Paper Mill To Cut Jobs

International Paper Company announced Tuesday it will shut down one of its paper machines and eliminate 60 jobs in Oklahoma. Full Story
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Well then

Pawnee, OK

#22 Sep 25, 2008
Steve wrote:
Would you be happy if the government cut your food stamps and welfare check? I think not...
<quoted text>
Better solution would be for the CEO & CFO to stop taking those HUGE million dollar bonuses, give it to the workers, HUGE wages WHATEVER

Oklahoma City, OK

#23 Sep 25, 2008
Well then wrote:
<quoted text>
Better solution would be for the CEO & CFO to stop taking those HUGE million dollar bonuses, give it to the workers, HUGE wages WHATEVER
AMEN about the overpaid CEO and CFO. Some aren't, but many, many, many are!
High Society

Atlanta, GA

#24 Sep 25, 2008
Steve wrote:
Would you be happy if the government cut your food stamps and welfare check? I think not...
<quoted text>
Completely agree!

United States

#25 Jan 4, 2009
Coasters, you don't know how it's run very well. My father (prime example) has two BS and is barely hanging on to a job out there. I think you might be confused, but a good majority of the people who work DIRECTLY for IP have at least an AA/AS but more commonly have a BA/BS. To save money, they subcontract (as to not have to worry about payscales, temp employees, benefits, etc.).

Also, at one point in time, this was one of the largest paper mills in the world (something like the 2nd largest) and is still has a very high level of output.

So, would you take a paycut or just go somewhere else if your employeer said "Hey, listen, I know you've been here X years and all and have a degree, but I'm going to have to substantially cut your wages"

I'd give him the finger walking and find employment elsewhere. Wouldn't you?

United States

#26 Jan 4, 2009
CEO & CFO pay is one thing, but their bonuses are stupid.

I thought you were talking about general employees, my apologies.:-D

I mean, the average Weyerhauser CEO was making 13 MILLION more a year than the average MICROSOFT CEO. That doesn't include profitiablity bonuses either (usually there will be something written in the contract for a bonus of between 30-150% the most common I've seen is 110%)

Norman, OK

#27 Feb 26, 2009
Does anybody know how many people work at the International Paper plant in Valiant? How many subcontractors work for Vaiant too?

Norman, OK

#28 Feb 26, 2009
Does anybody know how many people work at the International Paper plant in Valliant? How many subcontractors work for Valliant too?
what daya know

Fort Worth, TX

#29 Feb 27, 2009
there are now less people now working there. What is happening at the WRIGHT CITY LUMBER MILL, ARE THEY NOW HAVING LAY OFFS OR JUST LESS HOURS TO WORK??? Seems like some of the republicans are griping about the increase in the amount of people being laid off and recieving food stamps and extended unemployment. typical aint it. Hi there Crisro GOD BLESS ONE AND ALL
EI Technician

Memphis, TN

#30 Aug 6, 2009
Guy's I work at that paper mill yall are whining about and defending. Yes some people here are stupid and get paid way too much, and yet there are extremely intelligent people here that are under paid. This paper mill has one of the highest outputs in the world. It is still in the top five largest and has one of the top 5 largest paper machines in the world. I'm proud to work here. Remember though it's just like any other place with the over and under paid employees, politics, job cuts, and snobby people. There are also humble, smart, and dedicated employees here.
little byrd89

Dallas, TX

#31 Aug 7, 2009
CrisRo I hve heard they are selling the WC mill, or have they already sold the mill and moved it. used to work for Dierks long ago. Where have all the trees gone.
EI Technician

Memphis, TN

#32 Aug 10, 2009
They definitly shut it down, what they are doing with the Wright City mill is anybodys guess. To answer your question about where the trees have gone? I'm sure most of them have ran through our paper I wouldn't call what they haul now trees. They are more like toothpicks. I remember even ten to fifteen years ago they had "real" trees.
tpfromsoutheasto kla

Valliant, OK

#33 Sep 30, 2009
wright city mill has already been closed down
custard wrote:
well folks, done in south east okla. the paper and lumber company own about 3 million acres. that is the company you are talking about, It was recently purchased by INTENATIONAL PAPER FRON THE WEYHAUSER CO FOR SEVERAL MILLION DOLLARS. This buyout incled the sawmills and Rail Road and about 3 million acres of land. I believe the CHINESE have a stake in the buyout,(part ownership)After every buyout such as this there is always big layoffs. The company will try to recoup their money in this manner. Also they are gating thier roads to keep people from hunting and fishing, sight seeing, andother recreational purposes. Another thing is the forest has been mostly clear cut nad not planted back in large areas. I took a friend on a road trip through the area and he asked me what happened to the forest. He thought it had been devasted by something as he had never seen clearcutting before. I explained what had happened to the woods.they are now cutting down trees that people call lodge poles, This will not be the last layoff by INTERNATIONAL pAPERFOLKS. THE MILL AT wright city OKLA WILL BE NEXT, AS THERE IS NOT ENOUGH TIMBER TO SUPPLY ALL THE LUMBER MILLS AND PAPER MILL.
tpfromsoutheasto kla

