4th District Revives Dollar Tree Clas...

4th District Revives Dollar Tree Class Action

There are 521 comments on the Wage Law story from Sep 11, 2006, titled 4th District Revives Dollar Tree Class Action. In it, Wage Law reports that:

In an unpublished 3-0 decision, the Fourth District Court of Appeal has reversed the dismissal of our firm's meal and rest period class action lawsuit against Dollar Tree Stores, Inc.

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sad employee


#1 Oct 26, 2006
i am employee of dollar tree and due to the lack of scheduling hours we especially the management have to work on our breaks and lunches. We are unable to go anywhere on our lunches or breaks and must remain in the store because there are only you and another employee working. If we say anything to the D.M. we are threated with being termated. I can not afford to lose my job so i have remained quite. I have lost alot of weight due to the fact i am unable to eat a proper meal. I am stressed out and properly could go on stress leave for the i am being treated. could i do something

Worcester, MA

#2 Oct 27, 2006
Where do you live?...I live in massachusetts and am in management. They pull the same crap here...I went online to mass general laws and found a law that says if you are unable to leave for you 30 minute lunch period then you must be paid for it. I tried explaining this to them and needed to bring in proof.
Former Emp

Yolo, CA

#3 Oct 29, 2006
Go egt'em!!! I support you all 100%. DT has done this repeatedly and with extreme malice towards its employees. You should see how they are in CA. They scream about clocking out for breaks and terminate you on policiy issues but they are also the ONES AT FAULT. Do this...but do this and get fired. I hope you all get this suit revived and nail the living hell out of them. I hope it goes beyond the corporate vail and individually hits the CEO and ALL the top a holes personally...not just the company pocket. Good luck all
Former Emp

United States

#4 Oct 29, 2006

You are correct in that...If you can not leave the store for your lunch (as an assistant) you have to be paid for it...and as a result IF scheduled for an 8 hr shift you DO receive OT....DT usually only schedules their assts for 7 1/2 hr shifts...but you see what im saying. In the time clock section there is a place to put remarks...for those who are having serious prob;lems with this...I would suggest that you start keeping record in there. Things like the day or shift schedule, by Mgrs and cashiers etc...You WILL catch flack over it I guarantee...but should they pursue action against you..these records are requested and demanded by the EDD offices and any good atty who would like to sue their collective asses off!!!
jim dog

El Monte, CA

#5 Dec 13, 2006
The Supreme Court just revived the lawsuit. The attorneys put up a website at dollartreeclassaction.com . So far, not too much information, but should be a good place to keep abreast of developments.

Worcester, MA

#6 Dec 17, 2006
Mass doesn't have that 8+ hours ot law...so assistants here get scheduled 8-10 hours a day...No more than 40/week usually
Myrtle Campbell


#7 Jan 2, 2007
I used to be a manager at Dollar Tree in Raleigh NC and I filed a lawsuit against the company due to discrimation. I was not allow to talk to customers are go outside of the store, I had to work overtime and was told by another black manager the new district manager stated he was going to get rid of all black manager. I was also told to hire more whites and give them more pay then the black employee. I was demoted and placed in another which I had to train the manager which was white. After I drop the case the company fired the district manager. Sad to say, no one did not believe my report at home office which I sent numerous of e-mail to. I had a heart attack due to over work and less pay. I Pray people will see what this company is all about and finally it is happen.
scared employee

Troy, MI

#8 Jan 30, 2007
That happens at my store too. Sometimes the managers are by themselves for an 1/2 hour. Very rarely do they leave for lunch. I am only part time and need my job very much. So much goes on at the Tree that is not right. They are the worst company that I have ever worked for.They have no consideration for their employees at all. Something has to change. It has become a hostile working enviroment.The stress level is so high, it is amazing. What to do????

El Dorado Hills, CA

#9 Mar 21, 2007
sad employee wrote:
i am employee of dollar tree and due to the lack of scheduling hours we especially the management have to work on our breaks and lunches. We are unable to go anywhere on our lunches or breaks and must remain in the store because there are only you and another employee working. If we say anything to the D.M. we are threated with being termated. I can not afford to lose my job so i have remained quite. I have lost alot of weight due to the fact i am unable to eat a proper meal. I am stressed out and properly could go on stress leave for the i am being treated. could i do something

It's like you were readig my mind...
I thought there was a lawsuit filed by store managers... this is the first time I heard something about assistant managers. I agree Dollar Tree does make its assistants work on their lunches and brakes and you can't leave the store because the only other person in the store with an assistant is the cashier, and you can't leave them alone. Dollar Tree makes a big deal about people clocking in and out on time, they write people up if they don't... but if theres a long line, or cashier needs change they just expect us assistants to work on our lunches...lunches that we are not gettin paid for, for a long time I thought about writing down everytime I worked on my lunch, but then I realized that there is nothing confidential at Dollar Tree, you call the Care Line, your boss will find out tomorrow who called and what they said
Stressed and Outraged

