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#163 Jan 11, 2009
How sad to learn my problem with Marvin windows in my house is not a rarity. My windows are also rotting, I have ice build up inside my house. Pretty pathetic. I cannot aford new windows again. I take it Marvin does not stand by their product and they are quite allusive.
Family in Greenwich CT

East Rockaway, NY

#164 Jan 25, 2009
We have had no problems with our Marvin windows.

We replaced most of the windows in our house in the early 1990's. We got double hung windows in white with an enamel coating. The coating was supposed to last 10 years. It lasted longer, and we had it painted for the first time a couple of years ago.

I am about to replace the rest of our windows with Marvin windows. We have one original 1953 window in our house (not a Marvin window) that had leaks and rotting before we replaced the outside sill. This was minor job, and now the rest of that window is fine. I expect rotting in the new window there as well because we cannot control the water flow at that location no matter what we do with the gutters.

We have not looked inside our Marvin windows, but they sure do not seem to be rotting. They all look like brand new after about 15 years. I am sorry to hear there are so many problems with these, and now will be vigilant about keeping all of our windows carefully painted.
Howard Snellgrove

Dothan, AL

#165 Jan 26, 2009
Melissa wrote:
I replaced all the windows in my house 14 years ago with Marvin replacements-they are rotting. The vinyl clad is no longer offered as a product-no wonder why. I redid a sunroom with 6 foot windows w/ awnings-they are also rotting. The vinyl is cracked and it looks like driftwood underneath. I have to replace every window in my house. If only Anderson offered the tru-divided lites at the time I would not be facing the expense of replacing my windows. Marvin sticks to their 10 yr warranty! I would not use another Marvin product.
I have developed a process of removing the glass from Marvin casement windows and making a all vinyl casing for it all come white but can be painted any color will never rot. if interested contact me at [email protected]
norman michalek

Federal Way, WA

#166 Feb 7, 2009
I am a small contractor. A marvin window that I installed less than five years ago is growing mushrooms out of it. When I replaced it the seal and sill on the outside was in perfict condition. The only explanation and conclusion is that they are obsorbing water from the inside out.And are not breathing properly or the wood is so cheap it acts like a sponge. These were wood interior and metal outside. The reputable company said ther recors were lost or they got a new computer. I personally think its a scam.


#167 Feb 12, 2009
if marvin was creating moisture (be it ice or water) from their windows, they would make way more money selling the water than windows. the water comes from moist air. if the windows were loose, moisture would travel right out. it's an indoor air problem. do you complain to your car manufacturer when the interior of your windshield ices up or condenses on a long winter road trip? same thing. usually casement windows are tighter due to the very agressive latching and most common in houses with plants, fish tanks, hot tubs, pleated shades (create cold air layer that draws moisture), excessive stove top cooking...etc. either dry out air or crack open a couple windows and let moisture out - especially in bathrooms/kitchens.

Elmsdale, Canada

#168 Feb 13, 2009
With proper installation, maintenance, and care for the windows, they should have no problems. There is no way Marvin windows could be that bad. Has anyone checked to see if there are any other window manufacturers with problems, because I bet there are. There will always be a handful of unhappy people, with an internet connection, and a lot of time on their hands to complain about something.

Minneapolis, MN

#169 Feb 28, 2009
i built my home in 1989 installed 40 marvin windows 14 of these have rotted to the point that they had to be replaced. one patio door was replaced by marvin representives,5yrs later the same thing happened (rot}. i called they said they do not warranty replaced products,thats a good one. one other time i called told them about rotting and frosted hinges they said it s because it was cold out and ishould expect that so they sent me new hinges and foam tape to solve the problem ,on a $2500 door ,which i had to repace last year. now 2009 i just found 8 rotted sills 6 pains that have lost there seals. marvin was bailed out by the mn. court system to save there co. because of bad product. they were supposed to sell you replacements at a discount price, well thats bs you are better off buying a whole new window.
paul p

Chicago, IL

#170 Mar 7, 2009
you all need to hire skilled installers who know what they are doing. Most installers "think" they know what they are doing but don't. too many windows i see are installed wrong and the owners blame the windows... hmmm
DR Fahey

Glen Burnie, MD

#171 Mar 18, 2009
Have you had any problems since then? If so, please describe exactly.

I'm a architectural design student doing a project on either Pella or Marvin Windows.

