Marvin Windows
Jerry Bagwell

Huntsville, AL

#103 Jun 5, 2008
Marvin Windows are the best! I've had experience with many leading brands and there are horror stories for all of them. This all began when the manufacturers starting using farm raised pine rather than old growth. The learning curve on how to protect the inferior wood with cladding was a long one but has been perfected now. Marvin's Integrity fiberglass window is even better than aluminum clad wood and they go above & beyond in honoring their warranty better than any company I've delt with.

Chicago, IL

#104 Jun 10, 2008
I know many people who have purchased Marvin Windows. After years of use I have heard no complaints. They did however use Marvin certified
installers, not their brother-in-law. Perhaps that is the cure for rotting.
Ok - Please explain what a "Marvin Certified Install" is? I have found there is no such thing. Clearly, no such program. Please explain where you get this?

Chicago, IL

#105 Jun 10, 2008
There is no such thing as a "Marvin Certified Installer. NO SUCH THING.
Paul Manion

Montrose, MI

#106 Jun 10, 2008
Truck wrote:
There is no such thing as a "Marvin Certified Installer. NO SUCH THING.
Agreed. There are "Authorized Installing Retailers" but not certified installers.
Ray Frazee mn


#107 Jun 11, 2008
I purchased Marvin clad 1998. In 2006 they replaced 2 sashes, 2 sliding doors I now stuff sliding door with rags to keep snow out in the winter, not to mention wind .Wasn't like that before ,but do you think they would come and adjust.(no) since Sept 07 I have been trying to get them out here ,because of more rotting windows. I told them to check all windows.they said they would replace 2 big windows 4 sashes .I found out they didn't ck them all because they didn't have latter to get to my trapazoid windows I think they are probably tomuch $$$$.I also questioned on how they could throughly ck windows without removing screens.they said 1 was on outside 1 on inside. which brings me to wonder how did they ck the ones over 6 ft off the ground?Its been 2 wks since I was told a Technician would come and ck other windows haven"t heard a thing yet .Oh I almost forgot the 2 sashes replaced in 06 Rep. said he thinks I have leaking problem ,because frame is rotting and sashes still look good .I told him sashes had been replaced 2 yrs ago he didn't remember that ,so now he says they will replace , but cust. service new nothing about it . I wish everyone GOODLUCK!!!!
john indiana

Kenosha, WI

#108 Jun 12, 2008
Shell wrote:
Do you have the Bahama Brown exterior color? I'm wondering if the dark color is causing the problem on south side with heating/cooling.[
I also have brown windows and we installed them in 1998 and they are rotting
Ex-Marvin Worker

Milwaukee, WI

#109 Jun 27, 2008
As someone who worked for Marvin Windows & Doors for nine years, in Quality & Production, I can tell you that quality is important only when it's convienent. I saw doors being ready to be shipped that looked like absolute crap!

Please, folks, buy Anderson or Pella. Take it from one who knows!
Old house lover

Minneapolis, MN

#110 Jun 30, 2008
I have a hundred a ten year old house with 100% of it's old sash windows and not ONE of them is rotten. They are perfect. I have a two year old Marvin storm window that is rotten. A big part of the problem is that it's very hard to find any decent wood these days (my old windows were made with old growth lumber). Many of the boards on Marvin windows are "finger jointed" where they join small pieces of wood with these terrible joints that simply don't hold up. That's why they started priming windows for people! They want to coat and cover up how bad the quality of their wood is. For old houses, there are new companies that are making wonderful combination storm windows out of aluminum, they are the correct proportions of old storms and can be painted your specifications.
Irene Missouri


#111 Jul 7, 2008
I have the same problem as many of you---custom big Marvin bay windows--special prepainted coating on wood windows. Installed 13 years ago and now have to replace six huge windows--labor and install will be many many thousands of dollars. I can poke my finger right through the wood--all western and norhern exposure. They told me there was only a five year warranty--when I pressed them they said they might give me a 10% discount. These windows should have lasted for years. I have already had to repaint them several times and repair rot on others. I am in for a class action if it happens!!!
Mary Dayton Ohio

Dayton, OH

#112 Jul 8, 2008
Marvin windows during 4 different remodelings. Our six windows installed in the 1990's using "everlasting paint", the window on the south side of the house has shown severe window sill rot on the outside and a small part of the actual window, which was not discovered until it had gotton severe under the still intact paint. Since the paint seems to be an issue, I am thinking of sanding off all the "everlasting" paint and priming with oil base primer and then good exterior latex. My other Marvin windows that came bare wood which I primed and painted and also aluminum clad windows perform VERY well. We had to replace five, 25 year old double hung Anderson windows (which we had installed new) due to broken spring balances, window sashes pulling apart, etc. My sister-in law has the same problems with her Anderson windows in their house they built in 1980. My 70 year old original windows also have problems with some rotting on the outside bottom of the window, since siding is vertical, but the bottom of windows is more horizontal, water is more likely to stay on the outside window bottom. Happy painting!
Irene Missouri


#113 Jul 16, 2008
Dasein wrote:
I built my house in 1995 and purchased 60 Marvin windows, all of which had an exterior enamel application of something they called "forever" coating, which I was told would last a life time. Fast forward to 2007 and I discovered rot on a couple of windows, then had all the windows inspected and found out that about 40% of my windows are rotting. And they are rotting because the "forever" enamel coating didn't last forever, just long enough for my windows to be out of warrantee. If you're considering spending your hard earned money on Marvin windows, you're better off throwing the money out of one of your current windows.
Exact same time frame, same problem---they will pay 15%,but none of the ancillary costs--so much for goodwill! And my windows are caulked and painted every two years--the factory paint has bubbled and dulled---so maintenance on my part is not an issue!There should be some strict liability apart regardless of the express warranty.

