Marvin Windows

Grayson, GA

#204 Jun 19, 2009
Melissa wrote:
I replaced all the windows in my house 14 years ago with Marvin replacements-they are rotting. The vinyl clad is no longer offered as a product-no wonder why. I redid a sunroom with 6 foot windows w/ awnings-they are also rotting. The vinyl is cracked and it looks like driftwood underneath. I have to replace every window in my house. If only Anderson offered the tru-divided lites at the time I would not be facing the expense of replacing my windows. Marvin sticks to their 10 yr warranty! I would not use another Marvin product.
I have Marvin Windows and have no Rot issues and purchased them in the same time period. The coating that was offered was a paint system on wood windows. "not vinyl" Paint requires maintenance. If you haven't painted them in 13 years well guess what? Suggest you know what you are buying and how to care for them.
Marvin Windows Suck

Wellesley Hills, MA

#205 Jun 19, 2009
We have a house on the east coast, near the ocean. Built it new in 1987 with all Marvin windows. We have had to replace all of the windows at least twice from constant rotting and have had to replace the glass in 60% of the newer thermopane windows because of air seal breaks. We have probably spent over $100,000 on replacement windows and labor. Please point me any class-action suits that you hear of. I would like to get Anderson to replace all of my windows and give them some rights to advertise the problems I have had with Marvin.
Matt F

United States

#206 Jun 22, 2009
I am having the same problems with my clad wood windows from Marvin. Most of the windows in my home were manufactured in 1996, which puts them outside the 10 year warranty period. I have contacted Marvin and sent them photos of the problem. It does not appear that the remedy they are going to offer is going to satisfy me.
Add me to the list of those interested in being part of a class action suit. I have over 60 Marvin windows in my home and I fear that most of them will need to be replaced withing the next 5 years. If any more windows show signs of rotting, I may take legal action on my own.
Edward Higgins


#207 Jul 4, 2009
I have Marvin Windows installed through out my home. I am having problems with the tilting of these windows to clean them.

I have four windows that the plastic pins that the
windows tilt on have broken or have fallen out. I need to know if Marvin has a tilt kit with these plastic pins in the kit, or can i order these kits, so I can repair my windows, so my wife will be able to tilthem so she can wash them please answer.

Edward Higgins
Edward Higgins


#208 Jul 4, 2009
I need replacement plastic pins kits that are needed to tilt these windows so my wife can clean them. The plastic pins, are broken, and need to be replaced.

Edward Higgins

O Fallon, MO

#209 Jul 4, 2009
Cris wrote:
I am looking at the Marvin Infinity Fiberglass Windows.
Has anyone had an experience with these? Another rep told me the fiberglass with yellow, the Marvin rep said it wouldn't.
Window reps are like used car salesmen.
I would not use Infinity. We replaced 20 plus old windows with Infinity. There appears to be a problem with the exterior seal. Water leaks in and a build up of dirt/mildew/mold is occurring in over half of our windows.

O Fallon, MO

#210 Jul 4, 2009
I am not at all impressed with our Infinity windows.
We replaced 20 plus old windows with Infinity by Marvin. Most were gliders, and picture gliders, but we had some picture and some double hung. We haven't yet noticed problems with the double hung, but both the gliders and picture gliders have some type of failure with the seal at the bottom of the exterior sash. Moisture is penetrating and dirt/mildew/mold is turning black.

These windows are not even 6 months old. Cannot image what they will look like in a couple of years.

So far, we are not sure what if anything the company is going to do. Our contractor has not been too helpful.

Tulsa, OK

#211 Jul 7, 2009
Nicole wrote:
Our locks keep breaking off. Has anyone else had this problem? We have the aluminum window.
Marvin does Marvin does not make all aluminum windows. Find out the brand your builder used and call them. Good luck.

Tulsa, OK

#212 Jul 7, 2009
I have been a contractor in the Tulsa, Oklahoma area for the past 26 years and specialize in door and window installs. I can tell you first hand where all the problems on the Marvin windows that I have seen, replaced and repaired have come from. They are typically from 2 areas. 1) Every single one of these comments on the rotted wood problem have left off the most important thing, they fail to mention the maintenance that they are not doing. If you have an all wood window or door you have to paint them every 3-5 years, this is common knowledge and can be verified by any and all local paint companies worth their grain in salt. If you do this your new wood windows and doors (no matter who the company is) they will last a lifetime. If you do not want to commit to this kind of maintenance than I suggest purchasing a product with an aluminum, vinyl or fiberglass clad on the exterior. 2) EVERY window that I have had to repair that was not working properly or leaking on the inside has been installed improperly. I cannot tell you how many installers do not use any flashing (amazing). This will cause leaks that you can see and a lot that you cannot see, which causes mold and eventually ROT on the inside of your windows. Almost all double hung windows that I repair have typically been installed with the two side jambs not plumb (bowed out) and causes them to not function properly (repaired a lot of Pella and Anderson like this). On my house I have Pella aluminum clad exterior on the back and Marvin aluminum clad exterior on the front and they have been there for over 23 years. I do caulk around the outside of my windows every year during my regular maintenance and keep up with the painting. If you do not maintain your wood products then you should expect failure just as if you do not change the oil in your car and then getting mad at your car manufacture because the engine blew up. I also installed them myself and flashed them properly so they do not leak or rot. To be honest if it was not for people not wanting to maintain their windows and doors, and installers not installing them proper, I would be out of a job. So thank you. I am not pro Marvin or against it. As a professional (not an angry homeowner who does not maintain their home) I simply recommend a good quality window such as Pella, Marvin or Andersen and stay away from those cheap plastic vinyl (PVC) windows. I hope this helps and good luck.
Newmyer Remodeling

