Principal Reduction Program- no need ...

Principal Reduction Program- no need to short sale

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United States

#1 Oct 24, 2009
If you are in position with your home upside down, a new program for principal reduction will help you
get back in a situation with positive equity.

Castro Valley, CA

#3 Nov 24, 2009
This IS NOT a loan modification!!!!!!!!!!
Megan McGinnis

Redondo Beach, CA

#4 Feb 11, 2010
If you are upside down, underwater with your mortgage there are several programs available to help homeowners stay in their homes. I'm blogging about this topic extensively to see how it plays out.

Megan McGinnis @

United States

#5 Mar 5, 2010
Its a scam with with a new face. They charge $1595
upfront to troubled homeowners and do not guarantee any money back. Upfront fees are illegal
in California. They claim using it for Closing costs. Are closing costs not to be put in an ESCROW

Gaurdian Group is the group behind it. Google them to shed some light on their previous business activities.

Also there is another guy Marlon Ruiz, unlicensed
promoting the same product.

Due your due diligence Folks!!!!

Washington, DC

#6 Mar 5, 2010
The $1595 is not an "Up Front Fee'" it pays for the 3rd party services such as the appraisal, survey, title work, ect. If you have purchased a home in the past 5 years or even refinanced your home , you know that most lenders require that you pay for the appraisal fee up front. This protects them from having to carry the cost in the event that the borrowers back out or the loan for some reason doesn't go through, they don't get left holding the bag. It's actuall pretty common. You also know by now that NO loan application is guaranteed to go through, even with a regualar refinance, especially in these days. THIS IS NOT A SCAM. Try googling some of the other big lenders out there to see the thousands of scam reports they have. You won't find one that doesn't have them. Try READING some government articles about this prigram, or even more articles here on the web. It's here, real and it will be helping millions of people in the very near future. I bet you're one of those people that don't believe that man has walked on the moon!
Walter wrote:
Its a scam with with a new face. They charge $1595
upfront to troubled homeowners and do not guarantee any money back. Upfront fees are illegal
in California. They claim using it for Closing costs. Are closing costs not to be put in an ESCROW
Gaurdian Group is the group behind it. Google them to shed some light on their previous business activities.
Also there is another guy Marlon Ruiz, unlicensed
promoting the same product.
Due your due diligence Folks!!!!

Middleburg, FL

#8 Mar 6, 2010
Way put Darryl!!!!! You cant please 100% of the people 100% of the time , that's a perfect world , I don't know who you are but obviously you did much research. Unfortunately we cant make everybody happy100% of the time.
I actually am very familiar with this program and YES, it is part of the Financial stability Program that the govt approved in March 2009 , for Pubic/ P rivate Funding.
Someone hasd to bail out these banks on there toxic assets which is 13.7 trillion dollars,
This is one of the greatest programs the Obama administration has pout together and most important it keep the families in there homes , its a win/ win situation.
It is real and i have been in Mortgage business 15 years and i have investigated this and yes its real and part of the financial stability program from the govt as well as part of the 1 trillion dollar toxic asset program
I am actually trying referring some clients to them and i also have a law degree and i also have colleges 4 attorneys that are involved with this and are doing it noiw for a Private Hedge Fund.
I look at it like this , if there is a way to help these families save the American Dream , as long as i have the criteria and articles are known by our Federal Govt , i am all in. i know this for a fact!!! Hundreds almost thousands of these loans are being done in the west, Nevada, California and Arizona . I have personally contacted over 10 people that have closed and the only response i received was, How happy there weer but very skeptical in the beginning with alot of communication problems due to an enormous amount of Business for these upside down homeowners, but the end result was they closed!!! that's all im need to know , the program works , But they must qualify!!!
I even seen there new Mortgage documents and closing docs and Hud, there was no closing cost!! Just 3rd party charges which is called a Pre-paid item, Title Insurance , Appraisal & Survey and a credit report WOW !! No commissions, Points , no Loan discount , back end money either. It was a No Brainer

If anyone needs to know more about this you can contact myself and i have a contact in Washington D.C, attorneys , and other organization as well as professionals that will assure you and validate what i am saying. This is Great for Families ,but unfortunately , there will be millions that dont qualify but 20 times more that due .
If you need more info im at [email protected]


United States

#9 Mar 6, 2010
No Brainer!! Are not you people like you promoting this product getting a 2% backend commission on the
new structured loan?(if it goes through).
Is the company not charging 5% at the end?
That is where your 2% comes from.
If these are 3rd party charges, which I agree with you, then why do you collect them personally?
Open An Escrow and disperse the charges and allocate them to the 3rd parties. Escrow's are opened with the homeowners earnest money, if you need to know.
Home owner

United States

#10 Mar 8, 2010
drodri7777 and all you other believers/suckers/dedicated employees: Are you willing to stick you neck out for this scam? Is it worth prosecution? How much is federal prison worth to you?