Anyone, please respond giving your state and your name and the specific problem(s) you are having. Also state any positives even about the companies Representatives from Pella or Marvin.
maureen wrote:
I purchased Marvin and Pella windows from 1992-1999. The Marvins are rotting/showing signs of rot; the Pellas are fine. One bay window rotted out in under 5 years and Marvin replaced it free but did not pay for installation. I have met with both the local Marvin people and the installer and all I could get from them was some weatherstripping which did not resolve the problem.
DR Fahey

Glen Burnie, MD

#172 Mar 18, 2009
Do you install windows? I'm doing research on Pella and Marvin for my college research project.
paul p wrote:
you all need to hire skilled installers who know what they are doing. Most installers "think" they know what they are doing but don't. too many windows i see are installed wrong and the owners blame the windows... hmmm
DR Fahey

Glen Burnie, MD

#173 Mar 18, 2009
Any other positives or negatives regarding Marvin or Pella products? I would like to hear from anyone but please be specific.

What I've read has been helpful but welcome more comments.

United States

#174 Mar 18, 2009
Our locks keep breaking off. Has anyone else had this problem? We have the aluminum window.

Darien, GA

#175 Mar 25, 2009
I know that Marvin was having a huge problem with somwthing they were using to treat the wood. I know if you try and deal with the local Marvin - you wont get any where. They almost went belly up with all the lawsuits. Squeekie wheel gets oil - don't give up - call Susan Marvin everyday and tell her what junk you bought from her.

Aiken, SC

#176 Mar 25, 2009
I have had both Marvin and Pella windows. Pella is by far a superior window when it comes to quality and most important "service". I have found that Pella stands behind the windows that they have sold. Marvin, it is like pulling teeth to even get a returned phone call, and when you do, they are full of excuses. THEY DO NOT WANT TO STAND BEHIND THE CRAPPIE WINDOWS AND DOORS THAT THEY SOLD YOU. ALSO, ANDERSON WINDOWS ALSO HAVE A BIG PROBLEM WITH ROT. Don't think just because they are vinvl exterior, they don't have rot issues - plenty of pisssed Anderson customers
L Heinrich

Schuylkill Haven, PA

#177 Mar 28, 2009
We installed all Marvin Windows in our house in 1995. A mixture of stationary, awning, casement, & double hungs. These were all Northern Low E, double pane, solid wood with aluminum cladding. ALL of the casement & awning windows have rotted from the inside out. Several of the stationary windows have rotted. None of the double hungs have rotted. You don't see this happening until it is too late as the rotting begins internally and in all the windows the rotting became visible in the lower corners only. Of course it wasn't visible until after the 10 year warranty expired. We did have a rep from Marvin come out and look as soon as we discovered but we are out of luck. The rep did confirm it was a design/material failure and not an installation problem, BUT no remedies will be forthcoming from Marvin. We will be having to replace no less than 50 windows as water is now coming down the walls with wind driven rain. It will not be with Marvin Windows!

Buffalo, NY

#178 Mar 30, 2009
Did you ever get information about the class action lawsuit. We have the same issues.
Bill wrote:
<quoted text> I have aluminum clad Marvin Casement windows in our home. These windows were installed in 1998. They are leaking around the weather strip and showing black mildew damage. Can you direct me to the 04 class action lawsuit you refer to in your post? I am trying to figure out what to do. The enrergy efficiency of our home is compromised and mildew is not good for indoor air quality.


#179 Mar 31, 2009
claudia wrote:
<quoted text> Hi Steve. We have same problem. I'm just sick.$28,000 (not including installation) of rot. Let me know if you learn anything re legal action. Thanks.
I have the same trouble on a window wall. i called company. They told me there was trouble with the primer on this type of window, they are not doing anything, my windows are going to fall out soon. Can we all get togather and do something.
Help in Shickshinny Pa. needed!!!!!!


#180 Mar 31, 2009


#181 Mar 31, 2009
Bill Edwards wrote:
I purchased marvin Windows in 1990. I have had problems with Marvin windows since around 1995 and forward for every year. My are related to a double hung window that in the end was just plain bad design. Can't say that Marvin has left me twisting in the wind in the fact that as recently as this past month free replacement parts arrived. Admittedly having a neighbor who owns one of our areas premier supply houses (they got me the contact person)most likely helps.All in all..never again! Got rotted wood to deal with too.


#182 Mar 31, 2009
Marvin Window Company is not standing behind the windows they sell. Do not buy any of there windows.
The cost is over priced. All the products are Trash!!!!!!!!!!


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