Surprise, AZ

#10 May 29, 2007
I have been with DT for 1 1/2 years and an AM for 1. I am outraged. I was written up the other day for going over on hours. I pointed out that I do not and will not clock out for lunches because I work through them and I also follow store policy by not pulling my till until I pull my cashiers till. My SM said he did not realize that I waited to pull my till but understands, however the DM said, "Isn't that the slowest time of the day why don't you count down your till earlier?" Uh Duh...the policy. They expect us to break so many policies to maintain SPEH or get written up or fired, but if somebody comes in from corp then we get written up or fired anyway. There is just to winning in this company. My last store manager worked 70hrs/wk all the time, worked with walking pneumonia for weeks before his doctor MADE him take a week off which he followed with a 12 day vacation. While he was gone the DM fired an AM and cashier, and another cashier quit. I ended up working 15days without a day off and doing hiring, payroll, and everything else because the DM would not. I never once heard a thank you, instead I got to hear how I need to do a better job. What a bunch of BS. I do not know what to do or where to go without jeapordizing my job. It just sucks.
Me vs Dollar Tree

Mesa, AZ

#11 Jun 7, 2007
I just quit my job as a dollar tree sm. I was sm at 3465 in Awahtuke (phoenix, az). The reason I quit is because of the schedule I was stuck working. My store was small and we only did about 15k/ week. Running on a 105 speh that gave me less that 140 hours.
Did you know there is a new class action suit right now (knott v. dollar tree), the dms all got an email yeasterday explaining that they are not to treat any sm differently because of scheduling conflicts because retaliation is not allowed.

Conway, AR

#12 Jun 10, 2007
I work at Dollar tree and I love it. I am a top earner as a store manager and I make over $50,000. Stop your complaining and do your job.
ex store manager

United States

#13 Jun 12, 2007
i was a sm for 2 years. i made bonus every month and reached top gun honors every quarter that i was store manager. no raise no anything. if there is an opportunity for anyone to leave the company do so. i work with a great company now with great benefits. it was the best thing that ever happened to me. the reason i no longer work with DT. the DM fired me because he thought i stole a candy bar.

United States

#14 Jun 18, 2007
I may be offered a potential position with DT as a store manager. With the information I have just read, please enlighten me. What is the average salary for a SM and what kind of hours would I expect to put in? I was told of a 10% bonus monthly, so it tends to lead me that a salary would only be in the mid 30K range. Also, how many assistant manager's are in each store? And, oh by the way, this issue with breaks and lunches has occurred with Walgreens as well. It is all about the bottom line and if the company can get by with it, they will. If not, oh well, pay out 5-10 million from their enormous profits and hope it goes away for a while.
D Tree Detester

Rumford, RI

#15 Jun 19, 2007
I am an Employee at Dollar Tree just yesterday my manager informed me (indirectly and suggestively) that if I do not take an odd hour Job early mourning before store hours stocking shelves I will be terminated from my job, and hinted that this was a corporate decision about me.
if I take the morning position it will interfere with my personal life a great deal, place a dependent family member at a great disadvantage and defeat the purpose of having the job in the first place. I entered into employment under the agreement that my job would part time evenings, with a somewhat flexible schedule and have on many occasions been threatened or brow beaten into other hours at great personal expense.
From what I have heard and read about Dollar Tree’s past dealings with terminated employees collecting unemployment will be difficult .
fortunately for me I do have enough money to survive termination with out unemployment benefits and even if not terminated I will resign from there employment.
the job defeats the purpose of the pay check and the attitude towards their employees seems to be that of owning people as property.
Empowerment Group


#16 Jun 20, 2007
Oh my god!

I'm horrified & so sorry that most of you are mistreated at your DT jobs. It's outrageous.
But that's what happens to people when they don't know their legal rights, much less can afford to access them by the use of your own attorneys. You know that old saying, "If you don't know your rights, you don't have any."
I guarantee you, you are being treated this way ONLY because those doing the mistreating know they can get away with it.
But there is hope. BIG TIME.
You DO NOT have to be afraid to lose your job. You DO NOT have to tolerate being mistreated. You have a choice, the same as I when I was having a similar problem at my last job. Once I found out what I had to do, I took advantage of it immediately. I have not and will not have to suffer any such crap from anyone again.
You have the ability to make the same choice -if it's truly important to you.
Please email me in order for me to share with you what has helped me tremendously. I can't go into it in this forum. I'm sorry.
If you want help, you'll ask for it.
If not, then it just may show you're not interested in being treated fairly. Believe it or not, some actually are too afraid to have someone else fight for them to protect their rights. We can't help these people. You may be different. It sure sounds like you could benefit from what I'm now benefitting from.
Nothing would be better than for you to learn what power you have access to.
Stinson Empowerment Group
[email protected]