Here are the facts:

Many many employees are willing to stand up for Guardian Group,(Hey, is it Guardian Group LLC, Guardian Group AZ LLC, or Guardian Group Fund???? becuz Guardian Group Fund does not legally exist in the USA.)

Rocket Science factoid #1: If a company does not exist, then it cannot do business...
Rocket Science factoid #2: Legit companies do not hide behind false names.


There have been NO CLOSINGS for Guardian Group Fund at all EVER in ANY state, that ONE deed in Trust in Arizona is something totally different than they are advertising.

So far it has been 9 months since they began this scam, sorry, this DEAL, began. So since they say 9o days to close, they are now 3 times that and have ZERO closings. WHY?
Please place your answer in the blank below so that we may all read it.

My calls from last week and emails from last week have all gone unanswered. Not one human being in that alleged company will speak with me on the phone, will email me back, or will call me back.
Ask hard questions and they just ignore you.

So all you hard core believers, I know you are desperate for good news, but why can you not provide any proof whatsoever that this company is legit. Really, even their state registration is fake. Come on people.

I challenge all of you to provide JUST ONE legit name and address for a closed loan, just ONE!(Not the ONE from Maricopa Cty that is not the same thing!)

The clock is ticking and the FBI is closing in...

Just one__________

Modesto, CA

#11 Apr 15, 2010
Does anyone have any input on the Save Your Home Program through Americas Financial Solutions?

Jubail, Saudi Arabia

#13 Apr 30, 2010

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Mr. Mark

Tucson, AZ

#14 May 20, 2010
Using an attorney for negotiations is the only way I have seen a principal reduction become a reality.

Vista, CA

#15 May 24, 2010
This is a total scam! Beware of upfront fees and empty promises. Do not fall for this scam! A company called the Guardian Group has already been shut down by the attorney general. First there was the loan mod scam and now the principal reduction scam. Just type into a search engine, principal reduction scam and you will start to see the complaints and the poor people who taken for a ride by the Guardian Group.

Since: Jun 10

Quezon City, Philippines

#17 Jun 15, 2010
One of the best options for getting quick access to your compensation amount is to apply for a structured loan. Nevertheless, it is assumed inhere that you have readied your structured settlement agreement.
Robert Rod

United States

#20 Jun 22, 2010
BEWARE!!! companies are promising principal reduction. Yes, there are companies that can get it done but most are liars and will steal your money and never do the job leaving you in an even worse position than you were before. Two notables in the really bad category are Guardian Group, AZ and Harvard and Hampton Professional Services, CA. Both of these groups also use unwitting "affiliates" to do their dirty work recruiting victims. Make sure that when you are considering any principal reduction services, or even modification that you do a little homework. Find out who it is that is actually going to be doing the negotiations, what their verifiable record is and what the guarantee is. If they don't guarantee to at least return your money if they do charge upfront fees, keep on looking. Very important, you may be dealing with an "affiliate" who is going to send your file somewhere else. Know who that company is and what their track record is as well and if it is Guardian Group or Harvard and Hampton Professional Services, turn and leave. Also look out for the individuals behind the scams; Joshua Apadoka, Luis Belevan, Brian Prehoda, and Raul Munoz and Jorge Granados.
There are legitimate companies out there. It is worth your time to do the research to find them.

West Milton, OH

#21 Jul 5, 2010
American Homeowner Preservation( ) offers a program in which homeowners can sell their homes on a short sale, and then lease back along with a favorable option to repurchase.On average, lease payments are over 40% less than prior mortgage payments and option prices are over 50% less than prior mortgage balances. AHP charges NO FEES to homeowners and there is no assurance of success, as everything is dependent upon aproval of your existing lenders. There are many successful closings and testimonials on their website. You can apply online at or by calling 800 555 1055.
concerned in arizona

Scottsdale, AZ

#22 Jul 20, 2010
All Posters

Take the advise of someone ripped off by the Guardian Group Fund of asshole scammers.Do not at anytime give money to any company that ask for an upfront fee because thus far there is not one successful company doing principal reduction in the USA. They are all scammers from everything we can find out about them and they are proliferating across the US like breeding rabbits or in reality more like cockroaches.Just try and get any proof of success or testimonials of any borrower who got it done suceessfully and i guarantee you will not find one out there with definitive proof.BUYER BEWARE!

Newark, CA

#24 Aug 1, 2010
No. sorry even attorneys can't force a lender to reduce their principle.
Thomas wrote:
Using an attorney for negotiations is the only way I have seen a principal reduction become a reality.

Newark, CA

#25 Aug 1, 2010
Does any one have any information on Investors Finance HOMR Program?

Rancho Santa Margarita, CA

#26 Aug 4, 2010
Everything is a scam! When we bought the properties with greed, we had no idea this would happen. Now there' a loss of value on most homes from $100,000 to $150,000. It is going to get worse. We are all screwed. Don't waste your money on scams, just keep it so we can all excape (escape) to the Dominican Republic to bang chicks!!

Melbourne, FL

#27 Aug 14, 2010
I work with a Principal Reduction Program. NO upfront fees! please email me for more info. [email protected]

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