legitimate publishing offer?
Maruwa C

New Malden, UK

#42 Apr 28, 2009
I just received one today. I am not sure how can a well advanced publisher (as shown on their website) pick theses randomly like this. Not sure if is legitimate. Is there a way to check if any company is legitimate? It does look as if none of the people in the forum received more info - e.g. process of publishing, who will pay etc. This sounds a bit strange.

London, UK

#43 May 1, 2009
I just received an invitation to publish my Phd and like most people I'm checking out the status of the publishing house with my professors

Brooklyn, NY

#44 May 4, 2009
I published my doctoral thesis with VDM Verlag last July. They contacted my university advisor, who thought it was a good idea to go ahead with it. The process went smoothly. My book is on all major websites and on some, a bestseller in its category: self-efficacy. The title is "Children and Self-efficacy". I am wondering if anyone has gone through the process of receiving royalties and if VDM lets you know how many copies have sold. It is difficult to understand that part of the contract.


#45 May 14, 2009
Hi Maureen. Thank you for sharing yrou experience with VDM.Has anyone else posting on this site gone ahead with the publication?

Ishpeming, MI

#46 May 14, 2009
I, too, just received a query and i notice that their website, at least, says that it is "at no cost to the author." Anyone who investigates further, do please share the info with the rest of us.

curiouswriter wrote:
New here...but had a quick question. I just received an unsolicited email from a group called "VDM Verlag Dr. Müller AG & Co. KG." out of Germany offering to publish a book of mine.
Does anyone know if this publisher is legit or if there's a way I can do some homework on them?
Thanks in advance
Buffalo Diss

Dublin, Ireland

#47 May 19, 2009
Just got the same request/email. Plan to write them for more info. Perhaps of interest to this thread is the fact that my thesis is 7 years old, so hardly current fodder for the house.

Lincoln, NE

#48 May 28, 2009
I received the same message.Just wonder if it is a scam.They don't sound very legitimate.I am not very keen to answer to their invitation.Does somebody went through the process and got good results?

Pilani, India

#49 Jun 12, 2009
VDM, Yes I know your publishing house as a reputed one and I know what you are saying is true - I believe in your sincerity. Only I am wondering how do you get the current email addresses of people you contact?
Esther von Krosigk-VDM wrote:
Hi, there are some people in this Forum who seem to have doubts about the legality of VDM. In fact, VDM ist member of "Börsenverein des deutschen Buchhandels" (German's publisher's association), and is located in Saarbrücken. Our homepage is no fake and our staff is "real".
VDM does indeed actively contact potential authors – which is something other publishing houses hardly ever do. The reason for this is that we are continuously identifying scientific work developing from the multiplicity of universities and colleges of further education due to their suitability for publication, quality and practical orientation. In this way we would like to quickly convey the latest scientific knowledge and also meet the demand from the respective specialized public. We can only really judge the quality of the requested manuscripts after we have appraised them.
We do not find anything “wrong” with this approach unless the author has a problem in principle in being contacted.
Stephen M

Melbourne, Australia

#50 Jul 22, 2009
Yes, I just received the same email, from one Laval Yan, acquisitions editor. I'll have a look and get back. Why do they need an email address if they found your email address and reached you already?
Stephen M

Melbourne, Australia

#51 Jul 22, 2009
Yes, it does appear dubious. They apparently have 30 staff 'publishing' 1000 works per month working out of Mauritius. According to others they want your banking details also. Enough said...
also asked


#52 Jul 24, 2009
I got an email but the work they asked about is not a dissertation/thesis but a published article - so very odd email
also asked


#53 Jul 24, 2009
they asked me if I wanted to publish an article (not a dissertation/thesis) that has already been published. Odd
Paul Blobaum

Chicago, IL

#54 Aug 2, 2009
I am an academic librarian at Governors State University in Illinois, and just attended a conference of nursing journal editors. This question was asked. One of the attendees was a publisher of nursing journals in Europe. He told the group that in some European countries, a doctorate degree is not granted until the manuscript is "published" by the doctoral candidate, and it is perfectly legit for this publisher to be soliciting manuscripts; it wouldn't imapact the academic publishing of research from the dissertation in other publications. However in the US, we have different ideas about intellectual property and copyright of doctoral theses. Having your manuscript filmed or digitized by UMI/Proquest is OK, but publishing in print format and even putting a manuscript in a repository could affect your ability to publish a monograph based on your dissertation. Beware!!

