Wow, invading Facebook now and looking for suicide victims. Depression is one thing that leads to suicide. Some people don't talk about why they want to take their life but don't feel 'worthy' of living the life they are.
When I worked at a VA hospital, if a person called in suicidal, the local police were sent out to verify the 'facts' of what this person said. In most cases, the person wanted attention and used the word suicide because they were depressed over one situation or another. They were brought in voluntarily or a family member was notified if they did not want to come in. This was a strain on the local police but there were a few vets who were serious about suicide.
One vet had something on his record about a run in with the VA police and it was never removed. This vet called me and asked for help but only if the VA police would keep their distance. I advised the VA police but the were ignorant of this mans sincerity. Eventually, I walked out to where this veteran was and walked him inside the ER for treatment telling the VA police to keep their distance. A report of contact was made to remove what ever was put on this mans record because that was a situation from years ago and the man has turned his life around. He was treated and admitted for observation because he was serious about suicide. Before going up to the ward, he thanked me for the trust I placed in him.
Sometimes it depend on each situation to be understanding and compassionate and just listen. Suicide is a state of mind for what ever the reason, and this is what needs to be addressed. When you invade a suicide victims 'state of mind' you become a threat and you only create fear. Understanding how to eliminate that fear and create trust is a start, not invading someone posts about suicide. Many people can write how their life is in the pits and they want to do something about it but learning about how to approach these victims is the educational part of the process. That is what should be addressed here!