United States

#114 Jul 19, 2008
I have a house built in 1992 and the metal clsd doors and windows are rotting out inside the house. I called a Marvin dealer who said he would contact Marvin. That never happened and I doubt that it will. My next windows and doors will be any thing but Marvin.

Northville, NY

#115 Jul 22, 2008
We built a house with Marvin windows. Alumnium clad exterior and primed interior casements and large picture units. Within 9 years the seals were broken and the sills rotted and as soft as cheese. When I spoke to my rep he told me there was a manufacturers' defect in windows manufactured in the 90's (no detail given. the units were replaced for free within the warranty period - I had to pay the installation charges .
I have read there were similar problems with the other big manufacturers.

Omaha, NE

#116 Aug 4, 2008
We built our home in 2003 with Marvin aluminum clad windows. They are wonderful!! We have not had one problem, not a leak, no rotting, no problems with opening or closing them. Our utility bills are so low it is amazing and our house is so quiet. We recently had a major hail storm in our area and most of our neighbors had hail damage on their windows, vinyl and aluminum clad that were made by different companies other than Marvin, our windows had not a speck of hail damage. I know a lot of people who are replacing their windows made from some of the major companies mentioned in these posts after 3 years because of rotting or they will no longer open or close properly. I also see many of my neighbors leaving windows open during rain storms, maybe that could be part of the problem and I think as mentioned previously in the postings, installation is key. Someone I know had a Marvin window installed in his walkout basement under his deck, it immediately started leaking. He blamed Marvin windows. After further investigation he found out that the people who installed his new deck around the same time as the window had not put in flashing on the deck and water was leaking in where the deck met the house and everything below was rotting, it had nothing to do with the window at all. We have friends who are installing Marvin windows in their 3rd house, the house they are in now is only 6 years old, but after being spoiled by how wonderful Marvin Windows were in their other 2 houses, they are in the process of replacing all of their 6 year old windows with Marvin windows. I would highly recommend Marvin Windows!!!

Central, SC

#117 Aug 26, 2008
Jay wrote:
I have a small company in the twin cities that repair rotted frames among many other things to do with windows,and most of the time we can get sashes only(if needed)the repairs are done by replacing the entire piece or pieces of rotted wood.its quite a bit cheaper than replacing windows (especially double or triple units)give me an e-mail if your interested [email protected].
My house, built in 96 has alum clad Marvin windows and doors. One south facing dbl glider 5050 has rotted wood showing on the inside of the window. Is it feasible to ship it to you for repair? I also want to enclose a covered porch using a 6068 sliding patio door, two tilt-turn 67x72 windows and two 5050 gliders like the rotted one. I am dismayed at the negative experiences of Marvin windows ownership.Any suggestions?

Since: May 08

Augusta, ME

#118 Aug 30, 2008
We have the same problems with our Marvin Window in our dream house. We paid extra for the XL paint in order to save on painting every year. Yes, the paint has survived but the wood under neath has rotted to the extream. Marvin said they would discount new ones. As of now regular price for one window is $3000. per window. They will sell us replacements for $2000 each. Such a deal, huh? How is it that a company like that is still in business?
Marvin Infinity

Ridgewood, NJ

#119 Aug 30, 2008
elaine aol wrote:
We were going to have Marvin Infinity fiberglass windows installed.Has anyone had any experience with them?
Did you install Marvin Infinity or something else? my e-mail is [email protected]
Marvin Infinity

Ridgewood, NJ

#120 Aug 30, 2008
Did you install Marvin Infinity or something else? my e-mail is kbauer247
Paul In Northern Illinois

Rockford, IL

#121 Sep 3, 2008
I'm going to have all my windows replaced soon and I chose Marvin over Pella and Anderson. The bottom line is, wood windows will rot. The windows in my house are 1970's wood windows. I have mushrooms growing out of two of them! I've done a lot of research and Marvin seems to have the best aluminum exterior wood interior windows but beyond that I like the design of marvin over their competitors. Vinyl windows wouldn't look right on this house and I've heard good and bad things about them too. The previous owners replaced one window for me with a Pella casement and after any rain there is water in the frame of the portion that opens.
I plan to put a clear finish on the exposed wood after I have the windows installed and check them after every rain. If I have to seal them every spring and fall I'll do that too. Wood windows require attention and maintenance. If you don't want to put the effort in then roll the dice with vinyl. No matter what brand you choose you will have problems if you don't maintain them. Good luck everyone.
Oh one more thing, has anyone tried the Marvin Venting Window in their home?
Thanks, Paul.
Agnes New Jersey

Passaic, NJ

#122 Sep 8, 2008
We installed 3 marvin aluminum clad in 1990 in the East side of a house that gets severely weather beaten by snow and rain because of the way the house is situated on the lot. We have had no problems with those windows. In 1999 we installed 5 so called combination windows they have a storm component built into it. The windows are aluminum clad white. No problems with any of them. In 2000 we installed the same combination windows in another house west facing that gets driving rain. No problems. In 2004 we installed regular Marvin aluminum clad windows west and north facing no problems.

We are very lucky with our Marvin. We choose them because they had the sized for a custom built houses.

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