Hillary will be damned to run when all the evidence prove her negligence to protect and save the lives of our Benghazi heroes while lying to the families of the falling heroes with the fake phony fraudulent cover up story of the video. Clearly, it is time to stop the corrupt regime of Obama and his ‘express train to hell’ where Obama wants to bring the American people with lies and deceit. GOP has all that it needs in term of documents and e-mails to prove the worst anti-American betrayous cover-up of the Mozlem brother sympathizer regime of Obama and Hillary Clinton that deceived the families of the fallen US heroes in Benghazi, the American people, the UN and the people of the world. Obama and Hillary concocted the ‘anti-al Qaida video cover up’ and apologized to the murderous Mozlem brother terrorists of al Qaida of Pakistan in the name of the American people about a fake video that Obama and Hillary used to justify their incompetence and refusal to save the lives of our heroes in Benghazi and allowing them to be killed and tortured in the streets of Benghazi during eight hours of hiding in the White House and refusing to answer the calls for help. John Boehner has all the power that he needs to order investigation of the betrayous regime of Obama who loves the al Qaida terrorists and refused to fight them and save our heroes before, during and after the eight hours of al Qaida attack on the US Embassy. The American people demand justice for the US fallen heroes of Benghazi and John Boehner would be damned to stop short of fighting for justice for the American people against Obama and Hillary that failed the American people and the heroes of Benghazi. The American people demand justice and John Boehner must order a committee to investigate and get to the truth about the worst cover up in US history.