groups n bringin up comptition like draw Muhammad day??
I really wanna ask Muslims!
dO u love seeing erotic cartoon of our beloved prophet???
if u do...thn yesss ..lets gt on the street n shout againts this decission of bann
n if u love ur prophet ...thn lets change our mind!
we were living a gOod social life 4 yrz ago too...widout FB.....now this gaybook users r like...dying wid using FB...lols
n if u r talking abt social networking
there r a way better site in ur ass bangalizzz
n to my hindu brother's.....wht if i creat a blogg in FB showing up nude cartoon of Durga??

u r gonna love it ryt??....u r gonna jerk off every tym .....when ever u login??...lols

ONLY FOR REMOVING CARTOOONS OF PROPHET MUHAMMAD(PBUH)...gvmt block the site to creat pressure on FB !!!
People r keeping roza praying namaz.n even dying for ISLAM
wt if we stop using FB for few days...only for ISLAM???
think abt it ppl....regardzzZZ

Dhaka, Bangladesh

#55 Jun 5, 2010
very good

Dhaka, Bangladesh

#56 Jun 5, 2010
I live in bangladesh so i cant get in fb but i hav a thing 2 get in hahahahahehehehehe......

North Richland Hills, TX

#57 Jun 5, 2010
sab wrote:
very gud good job atlast
I am wondering if this person is not adult enough to make his own decisions or if he has been brainwashed by a government that thinks they have to control things such as Facebook (Freedom of speech)because they don't agree with certain things that are said on there. I was born, raised & live in the US. We have the freedom of speech. Why should ANYONE have the right to take away what is rightfully yours as a person? I don't always like or agree with what others say, but if it comes in my email I have the option to hit the delete button or click off the Facebook page. I hate to see the Bangladesh government take the liberty of people's freedom away by banning such things as Facebook that is comparable to what China has done.

North Richland Hills, TX

#58 Jun 5, 2010
I don't like derogatory pictures or jokes about Jesus Christ either, nor do I like any defamation about any prophet or religious figure, but these people will answer to God/Allah on their wrong doings. The point here is a government such as China & now Bangladesh who is supposed to have a Democracy taking away the rights of the people!!!
Thats the bigger picture here and I don't see why those of you in support of the ban of Facebook or any other website...social web site or any other web site as taking away your freedom to do what you want. If you use the internet in a bad way then you will be accountable for your actions to a higher power, but what I do on the internet is my business as long as I am not promoting child pornography, the slave trade or terrorist activity towards my country or any other country. This is all common sense to me. I am an adult and have rights as an individual!! I am only accountable to my country to be loyal & patriotic & to pay my taxes...other than that what I do as long as I don't hurt others is MY business!!!! Wake up people!!

North Richland Hills, TX

#59 Jun 5, 2010
Mahadi wrote:
weLL.....ouR prime minister speaks of democracy and all that (the so called gonotontro). dOnt anY oNE OF US THINK THAT the freedom of speech of everyone of us is a part of GONOTONTRO. We are not puppets that what she wants us to do, we will do. We would do what we think is right and she is not the one to force us to sum kinda worshipping her. She is not GOD!!! We are good human beings too and she should not think that she is the only one. I mean come on! Just uploadinG some cartoons of her makes her anGry...Gime a break!!! I SEE SO MANY cartoonS of her on the walls drawn by her party men. sup with that?!!! She is a VIP But to not act as a VIP Is a sign of GREATNESS!!! Every1 shud learn from Mahatma Gandhi. Why the hell is she so offended by the cartoon? and btw.....that guy who uploaded the cartoons....Yeah he is guilty but its not even that big a guilt that you should artrest him. SHAME!!! hEY aM i GOINg TO JAIl NOW COZ i SPOKE AGAINST HER?
**********EXACTLY MY POINT!!!!******
Intelligent people do not need to be monitored. They can decipher what they believe or agree with versus what they don't!! I think the cartoon of her (which I have not seen)bruised her ego!! So get over it lady and live with it!! She would probably really freak out if she heard what people really said & what they really think of her. Is she voted into office? If so, this is sure not a way to win the people over and win another election!

North Richland Hills, TX

#60 Jun 5, 2010
Govt wrote:
Dear All,
Fackbook will be unblocked.
It is not about the Prime Minister or opposition leader cartoon. It is about a cartoon of our Prof. MD. where a norigian person made fun of him. Even in Pakistan they have bocked the site.
Unless and untill that cartoons are remove we will not unblock facebook.
Hope you all agree with our activities.
Big deal!!! Live with it and get over it!!! People can make fun of me all they want...it doesn't mean it the truth!! My ego is not so
big!! I don't care what anyone says about me!! If its not a person who matters to me that said something about me then what does it matter! And just because 1 person does something, why should everyone have to pay for it. People mainly use FB to keep in touch with family abroad. You say Bangladesh is a Democracy? Bullshit!!
Everyone is an adult that was given a brain to think with and has the intelligence to decipher fact from fiction or to be able to research the facts to determine on from the other. I don't know what was said, but there is a saying that says:"The truth hurts" so if the government will go so far as to bann the whole country from FB for this one thing, well then maybe there is some truth to it and the government is trying to hide that fact!! Why put your government in a class with the government in China...they banned FB too! And there are other ways to get this information to the people of Bangladesh by means other than FB...so are you going to cut off all internet connection??? You might as well say you are a Communist by stating your reasons for the bann because you are taking away the rights of the people...the freedom of speech.
Everyone has an opinion, just like everyone has an a$$hole and they usually stink! But you & your government must think you are Allah with the power to take away the freedom of the people!! The only thing your government is doing is creating a lack of trust in the government that will turn into disgust, animosity, anger & hate for the government. Get off your throne...you are not God/Allah and give the people their God given right to freedom!!!!

Dhaka, Bangladesh

#61 Dec 20, 2010
looooollzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz... what a commentsssssssssss

Dhaka, Bangladesh

#63 Feb 28, 2013
how could bangladesh government do this.we do a lot of work with facebook.they should open it now.


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