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Jeff Kathy Liberty NY

United States

#21 Mar 1, 2012
We made 2 Bar Mitzvahs at our temple & Michael's Eagles Nest catered it. A few words to describe the affairs fabulous,great quality, beyond our expectations & everyone raved at the cocktail party,open bar, dinner & viennese hour. We didn't have one complaint. A word about dealing with the owner Michael, honest,respectful and caring to make our affair perfect.
A word about the person who wrote the lenghty complaint. Common sense says when a person write such a lenghty complaint reason should prevail especially over such a petty thing. How many people have lost a glove. Life goes on. But to blame others & blow up tells anyone that these people are not very nice.

New York, NY

#22 Mar 25, 2012
F*** the glove! Go gaze at the RATS in the kitchen. Be sure you don't eat at this DUMP!!!

New York, NY

#23 Mar 25, 2012
Hey you cheap bastard.....go buy that ugly wife of yours another pair of CHEAP LEATHERETTE gloves to cover those AGED VEIN INFESTED hands of hers. PLEEEEEZ, give us all a break!!!

Hopewell Junction, NY

#24 Apr 3, 2012
This entire thing is mind boggling. The Eagle's Nest is great I am considering getting married there and Michael has been nothing but responsive and helpful and accommodating to my requests. The Eagle's Nest is a very lovely facility with breathtaking views. Sucks that you lost your glove, but like other people said if it was that important she shouldnt have worn them inside. It isnt a places responsibility to watch after your belongings and I am glad to know the staff did not help you look for the glove because I dont want the staff to be easily distracted by something like that the day of my wedding when my guests will be needing their full attention. And obviously Michael has more important things to worry about. It doesnt make him a bad business person and maybe you are just a difficult person to please because I think so far working with him he has been great. Thanks for your helpful post.
Eagles Nest Love

Middletown, NY

#25 Apr 6, 2012
This guy is unbelieveable. Does he have nothing else to do except bash an establishment over a glove that his wife misplaced herself? It is not the establishments responsibility to take care of a misplaced glove. It was nice enough for the The Eagle's Nest to reimburse him when they did not need to. This man has never even attended an affair. I have had multiple affairs at The Eagle's Nest which have all been exquisite. The staff,service, and food are incredible. Im sure all of you that have been there would agree :)

Washingtonville, NY

#26 Aug 10, 2012
WOW! I actually had the pleasure of photographing a wedding at the Eagles Nest and I must say that this place had a WONDERFUL staff who were so much fun to work with! No one made fun of any one and the food was extremely delicious! Get over the glove! I'm glad you didn't have your wedding there...you would've made everyone's night just miserable having to work with someone like you....

Middletown, NY

#27 Dec 9, 2012
Buy another glove....this place is fantastic... People make fun of other people.....customer service is good... You're a winer... Nuff said.
Omg part 2

Middletown, NY

#28 Dec 9, 2012
*whiner... I do agree that good customer service brings people to a business, but when you are dealing with uppity people that whines about an inanimate object.. It tends for business owners not give a d*mn about having them in their business anyway... By trashing a place because people who were busy taking care of a client at the moment to drop everything just to cater to your whims... Makes you look like an a$$... I hope that i never encounter you or your kind at my business, because your a waste of time.
Omg part 3

Middletown, NY

#29 Dec 9, 2012
By the way.... You owe me 2 minutes of my life... Because of your ridiculous post!

Secaucus, NJ

#30 Jan 4, 2013
I came across this thread not long ago and have been amused by it. Some fairly intelligent posts and some no so intelligent. I am in the catering business and spent the better part of my early years as management for a large and exclusive resort hotel. I'm not sure how you folks do it up there where the Eagle's Nest is located, but I would have taken the OP very seriously and been all over the complaint ASAP. That apparently didn't happen here, which angered the OP further. In fact, had the management of the Eagle's Nest handled this situation properly from the start I would bet this thread would not exist.

As to those saying they haven't witnessed thing kinds of things the OP mentioned (employees making fun of guests, etc.), I can only say that if you weren't there you can't judge. Making fun of guests is quite common in this type of business, but where the mistake was made was it happening in the presence of a potential customer. That is complete idiocy at it's finest and I have fired employees for doing just that sort of thing.

Anyone can say anything they want against the OP, but if whoever it is took the time to write it my experience dictates there is probably truth to the story and the Eagle's Nest management should not have allowed the situation to get to the point that it did. This is business management 101 stuff.

Wappingers Falls, NY

#31 Jan 4, 2013
JTZ wrote:
Hey you cheap bastard.....go buy that ugly wife of yours another pair of CHEAP LEATHERETTE gloves to cover those AGED VEIN INFESTED hands of hers. PLEEEEEZ, give us all a break!!!
Wow! I see that you have added an element of intelligence to this thread. I think we can pretty much disregard anything you have to say as having validity.

BTW, if you ever talked about my wife like that you'd have a serious ass kicking coming your way. Cowards typically talk this way when they think they can't be seen found. New flash dumb ass! If you post it you can be found.

Montgomery, NY

#32 May 31, 2013
I must say that I had a negative experience here as well. Without getting into detail, I was at the Eagle's nest for a bridal show and came in contact with many employees of the nest and none were professional or appealing. The staff barely smiled, and I simply asked which direction the bathroom was and was told by one of the staff, "Next to the men's bathroom." and shooed me away like I was a bother to her.One time I was bumped into by one of the maitre'd and he glanced back at me, disgusted that I be in his way. I was planning on spending a couple hours there for the bridal show and left just shy of an hour, after I traveled 2 hours to get there. Definitely poorly run.

Monroe, NY

#33 Jul 14, 2013
Im attending a wedding there in a couple weeks. I'll leave my gloves at home
Love Glove

Chester, NY

#34 Jul 17, 2013
I always have plenty of condoms in my pocket. If I lose one no big deal.

Little Falls, NJ

#35 Jan 27, 2014
Cheep gloves move on

Little Falls, NJ

#36 Jan 27, 2014
Stop bashing, Eagle's Nest puts people to work, anyone who takes that much time over a glove is nuts.Get a job.
RK Enterprises Roscoe

Unadilla, NY

#37 Mar 16, 2014
Been there many many times. Always a pleasure. Staff are not 6 figure earners or holders of doctorate degrees. A glove is a glove. People lose them all the time. Look in any lost and found. This sounds like a personal vendetta. Be glad you got something for it. I wouldn't have paid you a dime. No doubt you also have an attitude.

Westwood, MA

#38 Apr 28, 2014
The problem here, is that you suffer from lack of sex. No glove, no love my friend. Words to live by I guess, right?

Seriously though, a successful business owner has better things to do than monitor the location of a glove. If the beholder of the glove is too irresponsible to keep track of said glove, what would stop that person from being framed like O.J.? Boom.
carole Meyerowitz

Wappingers Falls, NY

#39 May 2, 2014
Ridiculous! The Eagles Nest is a wonderful place... Buy a new pair of gloves! Do they complain about everything in life? Some people are so unhappy with their lives, they can't be happy unless they see someone or something else go wrong..... GET A LIFE!!
Laura Cochran

Riverside, CT

#40 May 2, 2014
Seriously--it's a glove--what was it lined with--diamonds???

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