New Castle, DE

#17 Jun 25, 2007
Hi! I'm sorry to hear that most of you are having trouble with DT.Fortunately, the people and store I work with is absolutely wonderful. Everyone is very nice and hours are great. I have worked at DT since April, and right now am just a Sales Associate...but am interested in moving up to assistant manager eventually...does anyone know how long it takes or what ti does take to get promoted to ast manager. I don't want to bring it up or anything, but I really am interested, I'm always coming up with new ideas for the store and could really see myself in management someday.

Now are there any previous requirements to become asst. manager?
Also, what is the average hourly pay for AM??? Or how much higher is it than a SA Any information would help! Thanks so much!

United States

#18 Jul 6, 2007
Austin, Texas. I too have joined in on the lawsuite knott v dollar tree.
Dollar tree is a very bad place to work.

Jericho, VT

#19 Jul 15, 2007
I've been working at a DT for over a year and a half and I'm treated as the worst of the worst.... because I'm a man.
Last year my district manager had the regional replace my store manager because she didn't take any of their bullcrap orders... and in the last year I've just about pulled my hair out.
Ever since the new manager took over... she's made every male employee walk out but me because I refuse to give her the satisfaction. She only hires caucasian women she personally knows... and as I found out this week, a friend of mine was hired whom my manager knows... and in her first week she makes more than I do.
Last week I worked an 8 1/2 hour shift on freight and took my required breaks. The other women don't take their second 10... so when my manager found out I took my second 10 she cut my shift down to 8 hours (the rest still get 8 1/2) so I can't take another 10 minute break. Needless to say... I WILL be taking that extra 10 regardless of what she says to me... I'm done playing those kinds of games.
People need to also realize that the amount of hours DT gives it's stores is WAY too low. I spoke to one of the previous store managers... did some math... and found out that while we have 10 people working an average of 20 hours a week... our store makes enough money to have those same 10 working an average of 35 hours a week.
I've not received my yearly raise which should've been given to me 5 months ago with the excuse of "I don't have time to bother with that."
If people I know are in the store... I get yelled at JUST for saying hi because I take a full 2 seconds to not work...
I've been yelled at in front of customers for not cleaning up my store manager's mess by her. I've been yelled at in front of customers for not being a mind reader and doing something I didn't know needed to be done... and I've even had customers stick up for me while I was biting my tongue because of the way she was acting.
According to the Handbook I have... no one can be given a Manager position unless they've been employed by DT for 6 months. Well... I was up for a promotion seeing as how I can open and close the store by myself after watching it be done for over a year... but no... she hires a friend she's known for 20 years and after 5 or 6 weeks promotes her to a position that was opened up for me... and I had to show her how to do the work!!

Jericho, VT

#20 Jul 15, 2007

My favorite part is the reshops we do every night. When I close with any of the other Managers, if we don't have time to get them done... our Store Manager will throw a fit the next day and make half-assed comments like; "Maybe I'll just need to hire people who know what they're doing" among other things. But... if I close with her... 9 times out of 10 she won't get them even sorted loet alone put away and it doesn't bother her one bit because "it was a busy day."
One night a few weeks back I did almost 2 grand BY MYSELF on register in 5 hours. The Manager I closed with did about a grand... we couldn't get the reshops done because it was too busy and we were both yelled at IN FRONT OF CUSTOMERS. A day later I closed with the Store Manager... I did about $1200 myself and she didn't get on the register once... she didn't even get through half the aisles to gather reshops... and said it was "too busy" to get it done right even though while running the register I managed to clean up the entire front of the store.
The main problem is that the Regional and District Managers don't care. They don't even do their work or show up to the store more than twice a year because "it's too far to travel twice a month." Our sales have been WAY down from January to April compared to last year and only went up the last 2 months because several businesses had to close down... so more people have had time to come in and shop.
I don't know what to do about it. I can run the store by myself WITHOUT proper training but yet I'm constantly being told what a horrible job I do even though I'm the only cashier who cleans the front of the store correctly... the only one who condenses down the items in the impulse... you name it. I even hear the Store Manager telling the other Managers if the other cashiers don't start getting things done she'll cut their hours because I have to do it all myself... but she still tells me what a bad job I'm doing and gives me less hours than everyone else because I'm not her friend and I'm not a woman.
There are no other jobs in this area that will offer me any more hours than this and they're all too far away for my tastes. I just don't know what to do because from the District down to the Store manager... they don't care what goes on as long as hours are slashed so all 3 of them can have bigger bonuses for saving the company money.

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