Singapore, Singapore

#55 Aug 4, 2009
I got the email too. How's your investigation with them?
Chris Cook

Halifax, Canada

#56 Aug 13, 2009
This is 100% a scam. I got the e-mail too asking me to publish my thesis on Computer Science. The thing is that I am an undergraduate student who has never written a paper let alone submitted anything to the library. This is a scam to get aspiring thesis students to release their work at a less than ideal cost so that when someone hits a great idea they have exclusive publishing rights and the student does not get what the deserve. They send the message to as many students as they can get addresses for and see what they get.
R in Seattle

Bridgewater, VA

#57 Aug 24, 2009
After getting the same message as the rest of you guys about printing my dissertation, I checked the FAQ section of VDM's website and noticed the big section where they explain why exactly they will need your bank account information (supposedly to send you your royalties.) What happened to paying by check?
A in Denmark

Holbæk, Denmark

#58 Sep 17, 2009
I got the same mail a few days ago about my bachelor thesis, which is now 2 years old... was current then, but already old news really. I was happy that they are interested, but not sure what is in it for them... as i like to say 'there is no such thing as a free lunch'!

But I have e-mailed back and forth with them, and they have sent me some more info, but I am still not convinced. This was the last mail they sent me:

"I would be glad to send you more information on VDM Verlag (see attached). We publish about 4000 books annually, mainly in economics and social sciences and are therefore one of the leading academic publishing houses in Germany. VDM Verlag is an associate member of the American Booksellers' Association ( www.bookweb.org < http://www.bookweb.org >) and the Booksellers' Association ( www.booksellers.org.uk < http://www.booksellers.org.uk >) of the UK and Ireland.

We publish books in the form of a monograph, which means that our books are independent scientific publications (and not journal articles). Thus, we would be interested in publishig your work as a whole. VDM books are distributed by global wholesalers worldwide. You can review them on amazon.de < http://amazon.de >, amazon.co.uk < http://amazon.co.uk >, amazon.com < http://amazon.com > or bookbutler.de < http://bookbutler.de > (the easiest way is to go on our website www.vdm-publishing.com < http://www.vdm-publishing.com > and choose 'Portfolio').

If you are interested in working with us, please submit your works by e-mail along with a telephone number at which you can be reached. You will then receive feedback from our VDM editors as to whether we will publish your work, as well as any requests for corrections if applicable. Although this goes without saying in publishing, I would like to expressly guarantee that your work will only be used for in-house review. Should we not arrive at an agreement, all your data will be deleted from our records.

Please note that a VDM author retains the right to submit major parts (up to 80 percent) of the work for publication in academic journals without the permission of the Publisher...."

They also sent me a PDF outlining some stuff about the company. To be honest I think my work is good, but good enough to be published and for others to pay for it (their prices on amazon seem steep), I am not sure!

I will keep you posted on what happens next...
S in Ontario CA

Thorold, Canada

#59 Sep 17, 2009
I got the same email message today, and figured I should check the internet to see how much attention this is getting--apparently a lot! I'm waiting to hear back because I did agree to get more info by email. Of course I'm suspicious, but then honestly, would all of us in this forum be good scholars if we believed everything we heard without corroborating evidence?!! Let's give ourselves some credit here.

Gurgaon, India

#60 Oct 7, 2009
Recieved a similar offer - has anyone published with them?

Athens, Greece

#61 Oct 19, 2009
Same here, I was solicited by e-mail. However, the mail was not addressed to me, but to a colleague whose name is alphabetically next to mine in the depertment's catalogue (and who didn't have her e-mail listed).
"Ok, honest mistake", I thought. But when I replied to draw attention to the mistake, they thanked me and asked whether I might have anything I would like to publish. So now I realize that the requests are entirely random.
Question: Why do they flash that pretty brunette all over their site? Why pick her, out of all their staff? Because of her looks?
Actually, it gives me a bad impression as to the methods they use to entice authors. It's supposed to be a publishing house, not a dating site.

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