Northville, MI

#213 Jul 8, 2009
This one is easy folks, First off the windows have to be installed properly and you need to do your "due dilgence" to be sure they are, The AAMA (American Architectural Manufactures Association) guidleines are what should be followed. Pracircally any major window manufacturer will suggest guidlelines for installation. I am an Installation Master, whcih involved a two day training course and a test to be sure I understood what I was taught. It is estimated that up to 99% of the windows being installed in the US are installed improperly. I equate to a gun dealer selling a gun an the buyer's responsibility, if you put it to your head and pull the trigger thats your fault not the gun dealers. So be sure the windows are being installed right, look up the installation guidleines and be sure they are implememented. If you have existing wood windows with an exterior wood brick molding and a sub sill your new window can and should be installed with a nailing fin. Many contractors try to slip them into the openiong without the nailing fin, that type of installation is your worst choice. Make sure the windows are flashed, do not rely on caulking to keep the windpw water tight. This is a complicated do your investigating and be sure you don't base your buying decision on proce alone. I am never the cheapest contractor....I am the one who does it right the first time. By the way.....if you have a problem with Marvin and you call their plant in Warroad Minnesota I am willing to bet that they will be very helpful. In my is the best wood/clad window made.

Pillager, MN

#214 Jul 10, 2009
I built a home in 1987 with Marvin casement windows. Now in 2009 the windows are rotting prematurely and Marvin says they can't do nothing about it. Do not buy Marvin windows because they are not standing buy their product.

Pillager, MN

#215 Jul 10, 2009
Yes I meticulously kept up painting at least every three years and maintenance of my Marvin windows and they are still rotting.

Pillager, MN

#216 Jul 10, 2009
I am not from NY as this site says, but from Minnesota less than 200 miles from Marvin and I called their customer service at the plant and they still won't help me.

Hillsdale, NY

#217 Jul 13, 2009
right now we are trying to purchase windows for our 250 yr. old colonial home. all the professionals we are involved with want us to use Marvin sdl windows. we were told the adl with energy panel has condensation problems but it seems to me that ALL the new windows available have a fail rate of between 7- 10 yrs. does any window available last longer. I don't want a good warranty, I want a good window. my current windows lasted over an hundred years! why isn't there a company making an exceptionally good storm window so when it is time to repace something it is the storm and not the actual window?

Metairie, LA

#218 Jul 14, 2009

Hillsboro, WI

#219 Jul 20, 2009
On the subject of Marvin windows, What about the problem with bad paint on the Integrity windows that were produced in 2002 and part of 2003. Mine are dog crap, poor weather seal and paint chipping off. I'm battling with them now and I'm not happy, it's been a nightmare from the beginning. I would love to hear if anyone is in a similar situation. I can,t believe this is the American way to shaft the little guy and not make it right. I need input!
This is not an insulation problem its a junk product problem.

Tekamah, NE

#220 Aug 19, 2009
Not that I want to join this club but we purchased our house last year. It was built in 1994 all of the windows in the home are Marvin Windows. All of the windows in our home are now rotting does anyone know of a recall?

Redwood City, CA

#221 Aug 21, 2009
FWIW, we replaced all of the windows on our home about five years ago with a combination of Marvin Ultimate Double Hungs, Casements and Integrity windows.

All seal wonderfully and we've had no issues at all with water infiltration or rot.

In fact our biggest problem to date is that the screen door latch on our Integrity patio door was bent and I need to obtain a replacement.

I'll keep an eye out for issues, but if you check around you'll find just as many people upset with Andersen and Pella.
Eric The Red

Shreveport, LA

#222 Aug 25, 2009
I can't help but to chime in on this. Almost every issue I've read on this, and other sites like it jump out at me as NOT being related to the manufacturer, but the homeowner not maintaining the product or the installer not installing the product correctly. Wood, treated or not, is still wood. It must be maintained in order to ensure durability. Once water wicks into it, the clock is ticking. In almost every instance, a properly installed and properly maintained wood window will not wick. Sure, there are a few real problems out there, but if your windows have been there for 10-15-20 years and you're crying about failure, it is hard for me to feel compasion for you. Put a piece of untreated and a piece of treated pine outside and let them sit for years with no maintenance, that is your windows folks.

One more bit on some posts about icing and condensation, that is not a result of a defect in your window or door. You need to look further into your home for the fix on that one. Chances are that your previous windows and doors were better air leakers which helped to hide that problem in the past.

It's time to take responsibility and move forward.

Pillager, MN

#223 Aug 27, 2009
It is not time to take responsibility and move forward. Marvin Windows used a defective preservative when then built my windows and they at this point in time are not taking responsibility for the rotting windows in my house. My windows were properly maintained and they are still rotting.

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