Interesting and sad if all this is true. RIP
oakbrook police wrote:
"Kimberlys Aunt"]I am disgusted by the comments made on this thread. Kimberly was an 18yr old who was loved by her family and whom we will never see this side of Heaven again. Have any of you ever experienced the anguish of losing a child? It is heart-wrenching. Have any of you ever taken a momentary wrong path in life? The truth is, we all make mistakes, and life is precious in God's sight, no matter what choices we make. I am apalled at the overwhelming lack of compassion on this thread. If you must make hateful comments, look in the mirror first and see if those hurtful comments are a ref lection of the emptiness in your heart.(QUOTE )I first would like to say im very sorry we all lost such a very bright young child .(so sad ) OKAY LETS SHUCK THE CORN : Mom you walk around with your head in the clouds so proud of your man Mr Payne that you let him dictate yours and kims life and future for here .Well we see now that was a bad move !!!! THINGS YOU SHOULD NO : Your man was using her for his own pleasure and acting as her pimp to all his home boys .(That was fact ) MOM you should take your work pistol and shoot him as he really killed your little girl having you change door locks so your little girl could not get in her own home .( REAL GOOD MAN RIGHT )Might you get your head out of clouds or out his **** now ?????