Valliant, OK

#34 Sep 30, 2009
the wright city mill was closed down months ago
time traveler

Midlothian, TX

#35 Oct 12, 2009
Who owns the lumber mill at this time in Idabel on hwy 70 west. Does Weyhauser still own it. And is it still running full blast or had lawoffs.
KBR Employee

Valliant, OK

#36 May 31, 2011
I've read some very interesting, and a few dumb, comments on here. First yes, some of the employees get payed way more than they are worth. Second yes, some employees think they are better than everyone because the work at "The Paper Mill." To address the pay issue: Cutting someone's pay has more effects than just giving IP more money to function. The economy suffers as well. IP did NOT shut down number #3 Machine and #3 OCC because of high employee wages. They shut them down because the recession caused a drop in paper demand and 3 machines were too many for the current market demands. Let me assure you IP has plenty of money. The Valliant mill alone "profits" over a 100 million a year. Notice i used the word "profit." IP is the largest paper making company in the world and they have hundreds if not thousands of mills so you do the math. Paper is not the only thing the Valliant mill sells either. Along with corragated medium and linerboard they also sell turpentine and tall oil. The Mill has sections of different crafted employees: production,engineers, managers, maintanence and construction. The problem is with the non contractor employees(IP emloyees). This problem was caused by Weyerhauser. IP now has hourly production hands, that are not crewleaders, top out at $29hr. The best payed hourly guys from Weyerhauser almost make $40hr!!! I'm not even going to discuss the salaried personel. The rest are underpaid by a high margin compared to the rest of the United States. Now to address the high society issue. I think this problem occurs in almost every workplace. A job at the valliant mill is one of the best you can have in this pathetic town so some people are inevitably going to let it go to their head. Just like anywhere else there are a few bad apples but that doesnt mean you cut the tree down. The guys i work with are some of the highest quality and best people i know. From what ive heard, seen and been told this mill will be here for a long time barring any bad depressions. I hope i have cleared up some misconceptions. If not feel free to ask questions.

Since: Jun 11

Location hidden

#37 Jun 7, 2011

Valliant, OK

#38 Aug 3, 2011
APitNmdNaniBones wrote:
<quoted text>
That machine alone could cost well up to 100k, I am not sure how much those machines cost just a figure. It depends, they may not have had the money to buy or repair or keep repairing that same machine.
The machine cost is in the 10's of millions of dollars.

Rockwall, TX

#39 Aug 14, 2011
Steve Coasters does not know what he is talking about. the UAW agreed to a cut in paY FOR NEW HIRES AT $14.00 PER HOUR. i COULD NOT BEGIN TO MAKE A LIVING ON $14.00 AN HOUR. tHATS FOOD STAMP TIME FOR A FAMILY

Valliant, OK

#40 Dec 23, 2012
Let me tell you what i think about International paper, just go to google earth and look straight south of the mill until you see the red river. You can clearly see a massive amount of black (who knows what)flowing into the river. It is clearly viseable waste flowing into it that is turning the whole river black by a pipeline that werehauser (the previous owner before IP bought it) put in the ground to try to hide or disquise it. Before this pipe was placed in the ground it used to flow down to the river in a creek. guess that was too obvious to nearby homes that probably had a well for drinking water. Just know this, if you buy, work for, or do any business with these type of companies you are supporting this unfolding disaster. Remeber BP? This is happening as you read this. As to you IP/ werehauser, your days of polluting my back yard will come back to you when your exposed for what you do. Our rivers are not toilets for you or any other industry. And to think i used to fish down stream no wonder nothing bites my hook. If this pisses you off like it does me there is something you can do, and no im not an envirementalist and yes i know this sounds like a comercial. Go to the Oklahoma Department of Environmental Quality website and make an anonymous complaint. Maybe they will open there eyes if they start getting enough complaints. I rarely ask anything from anyone, but i cant do this alone. If you don't think this won't affect you, keep one thing in mind, all rivers flow south. Just hope you aren't down stream. By the way im not anti-industry, beleive me, we need them like the crops need a rain, but we need responsible industry.

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